Say Something Sexy Stirring surmounting sensations There’s just something…. Dedicated to those who make “Just Something” into “Something Special”. You truly are amazing. Something Light She wore an electric blue silk negligee / for an invitation only performance / her bed wore crisp white cotton sheets / two fluffed and per… The madness of loving great walls of something i woke with my sheets drenched / from the lust of such fire / the sheer madness of desire / you ran through my skin all night / like whiske… The Second You Think You’re Something Speci… … you are. And.. Now For Something Completely Different̷… I’d like to introduce myself, I know most of you know me, though I thought that, since we don’t have a forum where we can get t… THE SOMETHING OF ITSELF….(part 2) Innocence / in its own moment / hears its own song THE SOMETHING OF ITSELF…..(Part 1) I am the Nothingness / of Everything I Wanted an Ocean View But all you seem to have given me is / A place to rest the night / I’d like to change my room Sir / I wonder if I might?.. SOMETHING HIGHER I’D LOVE TO BELIEVE / THIS MAYA WILL BE REPLACED / BY SOMETHING HIGHER! Something Special Somewhere in the heavens / on a plane ,bound to their new lives, / their anniversary dawned / not a word , no fuss / such was their way / t… Something Beautiful to Share. These are not my words. But they are beautiful words and I felt I should share them with you all. I cannot acknowledge the writer. Sadly I … eek. ow. hah! wait . . i think I heard something … Rd There’s something about you.. Actions may seem / derived, by dare to merely dream on day’s / to and fro; / appear mechanical / amidst the force of creative seed, /… Everyone Chooses Something… Because I believe we all struggle with our burdens, and we all need to be the change we most desire to see happening in the world, especial… 12-12-12 12-12-12 and I have writers block. I so wanted to write a masterpiece for this special day. As in previous years such as 11-11-11 and 10-1… Something For Certain Another of my top favourites. I just scribbled this down one day, but only when I came back to it months later did I realize just how true … THE SOMETHING OF ITSELF…..(Part 3-final) not such a small world / climbing / a blade of grass a fable of heaven and hell, or something like it she felt a scream bubble inside of her heart NECESSARY EVIL? something good something in red I’m looking for something in red, all sexy and see through coz I’m off my head. / Something quite daring and intimate too / Or, / Maybe … The Child Within some have been misused and abused / now seeking love ~ There’s Something About You ~ There’s something about you / that stirs me deep / drawing me to depths / where only passion speaks Mental Gymnastics: the thought patterns of a star… …here we start with the best. So may I present to you all, the unspeakable, the unmentionable, the bad apple, the black sheep, the di… Something Special for Stephanie Christmas shopping is already beginning . . . I thought I’d post this story because it contains a really good tip to keep in mind whe… Old leather jackets, cigarette smoke and somethin… The coffee is not strong enough, it never is. The waiters scoff at her order, and she suspects, never quite giver her what she’s asked for.… Something Nice George was at the fridge again. He stared hard at the bright interior but it wasn’t there. Something Must Be Burning Earlier this morning I’d agreed that we didn’t need to leave. Now that a second helicopter has arrived I have changed my mind. / ‘Brendan, … Something new Life is / Just / Is / Always / Something new Yellow Love Story She was boring. / Why not stay in bed this morning? Her blond hair on the yellow pillow. The ceiling had a pale white color. Maybe she migh… I’m looking for something in fleece I’m looking for something in fleece / Something to put him off / Give me some peace / Or maybe flannelette / That would dampen his ar… Empty is something No music drowns it out / No conversation distracts it / No one heals it for now / At this point I doubt there is a now / If empty is someth… Something Wicked The wondrous age of twelve years old / Holds stories yet have not been told / Of places chanced upon in fright / Where evil lurked with all… Journey home to me, I will rise Been trapped in other people’s world / I got lost along the way Was It Something I Said? The coffee is still steaming in the cup, / when I wake and find you gone, / like that whisper of steam, / so easily you blow in and out /… making a little nothing out of something okay I just got here / big big bag of stuff / sprinkle of fairy dust / and here’s another bag of just regular airy dust / no only ta… I believe in Miracles 155 stood like Jesus, standing on the water / 155 still alive. / I’m still here. / Touch my life in so many ways. Story snippet:A Fragment – of romance or so… Dusk, and the evening twilight-colours stain the sky like red wine on a soft white carpet that feels so wonderfully soft under your bare fe… Something happened to my Wednesday Everyone knows. The end of the world, or something like it It’s cloudy, and windy, like too cloudy and windy for a day in June. It’s supposed to be warm and it’s not really warm a… free fall . . . soft landing I stepped on a crack / And broke the frozen back / Of a reality that was dying anyway / And fell through the lattice of this world. Something to Ponder once the veil is lifted and all are able to see / some will still be sightless for they are not capable to conceive Nothing to Something How long do we leave the fridge door open letting out the cold air? Can I Tell You Something… I’ve been waiting for a whisper / One that opens me to wonder / Takes my breathe / Makes me tremble / A whisper I do not question / Soft w… scent of something the skyline dominates my view / at this point. / your distant arm waves / at that remote outpost / to which i sent you. / all the while the… a love overdose…..there`s something in our … a dreaming kamikaze the heart has learnt it lesson times 2 / pulse now undefined love leaks out from beneath the skin / ceaseless remorse t… SOMETHING Something / both far beyond / and deep within / something / sweet and tender / and dangerous / in the darkness / it takes us to… / i… Someplace or something warm. Colour-blind and balanced, capsized and immersed, a bridge that’s a seething landscape. / Titan for a Tuesday, dry as a bone wrist or a Dol… Why do old men catalogue young 20 something nude … perhaps a more artistic mind could find joy pleasure and beauty in something else from the myriad of beauty things seen in the true artisti… Something to know. search engine, Google, Popular works If you want something you’ve never had̷… “If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” / author unknown / Last yr I bravely st… something from the past that still lingers in my … smooth tight pull / ecstasy in divine thrusts / we both want it bad / makin’ it happen / this will last years / in my mind / quiet mo… Dying, or something like it. I’m tired of these slow moving hills / Coughs and splutters on the road home Moments (Something so wonderful) Moments: Something so wonderful / BY: Sarah Ann Roop / a poem written by my love my soul mate my everything Something to Share with You All I CAN HAVE ICE CREAM TODAY!!!!!!!!!! Something to Believe In Is superstition a spiritual confusion, / or is spirituality a confusing superstition? / Do intelligent beings believe primitive delusions, … Something In The Weather-Chapters 19-22 Chapter 19 / The Police Chief got a call as soon as he had arrived at his office. He picked up the phone to see who would be disturbing hi… Something you should know tattoos, piercings, hair dye .. / all the things that bring brightness / and beguilement to your plumage I will make it.. gave you my time / which can’t be taken back You Have Something (Really Good) To Offer The Wor… … your appreciation. yippee i have sold something how excited i am to have just recieved an email saying i have sold my first item… what a thrill it is. a big massive thank to my si… something about him there was something about him / i’m not sure what / when i looked at him / from cold i turned hot / his features were not perfect / j… Something Profane about Jet Propulsion How big is a Boeing 777 anyway? / I have extended my stay / It’s torturous tunneling time / I long for descent as soon as we climb / … That Something Something in your eyes / Something in your voice / Something in your arms The “link”. Am I MISSING something? I… Therefore, I do not understand how the establishment of Dutchlink is facilitating the information flow between all these organisations an… False faces and lies you open your mouth and spread lies, / you wear a mask to hind One little bird has something to say. The tree is cut – no place to be. / I share pain of loss with thee. When something feels so good it’s Wrong Look at you / All straight and tidy and focused / Where’s that filthy grit / That dirty desire Definition’s. what a thin disguise our skins are / for the implosive endlessness / of an eternal soul. Sweet Something Sweet something / A secret wonder / Makes my heart sing / Keep me from sinking under / Shows me the way / So I don’t get lost / See y… There Was Something Special About Her There was something so magical in the sparkle of her brown eyes, / Even the expressive emotion of her smile told me she spoke with no lies.… in dreams we find something…awake we find t… once there was a boy, / who met the perfect girl, / she showed him a love, / like a perfect pearl, / and when he was sure, / love was his d… Something to think about burdens of life: / 1 * Accept that some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue / 2 * Always keep your words so… something playful soft, gentle, letting bodies mold together Something Worth Reading: SHAY’S BASEBALL GA… Shay struggled over to the team’s bench and, with a broad smile, put on a team shirt. I watched with a small tear in my eye and warmt… something dies something dies / by karin taylor © / …as I picked the rose / I was stung… / not only by the rose’s beauty / …a… Something About A Sunny Day Something about a sunny day / That makes me want to step-out, / Lather myself with rays, / Rump about—a complete spectacle— / Hoping some b… No Title Naked people. Somewhat. Beautiful, To me, You’re something new Apple of my eye / Organic garden girl / Sing to me the sunshine that / you shine upon your world / Heavy with a history of / life carried… Something about nothing Orchestrating a minor mental retreat / Nothing turned up unannounced to distract me On the fringe of something…. I am living on the fringe / Not because I choose / But it’s where I’ve been placed / Looking in / But looking out / Wanting somehow / To kn… Something to Prove Marksman #2: What are you? / Dorian Gray: I’m complicated. / - From League of Extraordinary Gentleman / Beneath my skin / I breathe… You mean something more than what you know just like the oceans motion / so sweet your depth devotion / and i crave / only ever loosing hope just once / the birds may sing / they b… Something Larger Than Myself I dream of directing the pulse of humanity, / Rather than merely being / Just another human / Plagued with sanity. / This fishbowl suffo… When You Lose Something You Can’t Replace I woke, / jarred awake by a thrumming sound, / a busy buzzing of machines and voices, / of shuffling feet, / and murmured words… / S… I Know Something… … ‘I don’t know.’ / ;D Masked Marauder Cathy’s mind flashed back to the masquerade party a few months ago. She strained to remember the drunken fling in the coat closet wit… Something One song with my photos / Miski/Something Something Always Happens Sometimes I am happy to have been able to live this far, / Then I get lonely for the love I lost and drive around in my car. / When the tea… Why I Don’t Write At Three-Something AM, Af… It’s 3:17 AM, and I’ve just come in from a Me and My Monkey (Beatles Tribute) gig at some dive called Stumpy’s. My phras… Contemplate This A riot of souls, / Marching against the greater evil. / The sounds of the innocent crying… Something bigger than the world. The waxing gibbous moon bathed the warm December evening in silver pearlescent light. There was not a single cloud in the sky, just a blan… Something More You loved me as I am, you offered me your hand, you asked for nothing in return but a friend / You encouraged me, opened my eyes to see, yo… “typical me, typical me, typical me I’… sudden urge to explode words something experimental his lettering was second to none. Something about peering into a person’s soul 2010-01-02 / Lover and monster. / My desire to read the soul. / What words exist within the frame I see before me? / I would rip you open i…
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