Color Me Magenta, Color Me Pink Upon a fuzzy vista / Of Polychromatic Flames / Vision is blurred / Eyes trying to focus / Blinking as blurry turned / To a solid view / Und… Peace Comes from Some Other Place Something I struggle to hold onto / stands in the forest, half-hidden / where trees cut sunlight into blinding shafts. Why I Write You write like a goddess / Another Tour de force. I am speechless / 20/20 this essay is so good if you were here I would kiss you / Can I k… Have you ever watched a young person die? Have you ever watched a young person die? / Watched them go by inches? / Way before their time? Far Away, So Near I am a creature just like you / Constrained by the normal laws of physics, if not fiction / I don’t fly like Superman, nor am I at a… in reflection swimming is good for the soul / immersing myself / within the silky element / that bounds our earth / is a freedom I ache for / a powerful… Life’s Change Of Plan… My Tribute To … Reflections on a tour of Duty in the US Woman’s Army. Roses Are Red Roses are red, / Violence is too, / I have a bullet, / Just for you. / It’s lasar-guided, / Makes its aim true, / So that it gets the… an old love letter reflection on the surface of water was drowned / to go down into another substance through the surface / The little boat of love sank benea… The Eternity of Dreams The almighty and final nothingness / The quietus of our soul scenario of fate in reflection of moments ✮ / run deeply your fingers through my hair / windblown to oblivion out in the furious enchanted breezy dreaminess / giving soft refuge to … Under Dylan Thomas Under Dylan Thomas / I am reincarnate fool in love with words I Want to Be A tree in the woods, / branches swaying in the stormy wind / roots digging in the soft moist earth System.Reflection. Computers can write poetry. Broken …Broken promise, shattered glass…it beats yet never mends…. Reflections of You Listen to my spirit / Let me be your song Dusted Darkness In this moment, society’s isolation strikes / me. I am alone, like a starling / peppered from its flock in flight, now / dropped ashore to… Feeling Fifty Today is my 50th year ♥ Rain in Abstract Deliberate / Like the soft patter of glistening rain / Against glass / The rippling pitter patter / Becomes an announcement / The world is… Heartspeak Heart of the Liar Bird Reflection…. sometimes / quiet moments / reflection can be / your best friend / standing still / watch sunsets / of tomorrows / moonlight / covered th… Reflecting Reverence Lavish upon me, / through shades of copper / your stature, sheer strength / Bestow upon me / your words of glory, grace Me and You Blue Skies / Blue Earth / Blue is Water, too / It’s a story of mine & a story of yours, too reflection handsome man, with my hand in yours The dark wood – The concrete stream And so i creep through the darkened forest, treading carefully, / Tree branches lay on mulchy earth, leaves above like a sea of green, Meditation i am on the / outer reaches / of consciousness At the Edge of Summer Watching Pushing a bare foot through / Wet sand like the rippled skin / Of a woman’s buttocks, he / Leans to take a photograph. Reflection on Christmas Giving Christmas giving is often approached in the same way we approach grocery shopping. / How different from another approach to holiday giving … ALL ABOUT YOU AND ME!  I wanted YOU to all know Useless Objects I am a collector of useless objects … In the Distance Licking over the embers of my most wanted desires; / Your eyes, / like a vanquishing dream of splendorous fires, / they pierce through my … lovechild of the bale time for the quiet Silence Is. Silence is eraser shavings. / It is the space in-between a smile and a goodbye. A word and the page it is no longer on. What do I hold in my hand? They are but shadows / of a man I once loved / who is but a memory, / who cannot for all asking, / return from the dead The path in which we walk… Hesitation breaks concentration / Losing direction in countless dreams / Taking time to ponder thoughts / Stopping briefly to hear the str… Sweet breezes In the youthful spring of sweet breezes, when nothing seems to matter much and life is like a brightly painted carousel; the impetuous hear… reflection in the desert / the mirage / of might-have-been / in the shadow / the nightmare / of those / that went before My Reflection burdens and mistakes undone / she sat and wrote this poem Inspired by ‘Night reflection in Brussels C… we do not see them but you do / they live amongst us but with you / shadows of the past / reflected through the glass / a murmur your ears … The Dove She nestled amongst them / And like a dove / She bred acceptance / For attainable love Armored Space Diver How could they be so cruel, / To hate themselves and the others? / Polluting and eroding the entire ecosystem… 2 Years ago 2 years ago in my world I was invincible / 2 years ago I was too arrogant / 2 years ago I took things for granted / 2 years ago I was selfi… scent of something the skyline dominates my view / at this point. / your distant arm waves / at that remote outpost / to which i sent you. / all the while the… There is a love… …It burns with passion and consumes all – for a time. / And that is the problem… REVISION they tell me the ocean is too vast / and yet i float surprisingly still / in this satellite-observed nowhere Red, White, and Faded Grey It was moving day. I sat on our porch for the last time, drumming Paul McCartney’s “Freedom” over and over onto the faded grey wood. / When… A Living Looking Glass I can see into your soul / If you let me… / Because your body language betrays you / With a nervous laugh / A shifting gaze / An innocuous… It Is Not About Me It Is Not About ME Cafe Smiling froth lingering on Mona Lisa lips Modern Times( a rambling reflection ) It’s a strange, surreal attraction / To a person you’ve never met / It’s the newfound reality / discovered on the Net .… Live From The Shakes all in a day’s cold rain smelling like snow Reflection Human life, spirit, drive / And the need to feel alive… My reflection Who are you? / what is the relation / between you and me? / i did not see you / just feel you. / who are you? / and why you are stealing … When The Moon And I Collide On a quest for a twilight miracle, / The journey has begun, / I search for a benediction, / Sweet like honey on my tounge. / On the horizon… Personal Jabs This is the model for a sunny side up misanthrope: / too emapthetic to be apathetic / but mostly just too numb to care Daydream of Reflection Change,I vow! / I will regain my freedom and find my measure of happiness The Siren she is of the lagoon draped in clinging silk / her form an ethereal reflection Inner Child sunken cheekbones of the dark haired girl / still cling to my memory like flesh to withered ribs. The Reflection The candle flickered / a subdued light / upon the surface / of the mirror / as the eyes didn’t / even notice, Thanksgiving Morning, Memories, and Reflections A poem to my friends daughter Jillian, one thanksgiving morning while visiting and realizing her daughter would be the next generation who … Blessed Be the Children Strive Of Example Teach / To Walk To See …To Give / The Heart That Was Given / Lives In You And Me…. These are my Days “What’s that? Oh no, no I can’t give you any of these, even if I wanted to. The Law of Self Reflection… An ‘honest to goodness’ Truth. / Please take a ‘good’ look. Circles I went down to the beach last night / And drew a circle in the sand. / I don’t know why I finished the circle, / Or why I ever began.… THE REALMS A poem about the realms of this life and our afterlife… Old Soul When I was steven, my mother knelt and held my hand, and she told me ‘Darling, you’re an old soul. Niflheim Water / dances between / flexing fragile fingers, / flickering reflections that / (…) Me and Death When Death breaths down your neck… / Do you feel his presence too… / That cold shiver down your spine.. / Hear the Piper callin… In The Image … but there are storms in heaven and lightning that can crack even the best mirrors into insane distortions…! I Am Not Really Crazy And You Are Not Really A R… The reality shimmered and glowed, it was beautiful and exquisite, mesmerizing and cryptic. It was different all the same. Rainy Night Reflection Serene poetry, vivid imagery Reflection Look straight ahead and focus your gaze / Your searching even now trying to find it / Always looking but this is your chance to see / Don&#… It Is Not About Me #2 about me and choice Coyote Watching Coyote is watching. She is out of the window, but ever in my mind. Coyote is watching. Wow;…Fantastic …one more feature to c… Once again a wonderful surprise happen this week…! / my image(Reflections) was featured in Lakes and Inland Waterways group! / thanks to a… One final tear Remembered passion flickering through her mind on an internal silent cinema, her face remains frozen in time. Rivers of Ice Rivers of ice, like the night / Slithering westward / Pause, bend, but never stop Pond of Reflection Casts not its gaze on me / For there within, there’s no perfection free to love another day shimmering rays of light through the mist / which dances upon the gentle / waters of the lake, mirroring Different People aren’t meant to lead norma… Must not lose my focus amidst this numb routine of / riding amonst the expressionless to work on the Sydney System. / My novel still calls.… This is me ~ who am I? This is me / This is who I am ~ / and who I am to become / But who am I to become? / I do not know Odd Comfort The normalcy I now claim / strokes me with a nurturing / simplicity that once would / have repulsed me. Reflection On the hottest day, she sat in the bare front room of the house, facing west, looking into the ball of the sun. She wore nothing but a silk… The edge of hope… In the desert landscape / of my life. / Sits a grave / reflecting my sadness. / On the edge / I sit. / Giving life / and sustanance Tears are liquid prayers As the door shuts, the colour drains from her face and her eyes dull considerably, she is intently focused on her bed. GOD AND CHARLES HAVING TEA Are we but fallen angels / trapped in human form….. wonderland she floats and smiles listlessly / with a quizzical stare Panic V/ calm To feel your lips on my brow, / your warmth on mine. This Past Year in Reflection Shed a tear this past year? / Yeah, I’ve shed a couple. / But the tears don’t matter when you’re in love and lust / and … reflecting rapture you stand me in the light / for you to reflect / on how much / money you have spent Do you remember the clarity? it is astonishing because it communicates with our inner child linking directly back to a time of freedom, clarity, and happiness. It takes… Reflection Lying alone in bed at night / warm and quiet away from light reflecting body of liquid love refractions of our antimatter of dust from above ,the moon in a hazy light / reflecting before our very eye’s, taking us into a deeper Why do I do This to Myself? Sometimes my self-denial, rationalization, justification, and forgiveness work against me. Deal “They’ve got more to worry about than you Deal.” She chuckled maliciously to herself, and Deal nuzzled Just Muckin’ Along… What more can you learn of oneself through the mirror of another’s eyes?
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