Air I float here in my suit, and the important gauge reads a tank 40 percent full of air. Sara Phim – The most beautiful girl in the … In the year prior to his death, Sara’s grandfather built a mountain. The neighbours – watching speculatively as he hauled the rubblecart up… Crazy Bobby WHEN BOBBY TURNED sixteen, his mom took him to a psychiatrist. He was a restless young man, growing between divorced parents and his grandm… ENTER THE HUMANS ENTER THE HUMANS / By Jason Pepper / Our journey begins in a galaxy that is virtually on the brink of destruction, it’s been known for quit… Myrick’s Victory Myrick was on the final leg of the race. His space ship had curved around Yiol the local moon, and waded itself free of the asteroid field … Love’s Token Sharp barbs protruded from under her abdomen and drips of lather spouted from her head. / Jack started to quiver. “Now, now my darling, swe… An essay on City- by Clifford Simak City is an apocalyptic novel, in which the world ends “not with a bang, but with a whisper.” Reminiscent of Asimov’s I, robot, City is a co… Far from home… Voyager didn’t know when it became self-aware. Traveling for over 105 million years there had been enough time for almost anything to happe… Second Thoughts Should the shields give… dear me! Vacuum Cabin fever in deep space. Space Exploration Touchdown. “Greetings from earth”. “Run!” Liftoff. The Last Battle of Crylonia – The Prophecy ‘And as a threat draws near / The words inscribed upon the alter of life shall strike fear / A king of a king’s son shall leave forever / B… This Island Earth -or- They Came From Beyond Space …Like land and legend, trove of buried facts… I Wonder if… I wonder if anything lives down there, / maybe life’s started up again. / I wonder if something can breathe acid air, / or perhaps it… Alien Encounters – Series The first wave arrived without notice. Tiny alien spacecraft that emitted no more sound then the buzzing of a bee. Little naked… Untitled Space story (Mature) Mojave C-SEA Spaceport Space 2nd part of the new sci-fi series…..Shatter… “Sir, enemy projectiles are coming in fast from the starboard bow!” / Captain Koji Saburo immediately focused his attention with the ship’… The 1st part of a Sci-Fi series….Shattered … The gigantic ship slowed as its impulse engines lower their setting, IJN Aoba majestically held its position alongside its sister ship the … aboard the funeral ship no need for the great inbetween / just the solid resolution that now he is a ghost / aboard the prison ship / and there is no escape / … The Tale Of Chainsaw Bob: a science fiction story Did they consider removing the chainsaw? I doubt it. Formerly unknown freaks with off the planet ideas or brains growing out of their nec… the mind rendering device so i opened the box / the one that i had no idea what / hid inside / in dust and web laid a coiled machine / that simply stated mind-ren…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of sci fi space writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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