Soft on my lips

Season my life with Salt from the sea / add coconut cream and Thai curry leaf / the colours and warmth of spices abroad / the limes and the…

Snapshot of a Dad

‘Why did you do that?’ he shouted. ‘You promised you would stop and yet you keep on doing it!’ / ‘No, I, don’t!’ she said with as muc…

soft heeled voyeur

anticipating a fire girls needs / is a futuristic woman forward / jihad

Tenderly Is Love’s Soft Caress

An Infant Born / Held To Mothers / Breast, She Strokes / His Cheek Tenderly / In Soft Caress


I will never understand these people who are full of euphemisms and afraid of their own desires. / At a certain point in life, having sex i…

Love From a Leper

It manifests, / deep within the vulnerable parts. / And pollutes, / what once was pure. / Think the black plague, / in Europe. / Think Ba…

Skin so Soft

Skin so soft , hair flows freely. / Hard ropy muscle that ripple from left to right when the body is in motion. / Harsh, brash and crude,…


silent rock

Soft Promise

Your head is resting on my hip / You smile into my eyes / I lace my fingers through your hair / and slowly part my thighs.. / Tonight we cu…

Into soft spaces stumbles my heart

you came to me / quietly / like the soft strain / of violins / woodsy / moody / gentle / strangely solemn / saxophone sexual / on a strip…

Soft illumination ©

Soft illumination © / By: Hector A. Encinas

Soft Are The Kisses

Fingers of arousal / twist in graying hair / Urging downward / to a treasure soft and bare. / Nostrils aflame / intoxicated with musk / dr…

soft brown kites

today i will make a kite, / like we used to… / i will forage falkland’s brush-laden crest for bamboo / to find that shade of wo…

Dreaming in the mist

As they wandered along through the fog they dreamed of a time when life was fun, before their Father went away

~ Soft the Dawn ~

And shall we watch the dawning never wanting the day light come

free fall . . . soft landing

I stepped on a crack / And broke the frozen back / Of a reality that was dying anyway / And fell through the lattice of this world.

Butter Yellow

I softly fall into your soul…

once upon a sunlit path…

faintest breeze, / inflating creativity

Rain Dance

The tapping, wet rhythm / Of Nature’s first music / Each crystal drop is a dancer / Performing soft shoe on the / awnings

Almond Eyes

The door to your soul / as they find focus / beautiful brown / some gorgeous green / sky blue bright / and then almost back / to simple /…

How soft I was…

Unreal, my skin… / My burning hands / I feel my tummy / My hair, my body / I feel my breasts / Unreal, my skin… / As if my skin / Is differ…

soft surfaces

when the shadows lifted, / i could see where you were, / and where you had been; / light was always your friend. / the softest of soft touc…

Diffused Glow & Soft Focus

Add richness and soften distractions while maintaining details with this quick technique.

soft sheets

wrapped in the soft sheets / as rain stripped the window of grime, / grime of years accumulated, / wasted time and wasted lives / no longer…

My Heart

You were drunk when I slipped my heart in to your pocket, / I should have realised you would not remember it there. / …I will not try t…

Morning Kiss

Oh, to taste the waking kiss of beauty

with soft hands, and with heavy heart.

it was late / the things to be said, and meant / had been said. / the streets were alive, / tv’s flickered in rows / behind shop glass. / h…


His voice is definitely gruff / There are times / People think he’s tough / I don’t think people know / Why I love him so much …

Sundae Morning


Passions Desires Of Soft Cotton Sheet

Love Passion Touching Desire Morning In Soft Cotton Sheet

A Woman…

Calls You, Touch Me / As Softest Petal, / A Flower Adorned… / Yes, Yours… / A Woman…….

~ Soft the Water Flows ~

Where do these paths I take lead me / through bends and bush and plain

Soft Breezes

Like a soft breeze you breezed through my life / softly laying my feelings at ease

Soft Eyes

Soft eyes / compromise / the evidence / the competence / of what leaves me, / can’t you see? / the moment slips / my head dips / into the d…

Where can you find my original artwork?

I have a shop at Etsy… where I sell my fiber artworks. Please stop in!

Everybody needs beauty.

What means the word Beauty ? / It is a feature of a person, of a landscape, of an artistic work. / Beauty is synonymous with harmony, majes…

Soft Spot

I have always / stood like / a sentinel / before you.

~ lost when her magic is gone ~

She will beg you follow along / lulled by her beauty you’ll go with her / How beautiful how seductive how tantalizing & mesmerizing


Eyes closed / feel the room spin / you / perfectly still / quiet / soft edged / pain bubbles just under your skin


as I wrap my arms behind you, coil my leg between yours, / and suck all words from your lips with a desire / beyond mere lust, but surviv…

Soft Bubbles

The Bubbles are soft / where I fall / I call them my friends


Valenine’s Calendar

the spiky peach

get too close, turn that way, and you might get stung

Through A Window

The places I’ve been, / The things that I’ve done / The times I have seen, / The laughter, the fun. / People I’ve known, …


of the brush of his lips. his soft, determined lips. parting mine, melting my soul.


Your flesh as deep as oceans like moonlight on the snow / Your breath as soft as fires on the waters far below / You wear your fate like hi…


Glorious sun that sinks beyond the rooftops / Another precious day in grand retreat / Night clothe me like a bird in feathers soft / Let me…

By your side

The rain is falling soft outside / I want to be there,by your side / You’re in my thoughts,I miss you so / You’re in my heart,p…

she snickers behind his back.

soft / pliable / like she could be / could be when she wanted to be / squeezed when she wanted to be squeezed


A thrill to kiss / we cease to exist / Moments of time / passing us by

a weary man is loved.

If light becomes our / Distance / Then I shall dance / Aglow / Until you are / The other side of my / Twirl / If darkness is my / Withou…


all sparkling monochrome delight

~ The Hint of a Scent ~

Feel it with the fine hair of the tip of your nose

the soft touch

I dreamt of you again / And woke feeling certain you were there, / Close by. / And there were no shadows this time, / Just clear air that …

Dissipate the Soft Laughter. ©

Dissipate the Soft Laughter. © / BY: Hector A. Encinas

soft etchings

soft etchings on the canvas / a rose beyond compare / held in the hand / of a woman so fair / eyes of an angel / body of a goddess / wistfu…

Evening Gown

Draping down / Slightly clinging / To the skin / Bright and happy / Soft and fleeting / To the touch / Light and lifting / In the breeze …

Soft and Mellow Leaves

The sun was warm, every cloud had a luminous silver lining, the leaves had just turned to that soft, crisp and mellow color I would grow to…

Bright shining star

From out in the distance / Your heart called my name / My heart from then on / Has not been the same / Your strong loving touch / So deep …

Redbubble Walk

Hope to do it again sometime soon.

soft as a feather

soft as a feather / falling from the sky / we had a love so sweet / just you and i / along came the villian / who tore my feather away / n…

soft creatures

the soft creatures come and / lift me in their arms, / without the walls of the poisonous world / sleep is sound. / dandelions explode and …

The Flame

it’s curved spherical body / glowing and rising up higher

Maths, Science, Just Plain Chemistry

Magic shared / with only one / wants and needs / a desire strong / equally met / sensation stimulus / subliminal kinesis

First Snow

“Though I cannot remember where I was / or what I was thinking / I drift to moments of before.”



the lover

*THE LOVER / he’d gone to much trouble, setting the ambiance by stocking his wares, fresh linens, nibbles to delight, safety, comfort, bath…


You are my little filled with love to give / Kasey, such a precious make life fun to live / We were on a picnic..…

soft visionary

in thin greys, the wet veil / obscures and makes mysterious, / haunts the weakened front, / that covers us. / late season, quiet, / bluebel…

Reem Stream >>>>>……

Thinking of Reem ….River !

Joys of a Baby

Soft and Cuddly, / Smooth and Cute. / Babies bring such joy, / To everyone whos around. / That first smile, / Her first attempt at crawling…


soft, / this cheek and lover’s breath, / this hand and innocent beguile, / tender, / the love of beginnings, / the surrender of taint…


your downy hands, / and me with nowhere to go, / drifting like a dandelion, / smuggled into the breeze. / the old town lights beckon / and …


“If I were to wait for you…”


I am asleep .. AWAKEN ME / In a bad dream..can’t you see / No color .. all black / Afraid ..I can’t get back / I want to wake u…

A Soft Voice Whispers

The eyes mirror the thoughts, reflections, glancing memories.


I wonder what it looks like, / this forest that is too far in the distance / to distinguish the shape leaf or / number of trees. I wonder …

Soft Lady Land


Soft you spoke to me

Soft you spoke to me / You lantern of the night / That guided all my shyness / To your land of pure delight / You let your dress fall o…

My art, My designs are….

Touch somebody’s Life

Watching her…..

her body writhing , spontaneity taking over, / she cant think, her focus so hard on His eyes / whimpering, thrusting, her body rooting …

Beauty Together Was Featured

All Soft and Cuddlies Featured my Beauty Together. Thank you so much Soft and Cuddlies very much appreciate it!

Heart Soft Angelic Note

It Sings to You / In Symphony / And Harmony / And Angelic Note… / It Flys So High / At Times I Fear… / Feet Never, Touching …

soft futures

looking at the lines / how they flex and move, / how the ends, and beginnings are redefined, / as graceful as a swan we move in time. / sle…

a soft touch with a fragile soul

I have a soft touch / but also a fragile soul / it gets easily damaged / so, I re-arrange / my insides / with my outside / and my top / wit…

digging graves

there was a stench that was putrid….

Soft Snow “Cinquain”

Soft Snow / Gently Falling / Like Glistening Diamonds / Illuminating The Dark Woods / Calms Me

Soft Spoken

Return to the roots / which sprouted our souls / to blossom / behold / we grow to be whole / Like merry go rounds and / elliptical planes w…



Rain soft kisses

Be gentle with thine own defences


Your room is mine too, / and a cave of scents and softness, / lamb bleating like a baby, / in my hollow ribs, in my gentle breast.

Soft Skills

There are soft skills / Exercised between us / Kind tools in willing hands

On the shelf

Old barn, / soft light, / dusty air, / last year’s crop.

“A Soft Whisper I Hear”

“For the times of your waiting, shall be dismissed by a kiss”

One More Day

The sky was almost mute and empty, as if a Hawk were coming in for a kill – silent as a soft breeze. / Trees with beautiful flowers,…

A Trip To The Guide Falls

a very easy short stroll up the wide gravel walkway from the lower carpark
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