The Functional Forest (Story) ‘I knew it, I just fricken’ knew it,’ Ron muttered, and flicked on an additional bank of lights. The scene revealed itself, and his mouth g… Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And… Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And Schrödinger’s Cat In Explaining Mentalpausal Moments. Download illusion, Upload Life and Universe…… The pen was mightier than the sword, but silicon chips / can, and will, upload all / Megabyte, Kilobyte, Gigabyte….. / Minute, Second… The Magic Hour As usual he was quiet coming through the door, setting down his briefcase while the hydraulics fizzed to a close behind him. Crossing the h… The War in Heaven (Story) ‘Welcome to the presence of God,’ the voice boomed, and the scientist trembled quietly to himself. He hated these visits. Far From Home (A Katarr Kanticles Story) She relaxed and the man blew more powder into her face, inducing a drugged sleep. Her mouth sagged open to reveal savage fangs, and Sniper … Clear skies (Images Project #5) They walked in silence for awhile, both listening carefully for the telltale whoosh sounds of transports overhead. Without Evidence – A Siamet Tale ‘Fight well, and may you survive to the dawn,’ the barman said with a nod. Robots Ate My Tricycle Robots ate my tricycle! / They ate it fast and sore / They’d lost some of their parts, you see, / And found they needed more, / Well…… Crazy Bobby WHEN BOBBY TURNED sixteen, his mom took him to a psychiatrist. He was a restless young man, growing between divorced parents and his grandm… Republic: Sweet the Sting No one warned her of the surprise night drills or the impromptu mock battles, the beautifully organized chaos of village life. Still Breathing As he awoke the darkness remained. The Gene Machine, part 1 (Story) Gene designing and hacking can be fun and profitable! Fractal Net The mapping of the genomes of every living creature on earth has been completed down to the level of micro-organisms. Shortly thereafter, t… The Gene Machine, part 2 (Story) His simulations had been unable to predict a lifespan for this body design, and the software instead called it ‘non-viable’. He hadn’t want… Question for one and all The way this Living Planet and Planet movers is unfolding I am thinking on making like a table top book on the complete series. / Just one … Without Evidence – A Siamet Tale (Part 2) Teals liked this planet. The locals were full of innovative ways to make a point. Planet Moves Inc This picture is starting to take on a life of its own as it seems that it wants more added. When I did the Living Planet to be added to thi… On Cold Nights On cold nights, when no moon rises Feyonis Two figures walked together in silence. Their sunken prints in the wet sand left a dark trail behind them, the swollen sun now hung too low… Dark Heart A shockwave raced around the sun… Embers of Another Crash – A comic script by… You don’t know what you’re dealing with my child. Don’t do anything stupid… In the realm of machines: prelude, part one In the realm of machines, there was silence About The Artwork: I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu… “P.S.Q.”- C 1989, By Dennis L. Knecht Correct- a ‘POL-SPEC’, a "P.S.Q….Specially armed with ‘proto-lazeers’, exceptional and new ! After the Rain of Cometary Fragments After the rain of cometary fragments / had fallen, streaking sky with white blisters / of light so cold it seemed the sky had turned / to b… My Man. This life can beat you down like an ex-wife on alimony day. Bloodlines The dead man lay on his back, his mouth frozen wide open in a silent scream of anguish. The cauterized bandages which covered his torso wer… Indeterminacy 413 (Bruna) Talk was she’d killed a man in Kansas. With a home run. Ball come down a mile away and beaned him into the Great Beyond. The Republic of Zaiander (Part 1 of 2) Doctor Pierre Danjou was once again surprised that for a man as well travelled as he prided himself to be, the novelty of flying had not ye… Far from home… Voyager didn’t know when it became self-aware. Traveling for over 105 million years there had been enough time for almost anything to happe… enigma of origin …the consciousness of being at one with energy as it transforms the transformation of dynamic energy into stardust… The Republic of Zaiander (Part 2 of 2) Three more Chinese died that night. All taken ill at different times, none of whom where staying at the Jade House. The first victim, a fac… Second Thoughts Should the shields give… dear me! Profane Heart I (Mature) Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … No matter the reason for their existence, legends have been a part / of our history from the dawn of mankind, as they will assuredly be a … Sonic Vein – An outer space phenomenon. A shorty for fun, written on the run, by yet another Star trek fan. B.U.G. A creature caterpillars along the ravine at the same rate as Bug. Its antenna quiver as it filters movements and space in the air above its… REQUIEM FOR A COSMONAUT ‘The ineluctable modality of the inaudible’ – James Joyce / Convulsions of an immortal mentality / Felt through the cosmonautical ago… INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE TO DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN As Civilization wrecks the planet from seafloor to stratosphere. After Earth: Legacy of Terra Death was so easy to deal with, to brush aside… but extinction brought out a whole new side of the human psyche… Passenger to another time February 18, 2008 / A tunnel to the future or perhaps to the past? Would there be an improvement to the human condition? The Devil had prom… Practice Run these memories are my future Dinosaur Frenzy novel excerpt of a science fiction novel in progress in In the realm of machines: prelude, part three 3. / The situation in the cities was more complicated & the effects of the message often more confused. / In the underground factories … In the realm of machines: prelude, part two 2. / Time immeasurable passed with indiscernible slowness. Nothing changed. No machine moved, the green-blue Earth stood still. The sun … The Electric Guru Company Emily found that life was just a little bit boring, listless and basically unsatisfactory. And at the ripe old age of eight years, the f… Avatar T-Shirt Sale Thanks to the wonderful person who bought my Avatar T-Shirt last night. In the realm of machines: prelude, part four 4. / In the factory, some of the robots watched DQ7891SP’s odd escape from im-motion with dully curious eyes; but their interest was … “PARIAH” Part I Transition (Unpublish… Eric blew his nose with a resounding honk, and suddenly he couldn’t / remember what he was doing in ’97. Now you’ve gone and done it. You b… kipple trash pulp fiction for the masses destination coordinates on target to…zero one in the dead zone of death Science my Fiction (previously thought to be true…) MUZVINU It some sort of handle & on the end is a symbol. It looks like something in circle geometry but it’s different. A symbol that can only … Phoenix Rebirth My father, whom I was raised by with stern instruction and who had relentlessly told me stories of past experiences unforgotten, now lay be… Star Crossed There were reasons for the rules…. 21st Century Pulp Blending genre fiction to create a new form from old styles, creating stories of wonder and terror. A must-read for all fans of science fic… Opian Royal Air Force Series It’s the year 2439, and the human race has entered a grand age of intergalactic space travel. The Infest – 2012 Part 1: Prologue. / August 10th, 2012 / The barrier was finished around 5:00pm, should hold them for the night… our supplies are runn… Ribaldo and Jack And it is just because you are wild with Love and unpredictable to earthlings, though so completely predictable here, dearest Ribaldo, that… Science my Fiction 2 (previously thought to be true…) Science my Fiction 3 The reason for the unreasonableness with which you treat my reason, so impairs my reason, that with reason I complain of your reason. / You… A little restaurant tail “Waiter, Waiter…there’s a giraffe in my soup!” Enlightenment …anyone out here who didn’t carry a weapon was either very stupid or very dangerous; best to assume the latter! New Dawn-the countdown begins Swallow smiled slightly. ‘So you going to tell me what’s wrong?’ he asked. / ‘I need a new plan,’ she said. ‘There has been a complication… ice cream noir “Just talk normal, two guys whispering in / an ice cream shop draws attention and what’s with the get up?” / “I don… Change After the the aliens got to Earth, humans were never the same. / We went from cynical to curious, / from apathetic to empathetic, / from ch… Veterans of the Psychic Wars – Chapter 1 In an eerie snake-like fashion, five large men with Oriental features and shaven heads emerged from the darkness. Book of Kaoz – Caravan Kaoz sat in the stuffy wagon as it rolled slowly through the blinding heat in the Vastitas. They had been traveling only for a day but it f… Feel Nothing Hoffer dropped the warrant to the floor, “It’s done.” He whispered. “Need to call the President.” / “Sir!” The officer shouted, standing in… PART ONE: SHADOWFIRE Chapter One: Visitations “What are you doing out this time of night, Joshua? Aren’t the guards out looking for you? What are you doing here disturbing my prayer? IMAGINE THAT We’ve gone into space and found nothing we couldn’t see from the ground. We should be looking deep into the mind, where we’ve all seen for… Chased by a doG – a drabble (exactly 100 wo… The thing had chased me halfway across the galaxy already, from system to system, planet to planet. The Test The robot smiled. Well it wasn’t exactly a smile, as the robot’s face did not have the expression range of a human’s, but Sam easily recogn… Just A Waste Of Space? But for myself, my personal belief, is that there’s room for both theories. God exists and so does evolution and science fiction. ENJOYING THE MOMENT He existed now as a vision inside his mind of a huge tangled ball of brightly burning white Christmas lights. He gently floated in mid-air. Dawn of Ages Inky sky spawned an arc of hissing tangerine flame…an embryonic seed … / …a new era was dawning once again. One is never enough! “Get your fat butt out of my face!” were not the words Julie Hernandez would have chosen as her final utterance as Commander of the Starbir… A World Without Values Bryanna Butler, after a life of strange ups and downs had finally achieved one of her life goals. She had obtained a license to kill. If by… Anti-Social i’m back in the hospital, back in the doctor’s office Epiphany (an extract) The full version of this story is published in my book ‘Beyond Twilight’ which is available here:… WORLD WITHOUT MEN WORLD WITHOUT MEN / By Robert Davidson / For thirty years now the world had been without any births of male children. Females proliferated.… Base Being the only woman here was a stupid idea, and I’m still blaming the captain. Under Foreign Skies (an extract) The full version of this story is published in my book ‘Beyond Twilight’ which is available here:… The Wall of Union He stood languidly before the glass, his arms hanging flaccid at his sides and his desolate funereal eyes staring far beyond the sweep of h… Remembering Jack Vance He lived his life in Over-Drive, all the while penning scores of books, any one of which would be a Life Achievement for a lesser writer. … Good Business He pointed her towards the mirror that had been cleaned of all dust and grime. / The woman made her way over, stepping slowly as she… Bogg! Prologue “DON’T TOUCH THE BUTTON” The Statue (a fictitious work in progress) The ground is cold and hard. It is both full of life and completely devoid of it. It is the foundation that we build. We come from the g… Who’s Life is it anyway? “Thank you for uploading your precious memory. Thanks to your generosity, other members all over the world can now share your experience. Y… The Modern World’s Fate In this modern world of technology and pollution, beyond the cities where nothing but egos grow, a forest lives and breathes. As humans hav… In the Blood (a short story) The world spun and lifted and glowed and drifted away from him. Red The road was made of stones, and behind it there were ruined temples, of pyramid design. The being was a strange figure, with six arms and … The Orb Now she had the chance. All she needed to do was activate the orb. Ashes on the Wind They knew. They were asking questions. There must be no further delay. Today, he would go where they could not follow. The Last Birdwatcher Wait till all the girls in the office heard about this! It was a shame she couldn’t get them more excited about ornithology- there we… Science Fiction Equation You think some of your actions are teasingly subliminal to me. / Unfortunately they are obtrusively noticed. / Plan A failed but please fe…
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