Sometimes we meet the wrong people. Sometimes we meet the wrong people. / And have the wrong conversations. / And help the wrong strangers. / And go into the wrong places. / … SOMETIMES I need to shelve my needs, / slot them between the other books / of dreams and wishes Moon Glow It’s all in the way she moves Sometimes.. if you’re lucky! Sometimes a soft wind blows… and occassionally… Sometimes sometimes / you have to go back / to white / and black – Sometimes, I feel… Sometimes / I feel I could / slay the dragon / other times / I seek for it / to slay me; Sometimes There’s Just Poop In It For You&#… Wild winging was the order of the day this morning. Birds everywhere as if a buffet had been laid in the sands yet nothing was there. Stand… ‘Sometimes’ I recognise the darkness, the searching / the never ending contest / I recognise the endless search / I know the serpent’s quest. / I… goodbye is sometimes needed, but not always forev… from my core pitch black abyss / a rumble / desecrated my illusions / breaking Adam’s rib / bone shards / left a trail on the yellow bri… Somewhere Sometimes Somewhere Sometimes sometimes… sometimes in the blink of an eye / we regret past choices / things should have been / no more I love you’s / simple to say / past is … Sometimes This morning / as I sit and write / watching day overpowering night / I have found / that / sometimes / when I am down / the best place to… SOMETIMES I AM sometimes / I am / a deep well / of darkness Sometimes Sometimes I want to cry until I’m a pool / Sometimes I want scream until I’m a sound / Sometimes I want to sink until I canno… Sometimes When I Go To Sleep At Night Sometimes when my head hits the pillow at night, / I think about the things I did that day. / Did I do too much? / Did I not do enough… Sometimes….not in a strange way I wish things were different / you know / not in a strange way / just different…. / if only life was black and white / all the hues … SOMETIMES. Sometimes, / just sometimes, / every once in awhile, / every now and again, / maybe once or twice a day, / possible more, / I wish the wor… Sometimes… I still think of you sometimes / when the clock strikes twelve / as the mind gently drifts / in circles, here and there / I wonder / do you… A message to anyone feeling sad and/or, defeated!… As the daughter of a U.S. Marine HOORAH!!! LOL!!! My father always had words of encouragement and moral lectures.. The one that has stu… “Sometimes Life A Bitch”` They always manage to find a path again to give home to their soles / That lies on no road / But on highways that float above the clouds&#… Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…… the Radiographer Jan / pastured out to the mobile ‘van’ / bed side manner of an urban gorilla / my video audition for Michael J… Sometimes… Sometimes I cry / For those who cannot see / They pass their judgments / Spread anxiety and doubt / To a world that need not grieve sometimes it comes to me . . . sometimes . . . . / it comes to me / when i have cried so very hard / and my lashes are filled with / salty tears / i look up / seeking i… Juergen’s done it again! Sometimes you feel… He’s showing bits of the Netherlands in a beautiful way, making the very best use of the quirky weather there Sometimes I drink wine, and then I write, but mostly I drink wine. Sometimes I write more than I drink, but mostly I drink wine. Sometimes ’tis the shadow that gives the br… my shadow moves perfectly / step by step behind me / it may be to my left or right / it depends not on day nor night / it can shiver in the… Lifes a Carnival….we overthink sometimes candied floss of yummy days / sweet merry go round of life / grab a horse and hold on tight / let the carnival begin / humdrum tunes / play… Sometimes I Think That You Forgot About Me Sometimes I don’t think / that I can live like this another day. / My recurring nightmares / cloud my days in a haze of gray. / Some… Sometimes… …life will fuck around with your mind. / play like an antagonist / twist a knife right into your back / drag you forward with a carro… Sometimes I cry- a poem by Tupac Shakur Sometimes when I’m alone, / I cry because I’m not on my own / The tears I cry R bitter and warm / They flow with life but take … sometimes it just wells up . . . . as a small child / I was the only one / the only one / my Mother let / be in the room / when she was in the zone / when she created . . . … Sometimes the morning… Sometimes the morning starts off soft / sad and beautiful / and in your melancholy you say to Fortuity / “Stand by me in my moment of… Sometimes. when you look at me, / i catch a glimpse of a need / that is so intense it makes my heart swell / and make me want to sweep you off your … Sometimes… . Pride Sometimes Hurts I shiver as your lust creates sparks of energy that bounce around the small studio and tear into my aching body. Sometimes I looked into the mirror / Turned away disgusted / Shut my eyes and turn back around / hoping to see someone else / Open my eyes , / there… sometimes and so it goes… / sometimes I want to touch your smile, / and to suffocate the fire of craving for you. / sometimes I want to feel fo… You could be no stranger I pull at you with every willing breath / That isn’t screaming Things I Sometimes Think Vanilla extract or possibly almond…yes…definitely almond! Sometimes Friendships Die Your stories dont amuse / Your complacency is poison / Your smile is rotten / You are no longer needed / Say goodbye Sometimes It’s So Hard To Try Being Yourself Sometimes it’s so hard to try just being yourself, / Because expections from those around you become increasingly demanding. / And if… Sometimes Sometimes / By / George A. Yesthal / Sometimes I sit and think / What if I’d done things differently? / Would I be the man that I am today?… Sometimes I’m good I know you are trying to figure out / just how good I am… / I say things like… / God loves me and so does Jesus / and then tomo… Sometimes you should… “Sometimes you don’t because you think you shouldn’t when you really should have. Other times you do it anyway when you r… Sometimes Sometimes, six words are not enough. sometimes in life you get…..on! One day while i was looking into the sky_ oh no, something just hit me in my eye. / What was it , what could it be_ oh hey, there’s … Sometimes we need manna to fall from the sky Oh God / can / You make my faith / like a real / thing / can You make / my / dreams like peaches / falling / from the trees and / ripening … sometimes Sometimes / From me to you / The words flow / So effortlessly sometimes (Mature) SOMETIMES…YOU FEEL…. You feel sorrow, / Absorbing you into a strange valse! / Where is Peace felt and obtained? Lies can sometimes work My mind tells my muscles to smile, / So they curve and form, using some guile. / You see my mind enjoys lying to my face, / Since this expr… SOMETIMES I DREAM A DREAM SO REAL Yesterday’s forgotten dream / Appeared in night’s satin weave / The endless orphaned nights burn / Forbidden ecstatic memories return Sometimes we ask why… Sometimes this world can be so lonely, / why? / when I am alone at times I feel so grateful / for the time. / Then I struggle with being a… Sometimes I’m glad you’re not here Sometimes I’m glad you’re not here / Not having you near feels like freedom / Sometimes I like that I can still imagine you / … He sometimes comes to visit me… And I realise how foolish I must look, to be standing here asking the air for this wish. / Asking your light for one last kiss. Soul Family SOMETIMES they may want to kiss you / In RE-CONNECTION. / Embrace you in REMEMBERING. Sometimes, It Ain’t so Handy Getting Old I have lost my inner child, / Don’t you just see what I mean? sometimes Sophia enlighten sometimes when envy. sometimes when insidious. JUNKFOOD NOIR, Chapter 5: “Sometimes itR… (Mature) Sometimes Wind. Sometimes, / if you listen close, / you hear the wind pass through the streets, / sounds of her voice, / smiling, / ever laughing, / her e… Simple, sometimes says it all. yet complex leaves… Tomorrow will be the day of judgment / simple or complex as it may be Sometimes We Forget There’s a girl taking a picture of the boy she’s in love with. A climber 15 minutes from the top of a mountain. sometimes II sometimes we let the wrong one in, / undo the wrong button, / lay on the wrong pillow. / sometimes, in good time, / as the journey, will su… Sometimes When I Stand a problem eliminator for anyone who cannot decide whether to procrastinate and lose a dream,or make a concerted effort to pursue a life of … I worry for you sometimes my child, i worry for you sometimes. / i look at your perfect form / and i pray for your safety / from physical injury and / the constant t… “he was really scared of his zip” Roscoe started to stir. His eyes slowly opened. He felt as though he had been on a all night bender. His mouth, well his mouth like ewwwwww… sometimes it just ends. Sometimes every now and then we have everything. / Life is so good, we are overwhelmed with joy. / Yet sometimes we have all we need and wi… Sometimes You Have To Run Sometimes you have to run… I don’t know / the exact reason he had decided to flee “us” / again, but I knew this tim… Sometimes my Love, “Sometimes my Love, / “Sometimes my Love, / The pain is most pleasurable as the pleasure most painful." / Sometimes my Love, it’… Sometimes La / la / love Sometimes… There are times / I want to shout / As if I could make / The whole world / Stop spinning / For the sake of all / In my bitter / reminiscenc… And Sometimes She… C rushed… under the weight of her unseen world / R emnants… of yesterdays tears fall without a sound / A ching… needs sli… Just sometimes Sometimes / just sometimes / the time / just slips away / when I am there / inside your arms / there are no words / to say / how my heart f… sometimes… Sometimes, to look foward / We need to look back… Occasionally,Sometimes,Now and Then,From Time to … Occasionally, / the world slips from sight, / as if a veil has fallen, / shading the light, / obscuring the vision, / creating the night. /… Sometimes… I close my / Eyes to / Listen. / I feel the / Sounds / Dance / Their colours. / In some small / Way / I remember / How to / Play. Sometimes I Get Scared… “Darkness”… / a lonely place, / even in the light. / Sometimes I get scared… / “Fatigue”… / a tir… Sometimes If the world were to fold unto itself, the event would go unnoticed. Peace, so powerful, has been captured within our quiet. sometimes the moon is gold too… oh beautiful moon / ball of gold climbing / in a sapphire sky / if i stop to wish upon you / how many cerulean blue dreams / can i expect t… Sometimes It’s Hard Sometimes…it’s not really as hard as you think it is. Sometimes I feel like Humpty Dumpty Oh God / if I break all over Your kitchen floor / can You make a / mosaic / out / of / my / body / to delight Your angelic guests? / O… SOMETIMES I THINK A BATTLE WITH THE MIND Sometimes I am too weary from the battles of family / to write, to think, to share. / I don’t talk on the phone apart from work. / I am in need… Sometimes… Your best efforts / come with / the least effort. Sometimes, love is just too hard You know don’t you? That deep down, in my heart, I love you. And although you don’t always see that love; it is there.. What we see is what we get, Sometimes Theres a world going on outside of me now. Do I want to know about it all? WELL NO. Yet I troll about here and poke about over there, while… sometimes a lonely life sometimes it is a lonely life / facing out beyond the glass, / hands shuffling around the trinkets; / old thoughts. / old friends. / how t… Sometimes Feel Different Sometimes I feel like everything is wrong / All these actions take me and make myself insane / But the only thing is now; its for today / A… Sometimes….but not today You asked me to forgive you….for treating me so bad The beginning is sometimes the end… The end… The end of the story is sometimes the beginning- / Behind the curtain I watched her intoxicate with clever phrases- / And had you known her… Sometimes… Sometimes there is no Knight in shining armor, or if there is he’s up himself or a coward… It’s times like these when we … SOMETIMES I THINK WHAT IS THINKING? Sometimes Sometimes I see love / A juicy, red heart; / Sometimes—love, / Right from the start— / But there are times / Love needs tender / Cultivatin… Sometimes They’ll tell us / to look ahead to the future / but what if we’ve already got / two feet stuck in the past Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference … sometimes. / it feels as if they’re the same thing / just wearing different clothes / I find myself lost / lost in the past / the kno… Only sometimes Sometimes I feel lonely / Sometimes I need my space / Sometimes nothing happens / Sometimes I have too much to face. / Sometimes we feel e…
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