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No161 My Monster Inc minimal movie poster by Chungkong When Brownie was alive by Michael Douglass

Open the Cage

I’m wide awake and dreaming.
Ferdinand the Bull by qetza Mazzotti Mansion by Lorraine Creagh Welcome Aboard! by William C. Gladish


He knew he was in trouble the day he started seeing fairies in the garden.


She was shrouded in shadow, yet he could see the outline of the sharp object she had brought with her from the kitchen.


“panentheism? / or pantheism?” / “body and soul, / mind -god / body – Jesus / soul – spirit / trinity! / fat…

Addiction – Six Word Story

Joined Redbubble / Got Addicted / Never Sleep


“America could feed the third world with the amount they spend on nuclear weapons. Yet they don’t?!” / “It’s just hunger to gain more, just…

A Vision from the Ocean

Her voice called to me in the night, musical and haunting; calling from beyond the crash of the surf.

The Bunyip of Boobera

‘There’s something in the water,’ Bill mumbled, speaking through lips that were already swollen, along with the entire side of his face.

“walkin blues”

…he’d wake up alone – stringless and strung out. / She’d left and taken his guitar, the only thing he cared about more than herR…

Marnie…or the Trip to Venice

She had often derided these groups, scornfully describing them as amateurs, and said that she’d rather die than walk around Venice wi…

A Knight In Shining Armour – A True Story

man thumped a pregnant women in the face / she fell onto the floor / just going to give her another kick.



You’re Only as Pretty as You Feel Inside

During my adolescent years, one of my favorite bands was “Jefferson Airplane”. Grace Slick, their female vocalist, sang a beautiful song c…
The Cast by Chris Baker

Dad said

There's Beauty in the Breakdown by Selkie

REAL LIFE ALARM. Short story. A call in the night.

When we race in for an alarm call, she doesn’t stop for red-lights.

The Horrible Coma Call’d Living

Michael blinked, and the shadows receded to the spaces between the stacks, and along the exposed spines of the books. It was cold tonight, …

The Secret Keeper

He stood in the dark wood, doubtfully looking at the moon through the trees. He shivered in the cold air. Before he had time to consider hi…
Moviebarcode: The Animatrix 4 Kid's Story (2003) by moviebarcode

The WIFFLE. Short story.

At the wedding I’d meet my new extended family, but more importantly I was to be presented to the Empress and Matriach of the Clan, my darl…

The Other-Siders

I didn’t think about the fact that my imaginary hook wouldn’t make a splash until I noticed it not make a splash…

What Would You Give?

“What wouldn’t you give…?” said a quiet murmuring voice. “What wouldn’t you give for silken skin like this?”

What is reality?

Darkness subsides and a dream-like effect / Takes over my being, in every aspect. / So light, so free and yet so confused / As to where I a…
Careful, or You'll End Up In My Novel Writer by TheShirtYurt Delia, or The Blue Sweater... by © Janis Zroback Princess: The "Frog Prince" Story - Cool Graphic Design Grunge T-Shirt by Denis Marsili - DDTK

The Truth of the Orb

“The land where legends are born,” my father would say with a faraway look in his eye.

Dinner With Fighting Fish

Be patient. First we have to drive. The fish are already there.
The Trinkets In Grandma's Hutch  (photo story) by CarolM

The Odd Spot

On the same morning the local paper ran a story about a German bus-driver convicted of penetrating two golden retrievers, Kevin Miller chew…
Jackson Harris by Adolph Hernandez Fishface For Short by John Douglas

The Secret to Happiness

What do you do when you work out that life, the world and everything you have done or ever will do is pointless?

Door Ajar

Toxic-Tony I called him.The zingers he flung at me on a regular basis cut, tore and ground like broken grass into my fragility. Another doo…

How to break two hearts

I have my heart in my hands, ready to give it to my husband, whom I’ve always trusted, wanting him to have all of it, and I am blindfolded …

Just Can’t Believe My Eyes

My therapist says that at times he’d like to see me spend some time institutionalized.


Glints of slatted sunlight reflected off the glass that protected a framed painting. A lamb standing on a hill’s green slope. Underneath it…
Alice In Wonderland; A Play. by LireBooks

Under The Bridge

“I want to spend some time with you this summer too, want to spend my life time loving you!” / “I really love you and want to spend whole l…

lies, all lies

Another stupendous stuff up under my belt. Some more self flagellation for the heck of it. Sometimes I embarrass myself from being so weak.
Gathering Feathers - Image and Short Story by CarolM

The Haunting of a Poltergeist

We heard a loud thump and something being dragged along the floor / bedroom brrrrr so cold and I’m sure I heard a moan / The stairs door r…

The One.

The shoes still have the mud on them.
TOMORROW by MekanikaStone33 Seduced By Moonlight by Anthea  Slade Cast Off! by William C. Gladish

The War in Heaven (Story)

‘Welcome to the presence of God,’ the voice boomed, and the scientist trembled quietly to himself. He hated these visits.


It was cold.

Happy Birthday: A letter to my Love

Drama-Filled! A heartfelt story that will touch your life…

Murder in Suburbia (ooh! cool title!)

I thought I was losing it.

Peels (a short story)

“Are you angry at me?” he asked. “Do you feel the same about me?” He closed his eyes and whispered, “Say something.”

Unforgotten Pasts, Beautiful Presents and the Mys…

This photograph was taken on the road from Point Reyes National Park to San Rafael, CA. / The Fence / Certain remnants of the past will alw…

Irish Joke – “3 Pints of Guiness̶…

Patrick walks into a bar in Dublin / Well now, I have two brodders / The barman admits that this is a nice custom

The Absence of You

It was on my bed next to wrinkled sheets, a box, cardboard. I sat against the wall and ran my fingers along the cracks in the hardwood flo…

Birthday poem, age 28.

The day life begins. / And for every year again. / Twenty eight of them now, / and such a lucky man. / How? / Enter this love. / Swooped in…

Obsession – Six Word Story

redbubble / redbubble / redbubble / redbubble / redbubble / redbubble
Bed Story 684 by Michal Tokarczuk


She stopped in her tracks and lifted her head to look at me. „I’m looking out for the ants“, she stated, as if it was the most obvious thin…
Eyes of a Star by William C. Gladish

Before 8 A.M..

It had been a blustery night…the streets were paved with incense, stained with the red juices where passers by had unknowingly brewed…

A Cloning Of My Car

it was a Policeman and the officer said / without paying for your petrol? / Police station …. and its you!
Full Stop! by William C. Gladish Hold the Mayo by John Fish


Norma finished her cereal as per always to the sounds of the ABC, the dose of morning news and current affairs combining with the bowl of f…

Ping Pong V

The man had lived in Despair for far to long now, walked it’s streets, knew it’s hills and valleys, dead ends, junctions and closed doors. …

You Hold My Heart (story for Cathie Tranent’…

He was meant to be home. She sat and waited; watching the shadows creep towards her.

The Legacy

But then the horde stopped its relentless advance. Their leader, wreathed in writhing fire, spoke to the routed fighters, the quivering of …

Love Story

Her image appeared like a beheaded Juno in the mirror. Her body looked soft, incongruously so. Flesh that would split at the slightest pres…

Grieving For Mom by Ellen Hecht © 2011 All R…

“I’d never gotten the last word in with that woman, ever. Here was my opportunity.”
edgar allan poe by hollandart

Incredible Invention No. 225

“Congratulations, Professor! You’ve finally done it!!” / “Thanks J. I couldn’t have done it without your assistance.” / This invention will…

Cryptic Logic (Erotica)…Hey you were warned!


barter system

“You are in financial difficulties, that coin you have in your clenched fist It isn’t worth much but I know how much this body is worth!” /…

Magic like that lasts forever

It was a magic so powerful that it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

You’re my Hope Angel

She left me without a word, and without a single tear, / The shock was so tremendous that I really couldn‘t bare!

The Girl in the Red Leather Coat


The House on the hill

There stood on a desolate mountain a windowless house with only a door. An autumn man as decrepit as the house dwelled within. One stormy n…
Short Story by JennyArmitage

Kansas, 1934

Look back across the years, and you will see us. See each moment as clear and self-contained as a raindrop before it hits the earth and me…

The Exuberance of Youth

The kids were coming. The sun hadn’t even set and he could see them filling the street, eager and excited, bouncing at the idea of bags of …
Old French Fairy Tales: A Tree of Marvelous Beauty by LireBooks Leadership is Art by William C. Gladish


“There is something more than that when a pair is attracted sentimentally, there exists a very powerful bond with each other”

Note from memory II

We sat in the pub in silence. / And occasionally one of use would try to break it, how much she hated her boss, how much I needed to look f…

Timeline Shift

‘Thus the life ends when the planet killers arrive. But everyone is too busy with the dance of chaos to perceive how close the moment…

Mary, Marie, How does your Garden Grow?

A little tale about neighbours, gardening and the blood thirsty spirit of competition.

Addiction III – Six Word Story

Bought Camera / Took Picture / HELP ME!
Sleep Deprivation by Polly Peacock


Dead? / Thoughts jumped rapidly through his head. Synapses quickly pushed aside denial and were replaced by scenes that now made perfect se…

The Story Weaver

Surrounded by shimmering fibres, glittering threads, and in a cloud of colour the Story Weaver sits at her magnificent loom like a spider i…
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