Angel An Angel / she appeared to me / and I was caught. / Shamelessly, I claimed her mine. 1. BREAKING ART-WORLD NEWS What about Bruno Torf and his Marysville Art Studio/Gallery/Sculpture Garden? Procrastination Killer! ~ Bruno Update! I dragged them out and up there and then I had to drag them back home again. Their world of convenience forgotten for the beauty and true l… The Freaks Are Out topsy turvy features wordplay, excess, parody, inversion and the grotesque. AN ARTISAN Being an Artisan is a calling that when answered is more satisfying than anything else… A New Artist to Red Bubble I Want to Introduce t… Ben is a Sculpture and a artist of unique abilities The Masterpiece A sculptor made a sculpture / As lovely as he could / And as soon as he was finished / He proclaimed that it was good 1. Marysville : a Tribute … an Obituary = a… Saturday 14th a week from when the fires destroyed this town, the survivors were allowed to return.The only building to survive ironically … PollyChrome’s sculpture Fairy Pollychrome and she used powerful magic and went to great wavelengths to create a beautiful Sculpture of many colours Ngurunderi and The Last Great Tree When The Last Great Tree only remains then will Ngurunderi pull down His Canoe from the Milky Way.. Where can you find my original artwork? I have a shop at Etsy… where I sell my fiber artworks. Please stop in! dolly’s diary – 10/7/2010 – t… It’s already broken, so I don’t think it can be hurt anymore Bush Burial Sculpture 2008 Let it be so. / Amen Stone Gravitas Rooms covered in marbled limbs. King David’s Tehillim Harp – descript… Hands extend from between the pages to pluck the strings of King David’s Harp. Copyright Concern: "Sculpture by the Sea 200… Hi, / I’ve just received this letter from RB team about all my photos from "Sculpture by the Sea 2009”: / Temporary public art such as… Moulding will create my masterpiece Featured sculpture Thank you Art influenced by Literature group for featuring Found Poetree! re ‘’Sculpture " Blue line "… salt aligns road lines / through the very middle / does not demarcate / is a table long / if we is not outsized / king/ president/ secret… The Sculpter There was a man who set out to carve a statue. He spent days selecting the right block of wood. He considered the color, grain, hardness an… Erotic Sculpture Let me describe the curve; / It is smooth as carved stone / Yet soft and warm / A texture like silk. / From where it begins / You can run y… In the Sculpture Garden you wouldn’t speak to me you were angry / you were facing the door / and I didn’t know where you were anymore / seems I misp… The Artist Is ME Exuberance is my lifestyle. And its all about the medium and mood. The extra ordinary / beauty in the uglyness we call life. Ego, Art, Godh… Tristan’s First Love … The group of entangled men and women were fascinating, but he had met them before and she was a new mystery, worthy of his attentio… in the sculpture garden you were angry / you wouldn’t speak to me / you were facing north and I lost my compass / you bore ivy and thorn / hanging from the s… Last day of wearing shoes. It was a bright sunny morning and i decided to take a stroll on the river, i was walking very far away, it was like i was waiting to see so… Clay Sculpture Molding clay / Into a perfect sculpture / Developing something / Unique and memorable / Nothing like any other / Fingers running through / … Clay Sculpture Life is like clay. What you do with your sculpture affects your whole sculpture in the end. A Found Poem Prostrate pilgrims lie beneath a long / Queue of cagoule clad ramblers / Support subterranean wierdness meditation on the rocks… on the bay…o… the wind makes music as blows past / our years, echos in our ears. Teardrop “Whichever of us can create a work that is more loved, wins.” / “Wins what?” asked the sculptor, highly intrigued. / “Eternal glory.” Between the ’scrapers between the / scrapers / ’scapers come re redviolin’s ‘A fish among friends… picasso’s sometimes reason / reason to sometimes thinks so / think other! thinks think also Sculpture Don’t try to pour me into a mold / I’m not made out of plaster… / I’m made out of stone CREATING WIRE TREES PRINTED BOOK MAILED TO YOU. / DOWNLOAD BOOK Sent as a PDF Attachment to Your email

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of sculpture writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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