Gingerbread Series Inspried by the movie ‘Brothers Grimm’ this series of aquatints explores the origin of fairytales and dismisses their sanitization! Convert/Import, Edit Canon VIXIA HF Series Video … <a href=>Doremisoft Mac AVCHD Converter</a> is the best Advanced Vid… Wounded If I show you my wounds, / will you show me yours? / Then will our connection be / deep enough for our healing to begin? / Will you look … No is No No is not yes / No is not sort of / No is not kind of / No is not maybe… / No to mind games that devastate sensitive brains / No to power t… World In his Arms She is to him the most precious gift / She is the beat of his heart, / the beam of his moon, / the shine of his stars / and the ignite of h… Poem 1 of The Alchemy Series: Eat drink and be me… Pure love, true love, divine love / God love— / the kind that you can actually smell, like / spring sun on a garden of lilies / is /… You Are Love tenderly beautiful / sensually aching from / the first hair on your head / to the last piece of skin on your toe / you embody the essence … Fake Memoirs III Let me introduce myself. / I’m that girl the boys would take home to their Mum and then ravish at the drive in. That kid who worked h… Who will it be, the slut or me? ( journal series) I dialed your number but / the voicemail said / to leave a message, you are busy, / so I did / _“hi baby, please don’t be too late / reme… Poem 4 of the Alchemy series: Home in the Palm of… All my life I have looked at myself— / as if I was a disease! A mutant cell intruding / in a sea of Meant For’s and Should Be’s; / a mistak… Poem 8 of The Alchemy Series: Swirling my palm ov… There is a movement / that can teach / even a blind man to see; / carry the wicked / to water; / marry the heaven and hell of this world /… Poem 9 of the Alchemy Series: Words grow hearts l… There is a man inside me / peeking out / from behind Adam’s ribs / at the bottom of the deepest sea, / breathing in fish / and out bubbles… Poem 2 of The Alchemy Series: Holding up Worlds It is no wonder / you carry the weight of the world / on your back— / if the sky were falling, / you’d raise up your arms / to hold it, to… Jesus The Bridge To Heaven Mini series lesson 2 How did Satan and Man become sinners ? Poem 6 of The Alchemy Series: The Slow Death of T… I am trying to make sense of this dirt; / this stasis of living inside the us of us. / But how much sense can be made / when our love pock… Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) Part 1 What must a person do to see The Kingdom of God ? Goddess Of Belly Dance She moves with sensuous grace. / There is something in the way she shimmy’s / as her hips curve and weave a tapestry of intrigue, / her tum… Poem 10 of the Alchemy Series: Mind your head (an… Before the moon breaks like an egg / on your hollow / of waxing man’s cheek, / mind your head / on the cuneiform door— / the frame / that … Pathways to Pleasure Sinuous skin with supple curves / that burst in graceful dismay. / Lithe sensuality that skips / through delectable daisies. / Speechless … Poem 7 of The Alchemy Series: Don’t look at me, I… You know those people who make sure to tell you— / the writer of life’s beautiful sewage and its repugnant cherries on top— / “I don’t want… Poem 5 in The Alchemy Series: HOPE Why is it / when I look at you / you frown, / expecting the worst? / Why not dance / between my eyes / instead?— / holding the face… Blue Already inside her / Is the boat / And the rocking Goddess Rising and Falling She rises from the flowers / before the ashes have turned to soot / A phoenix star, defiant vivid, she breathes / an alchemist turning hurt… A Series of Text Messages to Janet Janet. I hope you have a hangover / And the kids are screaming, Sensuality Touch me with your sensual fingers / through the layers of blue pleasure. / Look at me with your sensitive eyes / that know the murmurs of … the awakened, the dear departed day turns into night / night into day / pulse stopped blood coursed through your veins Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) less… The cross – God’s plan to save man from the judgment of the second death. Voice I lost my voice. / At 13 it disappeared / in front of 300 peers / my speech dissolved to nothing. / Mortified I wish to say something. / S… Addendum to poem 6 of The Alchemy Series: Black B… The water brings the bear; / the Bear whispers to the salmon; / the salmon swims through me. / Today he spoke no words / of the garden— /… Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( Mini series ) lesson… Jesus’ s death on the cross, was it fate or predestined Wife or Mistress or Soulmate ? Carrington loved his wife Jasmine. She was mysterious and demure but there was another woman at his work with a bold and fiery libido. Char… Captivated By You Captivated by the way your eyes / focus and see me / Delighted that you are present / here right now / Ignited by the feeling that you hold… Series Part 1 of My Beautiful Daughter Frances My life has always been full of anecdotes that are too fantastic to be true. I would have loved to write about all of them, but sometimes … Dreaming of Him Dreaming of him / makes her feel beautiful / Seeing his image / in her minds eye / Filling in the detail / the line, colour and form / He t… Humming the song through a feather in the mists o… The act of climbing a mountain is changed succinctly and dramatically by the act of observing the climb and making route root choices. Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) lesson 9 What will you do with Jesus ? Series Part 4 of My Beautiful Daughter Frances Of course, Frances’s luck with jobs was another big joke. One time she worked while in college in our town before moving to the other town … Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) less… Jesus filled all of the things that were spoken of the prophets about God’s Savior Series 2 of My Beautiful Daughter Frances I felt this uncomfortable pressure all day long in my lower abdomen. I went to sleep for after all, I thought that this pregnancy was forev… Fire in Her Belly Waiting. / Embers of desire spark. / Smouldering. / Lush thoughts… / sweet feelings / that do not allow rest. / Body memories tingle / as… The Wu Shan Fairy Series Background. The Wu Shan Fairy Series is based on a famous Chinese legend about Wu Shan (Wu Mountain), located at the traditional eastern border of Chin… Hobbit Hut Lore This is for all the folks that have been enjoying the Hobbit Hut series…. / The last time I was out photographing local treasures, I … Pilgrims Series, a Tibetan Book and the Story of … Several weeks ago I started to read ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’ written by Sogyal Rinpoche. Sogyal having been born and brought … Jesus The Bridge To Heaven Mini series lesson 3 What happened to Satan and Man after they sinned against God ? lilith 1 set adrift with bird like feet / in fleeting waters Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) lesson 8 Jesus paid the penalty for sin. New Series Hey Everybody! / So I am on a mission to create a series I like to call “See Through Me” / To see the first one of the series … Dusky Pink Encircles Her Heart Dusky pink encircles her heart / Deep brown of his eyes / warms her with iridescent power / Her rose bud opens to heat of his stare / Her b… Jesus The Bridge To Heaven ( mini series) less… Jesus destroyed the works of the Devil. Read All Bout It, Hot Off The Press, What Does T… My hope is that through this series you will better understand my art work and poetry, and the ideaology that influences my work. Thanks! Feature Missing you… Hyde Park Art Center Benefit – “Not Just Another Pretty Face” Exhibit Garden of Love I had a dream sublime / that danced across my mind / I saw giant flowers in a garden tower / above two lovers dancing, / There was sun flow… BRUSHES … BRUSHES . . . I believed that I wasn’t an Artist. The Chronicles of Little Miss Argonaut I was nevertheless moderately thrilled to be unconscious in the ether this evening. / I would have slipped on my evening gown but my birth… Eve She is said to be the first / Woman on earth Series Part 3 of My Beautiful Daughter Frances Frances was a good baby until she turned to the terrible twos. Once when we were leaving a pizza place during the holidays she managed to s… THE SHADOW WALKS 1…..a series of photos Phantom ghost / shadowy manifestation / of thought light Do you remember? ( journal series) Do you recall / the moment when you told me? / Do you remember / the feeble reasons that you offered? SpyGuy Series One-of-a-kind prints! Hey all RB’er’s! / As some may have noticed over the last few days, ive been uploading Original one-of-a-kind silkscreen print… Motherlove You laboured so much, that I barely have / known but for sure, for my sake, for us all. / I never said I love you, but I do, / You’ve… Love Lines #1 … honest saw … Love Lines #4 The phone did not ring Love Lines #3 A stanger asks " Are you ok?" The Willow (Repost first in the series) She sits alone, legs up to her chin / Her eyes start to swell, the tears begin / The forest her home / The Willow her protection / She h… Love Lines #2 just breathed in hope Dear Brian Jacques The literary world lost a great author over the weekend. Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series, died on February 5, 2011 during emerg… Catching Waves … “Here and there, and back again, catching waves as they roll in with a greeting. / Unfurl them selves with story” A series of unfortunate rhymes Love me and hold me The Woman Who Was Afraid to Breathe, or As the Ti… “Here we go again”, I thought out loud, "that’s on page 3 of the SPOUSE ABUSERS’ MANUAL, right after ‘Ge… Weekday Series: It Started on a Monday Morning “Asmodeus he cries!” The monster man warbled. His face was taken up almost entirely by a mouth that stretched from one invisible ear to the… Artist statement, autumn 2005 Sometimes I think that I am a born treehugger. The word “nature” has always brought to mind Romantic images of sun glinting thr… The Museum Exhibit of the Sarika Artifacts The Sarika ArchWorks / The Sarika were an ancient mysterious race of beings. As far as we can know from the translations of the now famous … THE FARMER’S WIFE … She seemed to be terrified, apologetic, embarrassed and even feeling guilty to have to use part of the air we were all breathing. As if sh… series of a few love poems i wrote. -I thought I got over you, I watched it pass. / But now i fear that the love for you is coming back. / -I can’t believe that the feel… ramadan series #4 featuredddddddddd woohoooo in Cards: best of the best group!!! thank you sooooooooo much!!! oh yeah this feels amazing!… Vacation series got fetured!… Vacation series got fetured!… Winter and Wild series # V were featured !… Winter and Wild series # V were featured !… Opian Royal Air Force Series It’s the year 2439, and the human race has entered a grand age of intergalactic space travel. A series of ramblings After the hurting is done, I will be fine. I will be amazing, I will learn to love again. I will find someone who deserves what it is I h… AND THE PHILLIES ARE THE 2008 WORLD SERIES CHAMPS… YEAH PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!! / WAY TO KICK TAMPA BAYS BUTS!!! / WORLD CHAMPS!!!! / 22 YEARS IVE BEEN ALIVE, IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY!!!! /… Wild series;Poppy buds flower IX!… was feat… Wild series;Poppy buds flower IX!… was featured!… Dream Shot #01 Reality and words Love Lines #11.01 Hiding trees in a bare forest on this same world. Three More Calendars Sold!!! Since creating my calendars three weeks ago, I have now sold six of them. Thank you very much to whomever has purchased three copies of … Sunflower series II (Sun)…! got a feature&#… Sunflower series II (Sun)…! got a feature… Haggard When the numbness wears off / I wonder if you will feel the depth / of pain you have caused others Lion series The lion series was taken at the Phoenix zoo., I enjoyed watching this lovely male lion on a nice warm day in October. This exhibit was the… The corporation finally succeeds (corporation ser… Corporate junkies suck out the lives / Of all the dew eyed miners, / They long for their homes, / Lost souls in grey worlds, / Searching th… Digital Artifact Series “The middle of us is so wide – it is full enough of extremes beyond the expanding limits that outbound it.” Silent Scream A familiar feeling began / creeping back into my gut / I knew it was starting all over again… Untitled ( From a series called Moments ) There’s a lilting in the rumble of the never ceasing traffic / People pass like figures in a dance; / There’s a brightness in t… Love Lines #10.01 Orgasms are living proof The UnderConscious (part 15-b) Unheld as the giving air no one keeps / In comfort alone by the cradle of here we all share the … Love Line #8 sure … you can keep all those things Love Lines #5 She said ‘Thank you for going meat shopping for me.’
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