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I like trains I like trains and the tracks people make in their lives, understanding fascinates the watcher. / Thoughts about life, the picnic, the cl… Take a Seat, Pride Yes, baby, / yank my hair like that. / Oh, please hurt me. No Redback on the toilet seat here I sit in the cold and dark / all things round me very stark / cobwebs blowing in the breeze / what I do I do with ease…. / toes … Potty Training (Put the Seat Down) I have been potty trained twice in my life, with intermittent refresher courses. The first time, at 15 months of age, Mom put me on the shi… A garden seat without conversation She understands more than the words that will not be said / The pretty garden now damp where restless mildew resides / A garden once seed… The Window Seat Window seat … who doesn’t love the window seat? Her spirit wanted to soar outside those windows! Glass Feathers I found a feather as I walked. / So white and clear and pale and cold, / … / --- / … / A line of feathers lay forsaken, / Snow … wittle archies close call ( wear your seat belt i… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jusht a wittle boy of sheven yearsh of age from a village called sauchie in scotland uk… / t… Empty Chair Earned Seat Acceptance There She Sits / My Honesty / Yes Truth Empty / Waits My Seat.. Window Seat Pocket Notebook, Entry 1 / Window Seat / The city breathes through a flicker / of clouds, sighing Welcome home. / And I, with my temple pre… LOVE IN THE BACKSEAT OF A CAR Have you ever made LOVE IN THE BACKSEAT OF A CAR / It might not be comfortable but it’s the greatest love by far / You may be in a mo… Praise So Loud That Walls Will Crumble no one knows the indignity suffered / or the Glory poured forth through His Wounds / our hearts must come through paths of suffering / the … save my seat at the guillotine!!! grind their bones for bread…their guts for sausage casings Take A Seat…… I may be black…… / I may be white….. / I may be day…….. / I may be night……. Keep your seat belts fastened and tray tables up&… I was hunting in the deepest, darkest regions of my back garden, looking for that neighbors cat who is killing all the birds in our garden … White American Driveway on a morning in the neighborhood THE BACK SEAT I’m not running a day camp here; this is for serious chefs with a serious future in mind. I keep telling her “you can’t drive a car … The Passion In The Back Seat I / The Passion in the Back Seat / I couldn’t see through the fog on the windows, / But I could sense the p… I Fried That Egg I sat upon a stone cold wall / Where once an egg did sit Back Seat Again you best read it yourself. Back Seat Drivers Back seat drivers make a lot of interesting noise but just / Don’t look back they’ll turn you to silver or stone / Look across at me with m… Window Each to their own, their minds may think, / But in their neck, I am the kink. Testifying To The Glory of God Formerly I was a sinner who knew not The Righteousness of my Lord Jesus Christ. Formerly I was a cutter who profaned the flesh of my Lord… The Bench The sun onto / The curving steel / Of iron bench arm / In Autumn’s afternoon / Warm and still / The air hangs / Around it. / For… How to Get a Back Seat Ride in a State Trooper Car I was driving home from my daughter’s Wedding Rehersal last night when I saw the blue lights in the rear view mirror. I looked at the… If I lived in a marginal seat I’d be so confused by choices of pork and ham and trotters and sausages t Toilet Seat Hell Desperate, all the other stalls occupied, and willing to take a risk, I decided to go for it on the bog with the broken seat. Whatever Will I Tell My Doctor? I think I stuck it into far. / In the backseat of his car. The Seat of Power This is where I sit. Hello…. Sit in My Comfy Seat. Just me again. / Here with you. / Listening to Morrissey, Bread, and / whatever else comes to mind. / A little comfy chair, / I invite you … THE VIEW FROM MY WINDOW SEAT A poem about the beauties of nature. Ghosts of you. Trying to ignore your ghost-like presence still lingering in the faded scent of a burned down Marbolo.  Don’t piss on the toilet seat ……. There was a soft knock at the door ….. ‘Who the hell would be doing that at this time of night’ …. … History’s Seat Beside the flowless river’s side / Idle, still and quiet / The Oscar sits Back Seat Just to let you guys know and you who I regard as friends. I am taking a bit of a back seat on RB. I find uploading such a time-consuming t… “The Best Seat” featured in “Am… Wow, this is a really cool feature. This feature is about the luck of the draw. I sat down to change batteries in my camera. When I saw thi… The Hot Seat sat there as he took attendance. He looked and searched the room for empty seats. The clock struck 2:00PM and class began. Champagne and a Love seat POP the view from an intoxicated box seat harold dug around / in his pantspocket / pulled out a / crumpled tampon / sat it on top / of the bar / and said / “that / more than anythin… life, by the seat of my pants it’s just a turn of the phrase, / I have been to the well / and satisfied my thirst, / but, I was just a boy, then, / like anyone el… Yay, I got the front seat. “Hey brudda, there is someone looking for you, he is over in the corner” a voice called to me from the bar. I acknowledged his … no charge for the front row seat either there was a commotion / out in the hallway / and when i opened my door / crazy harold / was standing there / with a paintbrush / painting t… empty seat in a crowded room wo how you hurt me / left field without even trying / and you wonder why i am like i am / you wonder why i just wanna scream / for freedom … Row K, Seat 17 I think I am someone who thinks he is no one. / He thinks he is no one with no hope, no future and most importantly, no love. / He thinks … The Mercy Seat has never left tho’ our sins pull us away / plead with David, / “Create in me a clean heart.” Exodus we Exodus into a purging fire / leaving what offends The Holy Spirit, / we tabernacle with Jesus Christ / He is Our Mercy Seat JESUS, PLease, take the back seat! Take a back seat to the t.v., / Take a back seat to the video games, / Take a back to my nap, / Wait until I call your name. / Take a back … Loud Room So unrestrained, / The walls are thrumming, serious with burdened anger, / Copious life runs freely down boxed spines / And it struggles to…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of seat writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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