How to Sell Your Photography …a plethora of sites that need careful reading before you decide if you want to take a risk with emails asking to use your artwork on… Pretty as You Feel She caught herself this morning, / Cursing at herself. / She said you’re ugly, you’re so fat, / She said I hate myself. I am not pretty Ridiculous labels do not define me If YOUR smART Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs. / I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmu… You’re not a smart bee He’d better not do it again. Im afraid im replacing my girlfriend. I, Ashleigh, have fallen in love with a woman. this…. dont Girls Must be sweet, smart and sexy. THE GRACE OF GOD He saw her looking at the cereals, getting ready to chose one. She was a doll… The Smart White Pipe And now it is time; I can tell in the beating of my heart, how it goes from jazz and blues to drum and bass. The pet blotter (humor) The pets are all smarter than me. six word story Gilligan… Sick I am sick / Not tired / Not drunk Kay-Nine Point Five In “smarts”, they are oft, beyond the human fellow, / Mighty in character, quite as mellow. / Courage they display, few turn yellow. SMART ART Smart art is not only what we can see, but also what we can’t see…be smart… GOLDEN WOMAN GOLDEN WOMAN / See her form / Wants her man / Nite to morn / Child in heart / Woman in mind / Always smart / Sometimes kind / Always strong… Reason we all bend the edges of the pages in our life to come back to that moment in our life. THE BRAGGER He bragged about his prowess…Then about his size / He bragged about everything…All silly lies / He bragged about how many women… WE TRAIN SMART ANIMAL; BRILLIANT ANIMALS TRAIN US It is often said smart animals are easily trained / They are, but: / I have come to the conclusion / Brilliant animals train us SMART ARTZ GALLERY ART COMPETITION “SHE … Smart Artz Gallery Art Contest 2009 – Entry Form /  Fill out your details below and follow the instructions at the bottom of this … POETIC TEACHER Find that in your brain mass. / It will help you be smart - / But that’s just the start. / Here’s a few words o’ wisdom, / Lest you find yo… SASSY She was quite sassy, everyone would say / Dressed in a most elegant way / Walked down the street and traffic stopped / Her mind always spin… smart love every equation these days is < 3 HONOR, PROUD, DIGNITY Time: / Today’s world… / Age: / “Called millennium years”… / Aim: / Staying smart.. / In the heart, / Keeping… Mama said I was beautiful Because their opinion doesn’t matter, the only opinion that matters is mine. And without you mama I cannot see myself as smart, funny, perf… smart he is lower than dirt / he is beneath our soles / he is the ground we stand up on / economically / so we greet him / despite the marching… Poetic Teacher It will help you be smart - / But that’s just the start. / Here’s a few words o’ wisdom, / Lest you find yourself in the doldrums. / School… I am Smart and Opened to Possibilities I hear cats and dogs speaking to each other as equals / I see Giants picking their teeth with unicorns. what a smart and splendid universe what a smart and splendid universe / to keep me guessing always / to keep scientists employed / to keep the children playing in their ways … SMART GUY & NATURES MUSIC Well Hello BUBBLE WORLD. MMM Some fun on the line of late??? The Big Red Bubble was feeling like it was about to BURST over the WEEGEND. / … A VERY SMART BLOND? Is That POSSIBLE? / Of Course it is " – )) / QUICKIE / YOUNG & INNOCENT / SHe KNOWS A LOT That’s Art! That’s Art! / I lost my mind. / At least I thought I did. / It wasn’t hard to find. / It was hiding with my id. / I hit my funny bone. / I … Ten Times as Smart Notion implores that you’re aware / When you decipher these hollow lines That’s Art! That’s Art! / I lost my mind. / At least I thought I did. / It wasn’t hard to find. / It was hiding with my id. / I hit my funny bone. / I … Albert Einstein Quote To remind you to stay off electronics and interact with friends Get Smart Get stuffed, get laid / Fill yourself / With / Man’s empty / Praise. I never give an answer / To a question / With an answer? Bottom Dollar (The Smart Money) The hatred of money is the root of necessary evil. iStrong, iMad, iHelp, iSmart, iGood I…strong… / I…mad… / I…help… / I…smart…. / I…good… / I do try… Smart Girl She knows that perfection is unattainable, / so she is content to make the best choice she can based on what she knows. / A smart girl wil… Our Sun I close my eyes / Listen to the wind / Those clear blue skies / and our sun that grins / Brighten my day / When I feel so alone / Or go ast… It’s all a game (EDITED, New verse added, F… The world is how you perceive it, Believe it, it’s all just part of your mind and you’ve gotta beat it, And when you leave it, … If we were smart When my body quivers / And my heart races / Let me take this hit / And just one last drag / But you will only be my quick fix, / until next… People Arent That Smart we love casting stones SMART GUY BIG BOYS FAST TOY smART ARTS [Video] / [Video] / [Video] / [Video] / [Video] / [Video] Key Factors About How To Discover Smart Traders L… In my trip on the way to becoming a residence look, I discovered that there are four actions in discovering smart trader for my residence o… Smart wib Bonne plume et couleurs en beauté / Et bonheur / Smart wib and colours in full bloom / Happiness / Translated by Richard Mangenot Not so smart phone fight Setting the stage: I’m getting out of my car disheveled as cuss, holding the weeks worth of heels, flip flops,cardigans…And thi… Preface He was the first ruler of the first nation: Menes of Egypt (3210 BC), year zero of the Egyptian Dynasty. DRUGS They won’t never ever fuckin stop, / So you can keep callin on the cops, / Bar the windows, deadbolt the locks, / These drugs got me … The Smart, The Owl The stars in allignment / The universe,and old souls / The old calendar ending / The new timekeeper, / the awakening / The new cities / The… Smart is as smart does… As far as one knows, is as far as one tends to go…

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