Temptress (Mature) Seductive: Man song oil drips smoothly / down your naked earth / like the aftermath / of unbridled sex / i followed its trail / seeking its source / hoping t… The Seductive Deep Night wind reels into my head / A call from the ocean / Which can not be ignored / His liquid slide on my skin / Feet give way to the sand… S is for sublime (Mature) SEDUCTIVE HEART that certain glance / that certain sigh / that says one thing / you and i / seductive heart / you give yourself away / come dance with me … “Garden of Idin” Chapter Three—… (Mature) Machine Dreaming. ..dancing in development Love, lust and desire Love and Lust have a daughter, her name is Desire Fresh sheets Seductive ink flows / over silken sheets / shifting as you move over them / smudging their appearance / spoiling crisp clean surface / B… Shush “How the fuck are you so warm?” she demands. / “Were metabolism.” I say with a shrug. / “Your not a Werewolf&… Seduction As I lay beneath you and gaze into your eyes / I am lost within blue-green skies / Blanketing the ocean as from the river’s mouth it feeds… Run…? You saw me… / And oh I saw you. / In one seductive second… / It was something we both new. / It wasn’t with fluttering of… america America … a pantheon of paradox, enigma and illusion. / A modern mosaic of migrant cultures. / So easily judged, so easily stereotyped, y… Still and Breathless… Still and breathless I stood as the world moved in chaos, / and in an eternity of seconds, I was lost… / I thought to turn and run as… Her endless kiss And her clothes don’t fit any more / Same thread and fabric, but somehow changed / Stained and darkened by her pain seducing of ecstasy “untie my hands”, you are begging… / give me just one beat, / and I’ll be sound / of your desires’ strokes. /… Seductive Southern Summer no matter the race / let all have their taste / Live on Old South, live on. Honey Your voice flows like the sweetest honey / A single drop is all that is needed Floating Mischief A cherry blossom falls. / It’s soft pink petals open to meet its maker, / Welcoming intrusion so that a seed may grow. as time passes 32 cow-excrement-enhanced rocks, / self-appointed to guard any vomit / that manages to bolster enough insolence as to / declare itself wort… Graceful Night I stood beneath the sky, and walked in meditation till a graceful dawn succeeded a dull dusk…. ‘To Get Her’ This here place of old, / was where gunfighters came to cry. / Bleeding streams of molten lead / from haunted silver eyes. / The G.O.D.S. o… ‘Rainfall’ A scattered hiss. / my attention caught; / a damp breeze, / dances seductively through / the open window. / Falling from the ashen canopy, … Seductive cycle In the moonlight, two became one / with a passion burning brighter than the sun / the curvaceous shadows danced through the night / ceasing… You are my Waterfall Not happy with its intended life it repeatedly blasts itself / against the rock wall. / Each blasts sends out huge ribbons of clear water r…

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