Jersey girl Jersey girl… / your fingertips hug that cig so well / caressing it with attitude / You own it / just like you own yourself / free to … “Dank sadness smoking dead wood” he a… I will kiss the hand of the restless soul Why Smoking is “Good” for you? 1. You never get lung infection, because it is never diagnosed in time. Since, you are coughing most of the time due to smoke inhalation, y… Up in smoke A global capital of heroin and speed / help repress the nations need / injections of a harsh reality / a nation stripped of all morality SOLD MY 8TH PICTURE! now i’m up to 8 photos sold, and 3 calendars! thanks for the support everybody! Smoking outside I could almost feel your lips / brush the back of my neck; / in this daydream, I’m aching. / So I had to reach back / each rough spir… tree Sitting next to a royal purple smoke tree / I smoke my pipe and let my soul be free / I let the wind blow by / Watch the clouds drift in th… awaiting your ghost sitting here with a brandy / blowing smoke rings / nonchalant / killing time A Smoker’s Lament I needed to lose a lover, / but couldn’t quite decide Quitter the sex wasn’t so bad … she even enjoyed it sometimes after he’d gone to sleep. smoking with god God lit up a stogie / at the break of day Thwarted Desire John looked longingly at the cylindrical white objects packed in bundles of 20 by cardboard and cellophane. Five Cigarettes Else these are my final moments. / I stand in the doorway. Everything is as it always is in the tomb of my memories. That existed when we… You are a pocketful of wonderful. Driving down the freeway, / driving with the windows down. / Being so happy, / holding a smile without a frown. / Up in the daytime, / keep… A Smoking Ship When there is a glimpse of escape called hope. I mean / Right as they are pinned down on the veterinary table / As the alien being swabs th… The Junkie Who Helped Me Quit Smoking I quit smoking in one night after one encounter with one guy. And I did it without the patches, the foul tasting gum or the over-eating-to… I take a drag i take a drag / hold it in / let the tar build in my lungs / exhale pollution in the air Darkroom (Smoking Section) what a waste of film, what a waste of time Smoking is no longer fun My greatest pleasure / is currently ruined MY SISTER RAE She was tall,blomde & beautiful Burn me They say he would have killed me… Tight White Bonds Teeshirt You like tequila better then scotch and vodka… the tattoo on the underside of your right forearm says I love you in french smoking eyes… the eyes smoking / with toxic / fire on me; I Just Need Three Days Locked Away I bummed a Marlboro red from a friend. Heavy and delightful, reminding me of the beginnings of this habit. In actuality, I started smoking … Kleenex Upon My Head, Part Two “It was a hellish year for me…..” Smoking Ban There once was a sad Indian, / Who blubbered like hell to his Gran… SHANNON IN THE SMOKING ROOM…NEVER ENDING MI… She is screaming at the top of her lungs, all sorts of insults and abuses, directed at me… The Passion of Smoking a Roll Up. Loving its glowing emberd orange tip. Smoking Gun Behind your back, veiled no one could tell. / The gun you carried was hidden so well. / You didn’t have to draw it to rob me blind. /… Smoking Hot Smokin’ Hot / Wants alot / Gets more / Knows the score / Gets attention / But no mention / Lots of lies / Love dies / Next in line / … The Cowboy We had been sat there for nearly half an hour when Paul, without a hint of pretense, pulled a slim cigarette from his jacket pocket. Over t… The Day. Today everything feels pale dove grey, / like I am swimming in the womb, / or trapped underneath you. / My lungs are still fighting for air… I’m The Ex Its been a year or two or three / Since I gave up the smoke / And now its not that I light up / That causes me to choke / Tobacco stinks th… Quit Smoking beFore payDay Sirens seductively lament / The weight of sadness, heaven sent / Raging butterflies avoid coincidence / Brother son, sister moon / Eclipsi… The Mirror-ball of Desperation I walked into our local supermarket and saw something painfully familiar and sad, which caught my eye and reminded me of a version of me i… Nicotine Addiction. / An affliction? What A Explosive Combination The sign informs the patient who has been inject with the radioactive dye, that they are not allow travel buy Bus,train,plane,cruse ship fo… Smoking Dark A ponderous escape from a storming reality 6 o’clock’s hiding with only one day to live, night falls before you as you’ve fallen to love. the scripture of your footprint, it appears we’ve a… Feel Good Pass the temple, church everyday, / On the way to tavern where enjoyment lay. / Wake up with a head of burning fire, / Look up and stare di… Smoking my stress away My fingers are stained black. / I"ve been smoking my stress again. / Looking out to see this same view, / Talking to you my friend. Mindless Minion Is it really worth the risk / of breaking a promise with yourself / of busting your morals into pieces / to pull out another cigarette and… Marlboro 27 “I’m not drunk,” you say to no one. Your back is hunched over in an arch. You look like a bruised banana. “I am intoxicated,” you say. Stop Smoking. Fine go ahead Waste your life. / All for the goodness of a few puffs. Gotta match Still I write Midnight Cigarette Midnight on the outside / Cloud covered stars on moonlight / She stands, a sillhouette against the bricks / Peacefully smoking a midnight c… The Quitter “—my slow burning suicide”— Smoking (Mature) Tales of Mirth and Woe – Snuff Snuff – that’s ground-up tobacco that you then snort up your nose and sneeze like a bastard. smoking rats the haunting parody between pipes / playing a blues harp for your own ears / and lips eyes closed on the porch / like Abraham Lincoln getti… A Hit Tiny flecks of army green confetti, / wrapped in thin white paper. / Mini fireworks of amber heat / ignite the tip. / Chapped, rosebud lips… “SMOKING A SONG OF GUN POWDER” A raw nerve / Ending in the polystylistic machine / For the making of a beastlike brute / Engineered for pornographic beheadings / A twiste… 911 Dropped Call Mackenna Ask: / “OK, I am going to jump on my soap box for a moment… twice today, yes twice, I was driving in traffic and I hea… Take Five As a boy I was amazed / by the way jazz was meant to be played smoking “Two thirds of adolescents have tried tobacco by age 18, and high school students who say they smoke cigarettes regularly say they be… Scattered Thoughts and Smoking Twigs Love always fell short, wanting be not like the others / Broken tears fell in the rain not knowing why / From rags to riches, decades gone … Smoking You take a deep draw as smoking is cool / but you know that you are the fool Smoking meat. The Aussie BBQ My wife with some amusement, / also tried to share the load, / at my plan for a winter haven, / a home away from home. Just two. ‘How ironic,’ Sarah sighs, as she blows out the smoke. Man, I’m such a bad-ass. I’m such a bad- ass, I’m so cool. Shit, I hope I don’t see … The Weed There is a person living near, / who will not bend their head to heed the direst warnings of the Weed. / Who will not though they gasp and … Smoking Volcano Popocate, the smoking volcano Filters In this harsh world, you can’t roll your own relationships, there’s always going to be a filter. Smoking Volcano Smoking volcano Day 2 quit smoking, QUINN THE LARGE. Quinn, you fat bastard, / O’Brien exclaimed, / Give me a smoke. / Quinn, despite being / Twice the size of O’Brien, / Obliged. He remo… Smoking Smiles Smoking smiles, breathing woahs, this feeling goes all the way down to my toes, it starts at the head, and down it goes, into the ground an… SMOKING AND POINTLESSNESS. Smoking and pointlessness, / tea and coffee and waste, / useless apparitions, / consume all these past days, / and my bones seem, / locked … Nocturnal Conversation #1 You would like to die suffering? / Don’t you rather die in your sleep than choke to death? My Lovely Addiction Non-stop shaking / Random out-bursts of rage / Anxiety / I crave it all the… excerpt from The Travels of Rowan She took another long drink of scotch, pulling the glass up to eye level to admire the shimmering amber liquid swirling like molten gemston… … 5,4,3,2, …Ahhhh ! Macanudo Maduro, — drawing one in, / any morning in Spring, / the very thing, / Ignition, liftoff / …Ahhhh ! Chapter 9: Quitting Smoking quitting smoking Nicotine and Fiction Everyday / she avoids / reality – / indulging herself / in the pleasures of / nicotine and fiction Cigarettes I sighed / As i tore off the red plastic / Covering my new package / I lit yet another death stick, / And inhaled the poisons / That blacke… Anger Management in Melbourne – Hypnosis Works Gr… Though a complementary treatment, hypnosis has a solution to lot many illnesses especially those which require you to show great will power… Walking up Gloucester Way Walking up Gloucester Way, my breath swirls about my face………. Quit Smoking Hypnosis to Work on Subconscious Mind Smoking, gambling addiction, substance abuse and similar bad traits are found in millions of people. These bad habits not only affect the a…

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