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song singing sing me songs / from your shadows / let them hang in the air / cool white linens / in the hot wind / of silken melodies / to share / mom… I Only Ask Of God / Solo le Pido a Dios (UPDATE) I only ask of God / He won’t let me be indifferent to the suffering / That the very dried up death doesn’t find me / Empty and … These Rhymes Three …. [NB Not all my work!] My mother smiled as she bounced me / up and down upon her knee / and as she sung these Rhymes three she sings of dancing rainbows and sleeping butter… And then she begins to sing. / Songs of dreams and lullabies filled the room… stories of singing rainbows and sleeping butterflies flutter … Singing Through Dreamtime Nothing is ever forgotten for each memory is like a book, only waiting for the cover to be opened and read… THE SINGER I was mesmerized by the exquisite voice of this twelve-year-old singer Singing of Gratitude Fellowship and Sacrifice ~ S… Saints and Shamans have clung to my tail, knowing all Life is sacred, despite our woes, conflicts or travail. The day is singing… The day is singing / sounds of dappled light / move to the music / of the wind / painting stencils on my window / in leafy silhouettes̷… Gentle Warrior Singing Gifts of Love Joy waits for no season! Open your heart! Love is not bound by Time, or Death, or Reason! Watering Senses try and touch you, / I cannot say much more, / I shall always remember! Grandmother’s Red Braids Singing in the Win… We sing of Life in all it’s cyclic glory,Unity, Community, Harmony, and Wisdom of days long passed… SINGING TO THE EIGER This act of singing to a mountain may have a profound cultural significance – or perhaps it was simply one person’s unique and indivi… Ever Had a Press Release About You?! Standing on stage alongside her fellow contestants for the final result, Heather was preparing to congratulate the winner when she heard he… singing by the water fear skin like glass / over real skin / easily shattered / and it cuts so deep Singing for HEROES A photo called “Heroes Flag” goes with this work after you. I will listen to the couple downstairs screaming and a dog cooing somewhere past the city. I will leave the radio on classical and listen t… ON THE EDGE SINGING again and again the sun / slashes the sleet, / crashes the hollows / in a golden sheet. I am that Blind Man: One Woman’s Story (Par… One day I watched as dad chopped off the head of a lovely white chook, which then ran around the yard, headless, in protest. That was the … Fairies Late at night I hear them dancing, / See them singing, / Hear their prancing, / Shouting happy joyful anger, / Screaming silence, / Flashi… I Want a Jupiter I Want a Jupiter / Her colorful, swirling mass of gases, amazing girth, / Jovian, stunning beauty. / Gliding through our galaxy singing her… singing heart Can’t get it wrong / your heart’s song / as with birds, / there are no words / starts with a humming / vibrations thrumming / … My Broken Beauty. her hair is brown with black and red streaks through it. I call her eyes sea green but others would call them grey. Sing for Me Red poppies in a meadow / Glowing in the fading light SINGING THE SAME OLD SONG WE WALKED DOWN / THE THRESHOLD OF LIFE / SMILING TOGETHER / HUSBAND AND WIFE / LITTLE RINGBEARER / IN HIS TUX / FRIENDS AND FAMILY / WISHI… WALTZING ANGELS soft pillows / fluffed / lavender fragrance / chimes sound / kneel and pray / sign of the cross / where is Jesus / i am looking / no where … SPIRIT The spirits that disbelieved only hindered themselves with their closed ability to perceive or imagine… “I’m Singing… … in the" / brain! ;D SINGING YOUR PRESENCE Your light enters my succulent core / and I feel a slow ecstasy of sky / drawn through me. day 11 “If he sings, I will know if he is real. If he is real I will tell him my name.” / “Sounds fair enough. Can he sing anything?” / “He can ch… Miss Terrie What you need… Singing In The Rain There is a time in my pass memory of joyingly singing in the rain, / My girl was with me as we kissed romantically as we made our claim. /… just press play i’ve got blisters on me fingers / and a silly love song stuck in my head / twists and shattered dreams on a loop / as a soundtrack fo… Just Reminiscing the sweet smell of home / embraced my very essence / apple pie in the oven / kitchen curtains red and white / Grandma standing at the stove… the prodigal returns i loosed that fire / the room exploded Singing at the Crossroads in the Shadow of Your S… Remember, you too are divine,and worthy of praise… I Can’t Get Past Hello Guitar, songs, street, playing for tourists SILLY CARDINAL See the silly Cardinal / Sitting high up in the tree / Wonder what he’s thinking / As he’s starring back at me. / Silly little … Silver Moonlight prayer She couldn’t help it, her laugh bubbled up and spilled into the dusk, as silver as the charm in her open hand. I LOVE SINGING TO BIRDS I love singing to birds / and setting them free. / I knew a woman / who came to me once / in the shape of a seagull. FOLLOW ME FOLLOW ME down this path / So beautiful and green / Together in this beautiful place / All the future can be seen / We’ll walk togeth… Morning Blessings Today as my eyes fluttered open, I thought of the day ahead; / A list of things I wanted to do were forming in my head. / And as I lay ther… These Precious Moments Revolving doors crash the heal of the slow man / Wincing emerald eyes of a glass pamphlet / G seven walks on insect legs-your voice singing… notes bits pieces / brittle are the bones of rust… petals leaves sky clouds snow / between the toes and up the nose / bed of grass and rain. / snakes in the grass / snakes in the grass / in… Center Stage Steely eyed mail men greet her each day. / Ice water runs through the veins of this city. / A bitter, frigid place / full of cruel faced bu… Singing Fate This, / my feasting board, / my loom… / Strung with Doorways like pearls… / Shining li… The Native American Powwow With each meditative step you could see the dancer trying to connect with the memory of lost friends or family; and the observer realizes t… SURVIVING This song was written by another Argentinian Songwriter Victor Heredia and I just translated for you The Singing The Singing / Darkness, / night without ending / vast silence / where minds / pilgrimages / looking yet / no path / is this hell? / sense o… Tears I can see the rain that’s falling / Echoed in your eyes / How I wish that I could take us, / keep us both inside. / Sheltered from th… Wolf Song Oh sensitive wolf / what has caused you to share your song / what has caused you to lift your voice / in beauty / to the heavens / in the q… Fallen Nights Sink in slow into my world noone is listening, / Gentle tears stream down your face your taste hot and glistening / The horizon is rising f… Merry Christmas Everyone Hey everybody its Christmas time / Why because Santa is standing on every turn. / All the stores are decorated in holiday patterns / The sp… Journey Back to the Heart Hello / I am Virginia, often called Ginny or Ginger or Gin….. and it goes on. I lived in the country until I was 18 then moved to th… Singing Lullabies of Renewal and Healing to the E… Two-spirited and humble, I patiently tend to the land… i Stopped Singing Praises Today i stopped singing praises to God / i stood in the lines of desperation / waiting for Oprah’s empy words we’re singing now how many songs / how many words / how many stories / are all the same? / as many / as there are / grains of sand / how many songs / how man… The Musician He walks with his guitar slung on his back / Avoiding the crowd and the women’s attack / He writes his songs and sings them with feel… “Singing in The Rain” Some say the sky is falling, / The flip-side of blue: / Not for sunning, / Not for sailing— / The blue / When love untrue; / Some say / The… Future Memory. Lost in Time and Singing The brine sent of pop pop walking bladder wrack crack with the gulls crying alarm, singing psalms. It’s Christmas and I Am So Very Happy I am so happy, oh yes I am so happy, / And I don’t care what anybody else says. / I put a little Christmas tree on my shelf today, / I de… wind singing To the wind whose kiss is gone / I sang my vow Singing to Myself… Hush little baby don’t say a word, / Life is a mystery so i’ve heard. / When you think it has begun, / Something is there to ha… Songbirds It’s hot and humid, the air is stale and heavy. The sweet perfume of spring has faded and the breezes are left naked. Yet the birds are sti… LOVE IS HERE Love is here / Present before you / Singing within you / Making you whole. Singing (haiku) Singing to myself. / Eyes judge with furrowed brows / Jealous of freedom. Walking Down the Path of Tranquility The squirrels ran up and down the trees, and scurried across the ground with heavy paws….I watched as they picked up the pollen with their … The Boy Next Door’s Encounter of the iPod Attack I am popping and / locking and body rolling like / no one is watching, / because no one is. / Until I turn around. Singing a Song How we complain, how we moan / Are we so selfish that we never really see / What goes around us singing your soul in the evening / when the sun casts its colours / falling under the horizon / in the morning when the light / is waking up and the birds /… singing the same song… their shades vary, / nevertheless… / they smile the same smiles, / they laugh, / they frown. / the colours they see / are all the sam… If I can’t have you ‘I can’t see you, so I’ll sail you, / On a sea of you I’ll roam / I’ll build a boat and lose myself / a long,… ‘Boo Cat And George The Singing Mouse’… Grandpa’s Favorite Song / [Video] / It’s four in the morning and the house is quiet, even the dogs are asleep, I decided since… DIMENSIONS + AMAZING HOLOGRAMS + A SINGING DOCTOR Heres a Visually Unusual collection of Links that you will find entertaining .. / .I THINK " – )) / I AM OUTTA CONTROL YOU KNOW… Changes, Everything Changes Today, I will open another Latin American door for you. Also, I will use another song that I have translated for you, to see trough songs … Singing soup is simmering / destiny is bubbling / artichokes boiling / butter melting / bread is baking / succulence in the making / a little fine … “My Mother’s Voice” “Her voice seemed so flawless, like angelics of old, / as she taught me her sonants, like her mother before.” I Should Have Been The Carnival Queen! In the blink of a perfectly eye linered eye / I will wipe the smirk from her face.. The Butler Was Singing? A waltz under dark skies, on slick, shiny tan earth. Lovers roam the grounds whilst servant borne umbrellas stave off rain drops from the … Singing make me sing for you Daddy Sings The Big Book, Blue books, not bibles. / We aren’t a religious family, we don’t read those. / Daddy’s singing is all the worship we’ve ever … Sometimes, I sing… Don’t expect too much, lol. A Farewell to My Father All of a sudden dad’s eyes opened! I did not expect my dad to wake up to die. More singing! [Video] / [Video] very unusual singing indeed From a movie the Music Teacher / Dualing voices quite a concept / [Video] / [Video] Silent Sentinels The deafening silence of a thousand beautiful voices / Making my heart strings stand on end Mindstate Location Originally a tweet by Jaimie Dunlap. Lonely Ballerina Dressed like a doll / In the darkest of black / Her eyes are crystals / Much like her heart ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ I can feel the vibration from the drums in my chest. I push my dark red hair out of my eyes and as I begin to sing, the audience sing with … A Last Will And Testament “When I die,” many of my friends have told me, “I don’t want others to be sad. I want my friends and family to be happy. I want a huge part… Observations in December I hear the children sing / They’re behind our house carolling / It’s that time of the year / When Christmas day draws near / And I still ha… The Mocking Glare of Morning Dearest robin with breast more red than morning eyes / Please sing something more sweet / My mind has deserted me in the night / And as the… Visions Hesitation will just make your visions a distant memory. / Don’t whisper softly all your visions. chicago is still singing the blues theres this ring around my heart / keeping you away from me / sometimes i’m cold sometimes not / wish i could be steady / you see the… KING oh there is my brave king / the king of every thing / oh he can sing / persuading me to take with him a drink Maybe They’re on the Mountain So, my eyelids, / Like portcullis gates, / Drop closed. Ready Or Not I can’t tell if you’re coming or going / But I’m not letting go. / I hate this not knowing / So I’m letting you kno…
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