Gaia – she is rising Gaia – she is rising / they shovelled her screams into the pit of silence / and told her nothing was wrong / but she is waking / they… if love makes the heart a puppet: so be it, all b… Love rises, / even when you don’t want it to. / It cannot be buried, hidden, or crushed / by any shovel, shadow, or hammer. / It cannot be … Moon Rising My darkness…sweet Goddess Rising and Falling She rises from the flowers / before the ashes have turned to soot / A phoenix star, defiant vivid, she breathes / an alchemist turning hurt… Sated in the House of the Rising Sun As daybreak drifts into opening eyes / a gentle stretch / of promise / with the new day’s dawning / As morning unfolds on my today … 2 passionate souls.. always rising for me just like the sun rising beauty shows beauty not born, / but grown / from loving heart / gathered / up to mind, / in the harvest of time’s / phases / smiled out; / upo… Spirit Rising In front of him was a majestic sight, a pure white light eminating all around from a central source within a circle of people. Both light a… Venus Rising from the Wisdom of the Sea Therefore, Remember! Each of us contains a shining form of excellence within our roughened exteriors… Rising Rising up through the dream to end all dreams / The way scattered and floating meanings / Brushing against me as I awoke / The air, light i… Sun Rising Sun rising from night / New dawn breaks through unto day / Love starts fresh in you The rising sun as she rose above the oceans gentle waves / she met a multitude of rainbows / colliding in unison just above her Temperature Rising (Mature) Pheonix Rising Pheonix Rising / Your words / come through loud and clear / a star within an astral cloud / white hot and poised to explode. / Such love st… In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Now you know the origins of in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. Love’s Blue Moon’s Rising And I choose to live and learn to choose love… Rising Tied rising tide / finds wings to ride / little children run at ease / all reckless told to say cheese, Falling World Rising away from the falling world / Turn as one, as nobody / At all, away / To think and plan / And possibly scheme / To wait and see / Be… rising …wot was that bitterness he felt sitting inside his belly / filled / with blotches, scarred and stained… / he rose / and / g… Madonna Rising She is woman. Rising from the Ashes I see a beautiful haunted bride, face down / scorched / so young in her injury but she is / rising from the ashes / ash / stains / on her n… crashing, collapsing, against the dripping deliri… against my slice of forever Phoenix Rising (tribute to Feb 09 Vic bushfire vi… The night’s ablaze with the smell of eucalypt / Forests being raped of all their history / Homes destroyed, families murdered / One w… Shakti Rising Metamorphosing of the Divine She. / In all Her glory, Shakti breaks / through the patriarchal stones. No rising here (Mature) RISING the sun displays her orange yellow hues across the morning sky / as if on queue / the fog begins to rise / over the serenly quiet river /… Pheonix Rising Your words / come through loud and clear / a star within an astral cloud / white hot and poised to explode. / Such love starting to reform… Pheonix Rising – The Call The call goes out; it’s ringing loud for those who can yet hear. / For those not coming, don’t you fear; you needn’t shed a tear. Sun-Ship Rising Star 12/6/2220 . . . the Rising Star offers every luxury and service imaginable. Green Man (Last Tree Falling) “One day we’ll all awaken, when forest lands are bare, / We’ll see through guilty reddened eyes, the green man standing there…&… LADY OF THE DAWN LADY OF THE DAWN….Rising above / In all your filled with love / Filling the earth…with unparelled care / Making us kn… Here in the Morning Light Here in the morning light / A new day has begun / Another day to right a wrong / And do battle in the sun Flannigan’s Rising Eleven months of biding time / Beloved mare, just past her prime / We watch her bloom and gently wait / While grazing by the pasture gate. … Rising Son Sunrise; dawn of his birth / Sally & Kim see the grin / Wuthering Heights in the mind / Heathcliff to Heath given unto him / A rising s… Rising Above The Rest I stood gazing only for a moment, then I slowly began to change. Spirit Rising Seeing Stars , / And Heavens, God’s / Intention For Me … The Rising of Ra Ra is a soothing touch / to the those who slept / in the cold night… / a warm morning kiss / to the woman who sleeps alone. My Rising Star Oh velvet night sprinkled with droplets of light, so high, dancing through the heavens like a young child playing in the noonday sun / So d… Our Rising Spirit… What is the equal and opposite / force of gravity? Sun is rising, bridge to dreamland Grief and beauty, / Longing is hard / Border now hazy / Pain severe not / Golden rise of sun / Uncurl in sky to high / Above of all a brid… House Of The Rising Sun Tape on filthy windows keeps many glass panes from falling apart, / A house of secrets remains since only one person is left from it’… A Rising Pole Dance The politicians party on in an election year / With their promises con and don’t you fear Part 36 – Bad cloud rising The flames rose high and the noise followed a split second after. / A roar like an angry lion not like you’d expect an explosion to sound l… Rising I know thee / Through heart, mind and soul / Pages are the petals / Of the amaranth bouquet / From the page / To the flesh / Deeply in the… Arlington Arlington / In the slowly rising morning sun / time twice its measure crawls / the dark, consumed by growing day, / flees to other shores /… a hair rising story weird sounds coming from the cemetery Thank you to Rising Stars Thank you so much for the feature…. This is my favorite, / I was listening to a program on TV and staring at a blank canvas when they… THE RISING SUN The glory of the rising sun / A great splendour to behold… Rising To rise / At the tender touch of dawns first rays / And with each fleeting / moment play The Rising. standing ground, raised fists. / a declaration, a war. Rising Sun Just relaxing Rising in the West I content myself with the smell / of her skin cream that / clings to the wet bathroom air At Twenty-Five I Lived I lived my life in many forms / shed many skins to be reborn and challenged yet another form Her Maiden’s Rhyme Grey vessels sank o’er red horizon / Stars a field beneath Jupiter’s wing / Surge the sea, a hand of purging / It’s master rise ere to sing Dormant Rising Zoned times, memories banished Rising Sky’s fold, / I die cold, / You take away everything I strive for, / my dreams are like a leaf in a river, doldrums rising sense of sad, / a touch of tear, / a shimmer of what could be, / a glimmer of lost hope, / be that what it may, / in the dark of night, / p… Rising From The Ashes – Prolouge A currupted world full of hatred and selfish beings. Dare you to see it through the eyes of one girl. The Rising Saviour. he’s dead but he’s alive. Book One: the vitality of a language : Part One- … mercury* a sweet harmonical sigh left the berry stained lips of this ponderer; pondered & writes……. Chapter One: The Betrayal I thought they were helping to escape, but I guess I was wrong they weren’t helping at all… Chapter Four: New Foes We tried to take refuge in another town. Everything was going so peaceful, but I was wrong we are still being hunted. Mist In a gutter, the mist began to rise. A layer of it oozed across the pavement, crept up garden paths and slithered under front doors… ‘Jupiter Rising’ He knelt with a glass of wine in his left, / a cigarette, in his right. / Before the star he knew as ‘eventide’; / he swore (ag… Rising From The Ashes A New threat is at large, and what would our young heroes do? Run away or stand and fight? Chapter Three: Igra Cavern What is happening? One minutes I felt find then the next morning I felt I was dying… What is going one, what is happening to me? Chapter Two: Phoebes Flare Who are these people? They said they found me somewhere and brought me to a village, but why don’t I remember what happened to me? envy of rising smoke envious smoke rising / vibrations from the throat equal SOUND. / words exhaust, mine as well, / which will be the death of me. Rising Tide on the High Sun R. James Buehner / The moon was setting, / The night was ending. / The Sun came up on time, / The rays began to shine. / The warmth was fel… The Melting Seas The oceans are boiling / Never to be seen again / The steam and mist rises / Distilling the light / Into shades of red, orange / Blue, purp… The Rising Voices of the Silent Congo The Congolese maimed of hand and foot / Their terror proclaimed in a slit of eye shielding the sun / Embedded in the dark soot of skin they… Upon Rising I Pray God of Light / God of love / God most pure / Your infinite grace / We thank you for / Our daily abundance / And forgiveness / Of our sins— … Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) Hey, Baby… where do you come from? / Well she looked at me and smiled and looked into Space… / and said, “I’m comin… A year under a rising sun A Japanese man and his toddler son smiling and waving as the train went past. I couldn’t help but smile, and wanted to wave back, but… The son of the rising house Oh mother, let me tell you / though I’m but a tiny mouse / I’ll save you from the elephant, / I’m the son of the Rising… Easter Rising Many have forgiven, / But some they never will / The putteed boys in slouch hats / And Mausers in the drill. Sisyphus Rising A graveled path for meaning, ‘Maktoub’ At the height of darkness, written in the stars; crossed the world over, to the other side. / Strange to be leaving, so as to return; that …

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