Gargantuan sea monsters I have loved (Review) Giant beasts lurking out of sight in the depths capture the imagination. Partly because there is the very real possibility that unknown cre… the wiser guy sir i do indeed / drink your read / and honor as much as any other / the tree of life / that is the wife / that knows the joy of being a moth… Sir Isaac Newton’s color wheel Hi All, / To add to the trivia that appears at the top of our pages, the latest question was: / Hi Lensman2008, did you know Sir Isaac Newt… Millenium Bridge, London, United Kingdom 1.996 – 2.000 / Cliente / Client: London Borough of Southwark, Millennium Bridge Trust / Arquitecto / Architect: Norman Foster + Partners /… The Gherkin, London, United Kingdom 2.001-2.004 / ENGLISH / Client: Swiss Reinsurance Company / Architect: Foster + Partners / Height: 180 meters / Floors: 40 / Area: 76,4… Sir Cricket’s Portrait On a very rainy day, in a very rainy city… Sir Cricket von Marionette decided to have his portrait taken…. Mists of Avalon The new morn mists of Camelot did yield a most unearthly sight… Eat It NSFW City Hall, London, United Kingdom 1.998 – 2.002 / Cliente / Client: Autoridades Locales – Local Authorities / Arquitecto / Architect: Foster + Partners / Tipo / Type: Ofici… Yes Sir! Yes officer I wore my seatbelt / the shoulder strap strangles me though / I had my arm slipped through it to keep it down off my neck / Was… The Knighting of Sir Peanut From this day forward / All would know by this act / Daring, brave, old Peanut / Was a royal, and that’s a fact! Faerie Tale – Chapter 13 – Sir Robin … I’ll roast you like a lobster… Faerie Tale – Chapter 8 – Bold Sir Ro… “Oh in the name of the dragon!” Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Sir! Do not come to me with trifles / tossing a coin in to my fountain, / then sticking a tricky paw in / to retrieve what you have lost “Why do we have wars dear sir?” We as people do not want wars / They come and we have no options / But to go to war / The next one will be the last / As they have a big a… Excuse me, sir Excuse me, sir / but I love you. Feelings for Words and Sir Walter Scott. So I gather my thoughts and I write them at will, and I hope that I am honest and true / For every verse that I write is something I feel, … True Sir Thomas the Rhymer His music was wild at times, often serene. The Last Journal Entry of Sir Percival Prodpole. … March the 13th – a Friday (I think). Evening. / I was waxing on the extremities of the climate in this loathsome country just last ev… Sir Ralph Beef Wellington and the Incredible Loop… ‘You’re insane Ralph,’ Charlie told him. ‘It’ll never work.’ / Two years later and he was half right. Charlie knew the man was bonkers. Cra… Sir, It has not yet fallen by Jose Marti (1895) Sir, It has not yet fallen / the oak, chosen by you will suffer; / it even sounds by its fiber / broken the echo of the blow: still shakes … Sir Leopold von Burtenbach Ye who read this shall leave knowing / Of the unfairness death may bestow / For I, once a valiant knight lost mine / When I tripped on a bo… That, Sir, Is Not My Albatross Hello there crew. / I’ve assembled you all here on deck in order to deal with a problem that I think all of you, especially you, Bosun Rigg… dead air dead air Sir Nigel’s Grand Finale Sir Nigel’s Hamlet was legendary. He’d performed it more times than he cared to remember. He gave an internal wry smile at the irony … Sir Tom’s Quest for Love – Part 1 Sir Tom is a gallant soul, an unusually gentlemanly gentleman of his age…and boy, it’s a biggun! His age that is. His journey t… Sir Paul McCartney Said… From the March 14th, 2013 Rolling Stone. Yes, Sir; No, Sir Dark eyes stern with command. / Only obedience is permitted. / Firm hand round my chain. / Only open submission is allowed. / Midnight orde… To you, Sir. To you Sir / Earthbound / With Nasdaq numbers / Contorting your withered smile / Daily News folded / Daily / In your way / Reflecting… Please Sir, I want some more. i’m so thirsty / my hands are groping the skeletal ground for some minute piece of / You / some thread from / Your / clothing that may have… Non-fiction Romance. I want to be the you-know-who / You talk about to your friends, / That you talk about to me. “Sir ….Gentlemen walk. Others run I remember the last time that my mind wandered whilst driving. Luckily it was in the wee hours of the day. What on earth convinced a ‘… MOST HONORABLE SIR DEAR SIR / URGENT POLITICAL AND BUSINESS PROPOSAL / IT IS WITH TRUST AND CONFIDENCE THAT I MAKE THIS URGENT POLITICAL AND BUSINESS PROPOSAL… Sir Yes Sir. he drags his heavy foot / the chains rattle. / he drags his heavy foot / and partakes in the battle. Yes, Sir NSFW For You Sir Focused and strong / So rare in an age of power gone wrong Sir Knight and the quest… And so he called to gossamer light, / A threaded strand shining bright, / Of silken touch, of golden hair, / To end at one so very fair. / … Please, Sir #1 He / draws his / Arms / in air / Like / thin black / Sky / scrapers, / Screams / at walls: / “Please / dear Sir / I / just need / A /… Sir Smarty Fladoo Have you ever heard of Sir Smarty Fladoo / The boy who thought lots and then said a lot too / The boy who said “life”. What is life? Am I… Can you do it, good sir Can you make it rise to the top… £20 or your life, sir! Seriously, what ghetto wasteman buys his clothes from Netto fam? BCCI Cricket Circus – Diplomacy & Indian Prem… What BCCI got in the end for Team Cricket India, well No 1 Cricket Test ranking, No 2 in One Day game, World Cup 2011, money raining in IPL…

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