A Knight In Shining Armour – A True Story man thumped a pregnant women in the face / she fell onto the floor / just going to give her another kick. Alone words; and warm sunlight shining, through t… I. / Can you feel the alone words? / Blowing through, like fiberglass stretching / moments into long stale tears, of forgotten, / all too r… The Beloved. She opened the Book of Ancients before him and shared with him the Greater Mysteries of Love’s Way. SHINING STAR Shine as bright as you are – each unique light is a gift to everyone because the more stars that shine, the brighter our world is. Don’t Tell Me the Moon is Shining I told everyone that the moon was shining! No one bothered to look to see if it really was. And why should they, everything appeared norma… * The One * You healed the broken man Point of Light We are all shiny stars,we just don’t realise it most of the time. It’s always nice to be reminded and reminded and reminded!! Shining For You The moon is shining / Only for you, my love / Since the dawn of time / The birth of the stars above / Come dance with me / In the pure moo… Knight in Shining Armor Locked in time. Completely unaware of surroundings. / Grasping truth with unclenched fist. / Finally the burden lifted and tossed into th… The Conception AKA Chapter 3 of Blue Goose Steak… Chapter 3: The Conception / John Sikorak and Troy Severson were on the nightly ride through the backwoods of Southern New Hampshire shining… Rays of Light The rays of light shining from above / sweet reminders of our fathers love. / Shining down warm and bright / Filling the darkness with HIS … The sun was shining The sun was shining / I rose and wept / the earth was turning / I lay down and slept / the fire was burning / I took inventory and swept / … DEATH CAN COME ON SHINING WINGS Yes good deaths, even healing deaths, luminous deaths. Such things are possible. Shining Stars within this Universe i see you as a shining star / high above within the galaxy of midnight sky / i awaite for you as each day come’s to a close / for the… THE SHINING LIGHT THE LOVE OF GOD Shining as this love shines… Bright shining star From out in the distance / Your heart called my name / My heart from then on / Has not been the same / Your strong loving touch / So deep … Shining Through My Solitude Dedicated To Van Snug and His Wonderful Piece My Solitude / Many Many Blessings To My Friend ‘We Are One’ A Light alone in deep darkness; / brilliance shining, Light of Love… / small Essence, gift of Hope; / hope of tomorrow’s golden… Shining Star Like a star, / in the sky. / Way up high, / from a far. / I flicker, / on and off. / Like a switch light. / Sometime’s I shine, / so … Let Go It’s getting dark outside my window / Voices are whispering to me / Let Go / Let Go / Just don’t let her know / She satisfies m… On The Brink of Disaster on the brink of disaster / tiptoeing at each sound / love was not kind to her / it could never be found / looked high and low / sweet smell… MY BRIGHT CLEAR BRILLIANT LIGHT she was a gift from God, an angel that touched my life / I will always love her, and think of her wherever I go… / and whatever I do My Star I’ll always be sorry, / everyday i breath. / Your on my mind constantly, / please don’t leave. To My Dearest shining Star Star, Star-bright, are you the one I see tonight? THE TREASURE The antique store was closed / No one in sight / I knew if I could get in / There would be a treasure just right / I waited and I hoped / F… A CHANCE MEETING IN THE STORE She wanted this woman to hurry up, and on top of that she had a crying baby in the cart… A Shining Star A Shining Star / A heavy fog lay / across the entire country side road, / And down from the north / came an 18 wheeler full in load. / On… You are ……. A Shining Star You are a shining star / So bright / My friend always showing the light Sometimes… Sometimes there is no Knight in shining armor, or if there is he’s up himself or a coward… It’s times like these when we … SHINING LIGHT- ANNIE LENNOX Roman candles that burn in the night / Yeah, you are a shining light / You lit a torch in the infinite / Yeah, you are a shining light / Ye… MY BRIGHT, CLEAR, BRILLIANT LIGHT she was a gift from God, an angel that touched my life / I will always love her, and think of her wherever I go… / and whatever I do long time, no see How do I move forward when the sun is not shining? / Why call yourself honest when we both know your lying? Progression: Flight 854 to LA I hear chanting voices projected into my mind / Through this dark tubing, / As the jealous zealot angels would cry. For here I sit, / Above… The sun’s shining and it’s a nice day… how do I seal my lips / when I love / you / how do I close my eyes / when I love / you / how do I get sand in my toes / lying on the beach … LOVE IS GRAND I’M FINALLY WINNING / I’M IN FRIKKIN LOVE!!!!!!!!!! ‘Daydreams’ these days I find dreams / in everything I do; / leading me – following me - / dreams (dancing) / …blending into living… … Shining Toad …shining toad, / under diamond sky.. ‘Again We Touch’ (shining) here i am again., / somewhere, i don’t know… / confusion rocks my mind; / feeling’s far below. / anticipation and wonder … A Shining Policy Black lust defies the golden dust of love, / That I swiped clean with a cloth, / One Wednesday night at twelve o clock. / Honesty. / That g… Shining Star! And Feature! Many thanks to the Bits And Pieces group for the title of “Shining Star of the Week” for “Genesis”, and for featuri… ‘Timelapsed [Anomalies’ End]’ Walk down the line, / that lies between the mirrors, / filtered through the words / pounding in my head. Unbroken Vows : Prologue Descend into emotion, feel captivated by honor and trust.. feel what my characters feel but first hand…. live it dont just read it… Shining Bright For The World To See Shine Bright little star, / the world is here to see. / Give light to whom you come to meet. / We come together this day for you, / in hope… ‘Lights in the Shadows’ around, around, around alone; / wondering why; / never knowing, / you’re living illusion… / around, around, around alone; / ‘living’ by da… Upon the Shining Shore ( a fallen soldier’s… by George A. Yesthal / Would you await, dear heart / In the early morning’s glowing / By the meadow long for me / With the sleepy cattle lo… Shining On Me I can only say what I feel / about this coming light / when we sit in a dark, crowded room / and through the buzzing and the shadows / of m… Shining Scars Stars are only scars / that age the faceless sky / they shine like tiny teardrops / that the heavens cry / Stars are only scars / a moment … My Guard Has Dropped When all hope was gone, my burnt soul felt so far, / an angel held my hand, called me as a shining star. ‘Evirneaux’ I marched out of February, come whatever may. / Nothing said, no feeling could, com-pare to what I’ve come to know. All Our Shining Lives “Tell me, tell me, why the hell we / live like this and kiss and kiss / but miss our feelings, miss our meanings / miss our older-fas… Shining Light. ~ Shining Light~ / Let your light shine brightly / For all the world to see / Spreading the Holy Gospel / Sharing His love and peace. / Rea… Our Sun I close my eyes / Listen to the wind / Those clear blue skies / and our sun that grins / Brighten my day / When I feel so alone / Or go ast… Shining Lighted Angels Passionate overwhelming feelings hide and abide in my heart in the early morning hours as I sit and am consumed by the morning air so fresh… Knight in Shining Armor? There is no ispiration left / There is no shining light / It’s gone / You used to be so bright / But it fell apart / When you used th… My Shining Star? The stars are appearing and i wonder if they are shining for me. My Dead Daughter’s Dream Diary: Shining Unt… our yearning memories of lost loved ones import to us our finest strength Distant Love You and me / A pair that was never meant to be / And yet here we are / Shining like a star / At least one of us is / The other is just ther… The Secret He glanced at her again, he wanted to pinch himself to see if he was really dreaming, but if he was this was a dream he did not want to wak… The Secret She only smiled and reached out for the volume control knob, turning it up a little. She settled back in her seat and closed her eyes.. My Shining Star… Your self-luminous celestial body shines so brightly, / A sense of purpose; / A mission of meaningfulness. / Your twinkling points of lig… Shining Like a Diamond. “You don’t need me. Go find your life there. I have no direction in life and you’ve got your path paved even before you w… Love Poem For Angela As I look upon the horizon, / I see a beautiful hill. / So lovely and so gentle, / And yet it is so still. The Fading of the Light Look within / It’s never truly over, / When we can begin again / The beacon’s always beckoning, / Look back at where you’…

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