The girl they write songs about And she is everything that I wish I could be Birth of a Song Sounds of things are sounding big / as an idea is set to turning Out There At White Cliffs Well the flies are bad there’s no getting away from them / And I’m down below following that opal seam A Song for The Mills Bros, Betty Boop and a Barma… (spoken) / Fellows, Dear Fellows / Lend me your ears / I’m in the direst of predicaments / That I’ve ever been in……… BIRD SONG BIRD SONG ON GREY DAY. / SWEET SOUNDS EASE A TROUBLED MIND. / PRICELESS, SIMPLE JOY! Song for a Coffeeshop The clatter of drums and coffee cups, / Squeaky doors and the shuffle of pages, / The indistinguishable hum of / Flirtations and low lates… We Cried We cried, cried, / When we thought it was over / And I died, died / A little inside Connect The Dots And when the connection’s complete ….. asylum so once again, i seek asylum in your heart, / once again, i crawl under your shadow, / once again, i think of you and imagine the rainbow, … Definition of a love song Emotions humming a sweet / unknown song / Could this be / the meeting of two souls The Song of the World I sip my tea. Ready Freddy- C 2005, By Dennis L. Knecht She said- don’t worry Fred- I will pay off in bed- / And if you win- I’ll give you a lot ! God’s Record Collection I don’t want to be a broken record / In God’s unique record collection Mountain Song Come join me where I sit / My darling / I’m on the mountain top / It’s been a cold wait up here / Watching as you slowly approach / Time is… I Love You (Dedicated To Darlene) Every hour you’re away feels like 24 longer To Touch Your Dream Bring me sun, forget the rain Afraid of How I Feel When I look into your eyes, / I’m afraid of what I see / I’m afraid of how I feel, / When you look at me / I’d been along so long, / Just t… Something One song with my photos / Miski/Something Heart Song I am there…Hiding, Waiting, Hoping, Dreaming of the day when / I will not run before Your Anger,Your Hurt…Your Hunger!" Listen Sometimes words can’t convey, / the depth of living. Do You Still Love Me, My Dear? Feel my way in the darkness the uplifting song of wrens how they hammer the daylight / with their song. / merely a shadow on a sprig, / trumpets come down from the stars. / driven out of the dark… AINT Levin’, Until I Walk Out That Door You know you don’t love me… you don’t love me no more. / Say, you know you don’t love me, don’t love me no mo… LOVE SONG please clome close to me like singing birds / I can hear the voice of yours heartbeat like waterfalling / and my heart is dancing like a ki… day 15 “Moss, old friend,” he said, “Would you come back to the metro with me?” / “No.” Orange Sky, Rotting Wraith My arms became lithe again / I felt no urge to write / strange symbols in the sand / cryptic poetry that only the wind would read / it felt… Autumn Love alone i sit beneath a tree / as the leaves are falling down / i think, i dream, i write of you / the love that’s lost and gone Raising the Sun with Song ~ Bold vs Brash “Like the Magician, I teach you how to bring your tools to bear… to balance between this world, and the blue road of spirit, wi… my love song Keep it simple. / a smile? / Make it meaningful. / a thought? / Sing it in your heart / my love. The Wind Beneath My Wings As the sunrise fades / The beginning of a day / The wind begins to stir the leaves again / As the birds begin to fly / On wings they soar s… The Daemon To all the girls I thought I loved: I painted that picture out of my mind. / I won’t apologise – the water’s past the br… The Siren’s Theft The dark side of my soul / Is of the deepest ebony / And consists of a tainted / And terrible beauty / Ebonine and cold / Chaotic strands i… My Baby My baby done left me tonight and took my best car! No Regrets I drank in the solitaire of meager fortunes / While my wicked mind spoke of beautiful things / The power of searing persuasion roared like … Song of the Mustard Seed Go make some butterflies in the rain, before your dream seeking bro drives up insane. AT THE END OF THE WORLD LA LALALALA LA LA / a safe place at the end of the world, he wrote a sad song he doesn’t know how to smile / Holding things inside / His eyes felt dry / and he can’t cry / but onion made tears from his eye… adgray ~ Bibliography 01 ☼ to be positive better greater happier / ☼ to be more considerate helpful useful hopeful / ☼ to aspire for success humility honour respec… Poem: She Flows In shadow and light near the tangle of shore / She flows the long dark night through Square One / song written to vent….. How many times do I have to start over? Forever Is there tomorrow, is there today / What is the difference / One moment can’t stay / But there is a future, and there was a past / And ther… The Race (You’ve Moved On) “Haunting” Song lyrics written for a High School play. AUTUMN’S SONG APPRECIATE NATURE AND IT’S BEAUTY river bird I went down to the river / To hear the water running in the dark. / The late September winds / Trying to blow me back. / I thought of you, … (really bad song) Oh My Love I know I shouldn’t think about / you. But even though I do, / all my amazing dreams / will never come true. / When I always glance a… Song of My Soul The Sun is late in his mission today; / perhaps Father Time has been wound the wrong way. / Mother Nature stretches her arms: / all starts … Scotland the Brave Hark when the night is falling, / Hear! Hear the pipes are calling, / Loudly and proudly calling down through the glen. / There where the h… Get on thrue to the other side You tell me your God’s better than mine / then you use his name in hate His Sweet Song of Love this night the lion brave and strong There’s a Song in My Heart There’s a song in my heart / Let me sing / Let my voice tell the story of my pain / Let my words explain / the way I’ve loved and lost / L… Choose the Way Find a place, find the space / The space between your thoughts / Holds all the power, Open up your heart / Choose the way that holds most l… Life of the Rich Man Have a drink or two, / On the Mountains of the Moon. Today’s the Day Today’s the death’s bed / Pouring potions in my veins / Pulling chains around my neck / Chucking pictures in our paint / Hittin… Forever On the paths our hearts do trace / Forever, you and me. Storms Every hour of fear I spend / My body tries to cry / Living through each empty night / A deadly calm inside Angel Song Above, the chorus of angel song / Carolling for one so warm / A song of healing, light and grace / For one on earth with an angel’s face / … BARBWIRE TOURNIQUET (song lyrics) A “rock lyric” just waiting to be put to music!!! Love Song Dance for me baby, / Make my heart beat, / Sing me the melody, / And I’ll be the riff. / Come on now, don’t be shy, / Show me what you got … Kiss The Child The children were cryin’ as the silence is broke Suzy’s Song God knows what is hiding in those wet and gorgeous eyes… Prufrock Prufrock / Softly confused / She hinted to me / Like a rumor. / I imagined the kiss / Of a complicated lover / But instead spoke delicately… LISTEN TO THE SONG LISTEN TO THE SONG. / ANGER IS AN ENERGY! / AND SO IS MY LOVE. THE LAST SONG! The past fading memories have not gone with time / Now there’s only emptiness / nothing left to say / But the sweetness still linger… The Song I am Yet to Hear there is the sound of black geese passing the head / of a statue flowered in patina / whose patriots wished their sons would salute more of… Golden Silhouette (song) Golden Silhouette / all around me, / The sound of a bewitching / melody runs through my veins. / You gave me back, / you helped me fly. Assumption Of Love She used to hug and kiss me / When I got home Lyrics in my song…. I’ve cried me a river / Since you’ve been gone / My heart still breaking / Like a raging storm. / The river of tears / Flow dow… I Wrote Myself Another Song Tonight I wrote myself another song to fall sleep / because no one has a heart to hear me anymore. / I guess I’ve become another tho… Ready To Fall When everything is gone / I’m living in an empty cell / feels like I’m shut out / don’t even know where to begin / can… Bird Song Bird Song / bird song / gentle in / innocent light / creation / ever new / comes to my / tremulous / consciousness / now… / time of the / t… HappyDaysToyTown It sat up there like one of those slices of lemon candy that he’d had on his last birthday cake. Let Me…written work My pride I must swallow Twilight Could you take my fantasy / Make this always real to me / Lost here in your arms surrounded / Seems your love has Im the dreamer in his song But all my life I’ve known / We’re not the only ones / I’m the dreamer in his song / But I’m only a shadow of you /… The Spirits Path of Light Such a mystical place, / Such a strong and mighty race, / A world of shrouded mysteries. umbrella man blues all along time…we were going down / all along the rime there were times so long.. / all along the time they were moaning hi.. / and d… The untitled song she played a song for me / a classical piece she had composed herself / at times desolate / the sounds would awaken something in me / somb… Farewell song A song written for my friend’s farewell. Song written by ‘The Bens’, performed by me and a couple of mates. Did this fo… Feline she is no hero / no saviour / a dark taste flavour / paint licked / dripped / dipped / into curvaceous black / scented exotic / a feline / … You Were The Gambler We sang “The Gambler” all night long, / drank our two bottles, of bundaberg rum / Just like we used to, still brings a smile / Coz…. “We we… NEVER EVER (another song from RAS KDC) ANOTHER HOT SONG THE LYRICS ARE JUST FLOWING A Spider Song I love snakes but am deathly afraid of spiders and so is my sister. Years ago when she was living in a one room cottage while building her… My Flower Song When Sun beats a little longer, / They arrive, like a Carnival coming to town, / Down my garden beds, blowing their trumpets of shapes and … I Dreamed… Dreamed That I Could Fly / Just Once…Yes Sit, / On Yonder Star… I Love You So life can be hard / at 3AM in the morning / living without you Ghosts Of The Ocean lost here / with all my dreams / my memories / are haunting me Choose Carefully Your Game: The Lost Music of Swe… A boy for a ward will show no disdain, no shame, but the man in the back tacking tricks with his stick really should carefully choose his g… Wednesday’s Song Thursday mourning Wednesday’s Song Sarah’s Song Hollow skeleton, empty arms, / Cold pillow by my head; SEX Purple Passion running in my veins / Stormy weather and falling rain / Hot afternoons spent with you / Doing the things you like to do / Fa… Our Elder “imitating a marriage and a funeral. / (a song of rejoicing and a song of solemn unbelief, / carried it’s quiet hum through the… Our Love We were young / It was so new / We were in love Passion’s Song Thou art more precious than the stars at night / Unto thee I will sing my sweet passion’s song / Ask what thou wilt of me to share / … Little wren Oh how the little wren sings / Her chirpy tunes in day time / Twittering morning for us / A melodic charm of dawns chorus / Quickly dartin… a Day full of Birds … “Sun sets, game draws to a close / feathers flop, feeders go silent / tiny bath ripples recede / Song departs, King is on his side… The Silent Song Now I raise my voice / And sing ‘I am here!’ / This is my choice / My way is clear
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