Vibration of Wonder by linaji Resolve, and Thou Art Free... by Carol Knudsen " Resolve Now " by canonman99 Decorative sphere by richardgil Soldier: Ready For War by Medusa Behind the Curtain The curtains were heavy as she drew them closed she remained still / and waited / Turing once again toward her enemy/friend / (Mirror Mirr… Artists' Studio: Artists Paint... by Medusa Head of a man study by NSharpy Opposite of Courage - Light by destinysagent genevieves resolve by Loui  Jover Resolve by Thea T Word Platters “It is complete” Pathways of destiny “Why are we walking down this road Mummy?” he asked with all the tender innocence of a child who didn’t have any of the ugliness of life t… Illustration of an athlete in action. by NSharpy The only difference between good and great is one more rep by digerati Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by paix Ocean You Picture the sky / All blues and greys / The long sunny days are left far behind us / But I almost feel at home in this place When I exercise, I wear all black. It's like a funeral for my fat. by digerati Resolve by Barbara Smith Chocolate Resolution by ArtVixen Resolve by Scott Denny Sore today strong tomorrow by digerati There are seven days in a week and someday isn't one of them by digerati Bunions in the heart Wet sunshine a slippery emotion apathy I find myself utterly helpless / it seems I have no senses / no eyes / no ears / It seems like apoplexy / or Is it actually apathy!! Respect the training, Honor the commitment, Cherish the results by digerati The Song and the Voice Last night as I lay in my bed / My self turned to me and he said… / Tomorrow you’re going to go buy / Some bourbon, Irish whiskey or rye. … Resolve by E J Schultz Night - Reflect and Resolve by Byron Taylor 2012 January by Kristi Govertsen Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself by digerati resolve | karin taylor half notes jumbled from exposure to the sunlight / intermingle with the pretty structure dangling near the window / like something half hea… Resolve - Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia. by Sean Farrow 2012 August by Kristi Govertsen 2012 October by Kristi Govertsen Rhino on the Trail An addled mind / He remembers though / Smiles It hurts now but one day it will be your warmup by digerati The Treachery of Salt If the iron has entered your soul, / be warned: FOREVERYWHERE 2-X713 by foreverywhere Resolve I clung to your thought / like whiskey drops on a crystal glass / knowing this moment / would be gone as quick as night-time comes. / Wat… One final tear Remembered passion flickering through her mind on an internal silent cinema, her face remains frozen in time. Soul - Seeing the Strength Within by Decaire Global domination by Tim Constable Battle Lo, i walk with this fire through the / caverns of uncertainty, / and prepare for a battle which i have chosen to win Requiem of a Trial Shocked in form, from instances of breath, and then to strive within its depth, to the escape the form, and perhaps to death. inhale beauty, exhale grace by Kristi Govertsen bring the light in, let the light out by Kristi Govertsen Calendar Early Birds by Enigma Resolve Lambent #2   Resolve to Dissolve by ellamental Yesterday Dreams were true............ by Lyndy Fall In New Mexico We are going to do it, / Just me and Sam, / And Grizzy’s ashes. / We will make it / To that mountain pass, / Between Colorado / And New Mex… Resolve Melts Away I do not wish for the crumbs of life, but rather, the whole loaf. Resolve to Three by Carl Hart resolve i am an early riser, / the last vestige of night / never soils my view of / morning. / the wasps still slumber as a i pass, / earthbound t… Nature's resolve by Lynda Harris Resolve Because these leaves / Will stay turned / There will be no total relapse / Into the darkness / An appreciation for joy / Will fill the dee… Shiv Lingam (Series) by Jai Barve Teary Teary Stars Teary teary stars, they blink upon my window / Sink into my shadow This is For Your Resolve not Mine. by Adam Bernthaler Ghost in the Machine by Enigma Resolve Resolve Beware of the blindness of the heart / that becomes like a persuasive competitor… Follow Your Flame Magnet bodies attracting, repelling. Resolve by Mike Emmett Resolute The darkness faulters. / Brightness surrounds, / Surrender. / You’re blind. / But only for long enough / To see the truth. Aurora if the violence swirling all around us / doesn’t strike us down specifically / at the very least it frays / the edges of our resolve… Resolve by Jim Ferringer Sandals of the Nazarene Chapter VII In any annals of the Greek and Romans which I have studied, there is no one , not even Plato, Aristotle, that spoke like the Nazarene of wh… Resolve But ? No buts!! There are always buts you fool and they are at the heart of devolution. Conflicts Resolve Each time love was sought fear would tremble and shake, sweat, feel faint / And each time love grew stronger and fear humbly bowed ‘The Truth (I Need To Leave Behind)’ Look not to see but to hear with your eyes. Listen I’ll show you the one truth that’s mine; I do not know if it’s this yo… Angelic Resolve by AngieDavies ’What He Said ’ A reprehensible state incurred by the likes of what known else; than violescent sentiment, spurred by far too soft a touch. / As in, the so… Horizons Upon which horizons would your eyes turn if only they had the courage to see their deepest desires? To strike away …. Jigsaw There’ll be no folding, spindling, mutilating / of this woman anymore, / No bending corners to fit another’s frame. / Do you wa… Resolve For Devine Emptiness Man seeks oft desperately for that which he will not find - / ‘Til he searches his heart, realizes no one but God can bind. / Draws h… Bench Squat Deadlift by digerati resolve I had over half a tank / the sun was coming up the sky / was clear / a perfect day for riding / I suddenly realized I didn’t know whe… ‘Nine’ Black ink blooms, in cloudy fields of white; as my heart breaks asunder, five thousand miles removed. / I am the light that fell, through a… Resolve. by madexpressions The Solution, As Always My great resolve / To one, to all / I’ve lost all will to see RESOLVE THIS by MakeItRight Unthinkable Power, Unshakable Resolve, Implacable Determination, Pathological Conviction. by Richard Coombes Don’t Abuse Me “Hey Heart, / How ’bout a truce?” Omission of Resolve by salonick ‘The Commission’ I commissioned a little bird your way to carry, my endless unyielding adoration; the most fierce and true reserves of all my love. / I was … ’ A Part’ I scrape the dust and dirt and grime, from all my seconds lost; and force myself to smile again, at what this war will cost. Unwanted Resolve numbingly quiet, the mind rambles on / all the hope for change has died and gone Lonely Mine Lonely replaced… Meaning It by Diana Briscoe A Peaceful Resolve by sycharart ‘Arid’ There’s a grave accent about the whole fiasco; highlights my naive foolishness. / Wrote myself out of the subject; forced to carry on… ‘Faded’ The sun is but a front for this one truth, / your beauty’s what illuminates my world; / but far across the night in depth of thought,… Opposite of Courage - Dark by destinysagent Resolve We seek all our lives to find the entire answer to what is ourselves. What makes us? Who we are? What in life really mattered? After muc… Resolve Felipe had a hard time seeing the lights on the car directly in front of him, no more than a foot ahead. The road itself seemed like an ill… ‘BDA’ I drink the dust that’s left where should be ammunition, I know my addictions are simply stagnating me. I’m a willing prisoner of my own ap…
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