Far Away, So Near I am a creature just like you / Constrained by the normal laws of physics, if not fiction / I don’t fly like Superman, nor am I at a… SRB Separation by Jim Roche ‘Altered’ When not concerning himself with the alter ago fighting an epic, insane war across a swathe of parallel universes and alternating realities… ‘Foxtrot Tango Uniform’ Of late I find myself surrounded by the meek and the naive. The simple, ignorant, timid, oblivious and occasionally plain obnoxious. Given … ‘Clot’ It seems such a strange thing, the fashion after which we met; your voice painting strokes of light upon the tumult canvas of my mind, from… Sinister Separation by Dean Warwick The Separation of Time and Space by AaronSavage ‘HEIR (Part II)’ As I tepidly edged further into uncertainty, it occurred to me that I’d left the right jacket on the opposing coast. / A short time l… ‘Lunamosity’ ‘..For I adore her so fiercely and there is nothing I love moreso; than to stride the gardens of her night, awash in radiance. [The o… ‘Reticent’ It’s been Ten years. / You would come to me, / while I was between worlds. / I’m still escaped by the notion / of exactly what … ‘Flicker’ I surveyed my seemingly immeasurable foolishness, from some hollow mid-night hour, far afield of brighter days. Terms akin ‘unparalle… ‘Saltwater’ The saltwater drips from my hair, / the tide sways at my chest. / The evening light washes away; / The molten fire, / in fraying nerves. / … ‘Breaking The Loop’ I’d always felt homeless. / All the half glimpsed / memories, dreams and visions, / seemed to serve to illustrate; / the feeling was … ‘Nine’ Black ink blooms, in cloudy fields of white; as my heart breaks asunder, five thousand miles removed. / I am the light that fell, through a… ‘Eras’ Scale of population irrespective, the world is uniformly empty at this strange hour. / Eras keep ending as I walk away from the critical ma… ‘Wildflower_II’ The reverberations cast by The Anomaly, caused a fracture in the universe housing this particular Frame of Instance. / A splinter in time. … ‘Versions [.220609]’ She plays with the seagulls, / on the shores of the sky. / She feels her ambitions, / walking on down the line. / Right out of her heart; /… ‘Conduit’ Deployment disparate deserved of? Well it’s all quite possible. / Know that however we’re separated, I’m channeling reinf… ‘Volley’ Like bodkin-tipped-cloth-yards loosed en masse through the night, toward targets on the same field; our trajectories carry us seemingly so … ‘Temporal’ I find it to be the singular most harrowing detail of the whole ordeal. To see the ‘man’ and his influence upon the order of th… ‘Departed’ Though in time I came to love the nearer side; hence I’d been driven, by necessity not only, too a long suppressed desire; invariably… ‘The Commission’ I commissioned a little bird your way to carry, my endless unyielding adoration; the most fierce and true reserves of all my love. / I was … ‘Cyclic’ Spring’s bright fragrance upon the night’s breath; dashing oh so heady.  / Arcing through the sultry air and sparking off a sig… ‘Move’ If summer falls to winter, / then spring will see us through. / The circles overlapping here; / just heralds of the new. / Another gorgeous… ’Kristin’s Verse’ She was the star that cut a swathe, / through the half-wrought-rhetoric. / I had known her long before; / saw her from afar. / Hers was th… ‘Faded’ The sun is but a front for this one truth, / your beauty’s what illuminates my world; / but far across the night in depth of thought,… ‘Divide’ I swore / we’d not divide; / amidst the illusion of time. ‘Love Me Some Walking’ Through TV-sets, with vacant stares, they idolize the monster. Taking great comfort from the hypnotic calm they find in its’ worship.… ‘Splinter’ Am; / One entity. / Defined by duality. / Governed by ruling Thirds. / The wounds incurred now quarterised. / I count to five in Japanese. … ‘Our Kind (One of)’ Sought the finest, in goddess; entreat, enslave, surpass or match. Mayhap fall ’neath the sway of their, shapely slender shadows. / W… ‘HEIR’ How often is it that I am ever really here? On nights this temperate, I always seem more likely else. / Waking consciousness binds not, eve… ‘Convoluted’ I tussled of olde with the insolvent notion that I am a cantankerous anachronism; to draw neither sound conclusion, or eventuate personal a… ‘The Transit Measure [iT.1]’ Far above and well below. / Dark as deep and clear across, / pressing forward through waking light; / to permeate our dreams. / I was lande… Separation Issues by VinnyTheGuy separation anxiety by DMEIERS ‘Another Son’ I’ve spent a lot of time adrift it seems, complacent given shelter in the harbour of tomorrow. / I came to in a serene courtyard, dre… Nothing to Say by AnnieJayne Corinth Canal by GysWorks ‘Brother’ I marched past monuments to violence, exhibited plainly for all in dedicated civility; I thought about my brother. To be fair, I’d be… Wall With Barbed Wire by visualspectrum ‘Circles’ Lead the charge. Put it off . Stand apart. Wonder why. Commit regardless. / I’ve been through all of this, with all of you. Far too m… ‘The Divide’ I found a way out west once more unto the sunset state. / Still I’z decked in last nite’s garb, with time to percolate, torn in… Street style  by areyarey

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