If I Do That? If I do that, will you feel like a whore? / If I do that, are you going to want more? / If I do that, do I gain higher place? / If I do tha… if if i gave you a song / would you sing it / eyes closed / to hear the words / like pearls / hung ’round your neck / catching the ligh… Better Days (Song) I heard your calling, for so long. / And I heard your warnings go on and on. / Words and dreams are revovling, they dance all day. / Yes I … A Tale of Two Cities – A Poem A poem and song, based on the Charles Dickens book ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. The Siren’s Song And what if she should sing her song / If beauty causes hell, by just her sigh / Do not attempt to listen for too long / The sailor must no… Web of Collective Unconsciousness The excesses begin to arise, / The seeds germinate at will. / This vegetative elasticity / Drains beyond the window sill. <<IMPORTANT: Do not read>> I am closed eyes and raised arms, / Icarus, / White skin drinking in the sun / My roots are set deep in the soil, / Blue grass, / Blue coll… Raising the Sun with Song- Wearing a Crown Invisi… In feathered robes the choir collects; shuffling, rustling, warbling erratically until one Singer interjects… Started off sunny and ended up Gray I am gonna say all the things I could never say. From the Fields of Forever: Living Knotwork Nearly purple, my blushing red face / can be found in almost any field. / One of Creator’s numberless gifts, / my many uses have long… Raising the Sun with Song – Sing Your Truth Do you accept Truth with a smile? Or do you deny, hide and pout? It can sometimes seem brutal, but that is not what Truth is really about&#… Field of Honor They said just go out and shoot someone and I do as I was told. Singing of Gratitude Fellowship and Sacrifice ~ S… Saints and Shamans have clung to my tail, knowing all Life is sacred, despite our woes, conflicts or travail. Bow-song of the Compassionate Warrior “Be of good cheer! For I am the Herald of messages Divine; emblem of the Optimist, the Fortunate, and the Kind.” Gentle Warrior Singing Gifts of Love Joy waits for no season! Open your heart! Love is not bound by Time, or Death, or Reason! A Song of Loss For a thought has just now landed; / Love is a Dream, grasping for Reality / Which comes back Empty Handed. This song This song / as tender / as a string of emotions / as easy / as a rainbow bubble / as deep / as a swirling abyss / as gentle / as an eyel… sing a song of liliac. I stand in a rain of liliac, / of petals sweet on wind, / I dance the dance of moonlight, / listening to beauties hyme. / I call upon the w… Existentialism On Prom Night i just thought i’d share with you, one of my fav songs. It says ALOT to me and songs like that…that make you think about how i… Song of the Anchorite Once upon a time / I had a place in the world / I knew as mine. Rain Rain falling on my hair / Each drop / A memory sing a song a sixpence … sing a song of sixpence / a pocketful of sky / four and twenty nothings / all packed into pi / when the pi was open / infinity was seen / n… silver paper solitude silver paper solitude makes me smile all over you / brown paper elephants no-one can subdue / I think like a waterfall and sink like the su… A SONG ACROSS TIME You sing a prayer of love / and loose it upon the sky / hoping I am listening / to the wind. Last acts How heat of sultry summer’s eve consumes me. / Feisty bloody crimson glow ignites a flaming skyline; / dusk radiant decorates the gol… a song in the dark (poem) the pyramids still stand / so why shouldn’t I walk away / with a smile in my future and / a seed of hope Let us fly I am the wind touching thy hair on a sunny day / I am the rain clutching on thy skin when the harvest begins / I am the earth underneath th… a quiet song dormant in the dark / (imagine a cocoon / all soft and sweet) Sing for Me Red poppies in a meadow / Glowing in the fading light …the,“instrument” …the makers mark is in our DNA…we are infinite stardust stuff… Fur Fur against my skin… Over Hill and Moon with Sceptre and Crown Majestic Lord, Lady of the horned crown… Together, our cloven dance upon the Earth cannot be outdone… Beginning When dark overtakes daylight / As the sun is beaten down / I’ll rest, but only shortly / On this cold and barren ground I wish i were a song. I wish i were a song. / Maybe then i could flow with the melody and my life would last just 3 minutes and 23 seconds. / But i would exist f… Times Places Faces (song lyrics) even the streets of london / glow warm in the morning sun Heart of All Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished Birth of a Song Sounds of things are sounding big / as an idea is set to turning Song for a Coffeeshop The clatter of drums and coffee cups, / Squeaky doors and the shuffle of pages, / The indistinguishable hum of / Flirtations and low lates… Connect The Dots And when the connection’s complete ….. Heart Song I am there…Hiding, Waiting, Hoping, Dreaming of the day when / I will not run before Your Anger,Your Hurt…Your Hunger!" Raising the Sun with Song ~ Bold vs Brash “Like the Magician, I teach you how to bring your tools to bear… to balance between this world, and the blue road of spirit, wi… My Baby My baby done left me tonight and took my best car! adgray ~ Bibliography 01 ☼ to be positive better greater happier / ☼ to be more considerate helpful useful hopeful / ☼ to aspire for success humility honour respec… Square One / song written to vent….. How many times do I have to start over? Get on thrue to the other side You tell me your God’s better than mine / then you use his name in hate Angel Song Above, the chorus of angel song / Carolling for one so warm / A song of healing, light and grace / For one on earth with an angel’s face / … Prufrock Prufrock / Softly confused / She hinted to me / Like a rumor. / I imagined the kiss / Of a complicated lover / But instead spoke delicately… Lyrics in my song…. I’ve cried me a river / Since you’ve been gone / My heart still breaking / Like a raging storm. / The river of tears / Flow dow… You Were The Gambler We sang “The Gambler” all night long, / drank our two bottles, of bundaberg rum / Just like we used to, still brings a smile / Coz…. “We we… Wednesday’s Song Thursday mourning Wednesday’s Song Our Love We were young / It was so new / We were in love Little wren Oh how the little wren sings / Her chirpy tunes in day time / Twittering morning for us / A melodic charm of dawns chorus / Quickly dartin… The Silent Song Now I raise my voice / And sing ‘I am here!’ / This is my choice / My way is clear INSIGNIFICANT And i can’t seem to find, / the answers as i’m scanning my mind, / scrambling for time, / I speak for both the damned and devin… The Last Letter I’m all by myself / In this God forsaken land / No hand to hold and / No love to hand / I’ve not slept in ages / My feet have gone numb /… The Song What is within a heart that knows not love, / That exists without; that then slumbers deep / Within the breast? Cans’t man be, can he move… You Left Something You left . . . an impression upon my memory. Blazing Trails I might spread my arms and hold back the fearful night… My Demeanor The writings on the wall, wrote in bold black print, / Will you rise up to the call? NO, you’ll roll backwards, / According to the la… Who We Really Are. My heart is lonely and my soul is bound to a place that only after can be found… The Silkie’s Song Oh lay me down in a field of flowers, / we’ll float our passion to the sky / so that birds in flight will envy our freedom The Song of my Soul I am soothing sun / and raging fire / I am warmest smile / and burning desire / I am the tender touch / and the cruel sword / I am a loving… “Just Another Artist”- C 1989, By Den… I’ll do my poems, music, and paintings- till they put me in the ground…. A Crow’s Song ©WhiteOak-2002 / Gentle sound of the Crows call- / Is trying to filter through my thick walls / I am trying to hear each note of your song … A TALE OF SURVIVAL… Blazing towards the tunnels only light as the opening is shrinking, / Although i’m close what i’m thinking, / Is if i even stud… One Way Wind One AM and all I see, the same old things on my TV / A one ounce light and one way wind / Catching up, neither can win. / I close my eyes,… ~ stroke the sky ~ [poem/song] As the day begins the promise of goodness / The kiss of the sunshine the waft of rain / And the world will wake with the hope of a new day … Butterflies… I want the wind to lift me up / and carry me away from this place / I want the brightest rainbow to paint / a smile back on my face. Willows on the Water Gaze across the lake… the whispers of memory / Reflections and refractions / Of willows on the water. the message (poem) girl under the mountain / singing your purple song / the spark almost gone Song of the leaves Falling of leaves / Like a river through trees / Tempestruous, tempestruous Autumn victim There’s only flesh, there’s only blood. / I can smell your fear, you are my victim. It looks like love to me You look / Then smile / All the while / You never look away / My eyes / They see / It looks like love… to me Communication If I talked to you will you listen / to the little crevices in our communication / If I spoke to you will you understand / how an irregula… Racing Down The Highway Pushin it up from / One to five / Smoothing out the ride / Freedom’s a highway / Glorious and empty / Racing speeds / Blue skie… The Magpie’s Song I heard you / calling / just a little time ago / and i thought / what is that noise / it’s so sweet / I must find the owner / of t… I know a song, that get’s on your nerveR… I hate it… / When you don’t believe me. / A single word that I say. / I hate it… / When you are ignorant. / By pushing me… millie song the room stayed silent / 
i couldnt catch you
 / or pull you back into place
 / so we sat there 
tears rolling / tears rolling down my face… Song (of love) by Ruben Dario Your face of young goddess / A pretty stanza makes you happy: / Your eyes with black rhyme; / Your lips, with rose rhyme. / But with the be… here come the tears When I was a child / I was afraid I might / Walk into the room / Find you fading / Looked for a sign / Never dared leaving / Look for a sig… Ocean Song In simple joy Break Free Break free / Never say never / Do the best you can / Don’t let fear / Hold you back / Never say never / Break free / Be the best / Y… Wind Cries The wind howled its dreadful song / Infiltrating both dark and decent hours / Stealing madness, such undefinable sadness / Yet leaving more… I Like The Song Shout if you must those limping dreams / Those lonely wisdoms are are lost in ease / Come back again when whispers shine / My plague yields… A Winter Love Song. (Mature) Empty Boat Mermaids sing with angels throats, / sing to me, in my boat, / I stay silent, / in my empty boat. I Promise You- C 2005, By Dennis L. Knecht You knew that it would come to this- / The moment that we met…. / A break-up now or take a chance- / We must choose what we get…… Heart song How can you account / For that moment / When eyes meet / And hearts entwine? / We share a lifetime / You and I. / For certain / There is pu… Expectations What if i told you that we might not make it? Heart Song Loss of a loved one Lover’s Song In the shallows I lay / To bathe in a word / And a hunger / To bathe in lust, my lover ‘Afterthought’ I marched out of Little Subversa, / two songs competing for my mindset; / and nature lost her temper, / as the front tried to reign me in. … Heaven’s essence Night time ignites / fighsty violet skyline / interrupts nature / a beautiful new canopy evolves. / New exotic flowers glow crimson / heady… Song for the Amber Prince I dream myself towards thee when thou art not around … / dream of thy amber glowing wings, thy smile – which is heaven for me. … The Final Curtain is Now Falling It’s the finale, roses are dying, but the end is drawing close / And the senses in the air are tense, there’s feelings of remor… to jane solomon’s ‘song to a stranger… ‘within my arms’ / ……………………….the firmament of clouds / and thunder psych…
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