Guardians of Sunshine by Caddywompus Dean Winchester by ElocinMuse Righteous by AdeGee Forgiven by StacyLee It was Done 4 YOU! (Wax-Art) by RealPainter House Hornwood by liquidsouldes Many are the Afflictions by StacyLee Guardians of Sunshine: Cartridge by Caddywompus STAYING THE PATH by Tammera The Righteous Path by transmute Righteous by BarbBarcikKeith amulet of Stendarr by Ashley Peppenger Righteous by SaidtheRedBear The Righteous Man by crystiel The Righteous Man by MissusCC Guardians of Sunshine by Caddywompus The Righteous Path by Adrian Evans Burn! 2  by Anthea  Slade Totally righteous! by LcPsycho FIRST BORN by Freedomreign Righteousness by ArtisticCalm I'm coming to fight for truth, and justice, and the righteous way. by Matt Tsourdalakis Roamin the Paladin (Black Text) by Squinton27 The Righteous Suffer No More Jesus anesthetized / you / as the doctor / started with the knife / He sang you a lullaby / of Heaven / when the execution / began Seduction of Righteous Indignation For those who take the moral high ground beware the seduction of righteous indignation. There is an adrenalin rush of extreme excitement w… The Righteous Man by sweetq Righteous Man by @nekothesunshine by minionmktplace Righteous Judgment  by Ruth Palmer The Righteous by Matteo Pontonutti Heart by DeviousDevisal Jesus by webart Righteous, Inspiration by rorycobbe Abundance of Peace by aprilann cross by red-rawlo pathway of the righteous by Jeff Rinehart Righteous Sunset by Linda Mathews Lord loves the righteous by vigor Powered by Narcissism (on back) by Zern Liew Shine. by webart Righteous Judgment The Diptych by Ruth Palmer He that winneth souls is wise by aprilann a reward for the righteous by WalnutHill "The Path Of The Righteous" by Phil Thomson IPA i Hide myself In You i hide myself in You / when i am crushed under the burden of this world / praising you frees me to know the Real You The path of the righteous man... by Rumtreiber The paint pot monitor by righteousjones Forever by jegustavsen Righteous Kill by Sloan God's Righteous Right Hand Protects Our Precious Children by Charldia Righteous Fury by CrookBu41 Righteous and Mercy by Lucinda Walter Pheonix of America by Roscoe Davis III Righteous Roots by Nina Hofstadler Righteous Rage by LiciaBerry Fuck Me Righteous It’s the silent sighs and… something in your eyes / Sleep eludes when you sleep to dream / Dreams become your woken lies / When… Righteous (black) by tnoteman557 Sun shines on the righteous by Chippe He Heareth the Prayer of the Righteous by aprilann Dean Winchester - The Righteous Man by champagneblue PROTEST - AT REST by John Samson Proverbs 11:28 by Paula Tohline  Calhoun Kingslayer - Being Righteous (Since Episode Two) by SoftTurtle Sun Shining on the Righteous? by Chris Charlesworth For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: by aprilann Righteous delight A holy apparition / saintly and pure, / plays hide and seek, / in the Heavens above. / Innocence radiates / from this beautiful, / divine m… He withdraweth not his eyes by aprilann sleep of the righteous as half slumbered hours tick / and the waking moment / is sharpened, / i feel the turning earth, / its constancy, / and the sounds of the … We’re on the Eve of Destruction It amazes me how perfectly banal and careless people can be, especially in large numbers. With all the millions of well thought out pages w… Righteous Gunman by debteraI Path of the Righteous by Pamela McAdams Steps of a Righteous Man (Card) by Tracy Friesen Righteous Red by mooksool Avenue of the Righteous among the Nations by Shulie1 Righteous indignation billowing curtains lure the tigers of the night before the garden Mama Earth birthed a bouncing baby boy, / And Father God named him Humanity. The Righteous Shall Shine Forth As theSun by aprilann who shall judge the righteous by Andrew  Cain Path to Glory by Charles Dobbs Photography as time passes 32 cow-excrement-enhanced rocks, / self-appointed to guard any vomit / that manages to bolster enough insolence as to / declare itself wort… With righteous outrage by marcantony righteous war by AaronSavage Righteous sins What they did was no different / Than that of those they condemned / Only they were worse / They just did not call it that / They committ… i will follow The Lamb wherever He goes You are my Father / as a child squeezes the hand of a parent / i will follow the Lamb wherever He goes Righteous (white) by tnoteman557 Dawn and Disordr by Joshua Bell Light shines on the righteous! by artfulvistas P.A.S.T.O.R.S. Obedient / Being a hearer and doer, working solely to please Thee / First thing you see from the door is a man on his knees Bliss Did you know you’d crossed the line? / If you knew it, did you care? / Did you feel the words hang heavy in the freezing morning air?… A Righteous Woman of Integrity “Stand to attention ye Angel, a special assignement for you, / It’s time to pick that beautiful rose, for it’s here that … “What Shall The Righteous Do” “Wrought gaping holes in human hearts, of houses we now live” The Righteous will be Heard... by RockyWalley no rest for the righteous Knock off beers. / For all reasons and none / I am the first and last man standing / Drugged by adrenaline / Fuelled by depression. / My fo… The loneliness of the righteous Wickedness can not prevail LIVING BY FAITH by trisha22 the Lord is righteous by Tricia Stucenski Righteous by Susan L. Calkins
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