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Ring of fire

No, I don’t care what they think / or do or whisper about me / I only care about what you think / say and show me

love is a gamble

love is a gamble / that’s easy to see / one day he loves you / one day he loves me / dances in the moonlight / with kisses divine / l…

Product Displacement

Read the book / Seen the film / Bought the DVD / Played the game / Bought the toy / Got the T-shirt / Worn the badge / Used the pen / Smelt…


An endless reminder

Grandma’s Wedding Ring

The best inheritance I could ever receive, short of a faith in God that lasts.

Happy Birthday To Me!

So i’m 21 now… and .. well… i’m stoked!

I’m So Unappealing

Get up off the floor / from liquor lake views / on the tile. / We’ve been at it for a while. / Smoke rings and extension chords / to …

The ring on the finger ( a ghostly tale).

In times long ago, with money  / scarce and cupboards / bare as a winter’s tree / Two men scratched their heads / And wondered what …

of smoke and cloud a ring around the moon a penda…

where the stars refuse to shine and / relinquish in sighs novas and nebulas / a quiet moment of velvet blushes / and beautiful soft brown e…

Ring of Fire

He had half a mind to propose to her right then. He was falling for her badly.

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #3

A sexual waking and the romantic quaking / to touch less …

danger in the shores, ring in the courage

You shouldn’t have done that / I’m pacing. / Back and forth. / Back and forth / and I hear the sea laughing.

I’ve lost my turquoise ring

I’ve lost my turquoise ring. / The one I bought on the road to Big Sur / one bright summer day in 1972. / Beginning the adventure / that w…

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #1

The earn of love’s lasting … / The spirit of naked soul / pleasures. (A CRITICAL THREAD POEM)

An Ambient Love of Sexual Waking #2

Here there is a pungent spirit. / Lips stick to my soul’s listen. / And the body of this …

BrightThing sings – :)

Bright Thing sings…for his works…


…one of the most important questions you could ask

A Ring of Masters

The underworld of this world where desires are embraced, / Unleashed in a playground where madness runs beneath the race.

Ring a ring a rosie

Grey….is the colour of solitude. / Smashing the spoon into the cereal bowl the tsunami gushed over the stark blue laminate countertop…

The Ring

A ring is a circle,one continuous band / Never stopping, never starting / Third finger, left hand / It is worn with love, to let the world …

Ring of Fire

May the tides of his heart ebb and flow, / and some glorious day wash up on this shore, / where the fire burns warm and bright.

When Love Strikes

There comes a time / When the chimes will ring.

Ring the bell

Into darkness now I turn / say goodbye to sanity / never I’ll feel warm again

Ring a Ring o’ Roses

another case of / Potemkin’s villages / a pretty façade to conceal the / crumbling ruins behind

The Sounds of Comfort

Driving across the moon / Weathered Roads and tethered wheels / Ice-cream Bells of rolling rhythm / Ring like warm ice sings, like real / …


The two become one, / and one is forever.

Happy Birthday Michael

You’ve seen many summers / And just as many springs


My heart is in flight / I don’t know why / One minute I laugh / One minute I cry / Is he still a friend? / How can I be sure / Maybe …


He waited at the train station / A very long time / A little nervous / But he was looking fine / Under his arm / A bottle of Pinot Grigiot…

6 Word Story./ The Ring.

A missing ring found.


the ring is old gold / in my dream I wrapped it in a dream~cloth / a tissue almost transparent made of veins and words / I polished it to t…

I Appreciate All The Features This Week!

Coffee And Frenchtoast For Breakfast ~ (Your Living Spaces) / Number 12 ~ (Country Bumpkin) / Orchid ~ (Only Orchids) / Ring On Flower Pot …

Resounding Ring

heart soars… / thru waves… / of fear

The Boxing Ring

Job. / Round one. / Circumstances knocked him down to the ground – life boxed him to the ground. Shattered everything secure. Calamity took…

I Wear No Man’s Ring

I wear no man’s ring. / The calendar bears naught but emptiness / The days slip down so tasteless on the tongue / That cries for salt and s…

Adam’s week with Sydney & Astrid – A glimpse.…


The Ring of Truth…

… wear it proudly.

Ring Around The Rozy

A poem, i wrote in five minutes, to a Friend

Ring Man

My Grandfather was called Ringman / He wore earrings and a ring on his hand / Grandpa Frank died before I was born / And for that I am forl…

Twin Towns?

In France the lads were terrorised / To make them fit to fight

ROSEMARYS’ RING, a short story.

“I didn’t think people of your age had sex.” I said.

“Ring a ring a Rosey”

“Ring a ring a rosey” / “Flukes” / What are flukes? / Certainly not your play things / They are parasites with a nasty way / Of taking down…

Phone line

ring, ring. / click / Hello? / heavy breathing / Stop that. Now! / What do you want? / Please. / I don’t have money. / I don’t …

Smoke Ring Cloudy Day

Traces of the sky are seen / On smoke ring cloudy days. / Foggy nights engulf you. / Footprints pressed through the haze.

The Class Ring

ummm idk

bells they ring

The beautiful people full of their analogies, / so aware. / They really love, they really care. / It’s ok, / my minds like a steel me…

The Engagement Ring

There was A Light In His Eyes that Tracey had never seen before / He kissed her goodnight and went to work..she closed the door / She was a…

. . . listening to the ring

sometimes i just stare at my guitar / for hours / there are no more notes for comforting / only the plucking / of silly strings / i watch…

Is That A Pentagram or A Purity Ring?

Did it ever ring a bell that I could be / the one condemned so why don’t you tell me? / I think I’m dying from when I was dying…


I thought that when you were loved by someone it would be the most amazing feeling you could ever have, but that was until I met you.


Bells ring! Kling! / They sound. Rebound! / High and low. Echo! / It is shrill. Trill! / Different tones. Drone! / They make a tune. Swoon…

Ancient Adornment

It doesn’t really belong with me / But I’ve made it mine / It clings to me, out of my control / I don’t know if I want it, but I can’t bear…

A Night in Ring

The road disappears into the edges of the world, / Where the sky takes over. / A thatch-covered cottage sits in a small clearing, / And mus…

The phone that doesn’t ring

There is a black that is / darker than black / It is a field of rays which / are straightened curves. / It is a broad seam of loss.

A Ring of Chains

We are all chained together, falling to our lovely deaths, / And fuck you if you want freedom. / Estrogen, Testosterone, the cheapest, heal…

The Magical Ring

The Magical Ring / Wally walked slowly towards the plot in the cemetery where his friend had told him of a woman who had died and had been …

Look What the Cat Drags In

One too many minutes of self glory for you old boy. (The man pulls out the hairball and holds it up for his wife to see.

Begotten Creatures (this silver ring ’s lif…

To O.Schindler / if / the pilgrim’s progessing into regression / revolve lincoln county road / Romeo battles Juliet, titanic / then /…

Invisible Friends

Like a parent who knows best she decided as she pulled the zip closed on her bag, that she wouldn’t mention fairy abduction to Pete.

ring on it

I decided to dip, so I ain’t gon trip cuz another brother noticed you. You up on him and he’s up on you. Cried your tears for 3…

ring the alarm

listen to the sound, ring the alarm, all the problems….i whisper with disbelief..i walked in the footsteps of knowing of knwoeledge o…

The Ring of the Familar

The Ring of the Familiar / The way some how you fall between real and the remembered mostly this would occur at night in a crowd with a cac…


With this ring I thee wed, / My heart and soul / To keep yours fed. / To meet what needs / That I can meet. / And know you’ll always / Be…

Whether He’s Strange Or Dead, I’ll Lo…

She surely won’t join him?

(Lost) Ring

your perfection is / imperfection / tiny scores / hair thin / mark your outer edge / like old skin

The Ring

A long slender hand, wrinkled now with age, held its stem firmly but gently in place.

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