I am senseless... by Christina Rodriguez Sinnlos (Senseless) by Jean M. Laffitau Tired of things that don't make all by queenenigma Senseless by Vestque Senseless...window. by RosaCobos Mocha me Senseless by ShaneKrieger Ron Mael is awesome by Blake Chamberlain senseless by david hicks Decayed and Senseless – by Ushna Sardar &am… I’ve been living in a circle / that restricted freedom / I saw the chains of fear and misery / I’m left here in chains / decaying like the … The Light of Day by Albert The Ambush by Andy Mueller Memorably Mental by Michelle Munday Making Sense of the Senseless there must be a reason nameless. senseless. endless. by Jaclynn Burns STREET SMART (BAR'S IN THE BACK) by martin venit Red bubble me senseless by vesa50 Tender Desperation Sometimes / You’re too hard to follow / Tonight / I want to be swallowed / I despise your broken-hearted / Look / You’re open … a senseless departure The carpet had thinned remarkably, discoloured from forty years of movement and smelled of my father’s coffee and my mother’s flowery herba… Senseless (W is for Wall) by ellismorleyphto Guilty Mother's thought for the day #1  by GuiltyMother Senseless by Windcrest of Tea Cups and Kittens I dreamt of classic tea cups and mewing kittens, / barrels poured empty, / a world devoid of sand. Ready for the Slaughter by Robert Douglas Senseless Every action has a reaction and every heart break has a reason / Every emotion has a season and every feeling needs a home / Planted firmly… Senseless I look, but do not see / I listen, but do not hear / I touch, but do not feel Senseless Angry Fun Pizza Manager 2 by ACProsser SENSELESS KEEP THE FAITH Sweeping for Seminoles by Joshua Bell Practice Random Beauty and Senseless Acts of Love by aprilann senseless by sshankar Senseless Angry Fun Pizza Manager by ACProsser Aurora if the violence swirling all around us / doesn’t strike us down specifically / at the very least it frays / the edges of our resolve… Do Little Acts of........ by gothgirl Senseless Analyzing life without perception / is the same as asking others / how the food taste L’s Thought on naming things Last Night found the ladder, / Redeamed / She climbed up to scrutinise reflection / Hers being defined / in city-lights and stars: / A nega… Senseless Sin So young, / Such Innocence, / Shot down / By senseless sin / He had nothing to do / With your inconvenience / So tell me why / You have gon… Red Bubble me Senseless by vesa50 Senseless by yook Senseless You know I hate / Being unappreciated Scared Senseless by Clayton Bruster Guilty Mother's thought for the day #1  by GuiltyMother Rather Pointless by KarmaSparks Senseless Daggerless. / No one fear, no cold, no stagger, Senseless I see what I shouldn’t see / With eyes that shouldn’t be looking. / But I can’t help it, / There’s just too much be… Blogging Myself Senseless Everybody wants to feel… / pretty basic statement. / Sure we all know it is truth but feel – feel what exactly? Blogging Myself Senseless Everybody wants to feel… / pretty basic statement. / Sure we all know it is truth but feel – feel what exactly? Senseless People Think only about themselves… madness by Logan81 PRACTICE RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS AND SENSELESS ACTS OF BEAUTY by karmadesigner Nam by James Tuer THINK, LOOK and LISTEN...  by NICK COBURN PHILLIPS Keep Calm and Stuff Yourself Senseless by Robert Steadman Madness by Logan81 Senseless by Willasinwilliam Ron Mael on dark and handsome tees!  by Blake Chamberlain Life without horses is possible but senseless by nektarinchen Lest We Forget by Lisa Knechtel 3 Kinds of People by artpolitic Bowl of Stupid by artpolitic Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them! by Quotr

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