For you, my rock but you whispered to me / held me close…… Balance She is the cloth of life and he is the frame it lays upon You are There you are there / still, as a rock / traveling in the vast water of waves / proving eternity to the world… Life within the living To rock aware why / we rise to human matters consider lascaux. crude buffalo singing to the rough maned horse of wintertime, the sound of hooves / beating into the stone, that sweet damp perpetual night. God Bless and sleep tight, Nan You were / our rock, / our inspiration, / our shelter / in the rain. / Our port of rock falling to… Sunset Rock Transcendance seeks / a light to shine / calling, seeking / honouring the gift / calling passion, / love, by / Winds gentle curvance / seek… Fings Wot I Lerned! Having rounded the 60 mark in July 2008, I wish I knew back when I was 40 some of the stuff I know now; probably true for most of us. Here… If The Velvet Underground Had A Baby It could also be said that you own too many pictures of yourself. But I like that about you too. Forever The two become one, / and one is forever. If Love is a Drug He spent his days watching televangelists and talking to Iggy, his pet iguana. Anchor Distance Cast … Ocean Distance Between And Sonnet.. / Listen, Hear,Heart , the Sound…Hear It’s Call. DREAM OF CLIMBER The little kid, / The son of Father Rock, / The mother Nature… / No fear in my life / But the peace on the hights, / No darkness in my soul… My Love I have shifted my pelvis, / so it cradles your hips perfectly. / We mirror a bowl filled with water. / You are rocking above me, / giving m… Punk Rock Princess- Ch. 1 She pulled on her favorite jeans, which her mom had been begging her to rid of. The bottoms where all ripped up from walking on them and th… Punk Rock Princess- Ch. 3 “Ry, it’s ok. I mean he’s stuck in a bed, what is he going to do to me now?” She said rubbing the burn on her arm.” Rock Guru For there it shall remain until I return again on my black and silver lined stallion….Farewell, here is where it came from..I will ca… Taste Give me a taste, / I’ve been on the chase / and deserve to divide / your skin / from the lace; / hands braced / curves traced / lips… Punk Rock Princess- Ch. 2 Mark stood up and walked to his yard. “Fine, whatever. Walk off.” He called after them. “You know it’s your fault Aiden left like he did. I… My Rock Sometimes I’m mad / sometimes I’m sad / but mostly I’m glad. The Merry-Go-Round Some were naked! But with so much fun who would notice? / I screamed your name, my eyes blurred – I couldn’t focus! My Living Rock Time inevitable / Life unthinkable / Silently / Unaware / God is moving Hard Rock Poison Candy I know / you still enjoy the sweetness / of the rock candy on offer — / but to me it is a poison / that I can no longer swallow. Baby Blue i still see your lovely face / and the patterns that we traced I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night Then came the dawn and you were gone / Last night I had too much to dream The Rock I say yes… Take A Chance (lyrics) bridge: / we’re young and we’re ready / to take a big chance, / we’ll move to the rhythm / and sway to the dance There Is (lyrics) there’s gold in the ground / and honey in the hive / I open my eyes / so glad I’m alive Despair (Lyrics) I was dancing at your funeral / and I tossed a thorny rose / and it landed on your coffin / as they lowered it in the hole Embrace (lyrics) my cells are filled with a brilliant light / I shiver and tremble in mighty fear / electric veins run thru my spine / might you just leave… Rock A Bye Baby Revised Rock a bye baby / In mommies arms / If you are scared / I’ll keep you from harm / If you are cold / I’ll keep you warm / In mo… Heart hard as rock pale blush, white mas,cara / on the face of the earth / tracks of tears / cried and dried / by a land that knows / it will outlast my love…

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