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If I Do That?

If I do that, will you feel like a whore? / If I do that, are you going to want more? / If I do that, do I gain higher place? / If I do tha…


Leaves that look like little boats

Better Days (Song)

I heard your calling, for so long. / And I heard your warnings go on and on. / Words and dreams are revovling, they dance all day. / Yes I …

Behind Your Mask

Nobody knows when you smile for the crowd

I Am God.

…And soon I’ll be baptised! / I will rise even higher! / No need to associate with the outside! / I am beyond everyone now!

Raising the Sun with Song – Sing Your Truth

Do you accept Truth with a smile? Or do you deny, hide and pout? It can sometimes seem brutal, but that is not what Truth is really about&#…

In Her Bloodstream: Song Unbroken

Eater of Souls, Pale Huntress of the World’s warm Heartwaters… They come!

Every Time You Pray For Me

I have not been / the one you remember / something is gone / and i’m feeling all alone

A Tale of Two Cities – A Poem

A poem and song, based on the Charles Dickens book ‘A Tale of Two Cities’.

The Siren’s Song

And what if she should sing her song / If beauty causes hell, by just her sigh / Do not attempt to listen for too long / The sailor must no…

Once Upon A Midnight

once upon a midnight / in the magic of a dream / i thought i saw an angel / waiting quietly / and once upon a twilight / i followed her to …

Web of Collective Unconsciousness

The excesses begin to arise, / The seeds germinate at will. / This vegetative elasticity / Drains beyond the window sill.

If only could be forever…ancient song for h…

“When is the brilliant moon coming?” / Holding a glass of wine I asked the dark night sky,without knowing which year it is now …

O Life, Give me a hug…

O Life……. / Give me a hug / O dear life…… / Give me a hug / For every pain / Offered by you……. / For ev…

Raising the Sun with Song- Wearing a Crown Invisi…

In feathered robes the choir collects; shuffling, rustling, warbling erratically until one Singer interjects…

Song Cycle of Daylesford

Let me sing of the place of Daylesford, / home of the holiday maker, the humming bird, and the verdant stream of minerals…

Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow (We Will Meet Again)

for i know that somewhere / just beyond the rainbow / you’re waiting there for me

Started off sunny and ended up Gray

I am gonna say all the things I could never say.

In My Heart

Stay with me / don’t go to sleep tonight / heaven can’t wait / for a moment / here with you / the world just seems so gone / ca…

heart song

Heart Song / I saw a heart and you were in it / I felt a flame… / of affinity / sought the flower.. / of divinity / and the rocksR…

From the Fields of Forever: Living Knotwork

Nearly purple, my blushing red face / can be found in almost any field. / One of Creator’s numberless gifts, / my many uses have long…

Drumming Up Love

tingling vibrations, make you go insane / The penetration / My eyes are closed ……. I am adrift.

Rainbow Warriors

Creating Karma and doing laundry as we attempt to understand Life around us…

Field of Honor

They said just go out and shoot someone and I do as I was told.

cool line in an old song….

poems???? poetry!!!


lift you up i do as you do me / move so close i want to see / the way you move the way you do / the way you say you want this too

Singing of Gratitude Fellowship and Sacrifice ~ S…

Saints and Shamans have clung to my tail, knowing all Life is sacred, despite our woes, conflicts or travail.

Don’t Worry ,Pray

Unhappy people, they can’t find their way….


Want to feel your breath and watch you as you sleep. / Heaven in your eyes and the world in your hands I see. / Everything about you is int…


And heaven begins where I end and you stepped in …

I Will Be Healed (Poem)

I’m heart sick. Just kiss me, and I’ll be healed.

Bow-song of the Compassionate Warrior

“Be of good cheer! For I am the Herald of messages Divine; emblem of the Optimist, the Fortunate, and the Kind.”

Gentle Warrior Singing Gifts of Love

Joy waits for no season! Open your heart! Love is not bound by Time, or Death, or Reason!

Not a Breakup

Time you cannot blame for what you feel; / Youth not for the things you didn’t know. / It only greets you when it’s time to wav…

Humming the song through a feather in the mists o…

The act of climbing a mountain is changed succinctly and dramatically by the act of observing the climb and making route root choices.

Mister Curtis

He stepped off a plane one day / Onto familiar sands. / A hero’s welcome played / By a marching band. / Cowboy boots and too-large ha…

The Note

He came from a place I’d never heard of / Summoning / Through a window held ajar with string / Bird song / To land on his strong olive hand…

Everybody Flies by nikspix

everybody holds each other / everybody flies


Run mascara down your face; / Crimson on the boards. / One less shadow now to pace / Among the snaking power cords. / Seems I made it just …

A Song of Loss

For a thought has just now landed; / Love is a Dream, grasping for Reality / Which comes back Empty Handed.

Paint Me a Song

Bend soft magical hues / over canvas pristine / let rise to the heavens / wondrous sound that is seen

Dear Piano

Are you ever just a muse? Sing to me / Whence I locked you in a hall of mem’ries.

The Singer Who Dances With His Songs

wonderment to your face / That sensual smell / weakening and bodies giving

Song of the Anchorite

Once upon a time / I had a place in the world / I knew as mine.


Rain falling on my hair / Each drop / A memory


Lucille, you were older, but you were the sweetest thing I’d seen. / Lucille, a young boy with a crush, with a crush that hurt so kee…

silver paper solitude

silver paper solitude makes me smile all over you / brown paper elephants no-one can subdue / I think like a waterfall and sink like the su…

On My Deathbed… Song…Deep

I lay awake i’m on my deathbed watching the globe spin / Reminiscing on old friends, / Hiding tears behind tinted lenses surrounded b…


looking back along the tracks / that form inside my mind / i wonder how it was that i’d / forgotten all about this time


Little Babe in a manger, / You’ll grow up to be a Man; / With so much expected of You / But You knew that was God’s plan.

Poem: With Your Heart

Such life arrives blameless / With the touch of sight / Stirring wonders with the breath / To carry on ageless conversations

Oh Elise

The stars shine down / to smile on your face / alone stand i / waiting miles away

When Its All Been Said And Done

Past the Colorado Rockies / In the setting of the sun / Beyond the next horizon / When all’s been said and done

Be Happy

I’m depressed / But I guess / It’s just all the stress / Clenched like a fist / And taking refuge in my chest

a song in the dark (poem)

the pyramids still stand / so why shouldn’t I walk away / with a smile in my future and / a seed of hope

I don’t want to be told

Tender is the forget me not night as we reap what has been sown

Choir Belt

Once on a night of a thousand tongues

Song of the vampyre

vampiric poetry

Who You Really Are

It’s not what you do that makes me wonder, / It’s not what you say that I believe, / You may try to live your life for others, …

Some Day We’ll Know

Some day / we’ll find / All of this / is in our mind / Until then / We’ll try / finding truth / until we die / Some day / we&…

the price we will have to pay ( poem by craftsman…

here we all are on redbubble / all looking for a peace of fame / creating the most beautiful art work / with or without a frame / in exchan…

Magic(song lyrics)

piont your face to the sea / feel the spray on your face / taste the salt on your lips

a quiet song

dormant in the dark / (imagine a cocoon / all soft and sweet)


Stay with a smile that knows just how to leave me. / Show me sunbeams through your white-clad walls. / I’ve built a city on the words…

Beyond The West

The night has come / this age is done / but still some battle on / all hope os gone / no help has come / but still you linger on


Let me see your scars / And let me take your hand / Tell me all the stories / So I can understand

Don’t Go Too Soon

Don’t go too soon (a miracle is under way)

Santa’s Helper- C 12-24-91, By Dennis Knecht

Light a candle for me- cause I won’t be home for Christmas…. / Light a candle for me- cause I can’t make it home this yea…

Over Hill and Moon with Sceptre and Crown

Majestic Lord, Lady of the horned crown… Together, our cloven dance upon the Earth cannot be outdone…


When dark overtakes daylight / As the sun is beaten down / I’ll rest, but only shortly / On this cold and barren ground

I wish i were a song.

I wish i were a song. / Maybe then i could flow with the melody and my life would last just 3 minutes and 23 seconds. / But i would exist f…

Spiritual Song of Cheryle

We all have our own spiritual song…whats yours,

Wind of Violence (to the tune of Sound of Silence)

…a dreadful song about a man and his curry…

only Love

only Love / can make a difference… / raise our Song from the depth of soul


I reached my hands to the stars / But all I got were thorns of your crown / Why the simplest truths / Are so invisible to the blind / Wher…

Just a Moment

If I never see the rising sun / Ignite the ocean again; / If I was to weave the road to here / And find the fabric a-fray’d; / If I n…

Amazing Grace On Gratitude’s Wings

To be once true / And then anew / Sung ti the tune: “Amazing Grace”

Set Me Free

I’ve heard that silent call again / a whisper on the wind

The Song of Life (Alpha Code 0011)

This is what you get when you think too much about everything, especially living beings.

Let it be . . .

Let those stray birds flock again in your branches / Let the wind flow through their feathers / Let the heap of withered leaves under your …


I remembered your smile! / hold you close to me, / not bothered who else is here, / Suddenly our eyes met,

Heart of All

Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished

Gray Sky Blue

The scent of spring is your favorite perfume.

The girl they write songs about

And she is everything that I wish I could be

Birth of a Song

Sounds of things are sounding big / as an idea is set to turning

We Cried

We cried, cried, / When we thought it was over / And I died, died / A little inside

Connect The Dots

And when the connection’s complete …..

Ready Freddy- C 2005, By Dennis L. Knecht

She said- don’t worry Fred- I will pay off in bed- / And if you win- I’ll give you a lot !

Heart Song

I am there…Hiding, Waiting, Hoping, Dreaming of the day when / I will not run before Your Anger,Your Hurt…Your Hunger!"

Autumn Love

alone i sit beneath a tree / as the leaves are falling down / i think, i dream, i write of you / the love that’s lost and gone

Raising the Sun with Song ~ Bold vs Brash

“Like the Magician, I teach you how to bring your tools to bear… to balance between this world, and the blue road of spirit, wi…

The Wind Beneath My Wings

As the sunrise fades / The beginning of a day / The wind begins to stir the leaves again / As the birds begin to fly / On wings they soar s…

No Regrets

I drank in the solitaire of meager fortunes / While my wicked mind spoke of beautiful things / The power of searing persuasion roared like …

My Baby

My baby done left me tonight and took my best car!


Is there tomorrow, is there today / What is the difference / One moment can’t stay / But there is a future, and there was a past / And ther…

Poem: She Flows

In shadow and light near the tangle of shore / She flows the long dark night through
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