the truth is… / she lied / forcing herself / to suppress / those treacherous / forbidden desires / do not take lightl…

An idiosyncrasy- raw energy

why don’t we learn from past!

Pathways of destiny

“Why are we walking down this road Mummy?” he asked with all the tender innocence of a child who didn’t have any of the ugliness of life t…


The thud of the key turning in the lock sent Clara further down into her chair, as the hinges creaked to admit the visitor.

My First Portrait

What was it she had said? / You really got my dimples? / My mother wants to frame it?

I am not an Animal

I just love the way she stares me down / Like she wants / My blood / Thick / On toast

Dragon Vein

Aurora is my new mane given to me by myself


disillusion with the illusion of what is real / Can we refuse to give testimony? / In the end we found / a shattered illusion that comes to…

In The Room

She folded herself inside the variety of sunset

Our Future Anthem

We left feeling that we had just scratched the surface of this fascinating world / badly scratched the shadow mirrors / the face is the mir…

Looking Back

Just made out the light / through tiny cracks that somehow formed / amongst the rubble. / I tried to search for you / untill I found you, n…

new year’s foggy rumination

fog by its nature fades too fast, as i know, / and nothing’s actually altered in the city below.

Combining Images for Powerful Lenticular Prints

Lenticular prints (Flipographs) have advantages and disadvantages over flat, static prints. Find out what makes a dynamic Flipograph.

RB picture review size

RB picture review size TOO small.

A demon at my door

I stumble to the barrier between this visitor who had never visited before. A single deep umber eye looks through the peephole of my soul.


…his only drug is movement. / He is quick to love and slow to let go of a grudge especially those who hurt someone he cares aboutR…

The Unspoken Resolution

An internal shouting match; / But I can’t understand the noise within. / And the external result between us / Is a long cold silence.


And become immortal / Until it rains

My Friend

“Take my hand”, said my friend; “Come, let me show you / how the scars you wear came to be.”


light / bright / white / one / . / found / now / here / it / . / click / tick / turn / burn / . / days of sigh / this new tide / ride / fly…

The Resolution

Time does not heal / It prepares you for the future

My New Year’s Resolution

Liquid lettuce / Fuzzy cheese / Bearded cucs


Live now. Procrastinate later.

" Resolution"

" Resolution" ricardo perez jr 1-1-10 / To make a better future for myself / To let no one stand in my way / Everyone has a righ…

‘The Dark Star’

The woman’s a living goddamn nova. She radiates beauty, charisma and charm, infused with a sultry brand of good old-fashioned sex app…

Once In A Lifetime Resolution

On this day / At this time / I / Affirm / Confirm / And truly resolve / To determine / The Eye / The Shy / That’s been hover…


i have my resolution / you probably won’t be proud / it was my only solution / you never would have allowed / the thought to enter my…


Oh, that we may make it our creed, / To see that there is great need - / To be found complete as Ruth;


As you find out about all the things that you are not, you can begin to dive deep into all of the magnificent wonder and mastery that you a…

the stench of resolution

Like many, today was his first day back in the pool for the year. Wow, what a turn up..there were people everywhere. He carefully negotia…


The darkness faulters. / Brightness surrounds, / Surrender. / You’re blind. / But only for long enough / To see the truth.

The Sunset

The Sunset…it’s creation… / The resolution…beauty / I often wonder the distinctive nature of the sun…

“Back on Track” Featured!

Many many thanks to the multi-talented hosts of the Abstract Digital Art and Writing Group (ADAWG) for featuring Back on Track / Your supp…

My new resolution

Your delusions, your conclusions

The Seaside out of Season

I never thought our steps / could be this close / as we huddle / cowered against the wind


You are mine


Tiny Christening bracelets shimmering in their silver / And clinging to wasted and skeletal fragile wrists. / Oh so very, very small and br…


A strange day spent, churning through the layers of my captivity; emergent into an evening of like. / This life and its’ setting, eve…

Happy New Year!

Happy new year!

Resolution Street

The end came quickly can’t say I remember it / Now, the quiet man sits contentedly at the window sill / He can’t teach the dogs to ch…

New Year’s Resolution

It was New Year’s Eve / And all through the house / Staggered Tipsy, / The ossified mouse— / (Let me explain: / If there was fruit over-rip…


I found myself on a distant shore. / In the most isolated of cities; / the angel awakened me. / I could not have seen her coming / for all …

resolution hangover

belly in turmoil, head in pain……

The Lessons of Derrick Hasen

When you decide to walk the path of opportunity, be careful where it might lead you . . .


It always washes over me so abruptly. / The tide inevitably shifts away and in its’ wake I find it, / still standing; in resolution.


There again and now I come unto a frame in light; where resolution seems to shine upon all that’s behind. / Feel as though am well an…


Somewhere beyond the shores of Solace there lies a demarkation. To cross the threshold is to forfeit any chance of return. / I recall cross…

The stench of resolution

Like many, today was his first day back in the pool for the year. Wow, what a turn up..there were people everywhere. He carefully negotia…

‘[In My World]’

In my world, / loving her comes first. / Breathing is secondary. / She is my religion. / The foundation, / upon which I built my concept of…

Dear 2010

Dear 2010: / welcome to my world. / This is a letter from one living girl / who plans to create a difference, / who plans to make amends, …

Poem: Resolution

Sing the song which no one will hear / Shed the tears but no one will care / Hold her close to never let go / Tell the secrets to which you…


A sword through my shield-arm, a round through my left shoulder. A nagging diatribe, a reminder of all I need leave behind. / Confronted by…

Haiku a day, Jan 1/2015

Haiku January 1/2015

Haiku a day, Jan 2/2015

Haiku a day – Jan 2

Haiku a day, Jan 7/2015

Haiku a day

Haiku a day, Jan 8/2015

Haiku Jan 8/2015

Haiku a day, Jan 9/2015

Haiku a day


There’s a grave accent about the whole fiasco; highlights my naive foolishness. / Wrote myself out of the subject; forced to carry on…


I set me sail cross the vast gulf of the great divide. Spanned the Verses ne’erending, veins aflare with light. / Garrisoned upon the…

‘Blue Eyed Boy (Part I)’

The boy was young once, a child like many others. hair as sandy and blonde as the golden bands, the endless western desert. Empty and soulf…

New Year

Another year has passed, / you’ve closed an opened new doors, / but you can’t be sure what life has planned, / what it has in s…


Localised to happiness, / Spring’s streets evoke a home; / I can only alude to. / The flower-petals reign, / I am sub-mit to their sc…

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