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a little help wi photoshop (the scottish version) 50 things tae help ye wi photyshop / I have recently become an expert oan photyshop an wid like tae help ye understand whit the tools are a… Will ye no come back again? Skirling pipes and rising mists take us back to Brigadoon . . . Our dreams I could fly When I was a child i just lifted my legs and flew every night, it was as natural as my breath. Now my son flys high and feels t… Somethin Tae think aboot before the Scottish Elec… While walking down the street in Edinburgh one day a Member of the Scottish Parliament is tragically hit by a bus and dies. / His soul arri… The Scottish Mind and His Precious Ferrari That’s ma car…. Scottish Dug Instructions! We are all familiar with Dog Training Classes, but some of these leave out Basic commands for Scottish Dogs! / Here are a few / Come—… ~ Our Fave Bloke ~ If you have not read this bloke’s stuff you have not laughed on the bubble yet! / He needs no introduction but I’ll give him on… 6~ Seun My mother nods a few times, she thinks he understands and then she says…" Men always take but seldom replenish or give back.&quo… To Wallace! See the freedom / Hear the freedom / Smell the freedom / Touch the freedom / Taste the freedom / Know the freedom proud tae be scottish ( a must read ) as i walked err the ochil hills, approaching the top.i sniffed, then i sniffed again / whits that smell,i recognise that. twas the smell of… see though the eyes of a seven year old ( invitat… hi my name is wittle archie i would like to invite redbubble readers to come and join me in some of the most amazing journey’s ev… 5~ Thread and Stone I hear a splash and hiss to my left, the sound of waters parting, subsiding, then still for a moment…. i look in that direction and C… 1~ Come Closer Some ancient trigger like an old memory resurfacing- Something hidden beneath. Something that shifts awkwardly in deep sleep then suddenly… On Returning from the University Library Ach Darwin! whit would ye mak o’ this? / You’d be cringin’ at their needs! / And tellin’ folk tae “wisen up… A Love Song… sort of~ the span of your shoulders / as you lift the beam, / level the window, plaster the seam- / and the roof could fall, darlin’ / i would… 2~ Beloved I shake my hands out then sweep them against my apron as we wander towards each other. / He smiles for me… he is so beautiful. ̵… Scottish Rag n Bone Man Called Mackay If you should live in Worthington take heed of what I say / Beware the rag and bone man if he ever comes your way The Giver and Taker “Jamie, look at the lad he’s just like ye, loud and handsome!” Alice urged him to take his new son. / “We shall call him David, the man aft… The tree of life Once again, here I am, / Sitting beneath my Judas tree, / The irony is apt, / This will make me free, / I’ve spent my whole life bene… a man wae the blues ( written by me ) scottish so… the wives in bed wae a book / she’d rather that than me / and am no allowed tae look / its the waey she wants tae be / nae wonder a s… fun lyrics tae a scottish song a writ called toss… if yae run doon the street / wae yer kilt at yer feet / and yer tali hoes hinging right oot / their a wee scottish hing / called a ding a… Once upon a time, there was a bird and a bee̷… There once was a bird, and a bee, / Not one, but two, not three, / They blurred as they buzzed underneath their sacred tree, / Chauffeured … Mimicry Murres, Woodpeckers, / Gulls, and Crows / have a common music teacher? / Great Horned Owls I Heard / or Barred Owls / snapping beak, croaki… Addiction It’s nearly midnight, and you can feel the burn, / The rum is kicking in, you are beginning to learn. / You can’t escape your d… Exiled to the scheme I promised to my wife and children, that I would not touch another drop as long as I lived. But where are they now. / I stumble to the kitc… Winter Weather versus Scottish Hogmanay… This is a funny account of my experiences in holding a scottish hogmanay party and what went wrong during it !! Last writ I am wondering how I could leave my heart behind, / Then these feelings would be gone, / These thoughts would not be in my mind, / I seem t… I miss you As I stood alone outside your store, / I realised that you were more, / Than all the other stupid whores, / You were something akin to me, … THE SALTIRE (song lyrics) THE SALTIRE 11/01/11 / AMIDST THE SWIRLING MIST AND HIGHLAND CATTLE / ENGAGED IN PRAYER, ON THE EVE OF BATTLE … Regrets?Non, je non regrette rien. A Quill to curb your macabre curiosity, / A scratching stylus bleeding the ink into the page, / The crimson flow, flows from artist to art,… Gott ist tot All hope is gone, and blood is running down the streets, / As the river rises, we are flooded by the heat, / Cowering in defeat, we struggl… Closure Lost in the moment, / Lost in the dream, / Surreal flights of fancy, / Where nothing is real, / And nothing is free. / I embrace the darkne… Goodbye From passions depths, / A succabus escaped, / From the depths of hell, / Stemmed our wicked embrace, / Blossoming with sin, / You took my h… Without Him … / See Him in the sky, See Him in the woods, / Look not to the place where he once stood. / Without Him there is no life, no living,… Love’s not real The blood drains down, / Like the devil’s rain, / We will bathe tonight, / In Heaven’s pain. / We are the haters, / Full of con… Oil uber alles Achtung citizens of war, / You helped build all the guns, / Those that murdered and maimed, / You bought all those bombs, / That set whole… Nameless The girl came fleeing from her mud-brick house, and he mowed her down with a rapid fire from his M4 carbine. / It seemed as if everything h… Taken too soon A kiss from the stars, shining above, / Sprinkle down from sky, / Showering me with your love, / Is it too late to say goodbye? / I never r… Son of God Take my body, Take my blood, / Your cannabalism shall purge your soul. / Make me famous, make me immortal, / Eat my body, And drink my bloo… Once I was asked why I write? Sometimes we write, / When we are alone, / Little words, marching together, / Whilst we sit on our linguistic throne, / The sentences that … 5:40am lullabye I haven’t had a drink in a while, / But the life that I had, turned all good dreams bad, / I’m not proud of the choices I made, / Please Lo… Wahre Liebe She loves him. Of that she is almost sure. It hurts too much for it not be love. She remembers a few lines from a long forgotten folk song;… On my knees Do you want to be my side, / Do you want our love to survive, / The love that we shared, / Should be spared, / From this great controversy.… Made of Wicker Just as the raged river storms, / My love for you was truly born / Now I must find a way, / To make you pay, / For your sins against me. / … A feminine love story Every rise and fall of the water / Crystalline and beautiful / Mesmerises and captivates / Any who look without purpose / To imagine how th… Sapphire// Australian & Scottish tale Sapphire / Australian & Scottish tale / a Cold start to a slightly aroused week in the company of 4 mates and a goat named Big tits ear…

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