IMAGINE IMAGINE if every moment / Love followed you around / You heard a love song / And only kissing sounds / You’d smile as people passed … Stand By Me? ‘cause you can’t / stand by me… Songs in the woods by Filipa Nunes She came in through the bathroom...window...2 by m catherine doherty Living out LOUD by © Angela L Walker Night Songs by azrdwarr2448 the forgotten kid so here i am / a lonley kid / suffering because / of what i did / locked in a room / with no one to play / while the rest of the world / f… wittle archie ( the birth of wittle archie ) from my very first breath, i just knew life was going to be tough.the nurse proved that as she drew her hand across my behind ( smaaaack ) … Dead songs are drowning out voices of compassion.... by MikeShort Angels of Peace by redqueenself just another albatross singing songs to the moon by mhkantor Prince  by Sunil Bhardwaj Songs of Life by fursid My only regret is having regrets by 1DxShirtsXLove Painting is Self-Discovery by © Angela L Walker ECHOES OF SONGS Echoes of songs / Of another time / When life was beautiful / And you were mine / The songs still play / In soft melodies / Oh life is so … Screen Songs - Winter draws on by Ineke-2010 I'm dreaming of a white Christmas by Fiery-Fire The Carers (In Three Parts) by Songwriter Songs and Words ch 3 – TV EYE … “SEE … IF PEOPLES EYES WERE THE WINDOWS TO THE SOUL, THEN CATS EYES ARE THE WINDOWS FOR HEAVEN TO SPY ON US WITH…CELESTIAL TELEVISIONS… IS THAT TR… 50's Rock by LeftHandPrints THE GYPSY HIS SOUL WAS THAT OF A GYPSY / SOMETIMES A LITTLE TIPSY / HE LOVED TO PLAY THE MANDOLIN / THAT WAS REALLY HIM / HE TRAVELED FROM TOWN TO … the beau’s songs to helen (not of troy). 8. (Mature)  ☀ ツ RADIO OF YESTERYEAR IPHONE CASE ☀ ツ by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮  Old Drinking Song  by heatherfriedman “Just Another Artist”- C 1989, By Den… I’ll do my poems, music, and paintings- till they put me in the ground…. burying her songs they take away her music / they tell her not to sing / they say she must be silent / and respect their every thing / she doesn’t know… Leo Loves to Sing by Kristie Theobald awaiting songs of Christmas by WonderlandGlass the game ( new song ) ive seen it all / from the outside / from the outside / looking in / you played the game / from on the inside / its whats on the inside /… Unwritten Songs by STREETJEANS SIGNATURE CREATIONS I ate myself and i want to dine by menard Guitar Hero by Victoria DeMore Capturing The Moment by Tricia Winwood A song without notes by Wayne Cook the beau’s songs to helen (not of troy). … i spent my life spend my days seeking virginia / thomas / jefferson and the declaration of independence / declaring the gain of happiness… Am I Wearing Headphones? by NatalieMirosch Luke Dickens by TeAnne Psychedelic Soul Songs  by weirdpuckett little red riding hood. by Lucy Rose Everything Change (Todo Cambia) Change the superficial / Change also the deep / Change our ways of thinking / Change everything in this world The Songs Of Springtime by Jeff Weymier Robin Marie's Widow's Walk by redqueenself Soul songs by su2anne One More for the Road Now I know that I haven’t been faithful, / and sometimes been down right unkind, / but if you leave me now darling, little old lady ( by craftsman ) whilst at work in this back alley / im going about my buisness as normal / when i spot this frail old lady ,she was out walking with the ai… Songs from the Woods by Judi Taylor One day our love was over and gone by Shannon Holm Robin Marie's Widow's Walk by redqueenself the secret of ochadinaeno from scotland wittle Archie is a boy of just seven years old ,living with both his parents who are referred to as, mummy and daddy , wit… Songs of memories past by Roxana Crivat Recital Day by Amy E. McCormick Sam McTrusty Twin Atlantic by oliviasum41 What lies beneath by makemyheartsing THE AUTHOR MUSIC FOLLOWED HER ALL THE TIME / IN HER HEAD AS IF A RHYME / SHE TRIED TO COVER HER EARS / SHE NO LONGER WANTED TO HEAR / WORDS TO SONGS O… ON YOUR RADIO-LINMARIE55-SHOW02 HERE COMES SUMMER / LET THE SUN SHINE BRIGHT / Here comes summer / Drive in movies every night / We will go steady everyday / you rock in t… Feeling Bad Blues Sitting on my bed with my guitar looking for the blues freedom clues, / My door opens my window shades block out the light and in comes the… She, the menace She liked the idea of a tragic story but could not bear the thought of a tragic reality. the catbird in the mirror singing the songs of the cuckoo and the sparrow by mhkantor I LOVE SEETHER! by Tarnya  Burke The park up our street and  by Ozcloggie Innocent Lady  by Sunil Bhardwaj Winsteads Drive In - Jukebox "Rock Around the Clock" by TeeMack Angel in your Disguise (Lyrics) Your that picture I can’t help but stare at. / that song I don’t know I just can’t / help but love. Songs of Home by Cary McAulay The Wild Rose by unknownbinaries Guitar by George  Link Sights of Summer, Songs of Bees by Elizabeth Bennefeld Thank You God Thank you for forgiving me if I hurt you in any way that it might be. / But most of all that nothing can compare thank you for loving me. Six Songs Speaking in Turn / I’ve got two false idols / who live inside of me / One is made of plastic / the other out of cellophane / And some… Government unit with no name re-reliased lyrics for "horse with no name’ by America based on my workplace and an individual that constantly makes people upse… Dimebag Darrell Tribute by Nocturnal Prototype™ Treble! (Red) by Xeno01 Jak Main by John Gilluley Trees sing of Time - Vintage 3 by Denis Marsili Repeat, Repeat by LeighAth BRUISES she bore the bruises of life / hid them behind a shroud / way down in her soul / was a deep dark cloud / questioning her past / her regret… her songs grew dreamless as she curled up in the … there she was, glowing dreamless upon the wind. / her beautiful face a blessing / as she rose from the blue and black ocean / and through t… wittle archie ( buses are better fun than museum… i was on a bu-us – i was on a bu-us -doo dah ,doo dah i was on a bu-us hiiiiiiiiiii everyone itsh me wittle archie…guess where… songs i can harvest the air, / harvest the moon, / i can take time. / if only i could, / see a way through the trees, / on my buckled wheel. / it… Songs The Birds Won't Sing by Keiran Chang Snowmen Inspired by Yamaoka Tesshu’s Songs of the Way Blackbird-one of my fav “black” songs Blackbird / by John Lennon & Paul McCartney / Blackbird singing in the dead of night / Take these broken wings and learn to fly / A… America The majority cried….only orange / submarines tell time / and the Blues still keep singing / before jumping from their trees. Salt in our wounds by jaycee I'm Your Puppet-Wall Street by m catherine doherty The War Songs Poster by the-chaser wittle archie ( pick and ping ) my older brother daniel / he’s a dirty get / i call him pick and ping / so that he does not forget / when im sitting in my favourit … Love Is A Rose by jules572 "Let Us Paw it Out Together" by Kristie Theobald The Music in My Mind by macaronibubble Rainbow Tiger Drums by calroofer Sad Songs and Walzers by Manisch Songs from the Amphitrite. by Jedika new songs hi everyone just managed to get the copyright back today on two of my latest new songs if you want to hear them and many more why not drop … wittle archie ( grown ups spoil everything ) snooooooooooooooooooooooooow wahhhhhhhhhhhh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy och ayeeee / wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wittle …
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