Can't Find My Way Home (image, poem & music) by Rhonda Strickland The End of the Lonely Days by Mario Sánchez Nevado My Red Melancholy - Self Portrait by Jaeda DeWalt My life is a longgggggggggggg story by queenenigma Never Just One Rainy Day (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland River of Deceit by Rhonda Strickland Broken - (Image, Poem, Music) by Rhonda Strickland The Serenity (La Serenissima) Art & Poetry by Rhonda Strickland Wayward Son (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland Man of Constant Sorrow by Rhonda Strickland Darkness...and Pain. by Adam Stone Don't You Say I Told You So by Rhonda Strickland Behind Blue Eyes by Rhonda Strickland Don't You Love Me Anymore? by Rhonda Strickland Silenced by frozenfa  carry on............... by helene ruiz The Monument of Non Existence by Mario Sánchez Nevado I'm Here (poetry & art)  by Rhonda Strickland her winter day... by Bridgett Ferguson LoST by Watson  Mere Lost comrades under the moon by HemenDesign The Pain of Missing You by Jerri Johnson My Hearts a Mess by Rhonda Strickland courage by Bridgett Ferguson This is Me It all started one night while I was sitting and thinking on my balcony. / The balcony of my great, little apartment. / It had been buildin… I see the sadness in their eyes...Melancholy in their cries...Devoid of all the passion...The human spirit cannot die..Look at the pain around me..This is what I'll die for by jammingene Think & Sense Outside the Frame © Vicki Ferrari by Vicki Ferrari The Hearts Divide - Self Portrait by Jaeda DeWalt The Love of Madness (I) by Henrik Malmborg Grieve - Self Portrait by Jaeda DeWalt You Can't See Me...? You Won't See Me! by frozenfa Casualty of Depression Your eyes have lost their lustre, / Your smile I see no more, / Your lack passion for all around you, / Your depression is eating my soul&#… Meeting the Mad Woman She is nice / She is kind / She is subtle / She is compliant / She is nurturing / She loves so much / She is sweet… / Oh the feminine… Umbrella melancholy by Richard Davis Patience in Pain by Andrew Paranavitana broken down, you don't understand by Kristin Reynolds Francis by JohnMcKeever Raw by Carole Felmy The Silent Cry - Self Portrait by Jaeda DeWalt It's Killing Me by Laurie Search my spine writes stories by Erika Tirado no more hiding under the bed Tears flow / from a pain / that is still / raw. / How do I / protect and cradle / that which no longer / fits in my arms? / It burns / in … Just Go Away by Margaret Bryant LAST DANCE by Sherri     Nicholas You Are So Far Away by Rhonda Strickland No Getting Over This Pain by Laurie Search My Body's Struggle by Laurie Search TELL ME!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING by Sherri     Nicholas Trying to Understand (Art & Poetry) by Rhonda Strickland Charade by Mario Sánchez Nevado Reckoning Forces by Andrew Paranavitana Your Bullshit Ringing In My Ears by Laurie Search Can’t Find My Way Home You are like a lost soul searching / Never really knowing where to look. / Or even knowing what you need. / Your life is an old, sad book. With what a deep devotedness of woe by Citizen Why Do You Do This To Me? by Moonlake The Aftermath of War by Rhonda Strickland The Things You Said To Me by Laurie Search Gifts from the darkness by strawberries La tristeza se olvida de la poesía by Erika Tirado Sad Girl  by Erik Brede Desdemona, "I do." - Self Portrait by Jaeda DeWalt Pain and Self Loathing by Laurie Search Dark Dreams by strawberries HELL by Nick Runckel I AM AS BLUE AS BLUE CAN BE by palma tayona Teen Angel - OMG STFU - Alternate Version by Liam Liberty River of Deceit My demons still follow. / They stay to behold / The pain of my sadness, / The ache in my soul. Leave This World by Watson  Mere sadness by Heather King Wayward Son As the twilight of his days / Darkens into the night / Will he be remembered / As one who brought some light? the value of time by Rosemary  Scott - Redrockit Silent Scream Oh, god where’s it coming from? / Thru’ fingers like dry sand. / I know I haven’t cut myself / but there’s blood upon my hand. My Hearts a Mess Foolish me, I let you in. / I melted with just a kiss. / I fell so hard it hurt / But not as much as this. I’m Here Does this mean that / I no longer matter? / As my light begins to fade, / And my memories begin to scatter. . . / Do I no longer matter? The Letter by olivia-art adagio for a broken dream II by Jo-PinX Cry for Me (an image & a poem) by Rhonda Strickland Sorrow (After Vincent Van Gogh) by taiche Languishing in the House of Desire I prefer the silence of forgotten pain / No longer will I allow hurt to gain / A hold upon my head and heart, / I will stop that aching bef… Access Denied by mimulux Catharsis, or, Ode to Former Best Friends Will I shed a tear because I believe you hate me? / Or will I simply smile because we once shared space / In one another’s lives, A Blue Man by Watson  Mere The unfortunate truth by Heather King Succulent Abstract by Ye Liew War (Through the Eyes of a Child) This thing of war, so foolish and sick. / The smell of death, so smoky & thick. / When some become greedy and selfishness rules / Men f… The Pain Doesn't Go by Laurie Search PAIN You firstly say that I am not at fault, / And then you made your last assult. Teen Angel - OMG STFU by Liam Liberty not a welcome place for children...who had to live there by Earhart Chappel Inc.   IPA Regrets by Laurie Search Get Over It by Toradellin 2010 If you think your ten is long, / Try my twenty-one out of thirty three. / That’s how long you silenced, / The pain inside of me. White Sheets She was wearing her white pearl button shirt her favorite brown boots and her short denim skirt, Red lipstick to leave her mark and a vanil… I came undone She pulled me undone / With the flick of her tongue / I fell apart / Struck blind and dumb / My knees went weak / I could not speak / My h… Time to Die I have this pain far inside, / And I continue to ask, why? / There is a voice calling to me, / I feel its’ time to die. . . . ashes to ashes little pieces flicker off…
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