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if if i gave you a song / would you sing it / eyes closed / to hear the words / like pearls / hung ’round your neck / catching the ligh… Rain Song outside, the rain slips into snow / and hits the window / like little whispers / like your breath / in my ear nest i’ve made a nest for you / in that soft supple space / between imagination and reality / where possibility rests hauntings leave, love is felt in haunting song pain softens me, / and rain feels right upon my skin / sun comes through my mind / I let it in, / to love my inner vibe / the joy in tiny … Music man forges stars and constellations / that vibrate across my skin Once Upon A Midnight once upon a midnight / in the magic of a dream / i thought i saw an angel / waiting quietly / and once upon a twilight / i followed her to … Web of Collective Unconsciousness The excesses begin to arise, / The seeds germinate at will. / This vegetative elasticity / Drains beyond the window sill. The Passion is Gone… the words of a passionate woman healing from heartache.. Meer verloor as wat ek gedink het… En iewers langs die highway, het ek my beste pel verloor… BIRD SONG 2 BIRD SONG REMINDS ME / HOW MUCH I NEED AND LOVE YOU! / SPRING HOLDS MUCH PROMISE! Sure of You NSFW Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow (We Will Meet Again) for i know that somewhere / just beyond the rainbow / you’re waiting there for me White Sheets She was wearing her white pearl button shirt her favorite brown boots and her short denim skirt, Red lipstick to leave her mark and a vanil… We Belong Together I am not so sure about the ‘long ago’ and being a woman, / Of course there have been fables about the times of woman / Being the ‘shit’ but… In My Heart Stay with me / don’t go to sleep tonight / heaven can’t wait / for a moment / here with you / the world just seems so gone / ca… Drumming Up Love tingling vibrations, make you go insane / The penetration / My eyes are closed ……. I am adrift. A love song for cats the cat incapable of purring My Love For You When I run my hand up and down your neck / I could caress you all day long, / your body’s so curvy too Pakistan Love Anthem – Sunil Sharma I love Pakistan and loving people of it, We had great love for eachother and I would visit him to have a lunch together…. so loving. … Full lift you up i do as you do me / move so close i want to see / the way you move the way you do / the way you say you want this too Patches Of Hope nobody knows where gone love true / Summer was fading into autumn / glimpses of loneliness / nothing more to do / she’s having hope i… Thy Heart of Song! As I follow you through my mind I sense a passion that I must find / Every memory of you is a vision of truth; even your scent is divine / … Untitled And heaven begins where I end and you stepped in … Intoxicated Want to feel your breath and watch you as you sleep. / Heaven in your eyes and the world in your hands I see. / Everything about you is int… Gentle Warrior Singing Gifts of Love Joy waits for no season! Open your heart! Love is not bound by Time, or Death, or Reason! When Your Heartstrings Finally Break When your heartstrings finally break, there will be no noise, no twang, no sigh of release. The sound will be felt, not heard. It will rend… love song for a suicide girl at the shop, fingers flicking / searching for the saddest song / i watch from behind a discount stand / then buy the same cd / walking, the… Not a Breakup Time you cannot blame for what you feel; / Youth not for the things you didn’t know. / It only greets you when it’s time to wav… Will you have me.. our love song My eyes are bedimming / my youth has faded. / The wrinkles creep / closer and closer / but I will not fail. / My hair is graying / one stra… A love song for Heidi All of their friends were there at the wedding shower to help celebrate the inevitable union between the two that had been a couple since s… A Song of Loss For a thought has just now landed; / Love is a Dream, grasping for Reality / Which comes back Empty Handed. Playing for Change…. CHANGE…..what a concept Song We coiled within each others mirrored likeness / My pinkness wrapped within your luminous palm I wish this was a song I should’ve asked you to stay / I should’ve said I was sorry / I should’ve not let you walk out the door / Now you are go… Dear Piano Are you ever just a muse? Sing to me / Whence I locked you in a hall of mem’ries. sing a song of liliac. I stand in a rain of liliac, / of petals sweet on wind, / I dance the dance of moonlight, / listening to beauties hyme. / I call upon the w… Love Notes… hum yum I STARTED A SONG THAT STARTED THE WHOLE WORLD CRY… Shaking and fumbling as she left she didn’t look back; she smoothed her hair, and noticed she had lost a shoe; she started to run Love Letters on MSN On days like today / We waste the time away / Writing love letters on MSN. / Your picture looked devine, / Blonde, nineteen and fine, / Oh… Existentialism On Prom Night i just thought i’d share with you, one of my fav songs. It says ALOT to me and songs like that…that make you think about how i… Say.. It’s Just Another Love Song! Death chokes my gentle voice / To the waves crashing against / A plutonic shore! Rain Rain falling on my hair / Each drop / A memory Lucille Lucille, you were older, but you were the sweetest thing I’d seen. / Lucille, a young boy with a crush, with a crush that hurt so kee… A SONG ACROSS TIME You sing a prayer of love / and loose it upon the sky / hoping I am listening / to the wind. The Beauty of You (Song Vers.) Everything I’ve dreamed / Combined into one single entity / You give me your hand. / I stand inside your love. / You embrace all tha… ♫ Sing Your Art ♫ If I could see / What you have seen / If I could be / Where you have been The Dream Of My Song You’ll smell the sweet wet forest, / And enter the dream of my song. Oh Elise The stars shine down / to smile on your face / alone stand i / waiting miles away a song in the dark (poem) the pyramids still stand / so why shouldn’t I walk away / with a smile in my future and / a seed of hope I Don’t Believe in Magic I don’t believe in magic, but in your presence I’m possessed. MY SISTER Although you were a child yourself / You put your toys on the shelf / And sat me on your lap / And hugged me while I napped / Stopping all… Reach Her With Your Heart Like a desert rose real love is rare Let us fly I am the wind touching thy hair on a sunny day / I am the rain clutching on thy skin when the harvest begins / I am the earth underneath th… The party Is Over…. You have been traveling down a one way street. / That will only take you to your personal defeat. / It all starts out having fun with your … it happens to the best of us. Its as if you’re falling, falling off the edge / Weakening as you descend towards the ground / With only your heart as a parachute / Flyin… Soul Stay with a smile that knows just how to leave me. / Show me sunbeams through your white-clad walls. / I’ve built a city on the words… Beyond The West The night has come / this age is done / but still some battle on / all hope os gone / no help has come / but still you linger on Scars Let me see your scars / And let me take your hand / Tell me all the stories / So I can understand Til’ I’m Finally Drained Of It Freeze my heart, then, Lord / Yes, teach me not to feel / Make me numb to the desire / To be the one who owns his smile / That no ring woul… You Only Have One Shot At True Love… It came out of nowhere, almost as if it had fluttered down from the heavens, landing on a tall banyan tree a few hundred metres away. I pee… A MOTHER The moment she feels the child within / She knows her life will not be as it has been / She now knows and always thinks / Her heart and her… Beginning When dark overtakes daylight / As the sun is beaten down / I’ll rest, but only shortly / On this cold and barren ground Skydiver It’s like a dream, / strangest of game – / I braved your shield to hear your song, / I dared to dive, / I still have stardust on my suit. only Love only Love / can make a difference… / raise our Song from the depth of soul SONG OF LOVE Listen in the silences, in the spaces, for the song of love. In the quiet … Just a Moment If I never see the rising sun / Ignite the ocean again; / If I was to weave the road to here / And find the fabric a-fray’d; / If I n… My Bonny Scotland ( O Flower of Scotland ) O Flower of Scotland, / When will we see / Your like again, / That fought and died for, / Your wee bit Hill and Glen, / And stood against h… Artificial Love Song I have to / steal faces / and make them yours A LONG LONELY TIME I remembered your smile! / hold you close to me, / not bothered who else is here, / Suddenly our eyes met, Heart of All Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished Gray Sky Blue The scent of spring is your favorite perfume. We Cried We cried, cried, / When we thought it was over / And I died, died / A little inside Connect The Dots And when the connection’s complete ….. Definition of a love song Emotions humming a sweet / unknown song / Could this be / the meeting of two souls God’s Record Collection I don’t want to be a broken record / In God’s unique record collection I Love You (Dedicated To Darlene) Every hour you’re away feels like 24 longer Do You Still Love Me, My Dear? Feel my way in the darkness LOVE SONG please clome close to me like singing birds / I can hear the voice of yours heartbeat like waterfalling / and my heart is dancing like a ki… Orange Sky, Rotting Wraith My arms became lithe again / I felt no urge to write / strange symbols in the sand / cryptic poetry that only the wind would read / it felt… Autumn Love alone i sit beneath a tree / as the leaves are falling down / i think, i dream, i write of you / the love that’s lost and gone my love song Keep it simple. / a smile? / Make it meaningful. / a thought? / Sing it in your heart / my love. Square One / song written to vent….. How many times do I have to start over? AUTUMN’S SONG APPRECIATE NATURE AND IT’S BEAUTY Cerberus mythical black dog / i hear your howling from the darkness / gate keeper of the underworld / perpetual torment / cries the name of a lost l… (really bad song) Oh My Love I know I shouldn’t think about / you. But even though I do, / all my amazing dreams / will never come true. / When I always glance a… Scotland the Brave Hark when the night is falling, / Hear! Hear the pipes are calling, / Loudly and proudly calling down through the glen. / There where the h… Passions Flight this unquenchable fire / will not consume him / he has walked in the white heat / and licked its flame / felt its purity / imagined himself… His Sweet Song of Love this night the lion brave and strong There’s a Song in My Heart There’s a song in my heart / Let me sing / Let my voice tell the story of my pain / Let my words explain / the way I’ve loved and lost / L… Forever On the paths our hearts do trace / Forever, you and me. Storms Every hour of fear I spend / My body tries to cry / Living through each empty night / A deadly calm inside Love Song Dance for me baby, / Make my heart beat, / Sing me the melody, / And I’ll be the riff. / Come on now, don’t be shy, / Show me what you got … Suzy’s Song God knows what is hiding in those wet and gorgeous eyes… Prufrock Prufrock / Softly confused / She hinted to me / Like a rumor. / I imagined the kiss / Of a complicated lover / But instead spoke delicately… THE LAST SONG! The past fading memories have not gone with time / Now there’s only emptiness / nothing left to say / But the sweetness still linger… Assumption Of Love She used to hug and kiss me / When I got home
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