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This is a poem every one thinks about but few are brave enough to write.

Five Years

Five years ten days ago / you were on your way home from war when your Chinnok Helicopter was shot down.

Necessary Leave

The train wheezed and creaked to a halt. Michael stood and moved along with the others to the platform. Men surged towards the gate, and he…


I’ve been feeling a little melancholy and retrospective of late. / FYI / (RSL = Returned Serviceman’s League) / non sexist !! /…

Lace Tattoo

More I should say more but the paint is drying me a different hue….

On Childhood

When does boyhood finish / And an adult life begin? / Some seem to think it happens / When he finally “gets it in”

One Soldier Remembers

Times have changed / And honor is given / Where once was shame / Throughout public domain / A young man sought / For a way to survive / The…

A soldiers prayer ….

tell them we will meet again on earth or up on high / and assure them that our last goodbye never meant goodbye

Yellow Heart

so / cheerful from the inside out / grew from a song of yellow bird

A Soldier’s Story…

When you look into a mother’s eyes_ you see her tears as she cries. / Her child is gone to a foreign land_ duty called to take a stan…

A Soldier of Christ

to RESURRECT this world in the palettes of LIGHT!!

Wasted Lives

Like many before him, / and many more will follow,

the chosen few …

move on the call / no time to think / forward they move / with eyes that never blink / all sides covered / in harmonious tack / each player…

When Will it End

Can you hear the song of the guns / They serenade so loudly / As to be playing for the sun

Michael….. The Boy, The Man, The Soldier…..…

This pain: neverending, everlasting, never apart, / How I want to rip it from within my lonely heart. / Will someone ever know what it feel…

Waking Up Emma

For breakfast she takes lithium with apple jacks, and I am always hoping that the shape of her mind will change into smoother places

He’s a Soldier Now

We used to sit / And talk for hours / We used to run / Through the April showers / We used to build / Sand castles and towers / But he̵…


Drinking hot water from a dirty canteen……. / I’ld carry the best weapon in my mind there’s no doubt……&#…

Lest We Forget

The footsteps of a silent procession / Marching through unlit streets / Making its way in the annual pilgrimage / To a place of importance …

‘Silent Soldier’ Chapter One

I keep thinking that this has all been a dream… a misguided, alternative reality that has played out for the last forty years, and I will w…

The Heart in the Machine.

His mind hard as a diamond / a killing machine with no flaws. / If the rich men said you had to go / he’d kill you for the caus…

I knew you

Just one of many men of war / You continue in a way that’s / Almost ironed / You walk amongst the dying / Unconcerned / That earth w…

A Christmas Letter From A Soldier

Novembe12, 1968 / Dear Family, / Christmas is just around the corner and I hope I get to see the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. I…


TIME MARCHES ON, / minutes fade into obscurity, / there’s no going back,

My uncle was a soldier

So when I’m at my knees, / facing your name carved in stone, / Know that I respect you for lasting so long.

A soldier

we remember the dead, we honour them, / the living wounded walk among us, invisible

Silent Soldier- Chapter Two

In a little town about a half hour to the west from my home, lay my ‘test’; it was a farming community, with a co-op, a grade school, two c…


Soldier / What will be your spoils of war?

Regimented Soldier

You have sat with a dying soldier. / All you can give is the comfort your prescence and words give. / But later how do you feel when you kn…

My Father’s Flag

Neatly folded into a triangle / wrapped in a plastic bag / sitting on the top shelf / of my spare bedroom closet / is the flag that once / …

Camouflage and Children

You scoop me up / I am 8 years old / School Uniform / Throw me down in a heap / Away from the bomb / Tossed behind the rubble / Where a Ch…

A Wifes Teardrop to Her Husband

I symbolize how much you’re missed, / and how many prayers have been said

Semper Fi

Do you fear me because I do not look like you? / Do you hate me as I don’t believe as you do? / Should I assimilate, if so, with who? / Are…

Licking off Personal History

and now I am able to tame myself as an animal, licking off personal history, unable to lick the flaws off the skin, once flesh has been pri…

The Soldier

He dwindles past silence / Angry with each step / A fool of a fool / Most likely to be lost / Weeks in tents / Comfort of men / Solemn brot…


Huddled down tightly, scared to the bone / Wishing that I, was out all alone / Many dead bodies, washed in with the foam / Our friends – th…

10 000 Tears

In a land far away / A soldier lay’s down / Flags at half mast, / And for a mother / 10 000 tears….

The Boy Soldier

He remembered when he wore his grandfather’s hat in the Anzac March. It must have been about 20 years ago now. He decided then that he wou…


He walked forth in honor / Spoke of fear aloud / Held his wife’s picture / Always was he proud / Sent off to battle / A horrendous an…


I saw her face today. / I looked deep into her eyes. / The distance they purveyed. / Her age they did belie. / And it’s no surprise. / For …

Silent Soldier- Chapter Three

It seemed that the bikers had been screwed with first here; / Not really too surprising. The whole group was started as a biker club; a bun…


Afternoon sun light bright up on your monsoon running around. / Oh your right shoe waiting for its left to come back home. / With your vel…

Such Is The Way

A blade stabbed deep into the snow, / Near vanquished hero’s hand, His foe / absent of life’s tender glow: / Such is the way I love.

Roman Souls

All the souls of crumbled pages / Followed kings and murdered queens / Dripping fear across the ages


She loved his laughter / But it was a guise / She knew it the moment / She looked in his eyes / There were times she saw him / Sit on a cha…

A Soldiers Angel

Be there when he is lonely, / or needs some inner-strength. / Tell him that our love for him, / is unbound by any length.



The soldier

He will fight and trudge on for his peoples’ defense, / in his battle for just there will be no relent.


sadness and regret / fall / like dirty grey / snow upon the stiffening / corpse

Remember Where We Stand

Remember where we stand / In the front line of victory / Defeat drenched by…

Curious Toy Soldier

There was a toy soldier / who took himself apart. / He got a little curious, / so he took himself apart.

END- C 1968,1975, By Dennis L. Knecht

“still the Weapon is Complete”


Play little soldier boy / The day is passing by so very fast / Mama’s calling to you / The game is fun you just wish it could last


I soon realized I was not fighting for the right side. No government, no law, no amount of money could convince me this was a bad decision.

My first Calendar

I have created my first calendar using some of my US Civil War reenactment photographs. These images were taken of reenactments in Washing…

Blank Stares

A voice pleads for me not to shoot / But I have been well trained.

Thoughts of Sun & Soldier

Fields in silver darkness, early morning / All asleep, even crickets in peace yawning…

My Little Soldier.

The monster from your dreams / Just as real as he seems / My little soldier, this isn’t fair / The way you live your worst nightmare.

Silent Soldier- Part 2 of Entire Piece

I knew that I couldn’t out run her up the hill, so, I just stood there. Something told me not to be afraid. She got up to about 5 fee…

Soldier of Grace

A little boy is sitting on the ground, / abandoned and alone. / And as the shots ring out, / he hears a different tone.


“Is there anything else I can do for ya darlin?” he almost pleads. / “I’d let you buy me a drink…” I te…

Broken Promises….A Reason For Peace

He was talking / before he was walking, / greeting each day with a smile on his face. / Burning daylight, in his engine of play. / Forever…

A Soldier

The air is cold and damp / As his steps meld through the grass; / The moon shine is his lamp, / A brother’s blood and gunpowder, his …

What Made Him A Soldier

A weapon on his shoulders as he marched, / Uniform pressed and so neat and starched. / Trained to fight and defend his mother land, / With …


The heat lashed out in great grey spasms of rage; the sun, a grotesque parody, flickered with a dull malevolence as it darted behind the co…

Soldier of Morpheus

Where are the auld folks, I knew longago / When a was a laddie, in forty twa / Auld Jimmy, Auld Hughie,Peter and Paul / There all away now,…

Message to a Soldier

Are you going to fight, / For the cause? / If you are, / Then don’t slow down, / Do not pause! / March on soldier, / To fight the good…

For You…

you can’t plead guilty to suicide / my love…

Silent Soldier- Chapter Five

Krystal was her ‘dancing’ name: and it really did suit her- her eyes were angelic. When I first met her, ‘Cheryl’, I was 13, and visiting m…


She is but a shadow! / A shadow of what used to be, / A soldier of valor. / She has lost her crown, / For a few, / Remaining, / Behind the …

Here We Stand, Brothers In Arms

Brothers in arms, warrior-kin; / Pen scratch, steel screech, gun’s booming din.

Mindless Soldier

Friend, you have no heart, no imagination / You’re just another mindless soldier

Tribute to the Fallen Soldier

A little hand clutching mine / He looked so grown up / Face filed with pain / As we payed homage / To the man they called hero / He called …

Homefire Cheerfully Burn

will I see the warmth there / will I see the smiles / will the arms envelop me / safe home across the miles

The Deceased

No discrimination, / Just a sniper’s penetration,

My Little Man

A little man he was, he was, / A battered little man he was. / He didn’t really stand tall, oh no / He barely really stood at all. / …

One more Battle

One more cross / One more casket / One more tear

The Aftermath of War.

war it sucks

Love is our actions ,not our words

She wanted to travel to Africa to help the people / She is full of peaceful thoughts and peaceful heart / All her 18 years have been such l…

Man Made

My brother shot a woman / three times through / her baby’s bedsheets / while she was hanging / them out to dry.

Private Limbless Soldier.

Breaking legs at fields on slaughter / Bellies full of bombs making new laughter.

Silent Soldier- Chapter Four

Harry had come back; I saw his car at the office as I walked across the park. Getting to the door, I stopped and knocked- then, went inside…

The Soldier – A True Story

Now Mick was married and had a couple of kids so each weekend, he would go home to see his family…………..

The Soldier

When did they amputate the gangrene from us? from the arm of the country? from the heart of the world? I am on a ledge ready to jump from…

The Bronze Star

The old vet smiles and pours another round / Of cold and frosty brew. / If these old walls could talk, / The stories would be crazy, he kne…

Soldiers Above

A poem dedicated to the brave fallen soldiers who have dedicated their lives to our freedom. This poem has been read at many military funer…

Ghost Of the Vietnam Memorial

I can see you standing there, / Looking as you do not care / And what about you do no know, / As your feelings inside grow / I see the wond…

i’m not just a soldier

i am His slave to use as He sees fit / to break and bruise me / if it is better for the Kingdom / i will battle for you / to do service for…

A Soldier Died Today

The freedom of the wind resting on my smiling face, / The warmth of the glowing sun with dignity and grace. / My eyes shawdowed by the bran…

Soldier Boy

But what if I was to die without him hear? How would he cope? Would he even be allowed to leave the war to come home for the rest?

The toy soldier

It seems dawn will not be / He appears from drizzle walking quick / this deserted morning / Going quick as someone who knows perfectly well…

Voice Of a Soldier

I don’t want my teen age queen, / Just give me my rifle M16, / If I die in a battle zone, / Box me up and send me home / Put my rifle…


Everyday a voice rises demanding / we bow down and worship the soldier. / His uniform makes his cause just / and his guns makes him …



War Machine


‘Beginnings’ End’

I sat upon a simple stone bench in the garden of change, watching as Death stepped in to close the distance; wrapping his arms about Life&#…
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