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contemplation – by Trenchtownrock & Us… stereotyped as absent-minded / wore sackcloth and ashes / tall oaks from little acorns grow? / Wasted tears hitting concrete floor / bloomi… no picnic at Hanging Rock I’ve had me a recurrent / A nightmare, if you will / About the day, Dicko and me / Climbed the great big hill… / We’d been trekking now for… Letter To a Friend in Jail The whispy little granola girl with glasses named Michelle is now named Mike, has a beard and she mentioned, she has a renewed interest in … Dear Guitar From: Paul Hickson <> / To: / Sent: Sunday, 20 May, 2012 22:19:13 / Sub… ANGEL [Video] / You’re my angel. / You’re my muse. / The sweetest pain. / The softest blues. / The mighty rock / To which I cling. / The only so… ♫ SOUND RELIEF ♫ The music scene of Australia and around the world have gotten together in two cities to create the most awesome of Rock Benefit Concert >… BALD ROCK BUSH RETREAT A few onlookers (wallabies) were watching us taking possession of our house for the weekend wittle archie (nature walk ) cute wittle ladybird… ladybirds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw they’re just the cutest ,it was a really beautiful day the sun was at its hottest. i wore a t-shirt an… Help Me Feel The Coolness On Your Skin / As You Set Beside Me / Close Your Eyes And Be Lost in Thought / As You Listen To My Murmurs / Be Chilled T… Inbrace the spirit of the chalk horse (song lyr… She’s a vision from history / a graceful sign of all thats free / A message calling you and me / cut deep into the chalk / Her simpel… The Titan’s story (White Kings Rook and pawns) Episode 7 of the ever expanding saga called the Game of Kings The Things Nice Girls Miss Out On (Mature) amen silent rock SOMETIMES I AM sometimes / I am / a deep well / of darkness Details to “Approaching Autumn” This is how I shot – Approaching Autumn / Nothing special to the shot really. / Same equipment / My Camera is the Canon Digital Rebel… Rock and a hard place without a dictionary. This is the best / day for me in / years,as I pen / these few words,without / help from dictionaries,scholars, / teachers of verse,the / up… Religion attempts to make God into a machine Organized religion, is not the Voice of The Almighty! But religion has usurped His Word, irreverently reducing it to dogma and traditions.… GARY MOORE -ROCK IN PARADISE/HEROES .[Video] / Heroes / One by one I’ve seen my heroes dyin’, / And… Hear Me Hear me for my song I will sing / Let your heart slow within thee / Listen and peace I will bring / My song is calming you’ll see / I… solace The burden bearer
 / is my solace
 / comforter
 / helper
 / guide
 / the rock on which I stand
 / in whom I can confide Something Nice George was at the fridge again. He stared hard at the bright interior but it wasn’t there. Frozen Aisle Magazine Interview: Bradley B. of Th… playing shows & writing together in our wild & crazy Army days at 101st Airborne, Ft. Campbell. Playing music was our escape from t… Change Your Name, Elvis Sometime in the middle of the night, he began / to wander in the big country, where the deep / space sky knows all about you but… For you, my rock but you whispered to me / held me close…… Chimney Rock She was naked – he was amazed at how quickly she doffed it all – and that was his cue to drop the shorts. Doo-Wop So where are they now, / The creaky floorboards of drug store soda fountains, / Stuffy too warm air wafting with pungent / Camel, Lucky and… The Solid Rock Have you ever truly thought about where your focus is? Lacuna Coil Here is another Finnish band I love…. Lacuna Coil… they remind me somewhat of Evanescence.. there is two of their songs….… bullying at home ( warning strong language ) today she was a bitch / screaming of her head / as if i had done something so badly wrong / leaving me wishing i was dead / i only spilt … Ancient American rock art chart Recent scientific comparisions of ancient rock art in western America has enabled us to understand something about our early artists in Ame… i just want to curl up and die i just want to curl up and die / aye that old familar saying / we all recognise it we all know it / we all feel it / and we all say it at … Survive the Fall to Rock Bottom The burning inside my clenched fists / is screaming at me to let go. / My mind is distorted by hatred / of a thousand voices / spoken by th… Balance She is the cloth of life and he is the frame it lays upon Punk Rock Kid Destruction of senses; hate fuelled / Is this really punk rock? / The raging chorus; defying all logic / Ears bleeding; nose bleeding; hear… You are There you are there / still, as a rock / traveling in the vast water of waves / proving eternity to the world… The Rock The way of life can be hard until we study the rocks / Now that I am familiar with rocks I feel fine and can carry on / I do not feel what … Diamond moments ‘Mr Zou, Mr Zou, you must get up. Up now, they come. Look, they come. Stand. Please, please it will not be good for us if you do not … My first OzFest: A true story. An encounter with the Oz man himself :) Life within the living To rock aware why / we rise to human matters The Singer Who Dances With His Songs wonderment to your face / That sensual smell / weakening and bodies giving wittle archie ( i heard santa ) feast your eyes right here…fun laughter excitement,all in one story no infact every story , ambitious (Mature) hell’s own rock (dreamscape) o grayblock razorwired mother, / what secrets does your ancient womb sequester? consider lascaux. crude buffalo singing to the rough maned horse of wintertime, the sound of hooves / beating into the stone, that sweet damp perpetual night. You Rock RedBubble!! A big Thanks to RedBubble for featuring my profile in the “say hello” window on our community page! It’s an honor to be … me, you, us, her, him, them, life is for living / love is for giving / and our hearts are something we share / our eyes are inviting / and hands for nice writing / and … Between A Rock And A Hard Place, Find The Sun Between a rock and a hard place / Find the sun. / When your world falls apart / Do not run. / Stand perfectly still… / Use all of you… God Bless and sleep tight, Nan You were / our rock, / our inspiration, / our shelter / in the rain. / Our port Hummingbirds of Rock Hollow We live in the rural area adjacent to OklahomaCity. Our little 10 acres provides an endless supply of photo ops… One of our favorite… 24 hours at Rock Hollow After sitting on a plane for 3 hours flying back from Sacramento, it was a pleasure to come home to Rock Hollow Lodge… our 10 acre refuge f… A Near Death Experience Then the music… like all the music I had ever heard / Played by all the musicians I had always wanted to be. / Billie, Prez and Bird;… Cards Sold A Viking in my Dustbin. (34) Mouse House. I still hear the laughter of that sun-blessed afternoon in the common-room as we all played as children, blissfully unaware as mid-summer a… My Name Is Janet BIG UNVEILING IN THE TOWN OF DEA… [Video] Spoem 3: untitled dance record / arranged by / you / or variant / find out today, / it will rock / tomorrow Rock Through a Window Turning to reenter my solemn shell of a life, / prepared again to stitch until my eyes could no longer / blink back tears of disappointme… of rock falling to… Shine On You Crazy Diamond Fuck my tortured soul with those hypnotic eyes / You Psychedelic lexicon of love. Featured Work!!! My sincere thanks to hosts and co-hosts of several groups for featuring my work. I’m so happy and I appreciate the features listed be… Sunset Rock Transcendance seeks / a light to shine / calling, seeking / honouring the gift / calling passion, / love, by / Winds gentle curvance / seek… The Rock After millions of eons it stands / On the beach like a sentinel / Hugged by small rocks and sands / Magical under a lifetime spell / A witn… Looking Up From Rock Bottom Light and dark / And everything in-between / She’d drifted by the wayside / Without being heard or seen. / How long in unconsciousnes… The Educator see what you can find underneath; wow there’s a centipede Fings Wot I Lerned! Having rounded the 60 mark in July 2008, I wish I knew back when I was 40 some of the stuff I know now; probably true for most of us. Here… Woman Waking in Wilderness I know you can see a piece of it. It’s not moving now but you can hear it breathing. Lord Make me A Garment of Praise O’ Rock of Ages / secure me, and gird me / Hide me in the cleft of the rock With my Green Butterfly on Rock In TOP TEN Zooph… I am really happy that my Green Butterfly on rock is on 4th place in the Challenge Goodbye Butterfly… Zoophoria Group!! / This butter… My rock They hurried us in to his room / We knew they’d done the deed / They said they’d only wash him… Sales To the person (or persons) who have just bought my images “The Forbidden City – Series B – Buildings & Roof Tops 7… To the Rock The woman stood by the water’s edge. 4 IT It, that my head, it hit. Don’t rock the boat A boundary had been crossed / No eye contact made where an awkward silence ensued / Her knitted brow an almost cardigan… If The Velvet Underground Had A Baby It could also be said that you own too many pictures of yourself. But I like that about you too. Intervention(from the rock & roll hall of fam… I’m hearing Jimmy Hendrix, / And Janis Joplin to, / Saying we are prime examples, / Of where this roads leading to. As Intelligent As A Rock… … (should be) an aspiration. / :) The Rock Slug The rock slug and the sea ant Hummers of Rock Hollow Slide Show Visit Rock Hollow Lodge Hummers In His Arms Hot as a smoldering volcano / Was my love / Hot as the molten rock / Was my desire / Strong as the fire that bursts forth / Was my passion… A mother’s treasures A solitary piece the diamond / precious rare gem most treasured / by those lucky enough to hold / Once in possession it is rarely out of gr… BARBWIRE TOURNIQUET (song lyrics) A “rock lyric” just waiting to be put to music!!! The Lord is my Rock While I was uploading my rock photos, I thought of this verse. / The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, My God, my rock, in … Black Rock Cave One day a man was going to camp in a cave. in death vally. He set up his sleeping bag. Then it started to rian, and then lightning struck i… The Day the music died – The death of Jimi … “Jimi wasn’t in the mood, he waved his hand through the smoke he had just exhaled and threw his head back with a sigh.” MEMORIES ARE A PURPLE HAZE MEMORIES ARE A PURPLE HAZE / JIMI HENDRIX COINED THAT PHRASE / SHE STILL LOVES ROCK & ROLL / HENDRIX WARMS HER SOUL / SHE CRIES AT WUT… We Are All Rock Stars… … Earth is the rock / and / the light coming from your eyes / makes you a star! between a rock and a hard place. im sitting / on the uncarpeted steps / of my new house / and im beginning to think / that it’s / company / im more afraid of / than … Sift the Stars See the stars in all their glory / Splash the sky with solemn story / Sense and sing and split the atom / Pin the pain and word the anthem … The Rock “that will make a perfect step for the porch!” SHRI SHRI MA, Music and Lyrics by REKHA, (From th… MA picks me up when I am down, down, down + To listen for her resonating sound + The sound of OM is in the wind + In her atmosphere in ever… Beating your head against the Rock this body’s skin has reached the end of this stage of development, and is tightening around its muscles and slowly strangling the life out … Rock And Roll Cowboys They come in the evening / As the setting sun dims. / With skin tight jeans / And long hair, / And knowing eyes. / They prowl the stre… Screwed. Screwin’ me Watching over you It was my lowest point. / I didn’t even care anymore. / Iam here, son. / Watching over you. Forever The two become one, / and one is forever. " RoCk n RoLl sTYLE" I do not want to know / stories about the affair you / I do not want to hear / Gossip tilt your affair / I do not want to see / Intimate sc… THE DARK SECRET Amid the oceans of blue / The same colour reflected / From me to you
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