Web of Collective Unconsciousness The excesses begin to arise, / The seeds germinate at will. / This vegetative elasticity / Drains beyond the window sill. White Sheets She was wearing her white pearl button shirt her favorite brown boots and her short denim skirt, Red lipstick to leave her mark and a vanil… Women Warriors in Gossamer Sweat kicks in retrieving the moment and with a cruising song life resumes Started off sunny and ended up Gray I am gonna say all the things I could never say. In My Heart Stay with me / don’t go to sleep tonight / heaven can’t wait / for a moment / here with you / the world just seems so gone / ca… heart song Heart Song / I saw a heart and you were in it / I felt a flame… / of affinity / sought the flower.. / of divinity / and the rocksR… Thy Heart of Song! Hold me close and speak to me without words; for tonight our souls remembered the intimacy Same Old Song and Dance I knew in my heart you were a fraud, but I wanted to believe in you. / I wanted to see the good, but that could not be found. Thy Heart of Song! As I follow you through my mind I sense a passion that I must find / Every memory of you is a vision of truth; even your scent is divine / … When Your Heartstrings Finally Break When your heartstrings finally break, there will be no noise, no twang, no sigh of release. The sound will be felt, not heard. It will rend… Will you have me.. our love song My eyes are bedimming / my youth has faded. / The wrinkles creep / closer and closer / but I will not fail. / My hair is graying / one stra… night song late at night / when the fire in my belly / becomes unbearable / i invite you / into that secret space / where essence of desire / is disti… Heart Song sweet secretion of feelings blessed open yourself and set your psyche free Poem: With Your Heart Such life arrives blameless / With the touch of sight / Stirring wonders with the breath / To carry on ageless conversations The soul sings its heart song A Soul tied. / Mind connecting. / Heart Song.. / Singing; / Across oceans, rivers and seas / Over rooftops and foothill plains / Chimineys … MY SISTER Although you were a child yourself / You put your toys on the shelf / And sat me on your lap / And hugged me while I napped / Stopping all… Reach Her With Your Heart Like a desert rose real love is rare Mystic Path Moon and Mist / Forest of Trees / Path is Bright / Can you Find Me? / In the Light I am Weary / But Very Strong / In Heart and Soul / I wil… it happens to the best of us. Its as if you’re falling, falling off the edge / Weakening as you descend towards the ground / With only your heart as a parachute / Flyin… Fur Fur against my skin… Heart of All Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished Definition of a love song Emotions humming a sweet / unknown song / Could this be / the meeting of two souls Heart Song I am there…Hiding, Waiting, Hoping, Dreaming of the day when / I will not run before Your Anger,Your Hurt…Your Hunger!" Listen Sometimes words can’t convey, / the depth of living. Autumn Love alone i sit beneath a tree / as the leaves are falling down / i think, i dream, i write of you / the love that’s lost and gone No Regrets I drank in the solitaire of meager fortunes / While my wicked mind spoke of beautiful things / The power of searing persuasion roared like … Passions Flight this unquenchable fire / will not consume him / he has walked in the white heat / and licked its flame / felt its purity / imagined himself… There’s a Song in My Heart There’s a song in my heart / Let me sing / Let my voice tell the story of my pain / Let my words explain / the way I’ve loved and lost / L… Forever On the paths our hearts do trace / Forever, you and me. Ready To Fall When everything is gone / I’m living in an empty cell / feels like I’m shut out / don’t even know where to begin / can… Ghosts Of The Ocean lost here / with all my dreams / my memories / are haunting me Our Love We were young / It was so new / We were in love Tell Me When tell me when the time we’ve had has slipped away / the wind’s blown you past yesterday / and i don’t know how Whales – Beloved Cetacean of the Deep Your song passed down through generations / You never lose sight of your goal / Determined in purpose / Showing the way You’re Leavin’ Heart Prints )Heart prints are the trail you leave.. / As you journey on your way. / So leave happy heart prints, / Each and every day. You Are My Everything and then you can see / the day will come / when you recognize / the length of my love The Burnt Out Heart (a sherock song) Having your heart burnt out / It isn’t something you talk about, / But I know that you’re scared. / You dared to try to save me, / Once … Love… Growth… Creeping Vine To Have You, / In My Window / My Love… / Hold You, / Near … / To My Heart … song of the heart hearts listening seeking hearts whispering a tune how home at sundown / and all that’s left / is the lightness of smells and sounds / by the seaside / I am a song on the radio / in the wa… heart song i have opened your letters / sent them all away, / where i have travelled / i will travel there again. / there is not time for this / for … Heart Song on a Milkcarton You create me, and I construct you / Piece me in missing places / mending voids delicate and knowing. / I slay inherited growths of … song of our heart if we play the songs of our hearts / do we expose frailties we all try to hide? / Can I be bigger than what is expected / given time I can… ThankYou I am not in love anymore / I don’t cry a single a tear for you anymore / And my heart which you broke / Is finally on the mend / And I just… “So I’ll sing this song for everyone … There’s a silence that engulfs my soul. My heart feels…corroded, and worn. I feel like I could never make the right partner for… It looks like love to me You look / Then smile / All the while / You never look away / My eyes / They see / It looks like love… to me If Time Would Stand Still If time could stand still / all my life would be a dream / I’d stand always with you / cause you would always be with me The World Belongs To Me Alone beneath the stars so high / The world is in my hand / With you the world is “If” “If I were to wait for you…” Summer Rain so let this summer rain / come fill your heart with light / for the sun has never left you / though you can’t see it past the clouds Chant. Keep myself and keep me sane. / Take me away from strife and shame. / Take me to this place, unwrong. / So I may sing my righteous song. / … Oh, My Heart! High into the frosty air, / So High! , like only angels dare, Today my heart sings a sad song Today my heart sings a sad song / It’s not what it used t o be anymore / I don’t cry or struggle to stay strong / I am not torn o broken no… Song In My Heart…. The joy that I know runs abundantly deep, / I’m as light as the air, lifted up off my feet…. Heart’s Cry from the start of every morning / to the end of every day / from each and every heartbeat / to every word i say / one thing to you i promis… A Winter Love Song. (Mature) Song of Heart… I woke up this morning / with a song in my heart / a sad song of longing / for a brand new start / to take back my yesterday / all the illu… ’ The song attached to my heart to sing … I’m walking with the sky at my feet, no need to sigh for lack of anything / I’m heading for the infinite retreat, I’ll go… Once Upon a December Gentle hands, / Graceful dance, / Beauty forcing surrender / In a song, through a trance / Once upon a December / Embracing in the cold / T… It’s Magic Sunlight daces on the water’s edge / As crystals shape the dew / In the light a dream appeared / And for the first time I saw you Heart song How can you account / For that moment / When eyes meet / And hearts entwine? / We share a lifetime / You and I. / For certain / There is pu… Living A Heart Song Hoping Someday A Beautiful Dreamer / She Waits…Awaits …For True Love / And She Prays…. Emotion Never crying / Never showing / Any emotion / What the hell’s wrong with your heart? / Other people realise a friend is there / Other people… Freedom had flight in its wings / and song in its heart You Deliver Me VERSE 1: / When did I lose sight / Of where I had been / Why only now do I see / All that once was / And all that could be / When did I los… Heart Song Loss of a loved one My Heart Sings A Song The writings of Andrew Collins From Alma MICHIGAN WOOO About Being hurt and thinking one thing when it was really another!!!!!!!! Dreaming My Dreams cold days and memories / have left me far behind / summer days stay here with me / but i’m still waiting so i can find Dedication When the day has come / When you and I are one / I’ll be there smiling at you / You’re my every care / And baby this I swear / That everyth… An Angel For Me A star for each saviour / A song for every soul / A heart for every lover / And an angel for me The Hardest Thing Last night we had quarrel / We went to bed so mad / Each had to get up early / The morning was quite sad In Your Heart Where is this place? Forever More Feel cool hands / Body rise, you’re lovely / Heartbeats dual bands / In sync, con You Haunt Me (Lyrics) you haunt my dreams and waking days, / my brain’s adrift in murky haze, / you’re image tints my iris lens / indelible as stain Empty Sound But the words mean nothing if you can’t remember / So instead tarnish my heart without permission from the sender / My mind continuously pr… Things I Want While I lay here sometimes I start to think / I think of what is to come and to see what is, I don’t want to wait / I want to live la… Heartfelt Song. will you raise your hand to this crowd or take the shallow road home with your own ridiculed tail swiftly between your legs.   heart song I have opened your letters / Sent them all away / Where I had once travelled / I will travel there again / There is not time for this / F… song: heart of an art-east here’s to me hoping i’m seen and you’re heard. Fire of the Night But when the music ended / Together, walking off the floor / Both their hands searched for the other’s / As fire pushed them through the do… My Heart Song I am all alone in the world of love and romance, my unopened, untouched heart and I. I am happy with whom I am; confident, positive, and so… We Are We’re the taste of warm cookies / Melting in your mouth / We’re the dream of one thousand dreamers / But only one will see the … Goodnight, never goodbye. And I can’t wait for you to get home. I can’t wait for you to take one step through that door. I can’t wait another year to see your face, … My song Wishing that anyone was there / To help her, and understand chance to be your one (song) i swore youd be something better- / i guess nothing but scars will last forever- / and theres so many, somes still bleeding- / but that won… Frigid Icy Punctures “It hurt so much but with death as my crutch I have risen again…” You’re Mean (lyrics) you meant to drive me crazy / but I took away the keys / you thought I fell so far / but I landed on my knees Bad Habits (lyrics) you’re in my blood, inside my veins / my pulse pumps strong like a hurricane / my heart’s robust and beating fast / I hope this high will … I CAME OFFERING YOU MY HEAR Who said that everything is Lost? Sad Love Songs It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do / letting you go so you could find your own way through Those Eyes (lyrics) your cape unfurls and swirls so light, you step to lively song, I watch you move without a care, like nothing could be wrong You’re Gone (lyrics) Chorus: / nothing will ever be the same / the light never be as bright / I hold your picture in my hands / and hope I can get thru tonight I Love You To Death (lyrics) I love you to death, I cry in my sleep / oh,why do they say, it’s only skin deep Closure I don’t feel like we ever loved, / But I know that we were close, That’s the truth Heart Song The song of the heart beats slowly within you. / Nothing in time or space can reawaken its fast pace. / Or perhaps, there is one thing. / L… Heart Song Heart Song / Some time only by love can the heart sing / We would lay down our life for our children and grandchildren in the natural but t…
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