Mother's Love by Mundy Hackett Product of Society by new1Dmerch Grimmijow jeagerjaques by GHelenS Zissou Society Junior Member by JohnMcKeever Peace Love Rescue by HelloSteffy Bleach - Ichigo Mugetsu by GHelenS Entwine by Joe Kimble Neliel Espada by GHelenS Life , you have killed me by Riko2us Puppy Love by Beverly Lussier Keep Calm And Love Dogs by HelloSteffy I Love My Pound Puppy   by PopCultFanatics LISTENING IS AN ACT OF LOVE by Yago I love Fish by anjafreak S.P.E.W. by babibell LOVE - LIFE by GUS3141592 MUTT NATION by Yago COMPASSION by Yago Keep Calm And Love Hardell by StayFoolish Instrvmen by Joe Kimble Hold Me, Love Me by Bunny Clarke Turmoil by strawberries Toronto Citizen by DenizenTO Say yes by MarkSeb Moth Equals by Joe Kimble Waking up inside by Mark.I.F. Jarvis WARPATH by Joe Kimble Playa Piano by Joe Kimble Boîtes à joujoux 01 by Ina Mar Condiments for Conversation (soy sauce 1) by dosankodebbie Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law by djhypnotixx Junk DNA by Joe Kimble Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law SMALL TYPE by djhypnotixx Creature Beater by Joe Kimble Slight  by Joe Kimble Kiss from the sun by Mark.I.F. Jarvis Attraction by Joe Kimble Taxation Is Theft by Dooda Creations Joyous Need by Carla Wick/Jandelle Petters It's All Good by threetails At the Circus Funny thing about glass slippers these days – / they’re always two sizes two small, / unless they’re half a size too big. / In either case … Words can’t Feel Emotion The emotions are one / They come from within / Past our skin we’re one My French Crush by Joe Kimble Sailing Without Destination in a Parallel World by Ina Mar Critical Spirit by Joe Kimble Neutrino   by Joe Kimble Louis Baton by Joe Kimble Golden Cell   by Joe Kimble Mutual Love Society by Sassafras romany tea society by littleumbrella How To Say I Love You Without Ever Really Meaning It by Altered Home of the Free by oneshadeofgrey functionalism 24 It is in the dawn of innocent l… NSFW Drop The Brass by Joe Kimble 11.11.11 by Anthea  Slade The Mattie Cancer Fund 1 by Samitha Hess Autism by BrightDesign Family (the Tribe) Family should be trust. If the tribe has trust they are successful. They can thrive. Trust is the license for love, and love is the voice o… Standing proud for our love by Mark.I.F. Jarvis Earth is Our Home! by fionfairyland Letter from Limbo I will not be fodder for relentless gears that crush romance, / deny the soul, / mock that which should be, if not is. The Last Kiss Her hair danced across her face from another zephyr zipping by, her lips curving into the slightest smile, microscopic if you hadn’t … love birds and majestic landscape 3 by Adam Asar Wolf Hoodie by kimduran LORE by Joe Kimble Bleak When all is white, / It is then black / Where’s the red? / Where’s the green? / Where’s the color? / In between / All… Volcanic Lady Of The Elements by Caroline Munday I love the mind of Bill Hicks Banality mediocrity superficiality Don't Judge Yourself Through Someone Else's Eyes by Elly Hartley Domestic USA by Joe Kimble Mad Hatters Society  by EndersBean Collateral It is true these times are worth it / Looking to what is realized for success / Setting goals very high in hopes and renditions / Passions … CARE by Yago Society is a lie Don’t hate yourself for someone else’s pleasure. Empty wine glass on decorated restaurant table by Anton Oparin On porn… NSFW MUTT NATION by Yago Integrate by uriRenato Take Flight Just beyond the cumulus, / Behind the sonic boom. / Refreshing sight indeed, / Eyes gleefully consume. Surround Sound Music casts a soft lullaby, / Children dance round and round. / Dogs running back and forth, / Placing frisbee’s to the ground. The Watch House The pain of watching this world, / something once so beautiful and pure. / To see it become so venal. The Poet of Colours Oh the poet / Who walks hand in hand / With bliss, eternity and purity Emotion: Staccato Falling / Falling / Into / Your arms / I’m falling God is Love is Rock’n Roll A language not yet ready / Like talking of God / as if I talk of a Friend Diamondlight by Joe Kimble smile by executedweekly The Trend-Setter Past memories now just itch, / And we only talk in code. Animal Rescuer by HelloSteffy Terrorists Treat / Everyone / Respectfully, / Realise / Our / Rapture / Is / Something / To / Share LISTENING IS AN ACT OF LOVE by Yago Entwine by Joe Kimble After-glow I fight the notions / Invoking a sense / Of dismay / To this surreality Lets Just Be Friends – For L***a (the beautiful) For everything / I have ev’r known / In my heart Older Guy in the Kid’s Bar Only 18 / I, middle ageing / Befriended the defriended / Lusting sensual independence Shasta -   .. !.. by MardiGCalero Sun for my Love In the Golden Sun / I bask / My skin upon the Sun I lay
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