We Had French Fries For Lunch ….. I put home made tomato sauce on mine. / When I put the bottle back on the table I noticed that a small drop had dripped onto the outside of… The Break Up Cross your heart, cut mine out. / Swear the heathen’s words, / Roll the tears right off your cheek, You and I I used to think you were funny. Now I find you annoying. I used to say, “You’re so sweet.” Now I feel that we’re in… The Healer “Cat. If you could talk eh? Daddies Not Coming Home A tear runs down her face. Daddies not coming home. He’s gone without a trace. Daddies little girl is now left alone. Video Games VS Real Life: Driving Speed: 190 on the turn / Devil daring, no concern… / Suddenly, he had to swerve. / Leaving tracks of rubber burned! You’re Killing Yourself All things must pass, / and you did pass away, / from the bright sun of Dallas town, / into the dying LA day. / Vague nightmares of abuse, … Paul Smith – Master Artist and Great Man Paul Smith – Master Artist and Great Man / 9/21/1921 – 6/25/2007 Details of the Co.lab: Words & Art exhibition… cleaning her bedroom / ahead of plans to repaint Reality Check It’s time for you to get a reality check! Your day will eventually come. Spreading like a disease, you infect. In the end, you’… Minutes To Midnight Review Ladies and gentleman, once again Phoenix, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson, have outdone themselv… Makeba Art Show 1/25/09 – 2/19/09 – E… Makeba Kedem-DuBose Art Exhibit When It All Ends I once knew a boy named Tony, he was a little boney, tried to put up a front that was phony,. Now this is his story. He was abused at home,… Alone I’m sitting here alone, waiting for the bus to take me home. Headphones plugged into my ears, sunglasses hide all my fears. I take a … Jim Thomson Smith He pushed on the gasometer with great gusto and force, for he was in a great hurry and wearing red shorts. / His auto machine was not fast … Dear Mr. Bush Every time I see you on the television, / More and more people in this country, / Really begin to hate you everyday. my column on fanzines Jim Steranko! Barry Smith! Dave Cockrum! These and many other artists, in their formative years, examined in my column, Ink Stains. It’s Not Me It’s You Am I doing what’s best for me? This is not how it’s supposed to be! Nothing’s good that I can see. I no longer feel free. The Last Battle of Crylonia – The Prophecy ‘And as a threat draws near / The words inscribed upon the alter of life shall strike fear / A king of a king’s son shall leave forever / B… Best Days Of My Life Throughout my days, I’ve never felt this way. In all my time, This is the prime. I’ve never felt better, then the day I got her. GENTLE, SHE WALKS IN VICTORY Gentle, she walks in victory / Of a kind heart and soul / Many words has she spoken / Stories unfold / Understanding the world around / The… Revolving Door Sometimes life can seem so meaningless, we fight for freedom which no longer exists, we work towards a life which will never be fulfilled, It’s Over A Distant dream, I once had. It felt so good, but it all went so bad! I thought it would last. Instead, Story Of Love Seems as Though the Gap in time brought us closer together. We lead different lives, different friends, different relationships, JOBY SMITH, SOUL SINGER JOBY SMITH beautiful girl who sings from her soul / Her voice so intense it will never grow old / Telling of sadness and the depths of des… THE HOWDY DOODY GANG Here’s the Gang in 1953 / I’m in the middle can you see me / We watched Howdy Doody everyday / Amazed at how much this puppet … The Tasting Deep crimson swirls around / Leaving soundless tears in its wake / Rich scents of plum, forest, earth / Give rise to the primal core / Ber… American Ignorance He’s too lazy to work. He stands on a busy intersection, holding a sign, Melissa She brings joy to all around. / Satisfying all my inner needs. / As long as she is here The Power Of The People The Power Of The People is back, / Hovering over the track, JIM SMITH © Jim’s old place really was a humpy, the house was falling down around his ears. The corrugated tin roof was brown with rust and the t… Taurus There is one truth I can’t deny / A truth I’ve seen within your eyes. / I’ve seen it naught but one place else, / In the deepness of the… Anna Nicole Smith …WHAT A LIFE. LOLLITA ANNA / BIG GIRLS DONT CRY / WHAT A MATCH / A TRIBUTE / WITH BRYAN FERRY SUPERB CLIP / PRETTY PICTURES / GLAMOURAMA / TOUGH EXECUTI… A Magical Trip to The Garden of Eden Tyrannosaurus Rex moves, shaking the ground…. Oh, God! What fate waits? …. raptors run through the clover…. they smell … ELLIOT AND ME disconnect my head E Man Tribute (pt. 1) here in Angeles / I’m just the same, / a needle in the hay / lost to miss misery / with no name. / My speed trial / in search of Ami… The Last Battle of Crylonia – Chapter 1 – T… “Tell me do you feel sorry and regretful for what you have done?” asked Segmath to Alex. Alex merely peered up with a dark look on his face… Waging Wars behind Wood Desks Write for me a story, O mighty fountain pen, / Of tales of myths and legends, Of War’s infernal din. / Write with me a poem, pen, a confes… An Eye For an Eye Two lovers, walk hand in hand / down an old country road. / And walking past the endless farmland / they share eachother’s load. / An… One Nation Under God While under God: / He gave us strength / … Our ways were blessed. / Our fields were full. / … But that was then. / And this is … Hope’s Mantra She, singing with the doves, felt God’s almighty love from above. / Harm did still abound, but she with Him, had protection found. / God ga… ‘’poems to mariam smith of prai, then… always was that dhoby basket / the sound of it and looking up / and it was not you / …………………R… A Night to Remember When we heard it… loud and strange above. / That whirring sounded like no other…. Above us, a large circle of lights…. afraid… Gyrating Fan Gyrating fan, / Your cooling breeze / Sweeps over me, calms me / Restores me / You’re so cruel fan, / You leave me nervous / As you turn … Glass to Steel From Glass Mountains we did come, / To learn our lessons coated with love, / The fragile beginnings we all do share, / When we are laying … JIM SMITH – PART 3 © That evening, after a cold shower outside under a tree, we had a good feed and went to bed early. I as so tired that as soon as mi head hit… I Am Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am.” / So, can we deduce that? … if “we are” because of thinking, we will be eternally li… Waking Sitting here in my bed, bored and sleep deprived, / I’m heaving sighs, and battle cries, of sleepiness and lies.. / I see Scenes of … Doing Wheelies! Memaw’s doing wheelies, / She must have flipped her lid…. Yeehawww! Cheese & Crackers by A.J & A. Smith I like the stars at night / They shine so big and bright / They’re millions of miles away / But we can see them as clear as day Monkey Mania by A.J. & A. Smith Gorillas are the biggest / Though they only eat plants / But I bet if you saw one / Then you’d need clean pants. Horses by A.J & A Smith Some like to go jumping / Over fences and streams / I like to ride horses / In my favorite dreams Gone to the Birds by AJ & A Smith I wish there was a phoenix / A bird made of fire / He’d soar through the sky / Soaring higher and higher. Artists…Inspirational SONYA SMITH..A Life … Inspirational Woman SONYA SMITH..A Life Drawing Art buddy!!! / as to how I’ve been… busy, busy life drawing last night (class s… The Common Crowd Sometimes I sit and wonder / As I sit under the clouds / about what would happen if I were, / to join the common crowd. / Would I lose my… Dragons by AJ & A Smith They fight Knights in Armour / Who sit on a big horse / My moneys on the Dragon / ‘Cause he’s bigger of course What’s The Name Of That Perfume You Are Wea… A couple of weeks ago the media resurrected Ann Nicole Smith from the dead Seasonal Soul – M. Smith 13/6/2007 If the rain falls on the roof of this house today / I wonder about how much flooding can I take Beyond the Smoky Vapours. text to accompany cigar… Beyond the smoky vapours / There exists time that is beyond the perishing of the flesh The Flow Collection The Flow Collection is a series of paintings that looks at creation and life. Man in his beauty and ugliness. The shape of our world, envir… If I Could Change the World I’d wave a magic wand and change the world, / Imprison Satan for a thousand years. / I’d mend the evil hurts maligning man. Truth Sucks – M. Smith 9/7/2007 I am lost in a storm of visions, and i cannot find my way Battle For Olympus Lightning knocks at my window, / gales breath down my back / tsunamis batter at my burrow / Thunder claps throughout my shack. / I stand… Lovers from the Same Soil [aka True Eden] I once met a pair of elderly gardeners / Who worked the land anew. / Day after day, they found joy in their work / Because they had eachoth… The End The candle quivers, / And the earth shakes / The darkness shivers / And the great flame quakes / The ocean trembles / And thunder rumble… [ UNTITLED ] M. Smith, 2/10/2007 Night sky falls and stars shine bright / a memory, a mystery, all this time / you hold me close and time stands still / this feeling now, t… short angry fat man Spontaneous and uncontrolled moments of violence flit across your face The Lies I Could Tell – Megan Smith 22/02/2… I could tell you I don’t care, / But I would be lieing. / I could tell you that I’m not hurting, / But I would be pretending. Time – M. Smith, February 1st 2008 Time. In its fleeting, never ending, simple state. / Time. Forever ticking, reminding us life is passing us by. / Time. Limited? Maybe limi… Sitting, Wondering, Thinking, Wishing – M. … I’m sitting, wondering, thinking, wishing. / I want to be everything. / Not for me, for him. / I’m sitting, wondering, thinking… Mr. and Mrs. Smith With a left brained job and a good day’s pay / He thinks he’s headed in the right way / Lifetime partner to share it all with / She takes … Out of Print UPDATE / Winnipeg Punk has contacted me and explained quite a bit of what’s REALLY going on. / If you’re reading this, thanks f… Winston Smith 2012 Orwellian times are here / This future from a past of fiction / Winston Smiths we all became / Our re-education now / Seems so utterly… Private Hell 2012 Your work is in MOMA The Smith Under His steady gaze / The metal glows red and angry / as the torch bears His will upon the piece. / A moment too long and the piece colla… Sorry Dude … Suddenly, there was a popping noise outside, Mars Versus Tinsel Town “This is an act of war!” The Admiral thumped the table, two pencils tectonically shifted 2cms to the right. “We MUST take ARMS!” Impressions Sophie, you are among the most prolific, high quality photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter… I Must Be Six Feet Under If I Don’t Make Fu… This short humorous story was sparked in my mind after a visit to my next door neighbor house. Memo to Mariam Smith ‘’I joined; I wrote; I featured!’’ / andybohm

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