101 Safety Meeting Ideas

Make you Next Safety Training Easy

Severe Weather Safety

The United States starts the year 2008 off with a twist as severe thunderstorms and tornados take lives, injure people and devastate our co…

Oh Beautiful For…

There is no haven safe enough for me: / the outcast – willful, wild, as yet untamed. / All shrink away as if they might be maimed / or tain…

Lock me in

When the new day / breaks, cloaked / in shades of muted silver / clouds loom heavy, dark / fierce storms rise, smoky / somber on distant …


Little comfort / walking on shattered dreams / barefoot and naked.

put me in your dreams

i’ve slain many a dragon of dreams of my own / with no hand to help i have faced them alone

A Short Essay on Computer Viruses and Anti-Viral …

Computer viruses are, like their biological namesake, programs that infect your system and multiply.

Never ending wait

Teenagers, Rebellion, Horror, Fear, all the things a mind can conjour onto one self…

red dress and safety pins

dusty blue, / the eyes of an angel / brighten the abandoned skies, / capturing / my thoughts / as I aimlessly roam / the frozen tundra, / …

The Love Light

Take me / tenderly / by the hand / and deliver me / to the edge

fragment found in a dead woman’s pocket

…for i’ve been running in the dark and i nearly gave it up / ‘til i remembered i was running home to you…

Yaddles in Deadly Dodgem Cars

BIG & DEADLY Dodgem Cars! / We have to be serious about our youth driving / so that they understand the seriousness of driving / and ar…

Looking into the depths

looking into the depths / of the water / reflections rippling / in the sun / I stare, mesmerized / recalling times / long since gone


Then the battery exploded and the acid ate away at her face. It was very gruesome. I watched her face melt. It ate right through her head u…

Time To Go To Bed.

I get angry, full up, itching, aching, tossing, turning, biting, licking…. / Crashes down like wet leaves tipping trees, / dripping m…

Safety in Numbers

“There’s safety in numbers,” he said to me, but I don’t think he really meant it. If he had, why would he be sitting on a bench in the des…

There is a monster in the backyard

Aloha My RB friends, / There is another side of me that I am about to expose. / Before I started dabbling in painting I was a Physical Educ…

Get Clean

i could feel you / so hard / pushing / breaking / entering / cried out t othe empty air / cried out to the dirty white walls / …

Fings Wot I Lerned!

Having rounded the 60 mark in July 2008, I wish I knew back when I was 40 some of the stuff I know now; probably true for most of us. Here…

Safe Haven

Floor to ceiling book shelves were stacked with the elegant repeating stripes of multi coloured spines.


I shall gather them to the safety of / my warm chest / and lay my wishes upon them / I shall load them, wrapped in the / silkiest webs of l…

Happiness is . . .

Being safe, / Away from strife. / No fear for life, / No need to hide. / Food in the belly, / A roof overhead, / Clothes on one’s bac…

Torn Skin And Fairytales.

I like to think I am bullet proof, that my skin is thick, / and a thin transparent membrane that never was, / a joke, all but a sick joke.

Comedious Commentarious :Travaler’s Safety

So the other man asked, were did you learn this fascinating bit of historical information ?

a child

So small, so perfect / One smile and you melt my heart

safety tip

driving home / a little shakey / treading water / you’re okay / you’re okay / hold on / remember now Y / you get yourself / into trouble dr…

Too much Health and Safety

finesse and attention to detail by a man with rubber gloves and the emergency services on speed dial

Safety net.

He pushes you away / Just to see if you’ll bounce back / If you’ll still be here for him / After all the trouble he brings your…

In The Arms of The Witch

Once upon a time / at the bottom of the world / or the top – depending on which / way up you are standing, / There lived a little girl.

Backing Policy With Orange Cone

A safety program to help reduce accidents in the work place.

Heat Illness Prevention Program- Summer Time Safe…

“Heat Illness” body’s inability to cope with a particular heat load, and includes heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat syncope and heat strok…


If I was a bird, what kind of bird would I be…?

Time to Shake things up…….Back Door Training

This is so simple that you can provide any type of safety information to employees. The back door is the place to provide needed training…

Faith revisited

Like confetti, / I take my own control and throw it to the wind - / I lose my mind for / one last time. / Because safety looks and feels /…


“Some half-naked freakin’ idiot jumped on the bonnet of my car! He broke the friggin’ windscreen!”.


She knew somehow that she was special, not all little children had this protection, she had been fortunate for some reason to have this opp…

Us & Them (or, ‘neighbourhood watchR…

BE who they want you to be, / WHEN they want you to be it, / HOW they want you to be it,

Sheep May Safely

you / touch / anything disturb a / single item you change / the scene forever

Sparky, The Christmas Cat: (A Cats’ Tale)

“Once more”, he thought, “just once more.” He mustered all the strength and resolve that his little kitten body co…

the ritual

uncountable stars explode / in their final fiery farewells / shedding stardust / jewels of eternity

Walk-In Closet

A six by five fortress / Vacuumed vault of / bears and beads / and letters stored in / shoe boxes on shelves / Metal and pla…

Safety Pin

Sharp, small, silver; they call it a safety pin, but it’s hardly safe. Its helmet slides up to release the spike. With minimal pressure it …

What’s made, won’t fade.

Rake up beauty. / Bag it. / Burn it. / Don’t overturn it. / You’ll have to earn this. / Curving, swerving / Merging, changing. / Shining d…

Falsely Innocent

“They say a hero can save us, but I’m not gonna stand here and wait, but he’s watching us…” / Safety / Realit…

Broken in more ways than one…

Running from the enemy; Domestic Violence Never Ends; Always be prepared for a Run,

Safety First

I jumped as she dropped it / the flash banged with a crack



Escape 894589485908498590485092845098249

Tomorrow when I am riding my horse and traveling toward his castle, I will cry when I see the blue fields that are the beginning of his kin…

A Forest Fantasy

But man would mow you down / To make things to sit and lie upon / And in doing so we hear you scream / The planet losing fast its dream


Angered / By the choices of man / I retreat to the solitude / Of my beginning

Something Solid

I don’t unpack / I keep moving. / I never personalize the space / because the emptiness has since become soothing.

A Pen to Parchment

It saves me from myself.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for pets

dog eating Friends, family and feasts—the main ingredients for holiday fun can actually result in distress for pets. Not only can too many …

Safety Valve

there is wisdom / in saying I love you / does the heart thump for you / as it thumps for me / ripped from a valentine / folded into the lea…

Fly The Friendly Skis Or Play Russian Roulette ?

Well i have come up with a new remedy to over come my growing anxiety of travailing by commercial air lines.

Under The Shadow of His Wings

Silence dwells within – / despite the turmoil / Peace He gives – / His still instead of chaos / He reigns in the winds, / Mastering the s…


Our soldiers deserve more than they get.

Safe places

I carve out safe places wherever I go..


A lover’s embrace is all I truly need.

Quality of Life for the Illusion of Safety…Bad Tr…

By: George A, Yesthal / Even though the occasional terrorist attack is way less of a threat than the government, TSA and Homeland Security …

Pearls of Wisdom (poem)

there is solace in words / and the stringing up / of syllables into / a predestined order / to make sense / of all the confusion


It was a lazy Sunday and no one seemed to be everywhere doing nothing in every way possible.

Because it feels right……

..it feels right / ..it feels wrong

Lost Souls

We huddle behind our own private walls / After watching all our hopes and dreams fall / Afraid to trust again so we seek out others the sam…

Heaven’s Preserve

As night approaches us this evening / A blanket of darkness surrounds

Dreams of Safety

I pierce a leaf on my fingernail / Bring it to the wind / I am mammal / I can’t forget the earth / Beneath my feet / I am tempted by dream…

Like a deer IN your headlights!



I like it here / I feel a part of things. / On the map. / Just knowing that all over the world / people treat themselves here, to a / real …


Always know the joy of safety in your room. This is where you rest warm and are taken into the arms of the higher life where you are loved …


What’s Love got to do / With the fact of Me and You? / Theres a deeper significance

Psalm 139 Remix

it wuz & it iz / what it iz / held in grace / sustained by patience / redeemed for Love / kept forever.

Second Safety

I remember coming down here with you on a summer’s night; you rode your skateboard and I ran along behind with my bare feet against t…


I turn to you when it counts, / But that’s not enough. / I obey your word when things get rough, / But that’s not right. / I se…

Speeder’s Rock

(Chorus) / Beggin’ for a rock through your window today / Speeder, Speeder / Beggin’ for a rock through your window today / Spe…

Safety in arms.

Safety; / It’s what we crave: / It’s what we need. / Why? / because without it,we’re scared. / It’s everything that…


Once full of reason, hope, and the will to continue on to see tomorrow. / Now leaking the soul purpose to live, to fight for that last brea…

safety pin

I was passing out slogans on street corners / I’m Alive! / was all they said / with a safety pin on the backside of the tag / * / no …

Hidden Costs

Careening / Careering / Steering / Cart Wheels Galore / Cargo Caravan Man / Carries More Mayhem

Safety Net

“You must not eat the blood; for the life / of a creature is in its blood.” / Blessed assurance, that teeth avoid me while I bleed. / O! D…


Always know the joy of safety in your room. This is where you rest warm and are taken into the arms of the higher life where you are loved …

Human Germ.

A higher state of thinking / has a higher price to pay.

From Safety Into Conversations

We have become an unclean memory. / A memory with the wrong disposition, / still putting on those carcinogenic smiles

Boundaries And Safety

They are to be exposed, aroused, / And set free to wander zealously. / Charging forth without aim, / Charging close to where you exist.


free falling / freedom to fail- / Baby, I can’t have illusions / of keeping you safe. / I only have as much power / as I choose to re…


Statistics can be used for good and evil. See how

or just flounder like gold fish

and now it’s time baby / to open the safety box and / let that old cat cry / maybe it will die

Safety Here

safety here / where a tree’s branches / cast protective shadows / space…freedom / to exist in nature… / breeze touches my…

Street Cred

Houses on parade / Guards to civilisation / A great divide between man and space / Escapism opposed to reality / Sentinals stand at either …

something to ponder and not to fear

its a battle ’til you die by why lose the war? / when its only your happiness that you need to fight for


i ripped my feeling of / a fallback, somewhere to relax / much like the people / in the hotel, / dropped dead, drunk as

Childcare- Hide and Seek

A million faces. / A million voices. / None are hers. / Mummy’s hiding.

Height Safety Systems in Sydney

Height Safety Systems in Sydney

Safety… Can be Deadly

I stopped her from leaving… / I stopped her heart beating.

At Death’s Doorstep

In a moment Death strolled by, / She said to me “Why do you cry?”

The Flower

But when the rain comes, much to her surprise / The flower gets stronger and actually thrives.

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