Geeky Girl Ruminates on Rural Landscape Why is my name under the glorious green tree, / and not me? Featured Work Thank you to these groups… Death in a Small Town Small town USA at its best! A story of death and the many people who provided for our family as we said goodbye to my grandmother. Goodbye West End and false eyelashes! I stood out like the proverbial ‘sore-thumb’ 20, blonde, false eye-lashed and platform shoed The Butterfly Effect Be ‘mindful’ of your thoughts and what you bring into existence. :-) on standing in summer moonlight having chanced upon it / under the blanket of this moonlit night / i stood, silent as those hills EARLY MORNING LIGHT -Featured Rural Around The Gl… Thank you kindly to the hosts of Rural Around the Globe for featuring this image. It is exciting. / Thank you very much to the moderators … INTRODUCING MILLICENT. ’I know all of you will be pleased to learn, especially you Thornton, that this is my last day of teaching to you cretins horribilis WATERMELON PATCH Shoving the wet crisp nectar past my lips,I closed my eyes and savored the sun on my face and juice dripping from my chin….. Mrs Cransky Daylight slunk gingerly into the cabin. / Mornings were a careful affair, here, where things shuffled. Where dark held it’s silent, w… WHISPERS IN THE WIND #2 Like there were secret whispers in the wind…weaving in and out of the blades of tall grass.Whispers in the wind… saying move li… the prodigal son # 1…… Like Gary Cooper in ‘High Noon’ he reenters the fray having metaphoric guns drawn……… “Dear Beezer” by Ellen Hecht © 2… “Gully’s flooded . . . Not much to do but help sand bag. Figured since they locked you up and you can’t go no place neit… Thank you for the purchase/s October 23, 2011 To Unknown Buyer/s / I hope you enjoy your purchase, and I appreciate it very much that my images are enjoyed enough to purchase. Oh joy, j… Really chuffed I have just sold 2 cards to a very kind but unnamed person. / The card was of one of my older works, A Rural church / Thank you to the myst… His Master’s Grave – “Who claim… At the end “Who claims who?” Fencing the drought. She brushes away the flies, shovel-head cracks to ground… Hunter and Hunted The hedgerows and copses are no place to hide, / Reynard can smell you and time is on his side. It Was Enough Gramps’ faded and worn-thin bib overalls / Handkerchief in his pocket / Farmers tan across his forehead / Baby white skin above / Worked su… Our Little Pet We saw a little mouse poke his head up through a hole in the floor. Featured: Vibrant Thanks so much to the host of the group ‘Rural Around the Globe’ for featuring my work ‘Vibrant’. This is one of my… Featured! Thank you, Rural America! Thank you, Rural America, for featuring Cowgirl! / I sincerely appreciate it. RCAF-Three Snowbirds featured in Rural Around The… I am more excited about this feature than any before it because I was so darn proud of our Snowbirds and the spectacular flight display. T… Dec 4, 2008, featured in the groupAMERICAS ~ Rur… Flying petals was featured in the group / AMERICAS ~ Rural, Urban, Wild, Free – Expressions of Artists. / Sharon, many thanks for fe… ATLAS He feigned, I think, a certain interest in where I’d been. / And so, as if by accident, I let it slip. I humoured him: he / Flattered me … TWO FEATURES IN RURAL AROUND THE GLOBE WHAT A WAY TO START A SUNDAY TWO OF MY WORKS FEATURED IN RURAL AROUND THE GLOBE MY THANKS TO THE HOSTS budrfli / Trace Lowe AND BigD FO… The Lament of the Country Girl’s Shoe “But they’re practical” is the battle cry heard everywhere The Lament of the Country Girl the hideous shoes of my loved ones and neighbours Word-A-Day…HINTERLAND hinterland \HIN-tur-land\, noun:(German) / 1. A region situated inland from a coast. / 2. A region remote from urban areas; backcountry. / … Featured: Hay Man Thanks so much to the host of Rural America for featuring my photo ‘Hay Man’. / I’m very honored! Tugboat Chaos I walked along the city harbor one day / When a bright red tugboat anchored ashore / The captain unloaded supplies from aboard / “Ahoy, Whe… Old Campsall No village hall panto or weekly dance / Village life now stands little chance THE RAIN The day the rain comes, all the bent backs of the old and faithless become straight again. / Slack mouths with whiney sentences become radi… GREEN DOOR – DIRT FLOOR Old broken shed with busted green doors, / Huge iron hinges and work worn floor. / The old man rattled around the forge and bench and tools… Last Haul III Featured in Rural America Group! Many thanks to the Rural America group for once again featuring my work! SEA OF HOPE Raw red earth cut deep for a pillow soft seed bed. / I check the wake of working for a clean job. / The roaring steiger hits the corner and… Historic Richmond NSW. `Richmond is an elegant town with tree lined streets providing year round colour.` / `First settled by europeans in 1794` / `the beautiful … Rural Canada Coast to Coast pre 1960’s Thanks so much for the feature in your group. Featured Work in Americas~Rural, Urban, Wild, Fre… My image, “Chiricahua National Monument,” has been featured in this wonderful group. I thank the group hosts for featuring my… Four images featured in Rural America 09-20-08 Many thanks to the folks over at Rural America for featuring four images of my work! / There are many talented artists there and I am honor… Featured in Rural, Urban, Wild, Free-Expressions … My image, “Tubac Golf Course,” has been featured in this awesome group. Thank you group hosts for the feature! Whoopeeeeeee&#… “Rotting Away”….II Featured in … A big THANK YOU! to the folks over at “Rural Around The Globe” for featuring my work “Rotting Away”…II / I … Featured in the Americas~Rural, Urban,Wild, Free-… I am thrilled that my image, “Inside Looking Out” has been featured in this wonderful group. Thank so much to the group hosts! SHSHSHSHSH After the wind mad night, nature holds it’s breath for the daybreak. / As if the revelations of a full day could not be interrupted. / Like… YIPEE… Featured in the Group, Americas ~ R… My work, “The Ruins of Tumacacori” has been featured in the awesome group. Thanks so much to the group hosts. Yipee…&#… CHURCH Grab the bag and head for the sheds that are called changed rooms in the ‘smoke. / Ripple iron skin and the wood chip burner for a short ru… The Pooka of KilPatrick Lady B. sat up in her coffin. The butler and the maid were never seen again. Featured in “Urban, Rural, Wild and free… Thanks for the feature, appreciate it 2ND HAND All my mates are second hand, / Scars and strife have left their brand. / Damaged goods, but tried and true, / Victims and victorious of li… Your House, My Home A special note to those who wear socks to bed, the tin that covers the broken boards will seize your precious threads. Glimpses of Zimbabwe – The woman, Emma The sun dies down midst golden fire, / The shadows flooding back, / The leopard and the jackal rise / And walk the moonlit track…R… Glimpses of Zimbabwe – The Fishermen The river flows on slowly / As on it’s muddy edge / The fisherman and picanin / Cast lines from rock and ledge / To tempt the greedy barbel… Chewing the cud! I’m a little baby heifer / and I like to chew the cud / I’d be really / pleased to see you Old Barn Doors With Latch and Key Barnwood boards nailed and worn / An entrance for the cat / A funny looking latch / With a funny looking key / Big old barn doors / Hide a… What Is A USDA Home Loan and How We Can Apply For… You Can Get More Information By Clicking <a href="… Country Mood broken dreams dance with empty promises / rusty machinery stuck to the ground / skeleton of a tired truck / mail box door hangs like a w… A taste of whats to come Soft mist clung to the ground, it swirled and bared the earth below it as the small procession pushed their way forwards toward the dais. /…

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