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self pity happens don’t fight it write it out i know what is wrong; i can measure it by the length my brethren have walked. there is a sound i hear just before i close my eyes. i often… What is it to be a woman? Is it the size of your breasts? / Or the breadth of your heart? She thinks……He knows She thinks her shape went with the kids / and regrets not taking care of her figure / she thinks she must always cover up / he won’t find… WHAT I REPRESENT ………..(KOLLAB W… MARKEZZACKUI / . / RICARDO PEREZ JR. / . / TRENCHTOWNROCK goldilocks she had the longest hair. Question My Existence This is my plight with time / Gaining momentum. / This is the reason why, / I still question my existence. You Make Me Melt I always think of you. / I think of your energy. / I think of your mind. / I think about the way you make me feel. / I think about you in m… Awash Things have been changing / Things have been shifting / It started with some internal unrest / It showed as an external revolt / Like the f… Strong, confident woman Strong, confident woman / Why do you cower When I was Blond I watched him head to toe / So that I could see his face. / He saw me do it but didn’t care. / He loved my love for him. Behind the Curtain The curtains were heavy as she drew them closed she remained still / and waited / Turing once again toward her enemy/friend / (Mirror Mirr… That’s why I’m an indie hipster cunt I’m an indie hipster cunt / I know it / I show it / I’m a cliché What a true friend consists of…. However… how many friends can you say you have at this very moment? / Maybe you have friends that are there for you during the reall… Alone words; and warm sunlight shining, through t… I. / Can you feel the alone words? / Blowing through, like fiberglass stretching / moments into long stale tears, of forgotten, / all too r… Maria + Me – M = Aria I find myself bemused that I have reached my own Noesis; / A secret study of the dichotomy that exists within me Just For Today Just for today I am nobody’s son, / Just for today I am nobody’s Brother / Just for today I am nobody’s Lover / Just for today I am away fr… Love killed me…… When the ice broke / The cracks appeared / Rapidly advancing / Until love disappeared / Sunken beneath / The frozen stream / Ice-covered … Noble silence our words are dancing, / so is our silence. How to refrain from swearing If you’re reading this, then it’s pretty safe to assume you’re a despicable foul-mouthed… person, there you go look, I wanted to swear then… …. THEN YOU"LL FIND US 10,000 heart beats / away from solitude, / 10,000 resigned sighs / away from insignificance If Life asked you to dance, would you say yes? I want to know…..what do you ache for? / What is it that your heart longs for and desires? / Do you ever let your mind float away lik… STEP BY STEP A man must answer / to himself Self esteem! Looking old today, / body’s very saggy. / You’ve covered it up well / with something dark and baggy. man’s achievements Or self-destruction the man’s wise / the man’s power / the man is leading / ruling / playing / achieving / fighting / defending / offending / makin… Battlefield A woman can shape-change self protective fleeing reveals the inside of me … shiva slipped between the crisp black sheets fixed to my pyre bed. / I fell into a snow white sleep, blocking out the seven degrees of my … Dangerous It is that feeling in her eyes / As she moves towards revolution / Her poise, her presence / She holds herself defiant and courageous / A w… Past it !! “You have a great personality” / they say “your beauty’s inside” / My beauty’s so far from the surface … Manifesto For Pain Management and Self Healing …It maybe useful to print this out for reference. There’s a lot of helpful stuff here. Tree Dancing upon your tastebuds with delicate ease. Cinnamon Dust Afterward, I sleep, and the beating red dries. All too soon, small crumbling grains fall freely like cinnamon dust. The satisfaction is d… The Naked Wilde While the air moves through marrow / To excite what is life The Beautiful Person You Are Me: I would collect all the flowers in the world just to make you smile, / Me: Maybe if you smelled them you would remember…the lovely pers… Self Absorption Disease I find that people consistently are unreliable and at times manipulative in my business and personal dealings. Over my life this has greatl… Farewell to fragments beneath my skin time, a wealth / never justified scattering / for the results in your mirror / end up shattering / i waited for your kiss / only until the… Aspects There are many sides to me. True Self Love… … is a prerequisite to True Other Love. Autumn a tender whirl, / tendrils curl Oh Beautiful For… There is no haven safe enough for me: / the outcast – willful, wild, as yet untamed. / All shrink away as if they might be maimed / or tain… Prettier Than Me I war against the mirror / My reflection staring back in fear… / They’re all so pretty, / Prettier than me The Passion is Gone… the words of a passionate woman healing from heartache.. The Eternity of Dreams The almighty and final nothingness / The quietus of our soul note to self: walmart sucks i move the tripod SLIGHTLY to the left….BAM camera falls lens first to the cement floor! imprecation i pray for strength of purpose, / to be freed from the need of admiration / in men’s eyes And.. Now For Something Completely Different̷… I’d like to introduce myself, I know most of you know me, though I thought that, since we don’t have a forum where we can get t… Apology to the Woman on the Phone in the Airport … Your conversation was inane, but you were so determined / To speak with your friend that second, about some recorded sermon How now unconditionally Basic Process of Publishing a Book on First of all, you have to become a member of That is relatively easy and self-explanatory. / has many pages with suggest… New Religion Love the madness of serving yourself….. THE KNOWING OF LOVE. (Part 5/7) My love for you / must stand apart / and look inward i don’t belong they come with side effects / lots of them / dizziness, nausea, weight gain, excessive thirst / and social stigma / so it has to be me / b… I Want to Be A tree in the woods, / branches swaying in the stormy wind / roots digging in the soft moist earth Pretty as You Feel She caught herself this morning, / Cursing at herself. / She said you’re ugly, you’re so fat, / She said I hate myself. O Life, Give me a hug… O Life……. / Give me a hug / O dear life…… / Give me a hug / For every pain / Offered by you……. / For ev… Little Cabin in the Woods… Help me! / Dramatically throw hands into air over your head,raise eyebrows. / drop hands to sides,use high pitch voice / spoken with urgenc… The Look of Heart Ache In the office she’s no moron, / bequeathing glances on desperate men Self-Talk The things that are sent to try you / consuming your thoughts / drowning you in self-pity / you let them control your mind / Dwelling on t… TAKING PHOTOS OF YOURSELF…LOL I NEED TO TAKE PHOTOS…now is a good a time as any… / in fact it is. / THE BEST TIME!!!! RELATE!!!!!! Notes to self a requiem mass with horses galloping / birds flying Dangling Ankles I sat on the edge of the world Darkness.. The head fuck demons have the control… If I Was An Activity Book I’d be more willing to play your games. / Allow you to connect the dots in any order you please. / I’d be a beautiful spring da… Eyes of distortion Your skin is pale and your eyes are weak so you hold your hair back and make yourself beautiful again. Looking Glass When i look in the mirror / is not me I see, / but someone that everyone / sees except me. Dog Shit Symbolism What an amazing sack of shit. Veils of Self Deception Emotional detonation. / A heart laid to waste. / She screams in vain protest / as her fortress falls. / Naked and exposed, / the harsh lig… Musings on Love 1. / Nothing creates intimacy more than the lucid articulation of feelings from one lover to another. They say action speaks louder than w… How Many Times? Motion slowed in feeling / The impact of each blast. / Blood seeps from wounds protrude, / Realisation is delivered fast. The more I learn the less I know—all I know… There is a body / lagging behind / my body— / a shore out of reach, / one world away / from the narrow perception / of bird / I have come… Dime cat She knows how to get her lion to roar / This she never forgets Six Word Story 5/6: “Two self-inflicted gun… . WINNERS… Shameless self promotion Not all of them, but some of my favourites. / Earthshots Photo of the Day / Moran Prize Finalist and Highly Commended / AIPP Silver / Roy… HAPPY The current era of corporate as well as metaphysical and self-help marketing jargon have already developed new-fangled techniques to be … Shopping Girl No bargains and no credit available. / The shops have closed their doors…. Until the Next Time A blank face / like a blind mirror / hiding turmoil / concealing emotion / projecting nothing / doors all locked shut. Paul Hickson’s “Photography top tips … Photography top tip number 1 – Always remember to remove the lens cap / Photography top tip number 2 – Any image looks good in … Bridging the self-inflicted gap Time ticks on… / My lips part; / tongue prepares, / the formation of a half word presents itself - / silence. “We Lived” …It is always said, “Didn’t she look like her self?”… Self Portrait Get Up! “Just get up and dress your bloody knee.. / and balm your sorry ass… The essence of who I am How could I have betrayed you / denied you / been so ashamed of you / when it’s you I need / ~ that piece of me that makes me who I am I am not pretty Ridiculous labels do not define me brown sugar trick We both know I’m not that sweet Note To Self… Who are you? / What is your inspiration? / When you feel knocked down and out… / Where is determination? / You are braver than you th… Speak the Truth Speak the truth / See YOU / Live Out Loud / Be Proud / Embrace Freedom / Be true / Embrace You! Sour Fairy Floss She reminds me of sugar sweet fairy floss. It was like looking in a mirror to what I could have become. a self cleansing dichotomy Splitting the body and soul, / Into non-intersecting parts of a whole. / Inner elements in bipartion, / A mutually exclusive reflection… Tangled Web What a tangled web / Our mind weaves within, / Deep in the dark empty halls / Of the subconscious where / Screams and laughter / Echo off t… The delights of dating Miss, / Might I call you miss? / Or is it Ms? / Apparently they are two / Very different things / Sir, / Should I call you goodsir? / Or is… RE-REMEMBERING One day / You walk the dog / On the beach with steel works / On the horizon approaching / Droplets of rain on your face / Shards of lifefo… Yay You! Favorite yourself You Hold The Key Unaware of the commitment / And responsibility / Needed to grow Fixing myself begins with me…not you! my thoughts for today.. 04/04/2012 You you are / a story within a story / a picture in someone’s mind / a song in someone’s heart / a light in someone’s soul Just Don’t Don’t put me in a cage / Don’t slide me in a drawer / Don’t label me / Don’t shut me in a box. hey girlfriend… The city pulsed as I walked the walk. I was feeling good and walking tall as I strutted my stuff across that mall. I’m hearing someone talk…
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