Illumination Unlike candles on a birthday cake, ….these shining, brilliant candles continue to burn bright long after their silent longings… dear santa… 12-14-10 @4:48pm / i would love a good job / like the one that i lost / when the economy / went bad and got tossed / i would love a sold… The Odd Spot On the same morning the local paper ran a story about a German bus-driver convicted of penetrating two golden retrievers, Kevin Miller chew… wittle archie (nature walk ) cute wittle ladybird… ladybirds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw they’re just the cutest ,it was a really beautiful day the sun was at its hottest. i wore a t-shirt an… My Christmas List } A Christmas Gift for unselfish Lovers { / as of 12/18/10 286 views santa sangre When was the last time you told your story to a stranger? Dear Santa I believed in you when I was little. / I couldn’t wait to see you. / I knew because of you being Santa, / you would make all wishes and dre… Milk and Cookies The scene was like a sick horror movie, one could envision the title A Cannibal Christmas. bullying at home ( warning strong language ) today she was a bitch / screaming of her head / as if i had done something so badly wrong / leaving me wishing i was dead / i only spilt … My Santa Encounter Had a visit the other night, from a jolly man in red. / What a fright I got, to find him beside my bed. / He said he had a little present, … ♠♥☼ The Gift Bringer ☼♥♠ This was magic indeed for they knew Claus had died The parents noticed the happiness return to their children and vowed to continue the mag… Weep not! It’s Christmas! shoppers pass me / on the streets, / “weep not!” / it’s Christmas! / while savages / and monsters / want their sex / to… MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! In the true sense of Exceptional Ekphrasis I have tried to tell the story of what we do on Christmas day by creating a story board in the E… wittle archie ( i heard santa ) feast your eyes right here…fun laughter excitement,all in one story no infact every story , I saw Santa but i left my innocence behind I saw Santa but I left my innocence behind / When I was a young lad, / Long before the innocence, / Of my world was tarnished, / By the min… me, you, us, her, him, them, life is for living / love is for giving / and our hearts are something we share / our eyes are inviting / and hands for nice writing / and … My Art Book Monito Hermoso Xmas deal! Buy my NEW Art Book between now and December 25th and receive 5 mini prints from the book! Wow! What a deal! That’s right, 5 mini pri… ’Twas tradition after all Santa…. thoughts of my heart…..’twas tradition after all…weigh heavily on an Angels heart Inside the true Santa’s Grotto There’s a small dark place you should all fear where the children and the elves all cheer / By the snow with the big green tree with… “A Working Man’s Christmas” " I still owe that Santa money, for toys he left here years ago and interest on my credit cards, soared to where, nobody knows." WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? WE ALL WOULD BE MUCH HAPPIER IF / NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE EVER HAD OCCURRED / IF IT MEANS THEY CAN COME HOME / TO THEIR FAMILIES… I Used To Be Santa Claus When you receive a gift on his special day, thank him, for without him giving would not be. Light a Yule Log as an offering of gratitude to… the girl in the snow at christmas – by vamp… In the cool glow upon white snow the little girl lay / making her snow angel feverishly she did play. / Up she jumped dusted the ice from h… The Christmas Eve Nightmare An evil santa!!!! Santa’s Visit The facts were plain, could not dispute: / Santa had left, without his suit. Things That Santa Claus Just Ain’t Gonna Gi… 1. A whale. / 2. The Island of Maui. / 3. A 250 gallon vat of cherry vanilla ice-cream. / 4. The ending of Beethoven’s unfinished s… “You better watch out! You better no cry! Y… Wishing you every blessing this Christmas! All our love, The Rabon family. Hey there! You have just caught me out, writing my Christmas car… The Christmas Opening After all year playing Santa Claus, Christmas day was my day off. Christmas Eve should be……. Children stare into the moonlit night / Hoping to see Santa on his flight. For Parents at Christmas ( can you relate?) For all parents at Christmas. How many of you can relate? / Little one has been so very busy with choir concerts, student counsil meetings,… For those who believe, and for the children in al… his site has been used by my family since my first grandchild was little. (He is now 18) Every year on Christmas Eve we pull this site up a… INTERROGATION Being seven at the time / I had to wait in a very long line / Everyone at the Dept. Store / Buying Christmas presents and so much more / Sa… Christmas Gifts Tinsel of silver / And ribbon of red / Children were nestled / Asleep in their beds Christmas Ode Once upon a merry day / There rode a fat man on his sleigh / Clad in red with a beard of white / Gliding through the cold winter’s night Hourglass Sand The one you tore, / you bore, / you ripped and raped, One strange Xmas eve For if as gifts he can swap the stockings from St Nick / Then twelve days of blubber from xmas eve will tick HIS LOVE CHANGES ME People that follow Jesus / Believe He came to save / That God came down from glory / In semblance of a babe. / He grew up as a simple man /… Was the nightmare before Christmas When out on the lawn there arose a big splatter, / I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. / Away to the window I flew like a fla… ‘RUDOLF SUCKS’ by SANTA CLAUSE and AR… “Where is Santa “someone cried? / “ the front lawn on his —s-“, THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT LIVES INSIDE ALL Top Ten Placement for Santa Bailey! My Collie Santa Christmas Card has placed in the Top Ten for the All Pets Great and Small, Christmas Pets for Cards challenge. Thanks to ev… I Used To Be Santa Claus Many years had passed since they had last laid eyes on the land. It was here that they delighted for times past times. Dear Santa, With Love, An Average Working Mom Dear Santa, / Can’t ya bring us / A little hope in sight? / To help us muddle through tough times / Until we see the light? / A bett… The Colors of Santa Please view the photograph that accompanies this narrative. / When the narrative is cut off, I place it in the writing section. / I enjoy … merry christmas and a happy new year merry christmas Santa’s Bad Hair Day “Read my lips, kid. Adults don’t believe in Santa. You got it? I came down your chimney, right? So they’ll charge me with… Michael and the Pet Store Santa got featured Cand… I was so surprised when I logged in here tonight and seen my photo was featured. Thank you so much Canded Photographs of Friends and Family. Featured: Christmas Kitty & Waiting for Santa I would like to thank the hosts of the group ‘Tabby Time’ for featuring two of my photos. It’s such an honor and very appreciated! / Christ… Merry Christmas Everyone Hey everybody its Christmas time / Why because Santa is standing on every turn. / All the stores are decorated in holiday patterns / The sp… Tramps Christmas " ‘Tis the season to be jolly," the school’s choir sings / as the town tree splashed with multi coloured light bulbs … Superman…Santa Claus. The tears seemed to just keep coming. Her eyes were red and raw from wiping the endless cascade away from her eyes. She felt more than sadn… Michael And The Pet Store Santa Was featured in … Thank you so much Beginners Corner for the feature. Very Very much appreciate it. Michael does too! Santa California Santa California / …New evidence shows Santa once lived right here, / where the mountains are high and the ocean is near… Santa Claus has been feature …. Statue and … My photo “Santa Claus knows when you are bad or good” / Thank you so much TingyWende and MabelAmber! You guys are great!!!! / … If I Close My Eyes… Santa Will Come.. Featu… Thank you so much Angie and Sandy hosts of / CATS AND DOGS / For the feature!!!! :D / IF I CLOSE MY EYES… SANTA WILL COME.. It’s that time of year … The tree is arranged – with both tinsel and light, / In preparation- for that magical night. Coffee House, Santa Cruz In a coffeehouse / In Santa Cruz, / there are coffee makers laid out / on windowsills, Santa Claus is coming to town… I awake this day to the memory of Christmases past. Of the awe created by one woman over 40 years ago for her 4 kids. I dont think to this … I shoot coyotes A coyote is looking down at the ground. His head is tilting side to side as large radar like ears scan for the slightest sound of movement… 2 Features This Week Blue Moon Christmas – !$$Get Art Promoted$$! and Pet Store Santa-Shop Fronts. Thank you so much for both groups for featuring my wor… It’s Christmas and I Am So Very Happy I am so happy, oh yes I am so happy, / And I don’t care what anybody else says. / I put a little Christmas tree on my shelf today, / I de… " SANTA " To some he is known as " Santa Claus ", … Merry Christmas Everyone! Merry Christmas! Dear Santa Dear Santa / There is so much I could ask for / Dear Santa / But where would I begin / You see there are so many people / That just dont ha… We Wish You… We wish you a…. My Stroke Of Genius It was during one of these treks to “the farm”, be…that I needed to prove my superior position in the pecking order so to be chosen f… Christmas Time is Coming Christmas time is coming / it’s right around the bend / You can hear the joy and laughter / of family and friends / It’s starti… Don’t trust the big red man I taste your smell / I smell your fear / Come to me, now my dear / We can go to a place far away Santa Rides a Softtail. WInter after winter,Storm after storm Santas 2007 It was a wet and windy day / That Santa / Went his motorcycling way / This year the eighth, December came / To make his mark would be his … T’was the Night of the Living Dead (or The … T’was the night of the living dead / On the eve before Christmas day, / The streets were stirring with creatures / That had crawled u… Santa opens up a can of whup ass ‘Santa, Santa you’ve got to help me!’ Santa (Mature) van Avon tot Santa… wasn’t your heart beat gently for mine / I fly………………………. Whoohoo I`m delighted A sale a sale!!! The Week Before Christmas ‘Tis the week before Christmas and I don’t really Care / I didn’t write to Santa because there’s nobody there Features …Right On…Santa and early Christmas present from the Groups that have featured ….The Bridge…and The Cost of Watching the Sunrise…Two Buck… T’was the Night Before Another Beautiful Day T’was the Night Before Another Beautiful Day / By Santa Tom Kliner, written April 21st, 2009 / T’was the night before another beautif… Obey the King ‘The Word of God’. / Upon his robe and thigh was written this title: / ‘King of kings and Lord of lords.’” / Revelation 19:13, 16 / Yes, Je… Santa Claus Loves ya Hi I The true story of santa. Twas christmas morning, and all through the street, not a hobo was sturing, not even their feet. They slumped and they slept, scattered aro… santa has been featured ! one of my "sand is the new snow " images has been featured in the “Statues and Such” group… / thanks a lot, a n… I Call Him Santa “Veteran. Need help. God Bless.” / Reads his sign, he is wishing God’s blessing on us / Even though he is the one living … Santa/God Even after years of knowing, / it still sends a slight pain of disappointment through my stomach / when people talk about him like he isn’t… Cincinnati Twins On the grasslands of Texas / Gunpowder plumes arose / All hellfire in the midst / Of war cries and echos / Muskets pistols cannonades / Sea… Santa Is Coming Tonight Down the chimney climbed Claus / He chuckled with such delight / HOHOHO he cried by night / His jolly work doesn’t pause. / You see C… Summer With Santa, Yes, this is a really important time at North Pole Head Quarters (NPHQ). SANTA MEETS A SOLDIER! It would not be surprising / if Santa Claus were real, / That he’d stop inside a soldier’s house, / And be emotionally struck I feel. / Fo… The Many Faces of Death The many faces of death / Were in the parade. / Skulls / Ghosts / Grim Reapers The Santa Rap Iz a Santa, / from da hood / and I rap, / like no otherz could Top reasons you’re getting nothing from San… Sadly the economy has changed Santa’s’ “Ho Ho Ho” to “Lend me some dough ho ho” More than the Weather Can be Frightful Oh, when Christmas day finally gets here / Right now, I’ll tell ya, all I wanna see / Are people with scarves and gloves on their hands / A… Good News From The North Pole Whew, I just got back from the North Pole and let me tell you, Santa’s workshop is buzzing like a hornets nest. Blow Santa Away In the mood of the festive season less all take out our shot guns and blow Santa away (metaphorically speaking) . Christmas Lights So now ‘ol Santa’s coming, / it’s almost Christmas Day. Top signs Santa has been overeating Impossible to talk to Santa without having a blizzard of red and green cookie crumbs spew at you
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