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Never Knowing Much One moment allows the seeds opening crack and in that same / instant / grows a forest / How can we ever believe we know much? / Words serv… Ignition: I’ll see you in space Lie back and bend like a lilac / Illuminate this black space like a gamma ray blast / We say that we need a place that won’t fade fast / Ye… Air I float here in my suit, and the important gauge reads a tank 40 percent full of air. moon you are perfect just as you are The IDC & Beyond (My Story As A Dive Pro)R… I had heard a lot about the rescue course so I arrived at the boat a little nervous. …………….. Across Space I am the tear that brings into being Far Away, So Near I am a creature just like you / Constrained by the normal laws of physics, if not fiction / I don’t fly like Superman, nor am I at a… A Pint Sized Insurgency Sex, Drugs & Alien Abduction, a ludicrous serial novel. Lean spell Sensing your breathing / to feel the heat of your passions / My dreams are confidential / but I know that I can rely on your discretion / W… Sara Phim – The most beautiful girl in the … In the year prior to his death, Sara’s grandfather built a mountain. The neighbours – watching speculatively as he hauled the rubblecart up… ‘Soon’ Three weeks of light to break me in, and now I’m set apart. / Although Black Friday’s canopy, has swept in wide and low; / mora… umbrella but there’s always one, isn’t there? Orbiting Space and Coffee Cup Rings My Grandmother / hummed songs / to no-one— / to darkness, / to anyone / while circling / the rim of her coffee cup / with three crooked /… Heart of Stone My cold heart of stone / bleeding tears of ice / cracked by forever-winter / held in shaking hands of bone / twisting, turning / ready to d… GAGA IN CYBERSPACE Black Hole black magic / Where dying won’t seem so tragic / Intergalactic space junkies / Fly by slinky green ladies with hamburger m… You know immediately, you are / it is not the age / or the memories / it is love The Monkey’s Truth Okay. There’s this chick who works for NASA. / she looks after the monkeys there. / Names one ‘God’ because she’s r… hallucination Colour of my dream / eyes.. / hallucinations start to fade / there are many dreams / but there’s no sound / I can feel the wind / Un… Bridging the self-inflicted gap Time ticks on… / My lips part; / tongue prepares, / the formation of a half word presents itself - / silence. Shift! This door is my siren of dimensional shift An emotion of tidal energy that renders me as key. I turn to the Trinity of time; I am everywher… Is There Anybody Out There It’s a bit like a Galactic Lotto; the prize would be well worth it – if it ever came up. In regard to meeting up with them well… Tangled Web What a tangled web / Our mind weaves within, / Deep in the dark empty halls / Of the subconscious where / Screams and laughter / Echo off t… whether you’re having fun or not damn that drunken fool who / wound that clock too far too fast / and left us with / ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’ Space Stew Jupiter could / swallow saturn / and shoot dear pluto into darker depths / While mars and mercury / collide with venus, / the most silent … Precious Earth Deeper into unknown space / Shooting stars across our face / Airless, weightless spirits free our’s is not the roiling sea, the waiting s… The stilling night / sailing again the black water of Soul’s sea, / guiding light of passion covered in blankets of senseless mist. /… Space travel and Endangered Wolves 1 page in news contains; an Edangered Species being culled….yet we seek life in the Universe! / Life ends in agonising minutes at the… Just a Load of Hot Air ‘Is it true, Miss Nette’, asked the over-awed star reporter, ’that you intend to go skywards in that little itty-bitty sh… Maybe, we are alone! It seems that from some of the latest research that the formation of life from non-life is such a long shot that it is a highly unlikely ev… Space… Another day has past / into the future / as memories are cast / the mind silently steps / into that space inbetween / neither here, nor the… Crazy Bobby WHEN BOBBY TURNED sixteen, his mom took him to a psychiatrist. He was a restless young man, growing between divorced parents and his grandm… Postcard Reading the missing words in his postcard made her teeth ache. / Her eyes followed the rudimentary script of tours , weather commentary an… ENTER THE HUMANS ENTER THE HUMANS / By Jason Pepper / Our journey begins in a galaxy that is virtually on the brink of destruction, it’s been known for quit… Binary Blues. The monster hunk of rock, Jupiter-sized and very dense with iron, was pulled off its straight-line course by the passage of an even larger … This space they cannot touch Dreams can be found even without sleeping Infinite The stillness of the planet’s surface was deafening. Unruffled by wind or the crashing of waves, an eerie ringing filled my ears. I g… asking you on a date for the rest of your life star to star, like shadows kissing shadows / affection expansion indented / a deviant gesture, Philosophy, linguistics / are capable of rev… Armored Space Diver How could they be so cruel, / To hate themselves and the others? / Polluting and eroding the entire ecosystem… how many dreammiles to where you are. the smell of olive leaves on the wind, of white linens baking on clay streets. i send you the sea mist with the memory of christ’s hands, … contemplating infinity in timeless space / circling the heavens / sweet laughter / of forever / stars pass by / touching the moon / Angels’ feathers scatter… MAKING A LINK ON RB FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNO… “CLICK HERE”: / I put a space between : … Sky . It Is Not About Me It Is Not About ME The sacred space Tiny icicles formed / As her tears fell / A little diamond trail / That should you follow / Would lead you to / A hell hotter / Than the fi… RB QUALITY CALENDAR Quality prints from RB ~ Over the Fence. ~ The grass is always greener on the other side of any fence! :o) The Iron Lungs At that moment, the old men in iron lungs were playing bridge. The man with the wooden spleen won. MYNDFULL There is a great photographer here on Redbubble that oozes sensuality, sexuality, quietness, peacefullness, calm, mystery… has a grea… Collaboration with AlienVisitor Bubblers are wonderful collaborators – check out what AlienVisitor has done with Never Too Old This Space Shrinking ourselves to sail …., / on inhaled whispers . / Closer , closer , closer, / echoing this sensuous dance Starship “Then he was dead.” She sighs. Inner Space Inner space is deep blues………….. On Cold Nights On cold nights, when no moon rises Empty Space The drawer was painted shut by time. I thought the brass knob would tear through the wood before the rails broke and the drawer slid free. … Dreamed Many Dreams Dreams….Seen Them Vanish At Dawn Intelligent Life On Earth All of a sudden a space alien come from around the bushes and walks up to him and the dog. Myrick’s Victory Myrick was on the final leg of the race. His space ship had curved around Yiol the local moon, and waded itself free of the asteroid field … Feyonis Two figures walked together in silence. Their sunken prints in the wet sand left a dark trail behind them, the swollen sun now hung too low… How I Create the Worlds of Alienvisitor For anyone at all interested! / Some say why would you give away your secrets, I say, without my imagination the secrets will never be reve… An SF Story (Flash) One day, going about on its mad race around the sun, the Earth did not notice the giant space eel swimming towards it. the idiocy of being human across galaxies to reach you Travelin’ To You. Traveling,rising to where the eagle waits to guide me. About The Artwork: I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu… Rationale ! Thinking……… The Truth ! The 15th Annual Intergalactic Space Race Mr Stanthorpe had made an incredible discovery. / “Egad!” he shouted. As Time Falls Apart Drifting through infinite space / Pastel bursts of colour abound / As galaxies bud, blossom, then wither away / The mind expands in radiati… It Is Not About Me #2 about me and choice Best Photography in the Universe They say I made the moon, everything was dark. / No memories at all, just a tiny freezing wind on my back. / As I was sitting there singing… Narnas If a Cyberman could shrug, then the ten survivors of the last war with the Daleks would have done just that. voyager but even the moon / cold as it is / weeps to see the coming of winter atemporality the time is more than out of joint / it’s shattered / fractured into orthogonal fragments Plain Ordinary Slow Light (POSL) Space twisted and convoluted until cracks appear. These cracks manifest matter and exude light. In one of these cracks I began. Just a plai… the space between . . . . yesterday . . . / I was inconsolable / a wisp of a ghost / a ghost of a will / lost / shredding apart / falling through nothingness / no … The Chosen Ones Parallel in dimension, / in sync are our minds. ~ I want to fly / higher than the sky / floating in space / ~ 2005 This Space Not Left Blank… It tried to say nothing, to remain neutral and expressionless… Love’s Token Sharp barbs protruded from under her abdomen and drips of lather spouted from her head. / Jack started to quiver. “Now, now my darling, swe… ONE OF THOSE SHOTS NOT ANOTHER CHANCE FOR THAT VIEW IN THE REMAINING PORTION OF MY LIFE, THAT’S FOR SURE. watercolours of me My mind is dissolving / into a nebulous frame Living Space Dreams 25 I’ve tasted every color / Caressed each heavy breathe / I’ve seen the sounds you need not see / Then watched the world unfold… Still After night falls / A blanket / Covers the earth / Soft and silent / Covered / Day breaks / Eyes wake / Noise forsakes / The… SOLD ’ SHARING A SPACE’ SALA TODAY SOLD OIL PAINTING PELICANS My Space Space / Is place to be filled / Your space / My space / Their space / Our space / We can share space / Fill it with laughter / And if I car… An essay on City- by Clifford Simak City is an apocalyptic novel, in which the world ends “not with a bang, but with a whisper.” Reminiscent of Asimov’s I, robot, City is a co… Outer outer Space I saw an old women yesterday / She shivered / With recognition / When a rat the size of a dog / Stole a rattle from her pram Far from home… Voyager didn’t know when it became self-aware. Traveling for over 105 million years there had been enough time for almost anything to happe… Second Thoughts Should the shields give… dear me! Forever On the paths our hearts do trace / Forever, you and me. Shifting Stars yay Jesus and the All-Stars! Episode 1: Massive Squid… ‘Sorry ladies, I must depart,’ said Jesus. ’It’s this whole “saving-the-world” thing. They won’t start without me.’ one shooting both away from and toward faces at once / all things fall away… Substance *am i but / a clone / of a / species / yet unknown / forgotten / by my maker / to wonder / where / i came from / what were / the features… Artist Statement: Passion within my spirit Truth is, art has many faces. When it is first created, a / meaningful painting carries with it a voice with a message / from the artist … HERE Control nothing and remain free in the return of giving is. / Death becomes laughter when you do. / Laughter, like silence comes … Drinking Beer, Nibbling Cheese, Staring Into Space favorite pastimes of a senile stoic Sonic Vein – An outer space phenomenon. A shorty for fun, written on the run, by yet another Star trek fan.
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