Cartoon TNT/Dynamite stack [Small] by jefph Lesbian Lovers Taking A Relationship Break by taiche True Lies by taiche Separation of Love by Annie Lemay  Photography is that you Mara... ? by roy skogvold Love’s threads I knew you / before our eyes met, / love’s threads woven / when we were / still one. / Your birth / making us / live as two, / love&… Two bridges or Wondering which side of the bridge is Home by Ina Mar Hour of Separation by Pamela Phelps Cartoon Silhouetted Couple [Big] by jefph Encoded  by Carin Fausett Lilac Wine by Ina Mar mother, I´m coming by roy skogvold Mother and child 4    sep..arat....ion.... by roy skogvold Our Lips Intertwined Into One Cry by Ina Mar march = separation by titus toledo I miss the sound of your sewing machine since you're gone by Ina Mar your rain Un jour de pluie. / by Farfarm / your rain / You fall like rain upon my skin / refreshed and slapped by molecules of your love / untranslat… LA HISTORIA DE MI CORAZON by palma tayona shadows the night is chilled / my heart is heavy / as i walk through / the rooms i once loved / where dollhouses stood / side by side / and sist… Each took a path At the fork / each took a path / separate, both right / both right I repeat to myself / will we always find each other / like you promised When Love's Gone by SmoothBreeze7 Tectonics There is no other elsewhere – / I read that once, / and like an arrow straight and true / it pierced my understanding. tema natale con opposizioni by Moon Black The Divorce by Dan Jesperson birrung (star) I wrote you a letter in the dirt. That Gap Between Us by Ina Mar shared solitude: sunset beach by Fiona Lokot Sisterly Love by Julie Marks Victory civilization creeps in the window / along with a stuttering breeze / sifting the ashes Separations No matter what I try to do / a void will keep me / waving at distance; / involuntarily out of your view. / You say the cold is bothersome, … Separation Enforced separation… THE COMFORT OF LOVE by pjmurphy Another rainy day passes by (without you by my si… (Mature) Does a compass ever lie? To escape this white winter landscape / Is to travel NORTH to where your ice-melting sun rises Waiting for you... by Nuh Sarche WHOEVER LISTENS Don’t look back now, it’s far too late / Don’t want your Hello’s or Goodbyes / just close the gate. / No more cryin… Scraped by Adrena87 Separation by Reynaldo son to me father to you time passed time present time tomorrow / time to let go i want one more day Selective memory 10 years from this very second… Wednesday’s Song Thursday mourning Wednesday’s Song Yes  by SmoothBreeze7 Deep Emotions by SmoothBreeze7 Thoughts and Broken Roses When the train pulls out / I’ll be on my way, / thoughts and broken roses, / nothing left to say……. The Last Night What persistent night / this deepening void / that befalls this vessel, / lying breached, separated / A mournful mist settling o’er … Separation by Sue Wickham THE FOOLISH PLAYER SEPARATION & DIVORCE CAN BE CRUEL Christmas 2009 Recession made Christmas harder than ever before / Family’s splitting – money the core / Dad’s leaving to live on the str… LOOKING FOR SOMEONE You, love, / are as profound as a hand, / smooth, small, round, / resilient as a young tree, / active as a bee, Hick Hack by SmoothBreeze7 Snow and sand  by liptonmania I KNEW WHEN LOVE IS GONE Stand Off? A lament on distance and separation Two figures standing face to face but separate. / A drift of dandelion seeds stirring in the space between us. / The light here is pale gre… As We Evolved Over Time… Past youthful stage between us had long died / Quickly before we ever knew / Real pain was festering in our hearts, / Separating us more an… ‘Clot’ It seems such a strange thing, the fashion after which we met; your voice painting strokes of light upon the tumult canvas of my mind, from… ‘Afire’ Degrees of resistance equivalent roughly, regardless of altitude; between lighting a poorly thought-out-flame-and, the mechanism of a faili… Love is duplicitous  by MissBehaving THINKING ABOUT YOU by pjmurphy love' is the separation of knowing by steve2727 Rusty Shackles by FuriousEnnui Hope of Love by SmoothBreeze7 Separation by Evan Joslyn THINKING ABOUT YOU by pjmurphy Passing bye by SmoothBreeze7 ‘Lunamosity’ ‘..For I adore her so fiercely and there is nothing I love moreso; than to stride the gardens of her night, awash in radiance. [The o… Love vanished Seven years have passed / since first I married him / Whence he succombed his bride / Yet when I told him of babe we’d due / it felt … Are you leaving me? by nitsmule My Wish I hope you one day reach your dreams, / For once in your life have all you need. THINKING ABOUT YOU by pjmurphy Unwilling You seemed to be in your mind / Elsewhere than I / Even while in the same space / Almost drowning / Almost sinking / When the outcome may … Counting the Days Till We Meet Again  by Carin Fausett A Mild Separation I only know the emptiness of being alone. The rest is strange to me. So much easier to sit under his voice and let the words pellet me like… separation by photog024 Death of a Lonely Heart Time had taught me well… / The heart was useless / and only took up space. / Yet no matter how, / it would hope / and cas… Small differences Someone drifts away, caught in the silence / Sometimes salvation can be found in pain / To be yourself is all you seek to do / To love your… Step by Step by SmoothBreeze7 BAC IN THE DAZ! Can you think back to a time / when young love had no fear / It was definately so blind / And you never dare shed a tear. Everything a moment everything is a moment / a scent, / a taste, / a touch / washing remembering through my veins / like the ocean that never rests / not in dr… ‘Saltwater’ The saltwater drips from my hair, / the tide sways at my chest. / The evening light washes away; / The molten fire, / in fraying nerves. / … What Takes You Away by artgraeco Separated The end of a marriage. A new beginning. ‘Breaking The Loop’ I’d always felt homeless. / All the half glimpsed / memories, dreams and visions, / seemed to serve to illustrate; / the feeling was … ‘Tiding’ I swore only not to write to you. No mention was made of restraining unnecessarily my adoration of so obscenely compelling; let alone beaut… ‘Grin (For the Missing)’ Tides of heat relentless, remind us here of frailty. / Skies so clear could fracture; ’eral-ding some fracas. / We would sit out smil… the hatred of the truth was her taproot to jealou… she was always jealous of the way i loved him. / he was the bloody, smeared end of the day, the prelude to the dark. / and she, she was t… Love Blues by SmoothBreeze7 SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE one love in love, the next out ReSet by SmoothBreeze7 Yellow Harvest (Fields of Sorrow) I was sure I’d see the tears / Swim from the chocolate eyes / I’ve come to love sublimity by titus toledo Calendar forever waiting by SandraJean One's Delight Is Another's Sadness by KarasuHachidori ‘Wildflower_II’ The reverberations cast by The Anomaly, caused a fracture in the universe housing this particular Frame of Instance. / A splinter in time. … Holding Hands- Love Lost In Transit by JessaRe The Distance Of A Journey We have walked one small path together. ‘To Get Her’ This here place of old, / was where gunfighters came to cry. / Bleeding streams of molten lead / from haunted silver eyes. / The G.O.D.S. o…
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