Lyrics to the song SO FAR AWAY (Tania Rose 2007) So Far Away / Tania Rose 2007 / SEE SONG FILMCLIP / Knowing you are here with me / Gives me faith that I’ll never be alone / You will… I Only Ask Of God / Solo le Pido a Dios (UPDATE) I only ask of God / He won’t let me be indifferent to the suffering / That the very dried up death doesn’t find me / Empty and … Better Days (Song) I heard your calling, for so long. / And I heard your warnings go on and on. / Words and dreams are revovling, they dance all day. / Yes I … Always (Song lyrics) The fiery skies are black tonight / as boiling smoke blocks out the light / Monstrous machine of industry / it’s always hungry / The … Jungle Juice You kiss like Monroe and bite like a rattle snake Inbrace the spirit of the chalk horse (song lyr… She’s a vision from history / a graceful sign of all thats free / A message calling you and me / cut deep into the chalk / Her simpel… Sure of You (Mature) Gallows Pole “Hangman, Hangman, hold it a little while? I think I see my friends coming, riding many a mile.’ / Troy glanced up at the karaoke stage. A … Write The Refrain For once / Shine your light on me / Let me smile / Uninterrupted The Countdown Girl Jesus now lives down in China / Sharing a house with his fat little friend / He would still walk across the water / If the path of the ri… Neutron Star. I called upon Posiden. Full lift you up i do as you do me / move so close i want to see / the way you move the way you do / the way you say you want this too Intoxicated Want to feel your breath and watch you as you sleep. / Heaven in your eyes and the world in your hands I see. / Everything about you is int… The Princess Why should the princess cry? / I’ll come and rescue her in case she dares, / I am the knight to take away all her cares. The Real Things It’s these things / We feel / That make us / Real / So don’t / be afraid / To let me know Not a Breakup Time you cannot blame for what you feel; / Youth not for the things you didn’t know. / It only greets you when it’s time to wav… SOUL IN THE WIND You always faught for what you believed / You were alot like me / Just like a soul in the wind Mister Curtis He stepped off a plane one day / Onto familiar sands. / A hero’s welcome played / By a marching band. / Cowboy boots and too-large ha… Run Run mascara down your face; / Crimson on the boards. / One less shadow now to pace / Among the snaking power cords. / Seems I made it just … Stuff In my world / there’s only stuff / I dunno why / but it’s the truth / yeah, / there’s only stuff. Dare To Dream The battle’s just begun / But the war’s already won / If you can find yourself / You’ll find a pool of wealth Apple Core You see we chose to close the door. / A bitter end of unity. / I’m breaking glass across the floor. / It’s helping with my mentality. Dear Piano Are you ever just a muse? Sing to me / Whence I locked you in a hall of mem’ries. Existentialism On Prom Night i just thought i’d share with you, one of my fav songs. It says ALOT to me and songs like that…that make you think about how i… Last Night In December Don’t worry, I won’t come around / I remember all the rules / Whatever you think I am these days / I hope I’m not a fool Lucille Lucille, you were older, but you were the sweetest thing I’d seen. / Lucille, a young boy with a crush, with a crush that hurt so kee… silver paper solitude silver paper solitude makes me smile all over you / brown paper elephants no-one can subdue / I think like a waterfall and sink like the su… Waverley Stagecoach Just as I was hoping that marrying me would promise a new start and put all this to rest, we heard that another body had been found in the … I: This Time I don’t know why / We persevered / This time / It stops right here Fate looking back along the tracks / that form inside my mind / i wonder how it was that i’d / forgotten all about this time The Beauty of You (Song Vers.) Everything I’ve dreamed / Combined into one single entity / You give me your hand. / I stand inside your love. / You embrace all tha… II: Pretty Things & Stupid Words Cupid fired an arrow / Without taking aim / I feel no fear / And I feel no pain Ready and Willing “…No holding back…” / “…Cherish the time you have…” / “…and bring it on!” I Don’t Believe in Magic I don’t believe in magic, but in your presence I’m possessed. III: Riding Out The Storm A man jumped into the water / And didn’t try to swim / I just held my breath / I didn’t do a thing Some Day We’ll Know Some day / we’ll find / All of this / is in our mind / Until then / We’ll try / finding truth / until we die / Some day / we&… Magic(song lyrics) piont your face to the sea / feel the spray on your face / taste the salt on your lips Karley’s Song And I’m sitting here / Trying to sing a song for you / You told me to / One that I it happens to the best of us. Its as if you’re falling, falling off the edge / Weakening as you descend towards the ground / With only your heart as a parachute / Flyin… Soul Stay with a smile that knows just how to leave me. / Show me sunbeams through your white-clad walls. / I’ve built a city on the words… Beyond The West The night has come / this age is done / but still some battle on / all hope os gone / no help has come / but still you linger on Santa’s Helper- C 12-24-91, By Dennis Knecht Light a candle for me- cause I won’t be home for Christmas…. / Light a candle for me- cause I can’t make it home this yea… Times Places Faces (song lyrics) even the streets of london / glow warm in the morning sun Just a Moment If I never see the rising sun / Ignite the ocean again; / If I was to weave the road to here / And find the fabric a-fray’d; / If I n… The Garden Of Desire In The garden of desire / I lay dreaming amongst the trees / In this sanctum I was sheltered / From the bane, from the pain Hand in Hand take this light, watch it shimmer in the night / let the gift of light, shine into our life / the world collides, and we watch it all pass … Miss Terrie What you need… Connect The Dots And when the connection’s complete ….. Ready Freddy- C 2005, By Dennis L. Knecht She said- don’t worry Fred- I will pay off in bed- / And if you win- I’ll give you a lot ! Afraid of How I Feel When I look into your eyes, / I’m afraid of what I see / I’m afraid of how I feel, / When you look at me / I’d been along so long, / Just t… The Daemon To all the girls I thought I loved: I painted that picture out of my mind. / I won’t apologise – the water’s past the br… The Race (You’ve Moved On) “Haunting” Song lyrics written for a High School play. (really bad song) Oh My Love I know I shouldn’t think about / you. But even though I do, / all my amazing dreams / will never come true. / When I always glance a… Get on thrue to the other side You tell me your God’s better than mine / then you use his name in hate Choose the Way Find a place, find the space / The space between your thoughts / Holds all the power, Open up your heart / Choose the way that holds most l… Life of the Rich Man Have a drink or two, / On the Mountains of the Moon. Storms Every hour of fear I spend / My body tries to cry / Living through each empty night / A deadly calm inside BARBWIRE TOURNIQUET (song lyrics) A “rock lyric” just waiting to be put to music!!! Kiss The Child The children were cryin’ as the silence is broke Golden Silhouette (song) Golden Silhouette / all around me, / The sound of a bewitching / melody runs through my veins. / You gave me back, / you helped me fly. Lyrics in my song…. I’ve cried me a river / Since you’ve been gone / My heart still breaking / Like a raging storm. / The river of tears / Flow dow… Twilight Could you take my fantasy / Make this always real to me / Lost here in your arms surrounded / Seems your love has The Spirits Path of Light Such a mystical place, / Such a strong and mighty race, / A world of shrouded mysteries. You Should Leave Me Now Playing out the scene / From every broken dream / We haven’t talked about it / But you’re acting like we did The Last Letter I’m all by myself / In this God forsaken land / No hand to hold and / No love to hand / I’ve not slept in ages / My feet have gone numb /… Attention Watching her dance / Leaves me in a trance / Tornados spin / And cities cave in Angel Wings Watch her as she swings / Such a lovely thing / See the way she glides / Love her baby eyes / Listen as she talks / Angels stop and Turn It Around Bathe all your thoughts in / Positive light / Then you’ll dissolve all of your problems / And maybe you’ll sleep better every night These Games The atmosphere’s refrigerated / The tension’s suffocating / I can barely draw breath in No Matter Where I Wander. Standing on a Platform, / Waiting for that Train, Sweet I want to take you for a walk in the park / And that is all I mean; / To make the time to find / So to spend a day serene; / To show you al… Petals and Thorns Love is like a rose, / You are my beautiful peals, / I am your painful thorns. Worth Living A sigh, a whisper / A gentle breath entices me awake / I’m persuaded by her silent serenade Shine Over The Night And when the rain is pouring down / There is no sweeter sound / The I Sunrise Don’t want to live like this, / To count the cost of every kiss / And feel like half a man. / And the closer our bodies grow, / My so… ♫ Pippin – Morning Glow Lyrics ♫ I have never actually seen “Pippin” the Musical but I know most of the songs from the LP album my sister bought when she went a… Free the Flood (Raise the Razor) Raise the razor, / Part your skin, / Free the foaming flood within. / Raise the razor, / Sharp with love, / End the pain, free the flood. Standing Still As Video and song also Paint your Face. Paint you Face then, / If your a Clown. / If your a King, / You’d better wear a Crown. / Upon your Head. / For all to see. “Just Another Artist”- C 1989, By Den… I’ll do my poems, music, and paintings- till they put me in the ground…. Seabird But you could never know / What you mean to me / You represent desire to be free / Flying gently soaring What Is This Thing Called Love? looking way past yesterday / at that true love that heaven’s sent / maybe that love will find a way / and when i stood alone on sand … One Way Wind One AM and all I see, the same old things on my TV / A one ounce light and one way wind / Catching up, neither can win. / I close my eyes,… Who I Wanna Be In this out of focus world that we live in, / people’s dreams get shattered every day. / They spend their whole life searching / for their … SURVIVING This song was written by another Argentinian Songwriter Victor Heredia and I just translated for you Life’s future (Song) Tears, they are running dry, / For every Angel dies. / Inside heart and soul, / With no one to hold. TURN RIGHT-REACH OUT I WAS TAKING A WALK DOWN A STREET / MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS JUST FOLLOWING MY FEET / EACH STEP I TOOK MADE ME WONDER / SHOULD I STAY ON THI… victim There’s only flesh, there’s only blood. / I can smell your fear, you are my victim. It looks like love to me You look / Then smile / All the while / You never look away / My eyes / They see / It looks like love… to me Puppet Show Their wings are tied to our strings / And they’ll never get away. Anger Management Therapy I need to silence my brain before my mouth reacts / When my train of thought starts going off the tracks / Creating scenarios that haven’t… Government unit with no name re-reliased lyrics for "horse with no name’ by America based on my workplace and an individual that constantly makes people upse… “If” “If I were to wait for you…” FADED ATTRACTION Adrenaline, / pumping till the springs snap on the bed again, / Taking it as if its medicine, / No time to be a gentlemen All Apologies. I read and weep, / the words that trap my head / and those that taunt my sleep. Summer Rain so let this summer rain / come fill your heart with light / for the sun has never left you / though you can’t see it past the clouds
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