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Gargantuan sea monsters I have loved (Review) Giant beasts lurking out of sight in the depths capture the imagination. Partly because there is the very real possibility that unknown cre… Review of Bill Henson Exhibition Bill Henson is an artist that uses photography as his medium. Pissarro – The First Impressionist A fantastic exhibition which shows us his transition from student, to peer and from peer to master and mentor. Review of Boucher, Watteau and the Origin of Roco… The Art Gallery of NSW put together a collection of drawings and prints which demonstrates the art of the Rococo period, Review of the ‘Dale Frank’ Exhibition… His works are like gigantic lollipops with rainbows of flavours for you to reach out and lick. Club 46 Gerringong and Shoalhaven Heads Wineries … Come along on a tour of three of the South Coast’s best wineries with a group of fun-loving people who know how to enjoy life! The beginning and how it unfolded THIS IS A SUMMARY OF THE FIRST PART OF THE STORY OF THE BAND I.Q=∞ book review on The trial by F. Kafka The Trial led to the word Kafkaesque’ defined as the helplessness of man in the face of unknown forces that persecute him without rea… Review of the ‘Dutch Masters’ Exhibit… The Dutch Masters Exhibition is an extensive collection from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Seriously hot competition was …seriously ho… Whoops, admin informed me that this entry should go in Journal… so there you’ll find it… Review – The Populous Cast – The Exhi… They may say ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ but in this case seeing these works off the computer screen and in real life, made t… Avenue Q the musical- review Sound immature? Politically incorrect? It is. And its freaking hilarious- it’s Avenue Q. This is “It” His friends and family loved him, the Govt. wanted to imprison him, and we, his fans wanted too much from him. Book Review : Book Title: The Tibetan Way-Religi… ‘The Tibetan Way’ is a book divided into three parts. The first deals with Buddhism as the religion it is today and Susan Hoivi… Let’s Review This You say im kind, sensitive, tender / I see selfish, selfcentred, and hard / You say im pretty, sexy, funny / Are we looking at the same pe… RB picture review size RB picture review size TOO small. Potted Plot Seems to me he wanted his parishioners to sample hell’s ovens before they actually got there. A Mind of Mayhem A mind of mayhem / Twisted and tangled / Unsure of the way out / Looks to the North, to the South / To the Sea, to the Sky / And perceives … The Dark Night (Review) I never go and see a movie, within the first month of it’s release. To contradict myself however, today my girlfriend and I went to see The… Minutes To Midnight Review Ladies and gentleman, once again Phoenix, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson, have outdone themselv… ARTLINK review of TOPSY “A poignant meditation on ideology and power, the series is about school as carnival” The One in Review To be like these clouds; they roll on, they roll on… Terry Bouton: Multi Media Artist Terry Bouton: Mixed Media Artist / By Judy Hamilton / Terry Bouton’s work in mixed media is quirky and demands attention. Each piece is a … Eyes and Knives by Pete Malicki (book review) … he is as perplexed as everyone else about what it is that’s making people in the streets of Sydney spontaneously explode or c… Haunting Emma – A Flash Review A woman with a troubled past begins a new life in a town with a past of its own. A past that lives alonside the present. Ghosts and people … T0PSY – artlink review Swinnasen’s prints, punishments (being banished to the corner, writing lines) strike one as sanctioned madness 2011 (year in review) I don’t really follow numerology, / astrology or Scientology, / but during 2010 I suspected / 2011 would be a big year. / From 3-Feb-… Evony Online MMO Game Review Experience the intrigue, diplomacy, and the rush of strategic combat as your wits are pitted against others. Do you have what it takes to s… Super Parodies Superheroes, they can be poster boys for truth, justice, and the American way; Ever vigilant vigilantes, or adults with their undies on the… BOOK REVIEW – OUT OF THE WELL, MY BATTLE WI… Witnessed by a group of 100 students, Lisa’s head slammed against a school door 6 times knocking her unconscious. Regular school taun… Salute Review: Salute to Fusions / Salute: A Salute to Australian Ceramics was a milestone event in the arts calendar of 2008. This invitational e… Disenchantment Arms arching claw the cloudy past / The clutching grasping fingers glean / The plastic gems and chamfered glass / Painted bright with memo… Passing the review stand And then like a thunder burst, a voice like / directly from heavens review stand, / I heard my name called. MY ultimate REVIEW before I wake in my mind shes spitting poison / cause im hearing noises / cause when our turns to greed / we hate its the coulor red we all bleed Official Book Review: Magician, Man and Beast The Power of Discovery is yours … The garland( A short story by Nalini Bhat publish… Gundamma bent over the plant to pick the half-awakened jasmine buds. Their fragrance wafted gently through the air. Tomorrow they would ad… THE HONORABLE HEZEKIAH’S WEEKLY REVIEW this music knows oppression and longing / i’ve embodied it / jazz is not about perfection / it is about a necessary expression / impe… Review from Melky Jean All to often we get caught up in the negative aspects of life, the / things that make us feel “not so good” about our present s… Book Review Entry(Written for Filipino Audience) Life begins at 40, that’s what people say. But for me, My Take on the Ghost and Mrs. Muir (a review) How many of you ever had an imaginary friend? / Oh really, that many of you!?! / Okay, how many of you ever had/have an imaginary boyfrien… A Review Emotions are soaked into them, / and would stain our hands / if we were to print them out to read. Review of my art shows in spring thru fall of 2010 Wisconsin Art show reviews 2010 Part 28 – Missy – a short review THEN: / Missy Pheelyne had had a spiritual moment after the events of the night 5 years ago that saw the arrest of Blanc, the murder of Je… Photo Tips – Review of Direction Thought I might do a brief overview of what I speak about at the workshops with regards to directing. / 1; To slow right down within yours… Cozumel: a review in the works Did I say intoxicating? Oh yeah I bought an all inclusive stay at the hotel, meals, five days of diving and free alcohol. Book review from Muradieu MY GRATEFUL BOOK / BY Angie Diaz-Cervo / Being gracious takes courage because most of the time we tend to take for granted even the most … Opening the Letter and Revealing Secrets The most important reason to watch “The Letter” is the legendary Bette Davis. For those who want to become familiarized with her work, this… Art Show Review: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Weather was the biggest factor Review from Felipe Rosario My Grateful Book is about a woman’s personal journey through life with a grateful attitude. It is the author’s personal account… Card Players at the Met Each stroke / of the renegade / Frenchman’s brush / locks into the next / so the world, / even if inverted, / remains fastened… Review Don’t Dictate! INTRODUCTORY hate, / is reading hearing / who / writes what’s good, does not; / yes!/?, / linguistically; / that / words do actually / hurt, /… Men In Black Review Men in Black (1997) PG (4 Star) / When New York Cop James Edwards chases a felon through the city, he unearths the best kept secret in the … “Rocky Balboa” Review Still haven’t seen the 6th Rocky film? Read and reconsider… Film review – Alexander by Oliver Stone Oliver Stone goes only so far in this gay enhanced epic amelie (a review) There is something hiding just behind the smile of “Amelie’s” Audrey Tautou. It is, maybe, a secret she is thinking of t… Review: Tales From Under the Bandstand. Bluecoat,… This review highlights the need for more of the weird and wonderful in our dreary society. Twin Peaks – The First Season (a review) The first thing you may notice about “Twin Peaks” is its unsettling call to a 1950s pace and sensibility. While the story and … Exhibition review Example- Curious Colony, A twen… Exhibition review for Red Bubble-Example / Shown from July 10th until August 29th, 2010 at the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery is a contempo… LOST – - TV SHOW REVIEW Turner Prize 2012 – Thoughts and Reflections A few people sit around me, all is dark and silent as we wait and, before the film even begins, I feel as though it’s starting to speak to … MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY – BOOK REVIEW A Found Poem Prostrate pilgrims lie beneath a long / Queue of cagoule clad ramblers / Support subterranean wierdness Harmful fatty products for human body Drink as little as possible of mineral water. Gases contained in the mineral water, contribute to bloating; Art Review “Fur, velvet, satin … stretched, torn, knotted, folded, these are the things that fire up my imagination …” CHARIOTS OF THE GODS – BOOK REVIEW Imortal Review Immortal Review / I stand before this marble stone statue once you were just a block your potential passion held the key / The form the lin… ITV’s “Take Me Out” – Feb… (Mature) Spending Review Spending Review 20/10/10 / ‘The effects in prisons’ / in october / from ‘belly of the beast’ / i.e. parliament / “cuts” / word wounding / … Drop-Shock.Com Review Another day in the office and I survived again…at least for this drop that is.’ A year in review After everything I’ve been through in the last year… / Losing friends / Getting addicted to adrenaline / Breaking myself down to something … Bought a redbubble hoodie YAY! / video of my review :) on the hoodie! Alien vs ET William Klein + Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern I can almost hear the hustle and bustle of the streets, smell the stench of the gutter, hear the laughter of children playing in dirty alle… Interview with Artist Emma Tingard The derelict spaces of this Victorian building created the perfect backdrop for Emma’s bold and colourful portraits. Her large-scale canvas…

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