This is Me It all started one night while I was sitting and thinking on my balcony. / The balcony of my great, little apartment. / It had been buildin… drunken morning sex. sadness “I screamed like a banshee when I came. / “You didn’t wake up.” / She takes another drag and holds out the cigarette. / I reach and … Bugger The Sadness I got tired of my sadness today… / So I chased it round the garden / pouncing on it / when I thought it looked puffed out. / “B… Casualty of Depression Your eyes have lost their lustre, / Your smile I see no more, / Your lack passion for all around you, / Your depression is eating my soul&#… Meeting the Mad Woman She is nice / She is kind / She is subtle / She is compliant / She is nurturing / She loves so much / She is sweet… / Oh the feminine… Teen Suicide. This is the story of a girl / Who never knew the way. / Her life was a living hell / Yet she smiled everyday. / Deep down inside she cried … Absolutely Preposterous …conspicuously eyeballing me and taking up / as much space as you possibly could… the murder of autumn She can smell the soul of the trees burning alive today. Their secrets are smoldering and a longing oozes through the cracks in their bark. no more hiding under the bed Tears flow / from a pain / that is still / raw. / How do I / protect and cradle / that which no longer / fits in my arms? / It burns / in … The Man That tills in Sadness blood stained mask of he who mocks, mocks last, A sadness overcomes me – the floods How do you explain why some / fall asleep and die / peacefully in the night and why some / sit waiting alone for hours / on top of a rooof … Histories and I hated her / and how she was a better person than me / sometimes it’s too late to learn The Healing Process It’s like the beginning all over again, / adding salt to open wounds. / For I had grown stronger, / forgetting the past. / My safety … Can’t Find My Way Home You are like a lost soul searching / Never really knowing where to look. / Or even knowing what you need. / Your life is an old, sad book. Tears of a Clown Now we can look at your face / and finally can see your tears / see what you’ve been hiding, / for all of your life, / been protecting you… My Son He was OUR baby boy, born to ME and YOU / Lived a tiny life, with fingers and toes brand new / I hate to see you cry and I can not stop you… There’s just something…. Dedicated to those who make “Just Something” into “Something Special”. You truly are amazing. considering the end of a friendship there have been good times, / surely, in between years, / you never gathered the moss, as others did / between your ears. / I courted you a… “Dank sadness smoking dead wood” he a… I will kiss the hand of the restless soul LUCKY IN LOVE Lucky is the person who walks amongst the bad in life The Forgetting I’d forgotten how it feels / for your heart to beat just that little bit faster / when the phone beep-beeps… Velvet Pen written with my velvet pen / I wish to speak quietly of love / love that has no hurry or quarrel / yet there’s a rust mark of barbed… When I sit softly, and often on nights like this It hollowed me out until you could see the stars through my skin. When life is slow, I map the constellations through my spine. There are m… I never have anyone to call on Fathers Day I never have anyone to call on fathers day. Instead I sit quietly and reflect on the beautiful father I had for the first eight years of my… Lost Love in Regards to Lost Hope Lost love can never be regained. / It dispenses pain on those involved, / And even those not suffer in its presence. / It takes away the ha… River of Deceit My demons still follow. / They stay to behold / The pain of my sadness, / The ache in my soul. Wayward Son As the twilight of his days / Darkens into the night / Will he be remembered / As one who brought some light? Don’t You Say I Told You So It is as if I am still jailed. / My heart & soul have been impaled. / My wounds did heal but left a scar, / A constant reminder is what… Sometimes, I feel… Sometimes / I feel I could / slay the dragon / other times / I seek for it / to slay me; Web of Collective Unconsciousness The excesses begin to arise, / The seeds germinate at will. / This vegetative elasticity / Drains beyond the window sill. The Mermaids Tale This may sound like loves one true goal / In reality future hopes is what they stole. / The falsehood offered up love and a happy life / Th… Silent Scream Oh, god where’s it coming from? / Thru’ fingers like dry sand. / I know I haven’t cut myself / but there’s blood upon my hand. The Sadness in My Mother’s Eyes She spent most of her life alone with three children. My Hearts a Mess Foolish me, I let you in. / I melted with just a kiss. / I fell so hard it hurt / But not as much as this. When Tears Fall… tears, sadness, joy, happiness, acceptance, eyes, flow, I’m Here Does this mean that / I no longer matter? / As my light begins to fade, / And my memories begin to scatter. . . / Do I no longer matter? Suspended Before I knew love / life was just air / suspended Pretty as You Feel She caught herself this morning, / Cursing at herself. / She said you’re ugly, you’re so fat, / She said I hate myself. The Witching Hour I hear those voices that come just before sleep / They chant Forgiveness Do you want to move on? The Collapse of Words The collapse of my words at the foot of your door / They ache for you / Whispering upon impact / Deflated / They wish for your air to fill … of memory. It is 1939. A man touches my shoulder blade. His hand is heavy and hollow, like a thin rose shell, rocking its loving ocean for eternity. Languishing in the House of Desire I prefer the silence of forgotten pain / No longer will I allow hurt to gain / A hold upon my head and heart, / I will stop that aching bef… On A Homeless Man’s Death “A homeless man lay dying / On a bleak and wintry day / People purposely avoided him / As if he was in their way” An unsubstantiated fear of elevators Except the days spent fumbling up the four flights with bags of groceries in hands and stacks of papers tucked between arm and body, taking… l’amant. Your voice was rain water, a holy temple, bells clanging in the foreign heat Catharsis, or, Ode to Former Best Friends Will I shed a tear because I believe you hate me? / Or will I simply smile because we once shared space / In one another’s lives, Momma’s Death (offa my chest) It was almost thanksgiving. The 15th day of November, Year of our lord, 2004. / I killed my mother. If I Was An Activity Book I’d be more willing to play your games. / Allow you to connect the dots in any order you please. / I’d be a beautiful spring da… On Depression – with a poem from my son. This twisted world scarcely endeavours into the pits of reality, / Barely knowing the darkness is growing, increasing the depths of insanit… DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? My walls are colored black and grey / No laughter, no joy / Only sadness, tears and pain / With no wish to be seen or heard / I look out th… Mama sang the Blues Daylight had barely broken, and already I could hear my Mama out at the clothesline. Pulling aside the tattered curtains that covered my be… To Dogger Beaten and Broken you came to me, / Downtrodden, without a home. / You were left in a back yard / With no shelter, / Tied, with a heavy rop… Selfish Longings (Art & Poetry) I learned happiness is just a word, / When other things come first. / When my hopes and expectations / Became a long forgotten thirst. War (Through the Eyes of a Child) This thing of war, so foolish and sick. / The smell of death, so smoky & thick. / When some become greedy and selfishness rules / Men f… the loss of a soul it didn’t happen in one day / nor one year / not at a certain time / rather randomly / slowly throughout a lifetime / perhaps it was … Ocean You Picture the sky / All blues and greys / The long sunny days are left far behind us / But I almost feel at home in this place PAIN You firstly say that I am not at fault, / And then you made your last assult. BEAUTY WITHIN SADNESS To be able to see the person inside / The real person with all of Her faults / And all of Her virtues / Trapped in a shell all of Her own … THOUGHTS OF MOLESTATION TO THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE MOLESTED, AND RAPED. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER A WHOLE WORLD TAKES A DIFFERENT SHAPE 2010 If you think your ten is long, / Try my twenty-one out of thirty three. / That’s how long you silenced, / The pain inside of me. White Sheets She was wearing her white pearl button shirt her favorite brown boots and her short denim skirt, Red lipstick to leave her mark and a vanil… Muse With careless daubs his heavy brush had faded her with sad tones and merciless shadow. It took him decades to clean off the soot and dust o… GOODBYE In the dark cold night / I sit by candelight / Life is slipping by / Day falls into night / My heart beats slower / Than yesterday / All my… I came undone She pulled me undone / With the flick of her tongue / I fell apart / Struck blind and dumb / My knees went weak / I could not speak / My h… In Oregon: roadside tree. A road sign gave us the information, pulling over would be important. “The oldest tree in Oregon.” I wanted to keep driving, two more ho… Time to Die I have this pain far inside, / And I continue to ask, why? / There is a voice calling to me, / I feel its’ time to die. . . . Axel The gold in your hair / Is only a hint of the wealth I have in my heart / Because of you / And when the wind blows through it / It’s as if … ashes to ashes little pieces flicker off… Drip I think of you / As the wet line on a wall / A trail leading ever downwards / You plummet / Me / The watery dot / The tear / Drop / Into … Pain.. Pleasure.. Happiness.. Sadness.. you deci… Still night / Silence shattered / I cry… Shack Cowering in the corner, I feel / The beginning of it, / Like a flower unfurling its petals towards the sun. / Warming me. Awakening me. Mo… Shine Again the sun shines / and the moon rises / the light from both illuminate your face / when everything has gone dark / I’ll be there, to ho… I LOVE HER…… Judge me if you will… I can not change what has happened… All I know is the love we shared was intense and satisfying.. I met … Predicting Dialogue I leaf through a magazine during the television show. One of those nighttime dramas she continues to watch though she mostly laughs at the… * LIFE * with my first poem and story line. There has been so much trouble in my life, / But i did not give up without a fight. / As i beleave there was somthings that i was right / i… Grief There are days I bob about, just floating, neither here or there. / Sometimes I am able to shed the life jacket and swim freely, even froli… Tragedy! We all try to reach so deep inside / over this, I pull my heart out and squeeze it dry / Ten years spent learning, playing and observing / … Sadness …that defenseless soul surrender to heart pain that nothing can fix. You Promised Me Forever – You Kept You Prom… You promised me forever / This promise to me you gave. / Now I am yours forever, / Buried in an unmarked grave. . . Nuclear Tears My scrying bowl / lays witness / to the bleeding hearts / of tens of thousands of Japanese faces… SWEET NICKY YOU WERE A CHILD OF GOD / SPIRIT FREE / LOVED BY ALL / HANDSOME TO SEE / YOU LAUGHTER / FILLED HEARTS WITH JOY / YOU WERE AN AMAZING BOY /… Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. With Love I will Set You Free Roses are red, violets are blue / so was my life, until I met you / You made me laugh, you made me smile / You made me forget about life fo… The Necessary Endurance of the Infinite’s Possibi… completed at 11:52 pm The Poet After the creation came the poet / And the poet said “Let there be darkness” / And the Sun fell from the sky leaving the night saga I met him long ago / needing someone / to dream of when bored My Broken Spirit Limps My Broken Spirit Limps / An elegy or lament by Karin Taylor after the loss of Basil (my beautiful cat) / 18 March 2014 / My broken spirit l… The Tear Solitary foe / escaping through / the window / of my soul / declaring woe / and no one / knew / the bitter cup / was full? A letter to my rapist. A letter to my rapist. Never Alone! Once again the circle of repetition feeds the minds of social definition / A season of joy filled with the wanting and needing of that perf… Tristesse (sadness) I want some words for sadness / Tristesse (French) / Tristezza (Italian) / Vemod (Swedish) / Zieleleed (Dutch) The bursting tear (PG) Aching sadness rises in my chest / Longing / Lost. I Retired… I retired all the things I loved to do… Run No More Run no more my weary friend / Your beautiful life has come / To an end / No more pain Your sorrow gone / But Paradise is where you have / … SHE WATCHED! Stolen Generation! She watched her heart destroy / as the injustice went untold / SHE WATCHED! / The Australian Genocide…
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