Consent is sexy, bro. by InsomniACK CHILD ABUSE (LETS STOP IT ONCE FOR ALL) by Yago Fear and Despair: The Pursuer by Mathew Reed My Invisible Tattoos - Self Portrait by Jaeda DeWalt "She likes it!" by suzanblac Ghost of Pain - Self Portrait by Jaeda DeWalt Monster What made you into the monster / who made me go so wild? / Could I have stopped it? / No,…. / because I was just a child 'The trusted uncle' by suzanblac "Our special secret" by suzanblac STRETCH THE GIMP by Matterotica An Ordinary Girl It doesn’t take much: / rustling bed covers / a whiff of Old Spice / menacing tattoos, / and I travel / backwards in time, / heart c… THE RAPE OF INNOCENCE With no breasts to fondle / her little body writhes / at the touch of Grandpa’s greasy fingers The GIMPS FIST OF FURY by Matterotica GIMP Penis Pumping by Matterotica The Things Unsavory Girls Miss Out On Behind the optic lens of a death’s head pessimist, lies the macula… retina, door to the optic nerve. Medusa Project: I am Medusa by vjewell "Your'e such a good girl" by suzanblac Get Clean i could feel you / so hard / pushing / breaking / entering / cried out t othe empty air / cried out to the dirty white walls / … Private Saint Public Witch by Adrena87 The Molester My children’s innocence was stolen before they started school. They were five and six when we went on a three week trip to Romania. It wa… Jump Rope Chants, revised (What some little girls would chant if the truth could be told:) / 1. / Three, six, nine / you took what’s mine, / I bore your weight on my… r is for by Sarah J Gibson 'One of mothers boyfriends' by suzanblac the power of touch II (for the victims....) by vampvamp Remembering Milton No-one would vote for / A man that abuses children THE HOSPITAL TORTURE My body is a playground for the doctors. One of these times I might actually die. The last time I was in the hospital for a month… The Pied Pipers of Brightwood Street I’m full of glee and desolation; I’m at once a contented child and a wretched orphan silently bewailing my fate Doreen, Doreen But my stepsister, the kleptomaniac—-oh, the pain / of not getting you back whole, / and loved this time . . . Marriage Bed At night you sneak in and plunder me / bold as any thief under cover of darkness. / You wrap my top sheet around my body mummy like / and c… STOP THE BEATING by Yago Some History Way too soon the touching began / Much older hands, spreading / much younger limbs I AM WOMAN I am woman at birth… What shame, I am discarded… I am woman. / I am woman and I am excised / I am a promised woman / I am woman… RED JANE Video by Jaeda DeWalt PEOPLE WHO UNDERMINE if you knowingly play with another human being’s mind / to cause them to live in fear and make mistakes / -are you not a despicable p… DEPRESSIONISM by Mylilyjoyhollis WHITE SHIRT Physical and sexual abuse effects not only me / But anyone connected to me, my children have all of you / To thank for that… Child Breakers All come to beat, to take and prey, / and leave the broken child inside to lay, / crumpled in the turmoil of their lies. / Secrets cover gu… Unexpected Grace He left me in the morning. I was alone, I was lost in the haze of my own mind, which was exactly how I wanted it to be. I went down the s… Her Sub Commander (Mature) SIFTING THROUGH THE FLOUR --- “Once you bake your head, your dead.” Help me please Won’t someone help me / Please maybe you know me? Freud's fraud by Initially NO TRAILER COURT BETTY by JaneAParis Little Green Machine by ArtistByDesign I DON’T WANT TO BE GLUED TO ANOTHER People need to be allowed to function independently in society, as healthy individuals. Healthy relationships are based on recognizing anot… Strawberry Fields Suddenly I am propelled backwards by the scruff of my neck, and Bec is hissing at me to shut up. 'The locked bathroom' by suzanblac ENEMY TERRITORY by JaneAParis BLACK AND BLUE / PIT STOP BETTY by JaneAParis MY AUNT NANA (Mature) Night Custodian by Adrena87 DEAD HEAD FRED by JaneAParis A womans perogative You rub yourself against me, / I can’t help but smile, Natural Law/Cause and Impact (Mature) GYNECOLOGICAL TARGET by JaneAParis FUCKING SPLITTING HEADACHE by JaneAParis A Daddy’s Love She used to hear her name and love it, / dearly beloved, / then her “daddy’s love” got involved and fucked up the meaning… Depressionism by Fiona Hollis THE DIVINITY OF THE TRINITY they are predatorial stalkers / that walk on my bones and shake my cage… VIVID BLUE SIREN by JaneAParis Girls and Boys The room is bare. There are four worn chairs and broken pieces of plastic blocks that line the corners of the narrow space. There is no win… EVE The winds are coming Mama. / I must take flight. And No One Guessed by JudithRedman FRED THE ACCOUNTANT by JaneAParis HURT AND TWISTED by JaneAParis Blurred young woman silhouette behind glass art photo print by ArtNudePhotos I Do Not Yield My body held the experience, but the experience does not define me / You can never touch my soul / I did not yield / I do not yield / I wi… Unexpected Grace, Part Two I learned how to cook and bake at my aunt’s home, for the eight months I lived there. My mother and I had lived there until I was eight, a… Nafets Nuarb against children abuse by NafetsNuarb One Single Tear She wakes up to find her father over her / Hovering above, dressed in only his robe. / A look in his eyes that spells instant trouble The Man in the Diner I am the odd man out, the hold out at family gatherings, / and everyone too polite or not wanting to hear the truth. Nafets Nuarb against children abuse by NafetsNuarb I Don’t Feel Safe. We are used, we are violated, we are objects, / Stories so many stories of men telling me I’m not pretty, / So many stories of men telling … Bastard Love by Iman  Budi Santosa Bastard Love by Iman  Budi Santosa Bastard Love by Iman  Budi Santosa Bastard Love by Iman  Budi Santosa Bastard Love by Iman  Budi Santosa Bastard Love by Iman  Budi Santosa Bastard Love by Iman  Budi Santosa Don't See Me by Jackie Carpenter The Salvation Army by chris benice Nafets Nuarb against children abuse by NafetsNuarb Compass With No Needle by Nytchade Things Never Spoken of by OpeningMinds

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