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Chase the emotion / around my heart / until it crystallises / A butterfly landing / on an open flower / Beauty upon beauty / My eyes water …

Nothing Feels Better

Nothing feels better than loving. / Nothing. / I have a memory of the sly details of deception / I would lay on me heart, / But I am old no…




Her hair flows freely, looks like ravens / Guarding the tower of her nubile frame / Taunts and teases with every movement / Playing with de…


I’m strutting my verve on these pages / Flaunting my literary juices / Succulent dissertations to assimilate / I want your doing wor…


I lazily toss / my legs over the moon / hanging, waiting

The Lovers

My naked thinking heart …

Erotic Encounter With A Woman Undressing A Manneq…

Nothing ventured nothing gained


Your touch feels like / Sunlight on my skin

noticing my worn nails and lack of makeup

Noticing my worn nails / and my lack of makeup / He saw I didn’t preen like other woman do / Nail polish and lip gloss it just ain’t…

fluttering synths

the way he undressed her / she even / forgot her nudity..

I want you to remember me

I want you to remember me. / Remember my favourite things. / Remember the way I like to play / With your body. / Remember the way I look at…

Tonight (Sensual)

Tonight / Kiss me / Heart shaped lips / Wet; / from the warmth of your eager tongue / … meeting mine, circling round – soft, se…


For when we… / Two are fierce… / With Wrath…


Will you find a silver spoon to dip into my thimbles?

Goddess Of Belly Dance

She moves with sensuous grace. / There is something in the way she shimmy’s / as her hips curve and weave a tapestry of intrigue, / her tum…

kissing long…lips

with cherry sap / i scan my shivering sensations from the left, / printing heat waves into your excited pulse to the right

Not Tonight


Kiss me, want me, take me…

Electric shocks as your tongue touches mine / An erotic dance of passing time / My heart’s racing as fast as yours / My body’s craving for …

Art of Flesh

He paints pictures / with his mouth


Breathe in as you pass her / Her fragrance will linger on / The thoughts in your mind / Will go way beyond / The glance that you gave / As…

The Call

Hell could never fell like this.

The taste of her…

Sssh! / She whispered lightly, / A giggle on her tender lips, / Her eyes were filled with mischief, / As the girl sashayed her slender hip…

the peach

delicate folds spread wide & manhandled. / probing licks & savouring of such landscape.

…. One Devine Flower of love ….

Eyelids slowly open within / a conscious sound of breathing, / Your gentle face flickering / within my mind, barely awake, / Your presence …



Suite Sound Images of Her

Then rest / —to learn her heaving / Composition: Heart and chest


Rain descends delicately / Kissing the earth / Sensual and wistful / It envelops her / Caressing her endless contours / With certainty / C…

Violin Hips.

such beauty, / played on strings, / a symphony, / love sings, / such tone, / played with bow, / such movements, / and sensual flow, / such …

Kiss Me

Kiss me / Morning, / Day and Night / Lips touching / Limbs tangling / Minds entwining

desert bloom

living in the desert / skin gets dry / gathering itself in fine striations / reminiscent of tissue paper


And then / I have silent words / That you read / That I write / To not vanish / To exist / With what I feel / With who I am / Deep, deeper,…

The witness

The air was thick and humid, / A black and starry night.. / The clouds had not returned since winter, / The summer it was dry. / We sat tog…

Original Sin

so, / i found the apple and just bit… / juice winding down my wrist

Cold Water

I leant against the wall / As the cold water / Soothes the white hot heat and scorching / Caused by your touch and tender moments shared …

My Dawn

And we love,make love,give love,take love…steal it as thieves that we are.

The morning after (sensual)

I lay in your bed, on my side. My one leg exposed out and wrapped around the white cotton sheets, curled around my body and I held its end …

When I think of You (sensual)


Have You Been A Good Girl Today?

I think you need to sit in the naughty chair. / Watch me give pleasure / To myself alone / Slowly, loudly, forcefully / Will you like that?…

Remake me.

skin on skin and soul on soul we taste the salt from the others skin and whisper unrecallable words to each other

These Late Days Of Summer On The Moor…

The shadows sweeping across the moor, like dark phantoms chasing the light..the scent of the earth, the purple heather, and bilberries eate…

In The Dark

In the dark / There are mysterious pleasures / Erotic and sensual

Shattered Dreams

Ride ecstasy’s emotions, journey into sensuous delicacy / Trace the sigh that registers a breath of air upon the skin…

on first visiting my garden

welcome to my garden / take my hand and i will show you / all my treasures here

Trick AND Treat

She pulled him in the house / Blew out the candles flame / No more little monsters / The masked one she must tame

Love Me

Kiss me gently as I may linger there / wanting to be your oxygen

To have the rights to say No!

such pleasure it becomes, / the ultimate act / You lift your hand

The Five Sensuals


She and The Sea

“Let your feet be swept from the ground, / La petite mort is sweet and sound."

Fairfield Avenue ~ my first poem

More abstract thoughts / Up on / High breezes / Painting pastel strokes / Fast and slower / Eyes entranced by wing-feather / Cloud edge wis…


I see you every day, / Take in your beautiful pale skin, blue eyes, chestnut red hair. / I daydream while listening to you speak wishing …

the circus of ecstasy

when it hits it’s unmistakable / undeniable unstoppable / the world could blow apart / and you wouldn’t care

Dusky Pink Encircles Her Heart

Dusky pink encircles her heart / Deep brown of his eyes / warms her with iridescent power / Her rose bud opens to heat of his stare / Her b…

The Awakening

He lifted her closer to him / a single finger traced her lips.

The Reflection

The candle flickered / a subdued light / upon the surface / of the mirror / as the eyes didn’t / even notice,

Tower of Shadows

Red river burning / Bubbling / Boiling / Bursting through my veins

The Price of Passion

I dominate / Your every move / Loom above you / In my stance / It’s all / Part of our / Romance

Peets-Studio City-3 PM-Of a Black Hat & Straw…

Riparian breeze, soft burble of a brook and the emotional stillness I so treasure. You walked by again.

the bell of your sensual class

my vagina is the school of cool and my fingers are the bullies

Be Real

Touch me / Let not the air of distance / Caress my skin / But, be it your breath

Untitled…Suggestions Welcomed.

an orgasm so seismic


“To be sensual is to respect and rejoice in the force of life itself ,and to be present in all that one does ,from the effort of lovi…


i saw him / climbed into his heart / his lips waited / warm and tasting of wine / we danced on the roof / barefoot and limber / to the whis…


What is your fantasy?

No Respect

Amos had a strategy.

Love, lust and desire

Love and Lust have a daughter, her name is Desire

Shafts of light

David stood under the shower and looked into the cool spray.

Sensual thoughts

Sensual thoughts …. flowing course …’s force …..

The Unintentional Slip

so close / yet so far / pull me in just a breath of air more / and my body would be exploding with the sensualities of you, girl

We Are One (Erotic)

She whimpers as the heat of my breath / Enters the orifice of her mind / And she releases the sound / That only love can describe

“Garden if Idin” Chapter 4 Ti’f…


Take my hand….

Take my hand. Please, lead me there. / The softness of your skin excites me and I want this so very much. / But,……………

Ecstasy Awaits

While each breath is exhaled / In synch with the strike of second hands / Patience becomes an unwanted friend


Hips pivot and thrust, / Lost in lust and trust. / Muscles harden, tenses, / A victim of my senses.


I am powerless as his intonation takes over me, / I am heeding to his ryhme, / I succumb into his tempo, / I am drawn into the strength of …

A Day in the Sun


The Heart Of The Fire

such a bad liar! / How could you do this to me? / Burning of Desire!

Introduction to Shayde

Ciarra is gorgeous. Since the first time i laid eyes one her almost a year ago i had been smitten. To have her here, with me, alone, was so…


“How the fuck are you so warm?” she demands. / “Were metabolism.” I say with a shrug. / “Your not a Werewolf&…

Shower Fresh

as i slip it on over my head / i can almost feel your hands / caressing every part of me the shirt touches / it doesn’t miss much / i…


“AS I WAKE” / As i wake, i find you in my arms. / The smell of your hair urges me to pull you even closer, to hold you just tha…

The Underground


The beast withing you

I see him hidden deep within, / Your mask a thin disguise, / He’s always been a part of you, / The beast behind your eyes… …



A Walk In The Valley

You wander down the long road / Marvelling in the curves and crevices / Glancing over imperfection / Leaving your mark upon the hills /…


Insurmountable / These feelings seem to overpower / As your breath seduces me


Tear up the map / and let’s chase down / the night / escape across / the desert floor / over long thin / ribbons / of road / come r…



Dressing for dinner

Dressing for dinner / She threw on a blue silk dress / Smothering Moonlight

Natural breath.

Whispers in my ear, / tussling of my hair, / and sweeping me / off my feet. / Wrapping a blanket / around me, / warmth engulfs my form, / n…

Primal Awakening

Passion erupts, / Burning hot, / Fire cascades.

Warm Water



I am the fingers that caress your desires / I am the jewels you long to touch / I am the lips you often to kiss


our romance was hot / extremely intense / as our naked bodys / lie together under the / egyptian silk cotton sheets / our skin touching sk…

The Alluring Sting


Evening Gown

Draping down / Slightly clinging / To the skin / Bright and happy / Soft and fleeting / To the touch / Light and lifting / In the breeze …
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