THE WANDERING THOUGHTS OF A SMALL MAN. I sit / in my enclosed garden / watching / the seasons pass by my room is so small, the mice are hunchbacked my room is so small, the mice are hunchbacked. it has become my only entertainment, my lullaby. watching the ballet of starving kysophic … Lily and our (small) multicultural world. Lilly told me that Beatrix, the queen of the Netherlands, has one of her paintings!! THE WANDERING THOUGHTS OF A SMALL MAN 2 cloudy sails / snowflake thoughts / smokey winds / misty dreams My small town. It is where I will stay, my roots buried deep in the limerock and soil. Stretch out your hand . . . Have you ever wanted to give up . . . The Case of the Stolen Heart – Part 2 © His first view of them was of two little brown and black furry babies curled up together. Sunilism TM : My Life’s Purpose: My Soul Code … What are my Life’s priorities and direction ? Do I have a steady course of my life? ………Yes , you can have it NOW ! A Deluded Man Behind your back she smiles / While in a million ways / She delights in cuckolding you a single small cathedral viewing the Emerald ground in the center of the gorge downward she makes the descent Mighty Droplet. As the drop merges into the ocean, / the ocean merges into the drop, / and mighty is found in the small. “It’s a Small World,Afterall..”… To see the curve of a smile,the glance of a eye… To see the beauty in a well made salad..A small smile at a silly thought.. The Case of the Stolen Heart – Part 1 © Look out Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Today is Friday, September 12, 2008, on this fateful day my heart was stolen away! The Small Crack (15.11.03) That small crack is now a vast empty space… A Small Protest At Invasion Of Privacy Everyone asks me / questions; / how do you….., / where do you……., / how much do you…….., / So, what is it their business? Just a small token! I wanted to write about how amazing this site is and how we have all found that someone special (or a few) on here that really makes us smi… Death in a Small Town Small town USA at its best! A story of death and the many people who provided for our family as we said goodbye to my grandmother. My still small voice.. I remember myself as a child.. / Feeling locked away inside myself speechless.. / Always internalizing, rationalizing, compromising / I nev… A Small Written Work “Trust And Love” Trust Is Something You Earn / Love Is Someting You Learn / xoxox / T:) The Small White Envelope For four precious hours they held you, talked to you and loved you, and gave you a part of their hearts that would last forever. Cheating GST payments from ATO for small business… Goods and services tax (GST) is a broad-based tax of 10% on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia. More Lessons in Becoming a Hermit . . . . small talk . . . eh! small things, great weight tucking your head under / tiny speckled feather, / those eyes are telling me something / different altogether. / that brightened core / soo… small creation ten perfect fingers / ten perfect toes / a blessed love only I do know / a namesake of our future kin / look for the love / that is held w… Small Begining’s. a stillness of sublime knowing Small Talk is Fine… Wanna chit chat? Hello Such a small thing to give! “The most they said was go back home your not wanted here!” audible whispers, let me be small forget the forgetting / it doesn’t work that way / this listless and wistful haunting / there are those days like the only thing give… Apparently it was the Goblin…. A funny story that happened to my friend. THE BEAUTY IN KNOWING THE YAKUSA (Mature) The wise, lovely child in a long ago polio epidem… ’I’ll worn you in’ he said a small secret kneel down to approach the roots of the tree, / as if I worshipped the little seat it offers me, / where I take the weight off my tired fee… The Case of the Stolen Heart – Part 3 © Their food was so good they began licking it off each other. Well…they looked cleaner, but they were kind of sticky after their meal… a small tap the lure of love To Mom and Dad: A Small Token I’ll never be able to repay that for which you do not keep a balance sheet / Your steadfastness, you support, your sacrifices / Yesterday’s… the tiniest feet behind the hedge, / the slumbering sounds of cows / is rising with the half formed dawn, / just slight whispers, / as bodies brush against … One Small Step… As a member of the Facebook community I am frequently sent “fun little time wasters”, I felt this one deserved a litte more mer… small wonders the sparrows were lined up / along the top bean poles / held up by their tiny bones, / looking in, as if sentries / addressing the land bel… Shrunk I’m sick / just another twisted kid / twisted in the ordinary / trying to find where I fit in. / I’ve been called a generic fuc… Small Things I’m standing over the kitchen sink / slicing mango flesh from hardened pip / with serrated dripping knife / wondering if I slip / wou… Safe Haven Floor to ceiling book shelves were stacked with the elegant repeating stripes of multi coloured spines. Feeling small Carry me down / in the lights of a skyscraper / below these streets / to find the lights and the lasers / that always flash through my head… Small Moon The small moon / soon shrank away / behind the grey veil / that overwhelmed it. / It re-appeared / for a brief moment / with a solitary sta… Six word story – Small ad One night stand / only slightly used Small horse syndrome. All the while I hid behind the camera in hysterics. Finally I took the camera from in front of my face and the crowd realised that I was st… Dreams I have a tattered notebook / With tattered hearts / And plans / Agendas of a before / That sometimes, start to become fiction / As this aft… I Feel So Small In Your Arms as you kissed me goodbye. Thinking Small is Killing Us Thinking Small is Killing Us / In this turbulent time, in this pain filled time, we are the seers of our generation. In This Way I Am Small I’ve always carried my pocket knife with me. / On trees, gazebos, wooden benches, / I would carve my name. / I carved, “Shane w… small demons police tape, chalk lines; / the reaper is playing hopscotch / this ripe fullness, holding onto gravity / so tears can fall / chapped lips … ENDANGERED SPECIES prin / WITHIN OR WITHOUT YOU / We were talking about the space between us all / And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusio… small works ex on brunswick i stood around "6/2, smiling too. / and watched for long minutes at a time / it was beautiful… / i thought to myself… / l… ping! and a small dragon… “mushu!” Sift the Stars See the stars in all their glory / Splash the sky with solemn story / Sense and sing and split the atom / Pin the pain and word the anthem … small mountains this fellow-feeling we have / is fine compensation / on what can seem / a companionless track. A Prayer of Peace for The Sherman Brothers (Today Robert B. Sherman died on March 5, 2012.) / A Prayer of Peace for the Sherman Brothers / Chim Chim Cheree / such a light and breezy … small things the veins of the leaves, / tributaries of ancient streams, / all the sounds of the ground sing to me. / moving on, as a tide might / as the… I Matter i’m tired / of pretending / bending / for others / until i break in half SOLD oil on canvas – original – In T… SOLD THE BUILDING I LOOKED UP AT THE BUILDING / IT WAS SO VERY TALL / I REALLY FELT INSIGNIFICANT / ABSOLUTELY SMALL / THE WINDOWS WERE AMAZING / THEY STOOD … The Small Child She watered dandelions / With utter seriousness. Small talk is for little children & Hope is f… I know that I will most likely never hear from you again / and if I do / It will be / " hello… / how are you?’ / I have … A small death As thinking stops and reflections glide as swans Small Miracles It seemed a lot of kerfuffle about nothing to Rosa. All of the adults were rushing about madly. The women were talking in high-pitched, exc… A Spider*s Dream I’m a tiny little Spider, I’m ever so small / Oh how I wish That I was tall / I long to see The stars and the trees / But all I… small town parade musings I shook my head / I was running late / I gave myself a nice full eight / minutes to find / a place to park / scanning down along Clark / to… Distance is but a small thing… …when two hearts / beat, in tune / across the velvet night" The Small Step But then, ahead of him, he spied something different: two teenagers sitting on a small step outside a shoe-shop. So small why does everything suddenly seem so small / my hopeless hopes / my finger’s length and breadth / the palm of the martyr / the synon… Still Small Voice Into the dark of the night my seeking carried me… / At the feet of the Almighty my fears I did lay. / Seeking refuge for my restless … Small, White Hands Lurching forward to initiate attraction / Under the guise of an innocent accident, / Small, white hands rise to meet his heavy frame, / The… Snow, Trees & Rocks I felt as if I were in paradise when I saw the scene / Of Snow, Trees & Rocks covering the terrain / I was breathless and felt I could … Never… Never- / … take delight in another man’s plight! Through small holes Through small holes / As a child I recall looking at the sunlight beaming through a small hole in a corrugated iron roof / And creating a w… small measures XI drip, the slow steady drip, / the day unfolds, bedded down / in the thick, damp mist. / all greys and browns, this is dying, / all around, … Prairie Ruins Along railroad tracks to old abandoned farms, / we’d search for treasure and hunt for charms. / Coins and pop bottles and old license… Infinitely Small… … makes ‘a little’ sense. Small Fragment Of Time Another time, another page; / This is just a small fragment of time, of a time long gone, / But in my mind (Like so many) it lives on and o… Passion of the Zombie I am Lydia, and I am on the nearly impossible quest for Zombie romance. GOING HOME EMPTY HANDED As I held your little hand / I tried not to cry Ah, Life. Wake up, eat, sleep, fall, repeat. IN A SMALL STONE BATH NEAR THE GARDEN’S EDGE There’s a small stone bath near the garden’s edge, / A safe flight’s distance to the boxwood hedge… When I Grow Up When I Grow Up / I’ll be able to jump / Much higher than you / And I’ll be smarter too / I’ll eat my crunchies till IR… Weapon of Lust (Mature) That small dark hole in the fence We will easily slip through that small dark hole in the fence Small Why are young girls / Bombarded with media / That glorify sticks / Who need a good feeding? Brothers. Potato chips, TV, ape, zoo, lovable. light a candle When times were troubled and my heart torn / I oft used to go there, to lay them before / the One, the Creator light a candle When times were troubled and my heart torn / I oft used to go there, to lay them before / the One, the Creator Villanelle, Work in Progress I should have known better than to fall, / To climb that cliff you’d toss me down. / I am so small, I am so small. / Your chill makes… Chapter 7: In the Cabin of A Small Commuter Plane Chapter ?: In the Cabin of A Small Commuter Plane / Paul makes his way down the extremely narrow isle of the commuter plane that is taking … The wise, lovely child in a long ago polio epidem… ’I’ll worn you in’ he said small measures it will be enough for me / to feel the warmth from the oven door, / see it spill it’s light across the kitchen floor, / to set a plac… Life Small fish, big pond; still swimming! many small pieces along the footpath, or the field, / in hidden corners, / loitering in the quiet places, / those many small pieces / that will make up a who… The Metal Thing It was left there a long time ago by little green aliens, the type of alien that lands its craft in nowhere
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