Kangaroo Island – South Australia’s b…

I was hesitant about visiting Kangaroo Island in the beginning of December 2008, being almost school holidays I expected the island to be o…

Secret Dance!


The secret things you know

This is the story I won’t tell you.

Butterfly Girl

You’re sweet and you’re soft, my butterfly girl, / And oh, how you have my heart in a whirl, / You flit and you float, all over…

The Secret Keeper

He stood in the dark wood, doubtfully looking at the moon through the trees. He shivered in the cold air. Before he had time to consider hi…

Be Careful What You Wish For…

Why is it often that which / we long for is just out of reach? / Our internal conversation / How much should I reveal? / How much should …


Who is it / that calls my name / in the whisper of the wind, / writes my name / across the sky / in wispy ink?


As day gives way to night / I sometimes imagine / what it would feel like / to secretly meet you / under a miracle moon

The Secret to Happiness

What do you do when you work out that life, the world and everything you have done or ever will do is pointless?

May I tell you a secret?

May I tell you a secret, I don’t care about Democrats or Republicans,

There Is A Truth Inside Me

There is a truth inside me / That has never been told / A secret in my heart / That is many years old / There is an ache in my soul / That …

Secret Place

But, when the wind starts howling, / and the moon projects a shadow play

In My Secret Garden

garden / chair / life

The Secret

You see, there’s a trick to never looking back down the road you’ve come. / You must keep yourself to yourself and your tears l…

Dirty Little Secret

But I was real.

The Secret Keepers

Once upon a time, only yesterday / There was a secret only told / To those who could really keep it / Until they did grow old.

The dirty little secret…

The dirty little secret

When A Secret Seeks A Dream Is Born

When a secret seeks / A dream is born / Whether carried from the mind or heart / The dream is dreamed beyond the night.. / Lost in an urgen…


the back of his neck / his spine / the arch of his back / his firm butt / his legs long / and muscular / he holds me / i sink into his body…


Relax, breathe deep, / beneath the branches / that lovingly weave / their web of protection. / Once again they faithfully / obscure the vi…

the secret

its in all that’s ever thought and every smile youve seen / in every tear you tasted and everywhere youve been

She Dances

Her beauteous innocence gleaming amongst bright blue ripples / With twin red roses ensconced in the golden strands of her hair / With such …

Faded Blue Spade and James Taylor

Paul Kelly’s “Love never runs on time” played slower in her mind than it should, each line serenading a beggar man’s truth; there are no il…

Secret Smoke

Our conversations / Were laid out / Like a linen blanket / On forest green grass



wings of love

Wind whispers empty words / air lies / tragic melody ..

The Story Weaver

Surrounded by shimmering fibres, glittering threads, and in a cloud of colour the Story Weaver sits at her magnificent loom like a spider i…

beating blood

In the beating of my blood / In the momentary pulse / that bursts and dies

The secret jungle adventure

No museum would ever know the adventure we claimed, we deserved this.

I am not an Animal

I just love the way she stares me down / Like she wants / My blood / Thick / On toast

the club


My Secret Life…

I love a summer rain and its mellow smellow and moist breath. Drops giving travel a chance and clouds shading the masses. Lost to the sky i…


To play like a child / In A Secret Garden again / To hold hands / With an old friend / To run between the trees / And be out of breathe / W…

Secret Place

Take me to your secret place / That no one else knows / Where the world is just us / Take me to you / Whisper in my ears / Let the only l…


Who fights for her, / if not the stones and stars, / bird song and happiness of water?

The Secret in the Wall (Part II)

It’s quiet outside. The screaming and clamouring has died down. The knights and would-be-heroes have gone to sleep, only a few flicke…

You’re not a smart bee

He’d better not do it again.

The Secret River

I don’t want to be / some silly leftover romance / that started like a nuclear bomb / and ended without a whisper

My Secret Waterfall

The overall contours of many of these water falls, has been forced by enormous floods of water and rock, much like a debris flow after a vo…

The Orchard

The scent of cherry blossoms / woke me from dreams.

Her Secret Life.. (An Erotic Tale Pt. 1)

Oh what a day, he thought to myself as he stood over the mess he had made. Hell, it wasn’t even 10 am yet, and he had completely laid…

Pushed Away


the cockroach

Secrets can be ear-splitting / People are unusual / Humans

The Secret in the Wall (Part III)

Finally. The giants gently parts the flowering branches and there it is: his heart.

The Secret in the Wall (Part V)

The giant wakes up with a start and finds the boy snuggled up close to him.

My Love’s A Hidden Secret

My loves a hidden secret / It’s a thought I lock away / The key kept inside my heart / So that in dreamland we can lay / Alone together, /…

Goodnight Mantra

Everything happens for a reason. / And if we collect up all those reasons, / We might finally know the truth.

The Secret in the Wall (Part IV)

Night falls and finds the giant still kneeling in front of his heart. His eyes are thoughtful and looking inwards.

death lurks (M)

He waited at their favourite tomb, leaning against the grave stone. From his jacket pocket he removed a flask filled with whiskey & to…

The Secret in the Wall

Deep in the woods, in an out of the way place is a wall that hides a precious secret: the giant’s heart.



“My Secret Garden”

“Worlds where there’s the bluest skies, and birds of every color. Waters clear with golden sands, where gems can be discovered.…

“And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass̷…

“And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass…" / holding tightly, it is shattered it like my past, / do not mourn, do not cry, d…

My secret love.

Passed the gate / with peeling paint / pass the Ivy tower / foot steps fall like / a ticking clock, to / pass away the hour. / Pass the pu…

secret of life ………………

Living upon a cloud is a safe haven / no greed or wars here, / Pure sunlight of perpetual energy / to sustain life which exists / upon a cl…

My Secret Love

She slips thru the night like a wisp of fog. / Not sure if she will be here tonight. / Or if she is with someone else. / She makes love lik…

The Secret Reverie

Seducing me with kindness / Her company and praise / We drifted towards / The whirlpool / Where caution’s eyebrows are raised. / W…

Secret Weapons, Silent Wars

Dreams torment the midnight skies / Screaming demons silhouette the clouds / Heavy triggers of smells, sight and sound / Embodies the terro…

a secret

on the edge of a secret / i fly

sacred scent

in the shadows / of my longing / my body / is a calla lily

little boy climbing

little boy climbing high in a tree / little boy smiling down at me / “I’ve got a secret!” / he said, said he / little boy sitting high in a…

My Fathers Secret.

No one enters his secret abode/ I bravely entered my fathers den.

The Oak and I, we share a secret…

I used to run from the little girl’s laughter / as she swung from the bough of the old Oak tree / the one which I admired so much / …

Ephemeral Whispers

in pale moonlight

The Secret of Stopping

The Secret of Stopping by Karin Taylor / You and I, we are formed from the same matter as the stars above, perhaps that is why, when we loo…

Beware the Jargonaut

Beware the Jargonaut / Racing, / Loaded, / Through the narrow street of your knowledge. / Move quickly, / Out of the way, / In case it hits…

It’s a Secret You’re Not Suppose To T…

being under a swarm of devils for so long / i’m on a tier where tears should never fall

The Secret Keeper, Part II – Pandora

The Secret Keeper’s eyes open. She looks up into the canopy of leaves and stretches. Time to be up and get going, she thinks.


I wish I could tell you

Within a secret dream……….

Within a secret dream, We dare to dream / of holding hands and walking so freely. / To catch our reflection’s upon / the still wate…

The Secret ~ For sMiles

All / the / tears / we’ve / bled / have been collected in a vial labeled LIFE / carefully placed, under key, in the cupboard of desti…

Lady Merydon’s Little Secret

Lady Merydon loved her house, / she loved her gardens, / she loved her pearls

Your Secret

When the family gathers for Sunday meetings in a house with walls that hold blood six generations thick, When we dance in halls for charity…

Secret Release

A sweet kiss / hard pressed / returned / fervent embrace / Languishing / such joy / Divided / with one who means so very much / S…

The First

Loves first tender embrace.

The improper use of pigtails



Who fights for her, / if not the stones and stars, / bird song and happiness of water?

A Secret Lover’s Ramblings

I hope i never forget that intensely intrigued look on your face / The first time that you laid eyes on me. / That look to me said more th…

ending with only one

pouring into my mind like / that of a fountain of honydew / i can taste your lips

My Secret Life

Look closely…..can you see it? / It’s there…..really. It is! / Can you see it? / Look again…round to the side alittle. / What about now? / …

whispering wind ( folk song )

whispering wind ohh whipering wind / whipering wind ohh whispering / whispering wind ohh whispering wind / whisper again / a hear you call …

whisper words

don’t / refuse to whisper words


and so it goes… / sometimes I want to touch your smile, / and to suffocate the fire of craving for you. / sometimes I want to feel fo…


Never marry a sailor. A sailor already has a bride. She’ll seep into any marriage and leach away the love. I think my first wife sens…

On Reading a Secret History.

Paint everything but the water, you teach. But no one looks.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (11) My real Disguise

“Mum, don’t you know, it’s not a tan, it’s hormones!”

Once upon an Eternity

Inside the Heart was hidden a Nature / But / the Nature of the Heart was kept a Secret / And so / the Secret Nature of the Heart became a M…


to feel her syllables / like a feather touching his skin

A secret life told by ‘dead’ voices

… sings of the icy state of consciousness and heart as though experienced at first-hand. She knows this; she recognises it …


A secret to be told / Just in ink

The secret pre-lease

was so secret it had disappeared off red bubble.

Talking at the party

Should I gamble perfection or preserve it in its brevity forever?

Secret stash.

I’ve got a secret stash / it’s hidden far from view, / but I like to count it out / when I’m sitting on the loo! / I tend…

Secret Admirer?

A gentle twinge beseech / Through paralyzing verse / Color fast and sharp; words like splintered bone / Twist / Deep / A torture of the …

all in one long sentence

why is it that my body feels / all that is / all that was / all that will be again?

My Secret Ocean

My Secret Ocean / My ocean has suddenly dried up, / There are no more ships passing by. / I remember how beautiful they were before, / But …
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