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An Autumn Stroll by Beverly Lussier Game of Thrones - New World (Black Print) by ffiorentini High and Low by Graymalkin Purple Wedding by qindesign SURVIVING This song was written by another Argentinian Songwriter Victor Heredia and I just translated for you ~ stroke the sky ~ [poem/song] As the day begins the promise of goodness / The kiss of the sunshine the waft of rain / And the world will wake with the hope of a new day … Imagine Strawberry Fields Halloween by Semmi WHILE YOU SLEEP-THE BIG SLEEP  by Michelle Scott good wine good music by tonio My Song Who gives you the right, to say that I am wrong, simply because I choose, to sing a different song. Do you have a special knowledge, or per… Stronger Than The Love Between A Woman & A Man by visualmetaphor Hello Sweetie by geeksunited Gray Flycatcher - Portrait by Ryan Houston The Flight of Music by MDcreated Telstra Road to Tamworth - Lost in Song by Caroline Angell The Swan's Song by grittynitty Last song by xMAXIx existentialism on prom night  by Gabrielle Agius Closed to the public by Suzanne  Carter There Must Be An Angel by mimulux From This Moment On by Freelancer “In summer, the song sings itself.” by Mystic Raven 9 Fears of the Clown OR "Somewhere on the Road" by Sassafras Silent Song by ericgassmann Song of the Flamingo by DebiDalio Song For Eurydice (charcoal and chalk, some dirt and sand.) by pauldrobertson the organ-grinder's song 3 by mhkantor The Sea Song by Elena Kotliarker No024 MY KISS Minimal Music poster by Chungkong I'm a musician and this is called research! by artistamibrown A song for you. once i wrote a song for you       … SXSW 2012 The Big Sleep by VTimesV Wind Song: Wood sculpture by Mindsinger All I Want is You All I need in this world / Is fire from the sky / All I want to hold onto is you The memory song Its funny how fish heaven’s / Down the toilet / And doggy heaven’s somwhere in the pound Despiau. by Haunted by Humans More Than a Love Song by jaygrammer Song of the day (Sunday 24th of May) Not Fair / This ought to make ya’ll laugh and get out of that funk / Have you ever had a relationship like this woman sings about??? … Life’s future (Song) Tears, they are running dry, / For every Angel dies. / Inside heart and soul, / With no one to hold. TURN RIGHT-REACH OUT I WAS TAKING A WALK DOWN A STREET / MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS JUST FOLLOWING MY FEET / EACH STEP I TOOK MADE ME WONDER / SHOULD I STAY ON THI… Song of the space between There is a place that I go where I see, that in the silence it’s I that I meet…. Almost an Angel Please don’t cry / you’ve lost too long / alive inside your heart / but I’m… already gone And She Done Him Wrong by Norman Kelley Blink Blasts by HartmanArts Red Right Hand by AshenrowDesigns Sing Me A Song by Honario Sleepless Swan Song III by Gretchen  Mueller Steele Polar migration by John Medbury (LAZY J Studios) Song Sparrow on Barbed Wire by Marcia Rubin Elegance by LadyFi Meadow Song by carolyndoe Varied Thrush by Pond by Sandy Keeton Here Comes the Sun2 by Chris Vandenberg Song to Earth Mother by richardredhawk Two Hearts by Gail Bridger Carolina Chickadee with Caterpillars by Bonnie T.  Barry Project Music  by bribiedamo Midnight Song by IrisGelbart If I Were a Butterfly – 4:5 – Wood  by Janelle Wourms A Little Song & Dance by MoGeoPhoto Song Bird of Mississippi by SetterSmiles Love Song to the Person with HIV/AIDS Apathy / Injustice / Discrimination / Stereotypes ThankYou I am not in love anymore / I don’t cry a single a tear for you anymore / And my heart which you broke / Is finally on the mend / And I just… Hear the sweet song of life Some seek their share of the sonof in thunderstorms, in rainbow ,or the voice of a voice as it flow over the rocks and rills in its`bed… Hannah Marie And when you’re dancing / You’re spinning / And twirling around / And I’m watching / Can’t stop watching / As you&#… The Last Song Haiku / The last song is sung / And curtains are falling down / Stage is deserted Butterflies… I want the wind to lift me up / and carry me away from this place / I want the brightest rainbow to paint / a smile back on my face. A SONG FOR SUMMER Spare me the yellow loneliness / Of scorched afternoons, that gape like private deserts. / Spare me my skull, swathed in a sulphur dazzle /… Song Sparrow - Singing by Ryan Houston CRAVEN! by DokterKablaam LOVE SONG by Adrian Bud He burst into song, my right arm pillowing his cheek by markeather I want to hold your hand by J-images In Dark Harmony With The Great Song Of Existence (iPhone Case)  by ArtOfE Bird Song by John Rivera Songbirds of The Southwest ~ Collage by Kimberly Chadwick Cardinalis Collage by Trudy Wilkerson Welcome to the Jungle by nclames Marseillais Arch, Marseilles, France 2012 by muz2142 song by Naia a song for a few crumbs by Fran E. blue moon by designsalive Are You Looking At Me? by Tracy Faught Beauty of a Male Robin by Jim Davis Tractor song by Christi Werner Summer Song by Brian Bo Mei WInter Is Coming | Art Nouveau by strangebird2014 Sing a Song of Freedom by RosiLorz The Three Eyed Crow / Last Greenseer by UchimataMan Chris Martin by gavinpreller I was kind of hoping you'd stay. by alexoxox123 Sing to Me What’s a dagger / without a back to dig into? Tears I can see the rain that’s falling / Echoed in your eyes / How I wish that I could take us, / keep us both inside. / Sheltered from th… Not my name! by gcts " Doing Ike and Tina" by Norma-jean Morrison Willows on the Water Gaze across the lake… the whispers of memory / Reflections and refractions / Of willows on the water.
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